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2139 WIT'S MAGAZINE (The), or LIBRARY OF MOMUS, BEING A COMPLEAT REPOSITORY OF MIRTH, HUMOUR, AND ENTERTAINMENT, TO WHICH IS APPENDED THE FASHIONABLE MAGAZINE from June to Dec., 1786. 1784-1786. 2 vols, with large mirth-provoking plates, à la Hogarth, designed by Stothard, Collings, etc., and engraved by WILLIAM BLAKE and others, plates of fashions, etc., old calf, £5 58

This is a very rare and curious work. It is rich in facetious and out-of-the-way literature. Prose, Poetry, Fiction, Epigram and Enigma are all embalmed in a setting of racy wit and genuine humour. The large quarto engravings reflect, in a truly Hogarthian spirit, the popular tastes and customs of the day. We have the Citizen at Vauxhall at Highgate on a Sunday, and amidst CHRISTMAS GAMBOLS. Mayday in London, SKATING IN HYDE PARK, Preservative against Duelling, John Gilpin, and Battle of Umbrellas are represented and inter alia, a diverting scene realizing graphically to the eye the old Berkshire custom of Riding the Black Ram. The widow of a customary tentant has free-bench only in her husband's copyhold, dum sola et casta fuerit. Restoration of forfeiture by non-observance is alone to be purchased by the lady coming into court riding backwards on a Black Ram with his tail in her hand, and reciting some penitential doggrel more veracious than polite; altogether a desideratum for collectors.

2140 WRITING AND DRAWIng made EASY, Amusing and Instructive, containing the whole Alphabet in all the Characters now used, both in Printing and Penmanship, EACH ILLUSTRATED BY EMBLEMATIC DEVICES AND MORAL COPIES, calculated for the Use of Schools, and curiously engraved by the best hands. T. Bellamy, N.D. (circa 1740). Oblong 8vo, original calf, £1 Is

A pretty book, engraved throughout; the neat EMBLEMATIC ENGRAVINGS are of ANIMALS, BIRDS, FISHES, and have a different border (Ch style) round each.

2141 WOOLLEY (Hannah) THE COMPLEAT GENTLEWOMAN: or the Whole Duty of a Woman, containing Rules of Behaviour, with Directions to DRESS FLESH, FISH, FOWL, either Baked, Roasted, Stewed, Fried, Broiled or Hashed, also to MAKE SAUCES, PICKLES, PRESERVES, AND CONSERVES, and MANY CURIOUS PHYSICAL RECEIPTS, to which is added The Way to Live for Two-pence a day, and to save soap, shoes, candles, coals, etc., with the Worth of a Penny, etc., etc. 1711. 12mo, fore-edge of title and corner of one leaf restored, sprinkled calf, by Zaehnsdorf, £1 78 6d

2142 WORTH (W.) THE BRITANNIAN MAGAZINE, or a New Art of making above Twenty sorts of ENGLISH WINES, viz., of APPLES, PEARS, PEACHES, GOOSBERRIES, CURRANTS, etc., etc., more pleasant and agreeable to the English Constitution than those of France, with the way of making Brandy and other Spirits, Artificial Clarets, Rhenish, etc., to which is added the Foundation of the Art of Distillation, or the true and genuine way of Making Malt into Low Wines, Proof Spirits, and Brandy Wines, etc., by W. Y. N.D. (1691). 12mo, original sheep, 188

2143 WORLIDGE (J.) Systema Agriculture: THE MYSTERY OF HUSBANDRY DISCOVERED, Treating of the Several New and Most Advantageous Ways of TILLING, PLANTING, SOWING, MANURING, ORDERING, Improving of all sorts of




As also of FRUITS, CORN, GRAIN, PULSE, NEW HAYS, CATTLE, FOWL, BEASTS, BEES, SILK-WORMS, etc. With an account of the several Instruments and Engines used in this Profession, to which is added Kalendarium Rusticum: or THE HUSBANDMAN'S MONTHLY DIRECTIONS, also the Prognosticks of Dearth, Scarcity, Plenty, Sickness, Heat, Cold, Frost, Snow, Winds, Rain, Hail, Thunder, etc. Ana Dictionarium Rusticum or the Interpretation of Rustick Terms. The whole work being of great use and advantage to all that delight in that most noble practice. The second edition, carefully corrected and amended; with many large and useful additions throughout the whole work. By the author. Published for the Common Good. 1675. Fine frontispiece by Van Hove, with poetical description opposite, and woodcuts, small folio, old calf, rebacked, £1 158



another, the Fourth Edition, with many large and useful additions. 1697. Frontispiece and engravings, folio, old calf, £1 1s

