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Veluded souls, that dream of heaven
Disown'd of heaven, by man oppress'd.
Dread Jehovah, God of nations

Inge. 225

205 271--276


Eternal source of every joy


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Faith is the Christian's evidence
Far froin my thoughts, vain world, begone.
l'ather of inercies, in thy word
Father of all, whose love profound
Father of mercies, bow thine ear.
Father, to thee, my soul I lift.
Father, whate'er of earthly bliss.
Few are thy days, and full of woe.
Fountain of mercy, God of love
From all that dwell below the skies
Froin Greenland's icy mountains
From whence these direful omenis round

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Glory lu thee, my God, this night
Glory to the Father give
God inoves in a inysterious way.
God of the seas, thine awful voice
God of our Fathers, by whose hand.
Go forih, ye heralds, in my name.
“Go preach my Gospel," saith the Lord
Grace, 'tis a charining sound
Great first of beings I mighty Lord
Great God, this sacred day of thine
Great God, to thee my evening song.
Great God, what do I see and hear.
Great God, with wonder and with praise
Guide me, O thou great Jehovah

243 207 147 211 264 198 198 154 140 160 213 259 139 248

Hail! thou long-expected Jesus
Hail to the Lord's Anointed ....
Hark! froin the tombs a mournful sound
Hark! the glad sound, the Saviour comes
Hark! the herald angels sing.
Hasten, sinner, to be wise.
Hear, grărious God, my bumble nioan
Hear what the voice from heaven declares
He dies, the friend of sinners dies.
He's come, let every knee be bent.
Heirs of unending life..
High on the bending willows hung
How beautcons are their feet .
How firm a foundation, ye saints of the Lord
How long shall earth's alluring toys
How helpless guilty nature lies.
How oft, alas! this wretched heart
How short the race our friend has run.
How wondrous and great

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O'er mountain-tops the mount of God
O happy day, that stays my choice
O happy is the man who hears
O for a closer walk with God
O holy, holy, holy Lord.
0, in the morn of life, when youth
Olet triumphant faith dispel
On Sion, and on Lebanon
O Spirit of the living God ·
O, that my load of sin were gone.
O thou that hear'st when sinners cry.
O tbou, to whose all-searching sight
Our Lord is risen from the dead
O, where shall rest be found

173 193 265 251 186 195 225 203 202 223 221 176 184 260


Peace, troubled soll, whose plaintive moan
Praise to God, immortal praise.
Prayer is the woul's sincere desire.


Rich are the joys which cannot die
Rise, crown'd with light, imperial Salem, rise .
Rise, my soul, and stretch thy wings
Rise, O my soul, the hours review.
Rock of ages, cleft for me.

Page. 209 172 227 223 224


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Salvation doth to God belong.
Salvation. O the joyful sound
Saviour, source of every blessing
Saviour, when in dust, to thee
Saviour, when night involves the skies.
Saviour, who thy flock art feeding
See, in the vineyard of the Lord.
Seek, my soul, the narrow gate
Should nature's charms, to please the eyc
Shout the glad tidings, exultingly sing.
Since Christ our Passover is slain.
Since I've known a Saviour's Name.
Sing, my soul, llis wondrous love
Sinner, rouse thee from thy sleep
Sinners, lurri, why will ye dic
Softly now the light of day.
Soldiers of Christ, arise.
Songs of praise the angels sang
Sov'reign Ruler of the skies.
Stay, thou insulted Spirit, stay

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The day is past and gone:
The gentle Saviour calls
The God of Abrahamn praise...
The God of life, wliose constant care
The Lord my pasture shall prepare.
The Lord will happiness divine.
The mighty flood that rolls
The morning flowers display their sweets
The race that long in darkness pined
The Saviour, when to heaven he rose
There is a land of pure delight
The spacious firinament on high
The Spirit, in our hearts.
This is the day the Lord hath made
Thou art the way, to thee alone..
Though I should seek to wash me clean.
Thon, God, all glory, honour, power.
Thus speaks the ligh and Lolly One
Time hastens on; ye longing saints
'Tis finish'd; so the Saviour cried
'Tis my happiness below ..
To Jesus, our exalted Lord
To our Redeeiner's glorious Name
To thee let my first offerings rise
To thy temple I repair
Triumphant Sion! list thy heart..

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