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The present Catalogue differs in some respects from such as are usually published by booksellers, many books being inserted in it without prices; these the Publisher does not at this moment possess, but has inserted them for the purpose of making it more complete as a manual of reference for Students in Divinity. It will be found to contain all the works recommended by the eminent Divines, whose names are subjoined to this Advertisement; and as their lists are not always readily accessible, some of the most important are here prefixed. These are reprinted from the Christian Remembrancer of 1830, with the concurrence of the Editor. Dr. Wotton's Thoughts on the Study of Divinity are reprinted from the edition of it published in 1818, by the Rev. H. Cotton, D.C.L. with his permission. His notes, with some additions from his own interleaved copy, relating chiefly to the various editions of the works mentioned, are for the most part incorporated in the Catalogue, and references are given to the pages in which each book will be found. The motives which induced Dr. Cotton to reprint this excellent tract nearly twenty years since, are equally applicable at the present time.

“ As a concise yet comprehensive manual, it has appeared deserving of republication; and in order to render it more generally useful, some notes have been added, descriptive of the various works recommended by the Author: that those, who are disposed to follow his directions, may be assisted in so doing, by being made acquainted with some particulars of every book herein mentioned: such as, whether it must be sought for only in a voluminous collection, or may be had separately; whether it has been translated, abridged, or improved in succeeding editions.

So that each may seek the authors necessary for his studies in that form and language, which best accords with his views, his means, or his opportunities.”

This Catalogue will also be found to contain a fine collection of the Fathers of the Church; in the formation of which, no exertions have been spared, the Publisher having visited in person the principal cities of Germany, Holland, and France, with that object, and made purchases in most of them, and by constant importations endeavours still to keep up a good stock in that department. The Chronological Index to the Fathers is compiled chiefly from Lardner and Dupin, with a view to facilitate reference to them.

Authors of the Lists of Books recommended, which are incorporated

in this Caialogue. 1720 Dr. Wotton.

1825 Bishop Burgess. 1737 Dr. Waterland.

1828 Archdeacon Bayley. 1766 Dr. Henry Owen.

Bishop Lloyd. 1790 Bishop Randolph.

1830 Bishop Blomfield. 1800 Bishop Porteus.

Bishop Coleridge. 1812 Bishop Tomline.

Bishop Jenkinson. 1814 Bishop Huntingford.

Bishop Ryder. 1816 Archdeacon Wrangham.

Rev. H. Thompson. 1818 Bishop Van Mildert.

1835 Dr. Burton, 1820 Bishop Barrington.

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