2145 WORLIDGE (J.) VINETUM BRITANNICUM, or a TREATISE OF CIDER, and such other Wines and Drinks extracted from Fruits growing in this Kingdom, WITH THE METHOD OF PROPAGATING ALL SORTS OF VINOUS FRUIT TREES, and a Description of the NEW-INVENTED INGENIO OR MILL, for the more expeditious making of Cider, and also the right way of making Metheglin and Birch-Wine. 1676. FIRST EDITION, with copperplate illustrations, 8vo, fine copy in original calf, £1 58


Another, called the Second Edition, much enlarged, to which is added a Discourse teaching the BEST WAY OF IMPROVING BEES. 1678. With copperplate illustrations, 8vo, fine copy in old calf, neatly rebacked, £1 108

2147 Another copy of Second Edition, neatly bound in sprinkled calf extra, gilt edges, by RIVIERE, £2 28 2148 WOTTON (Sir Henry) Poems by Sir Henry Wotton, SIR WALTER RALEIGH, and others, edited by Rev. J. Hannah, M.A. Pickering, 1857. 12mo, morocco, 108 2149 Another edition. Ib., 1845. Small 8vo, original cloth, 38 6d These volumes contain several of the neat poems which appear in Walton's Angler, illustrated with commendable and useful notes.

2150 WOTTON (Sir Henry) THE ELEMENTS OF ARCHITECTURE, collected from the best Authors and Examples. 1624. Small 4to, portion of last leaf torn away, else good copy in old vellum, 108 6d

WOTTON (Sir Henry).—See also under WALTON.

2151 YARRANTON (Andrew) ENGLAND'S IMPROVEMENT BY SEA AND LAND, to Out-do the Dutch without Fighting, to Pay Debts without Moneys, to Set to Work all the Poor of England with the Growth of our own Lands, Directions where vast quantities of Timber are to be had for the Building of Ships, Directions how the several Companies of Handicraftsmen in London may always have Cheap Bread and Drink, Seasonable Discourses of the Tinn, Iron, Linnen, and Woollen Trades, a method of Improving the Royal Navy, Lessening the Growing Power of France, AND OBTAINING THE FISHERY, the way to make New-Haven in Sussex fit to receive Ships of Burthen, etc., etc., with advantageous proposals for improving them all. 1677-81. Folding maps and plates, 2 vols, small 4to, old calf, £3 38

2152 YOUNG (Lambton J. H.) Sea-Fishing as a Sport, being an Account of the Various Kinds of Sea Fish, how, when, and where to catch them in their various seasons and localities. 1865. Engravings, 8vo, cloth, 38 6d 2153 YOUNG MAN'S COUNSELLOR (The), or the Way of the World Displayed, in several profitable Essays, serious and comical, discovering the Treachery of False Friends, The Tricks and Cheats usually imposed on the Ignorant by Town Sharpers, Deceits in Particular Trades and Professions, etc., etc., by S. H. Misodolus. 1713. Woodcut, 12mo, old sheep, 10s 6d

Reflections on Gaming, Playing Dice, Cups and Balls, Pitching at Nine-holes, of the Sharpers, Character of a Tobacconist.






etc., etc.

Including a reprint of BARKER'S SCARCE TRACT ON ANGLING. 1826. Frontispiece and twenty-two woodcut engravings, 12mo, half morocco extra, top edges gilt, very neat, 188

The running title of this scarce little book is "The Young Sportsman's Pocket Magazine." 2155 YOUNGER (John) On River Angling for Salmon and Trout, more particularly as practised in the Tweed and its Tributaries. Edinburgh, 1840. 18mo, half green morocco extra (T. Westwood's copy, with his autograph and bookplate), 98 2156 Another copy, full ca'f extra, very neat, 98

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2157 BAKER (George) THE NEWE JEWELL OF HEALTH, WHEREIN IS CONTAINED THE MOST EXCELLENT SECRETES OF PHISICKE AND PHILOSOPHIE devided into fower books, in which are the best approved Remedies for the Diseases as well Inwarde as Outwarde, of all the Parts of Man's Bodie; TREATING VERY AMPLYE OF ALL DYSTILLATIONS OF WATERS, OF OYLES, BALMES, QUINTESSENCES, WITH THE EXTRACTION OF ARTIFICALL SALTES, THE USE AND PREPARATION OF ANTIMONIE AND POTABLE GOLD, gathered out of the best and most approved Authors, by that excellent DOCTOR GESNERUS, also the Pictures, AND MANNER TO MAKE VESSELS, FURNACES. AND OTHER INSTRUMENTES THEREUNTO BELONGING, faithfully corrected and published in Englishe, by GEORGE BAKER, Chirurgian. Printed at London by Henrie Denham, 1570. Black Letter, very numerous curious illustrations, small 4to, sprinkled calf extra, gilt edges by RIVIERE, £5 5s

A very early and important work on Distillations, unknown to Lowndes, AND OF GREAT RARITY. Chap. xii. Oyles out of Flowers. Chap. xiii. Oyles out of Seedes. Chap. xiv. Oyles out of Fruites. Chap. xv. Oyles out of Spices. A'sɔ chapters on distillations from Animals. Vegeatables, &., &c.

