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and the Lord send ye good luck! and the holy
& Patrick, and the blessed Virgin befrind ye,

Upan Reuben inquiring whether her wounded

herever ye go over the wide world ; and may

calide traines

, and routed out like a brute baist at
that unsaisonable hour. May the curse of
Cromwell be upon ye !" she exclaimed, in a ma-
lekiction that had probably reference to some
á her dreams, “ may ye hear his trumpets, as
I did fre-and-thirty years agone, and see his
big fag floating over the hill where ye were

, and the word “Emanuel' written upon it
a big letters of gowld sparkling in the sun, and
tás sovldiers setting fire to your cabin, and cut-
ting down your father with their swords! At
this moment she recognized Reuben, who had
Bo sooner stated his friendly intentions than the
stole malignant character of her face vanished
el sace: she started up rapidly upon her knees,
and with an expression of the most impassioned.

, ejaculated—“ Ah! whisht, now! is young master ? Then God incrase ye !

upon your head as thick as the

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blessings fall
potato blossoms in Eliogurthy !"

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arm would prevent her raising herself to thi roof, she looked up at the aperture, exclaimingiau with a contemptuous smile,“ Whisht! is it that man same you mane?" when leaping up so as to de catch hold of the rafters with one hand, she applied her feet to the side wall, and scrambled out upon the roof like a cat. Reuben followed, and they had no sooner reached the ground outside, than Charley danced round them with an asinine chuckle, crying out for the promised fask of Nantz. In compliance with his contract Reuben gave it him; the poor creature immediately poured the remainder of its contents down his throat; and when the constables came in the morning to claim their prisoner, they found Charley lying upon the floor of the cage in a state of complete intoxication. Upon recovering from its effects, he declared that he had liberated Norry Molloy for a flask of Nantz, a statement which appeared so probable, that no one ever dreamt of any other party being implicated in her escape ; and the disappointed constables, after venting their wrath upon her liberator, retired to their respective habitations.

The rescued Irishwoman in the mean time, having received a supply of provisions from Reuben, to prevent the necessity of her emerging from her hiding-place in the day-time, circaled herself for the present in an old dexerted tool-house upon Goldingham's grounds, meaning to seize the opportunity of the first dark night for stealing down to the sea-side, and endeavouring to obtain a passage to the opposite

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My wanton Muse that whilom used to sing

Fair beauty's praise, and Venus' sweet delight, Of late hath changed the tenor of her string

To higher times than serve for Cupid's fight: Shrill trumpets'sound, sharp swords, and lances strong, War, blood, and death are matter of my song.


ENLY IIARTFIELD, the Squire's sister, who loved him too affectionately to allow him to make any man his enemy if she could prevent it, had no sooner learnt the rude assault made upon their neighbour in his visit to the Rookcry, than she availed herself of Lady Crockatt's carriage and company to call at Goldingham Place, and apologize for her brother's conduct, which she attributed to the effects of wine, rather than to any intentional disrespect. While

thar Lady Crockatt began to open her Lazar

bepsies, fierce catarrhs," and such an array of
darming and infectious complaints, which had

Hinge chosen her body for their head-quarters, that

to have been clapped into quarantine without

dhe blushed up to the very top of her forehead, od became confused, from an apprehension that what she pleaded in extenuation of his offence was little calculated to exalt him in the opinion of so sober an auditor, she deprecated Dy further notice of the transaction with such a friendly and imploring earnestness in her manher, that Goldingham felt for her distress, and taking her by the hand, assured her he could refuse nothing to so kind-hearted and fair an mbassadress; adding, that he believed her brothe's ovavivial and hospitable feelings had led bin into the error, which he heartily forgave, Ed should be most happy to see him at Goldngham Place. Emily was all blushes and joy i the success of her little negociation, which

no sooner brought to this happy issue,

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she had

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e statements had found credence, she ought

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