2158 COTTON (Charles) THE COMPLEAT GAMESTER: OR INSTRUCTIONS HOW TO PLAY AT BILLIARDS, TRUCKS, BOWLS, AND CHESS; TOGETHER WITH ALL MANNER OF USUAL AND MOST GENTILE Games EITHER ON CARDS OR DICE, TO WHICH IS ADDED THE ARTS AND MYSTERIES OF RIDING, RACING, ARCHERY, AND COCK-FIGHTING. The second edition, London, printed for Henry Brome, 1680. Fine engraved frontispiece with explanatory verses, sm. 8vo, old calf (fine copy, very rare), £5 5s

2159 L'ART DE TAILLER LES ARBRES FRUITIERS, AVEC UN DICTIONAIRE DES MOTS DONT SE SERVENT LES JARDINIERS, en parlant des arbres et un traité de l'usage des fruits des arbres, pour se conserver en santé, ou pour se guerir, lors que l'on est malade, avec une liste des Fruits sondans pendant tout l'Année. A Paris, 1633. Folding and other woodcuts, 12mo, calf extra, gilt edges by Thivet, £1108


A LA CAMPAGNE. Par F.F.F.R.D.G. dit le solitaire Inventif. A Paris, Chez Charles
De Sercy, 1683. With numerous very interesting engravings showing how to catch
birds, fish, nets, angling rods, lines, hooks, baits, &c., 4to, old calf rebacked, £8 8s
Fine copy of a very rare work. The plates showing the fishing rods and baits are exceedingly
quaint, and the book is very interesting because it is considered the best contribution made by
France to the literature of ANGLING.

2161 SERLE (J.) A PLAN OF MR. Pope's GARDEN, as it was left at his death, with a Plan and Perspective View of the Grotto, all taken by J. Serle, his Gardener, with an account of all the Gems, Minerals, Spars, and Ores of which it is composed, and from whom and whence they were sent, to which is added a Character of all his Writings. R. Dodsley, 1745. Folding plate, showing the plan of the garden and other illustrations, 4to, old calf, £2 25

Bound with the above are verses on the Grotto at Twickenham, by Mr. Pope, 1743; Akenside's Pleasures of Imagination. 1744; Thompson's Castle of Indolence, 1748, and others.

2162 TREATISE (A) ON BRITISH SONG-BIRDS, including observations on their Natural Habits, Manner of Incubation, &c., with remarks on the Treatment of the Young and Management of the Old Birds in a Domestic State. Edinburgh, 1833. With fifteen very pretty COLOURED plates by R. Scott, 8vo, half roan, un:ut, £I IOS

2163 ADDISON (Joseph) THE CAMPAIGN, A POEM, to His Grace the Duke of Marlborough, by Mr. Addison. Jacob Tonson, 1705. FIRST EDITION, wormholes in blink top margin, folio, fine copy, sewn, UNCUT (very rare thus), £3 35 2164 ALEMAN (Matheo) THE ROGUE, or THE LIFE OF GUZMAN DE ALFARACHE, WRITTEN IN SPANISH BY MATHEO ALEMAN, Servant to his Catholike Majestie, and borne in Sevill. Printed for Edward Blount, 1623. 2 vols in I, small folio, original calf, £4 4s

A very fine copy of THE FIRST ENGLISH TRANSLATION of this once popular romance. Prefixed to it are several commendatory verses addressed to the translator, by BEN JONSON, Leo. Diggs, William Browne, etc." "A book which contains a fund of acute and comprehensive observations on almost every rank in society, from the most abject to the most elevated; in which their hypocrisies are detected, and their peculiar vices described, with extraordinary minuteness and discrimination, .. many parts written with great vigour and vivacity. Like other Spanish Authors of the same class, Aleman excels in the delineation of the animal appetites, which he describes with singular keenness and energy."-See Retrospective Review,

2165 AMERICA.-A CONCISE ACCOUNT OF NORTH AMERICA, containing a Description of the SEVERAL BRITISH COLONIES ON THAT CONTINENT, including the Islands of Newfoundland, Cape Breton, etc., as to their Situation, Extent, Climate, Soil, Produce, Rise, Government, Religion, Present Boundaries, and the Number of Inhabitants supposed to be in each; ALSO OF THE INTERIOR, OR WESTERLY PARTS OF THE COUNTRY, upon the Rivers St. Laurence, the Mississippi, Christino, and the Great Lakes, to which is subjoined an Account of THE SEVERAL NATIONS AND TRIBES OF INDIANS residing in those parts, as to their Customs, Manners, Government, Numbers, etc., by MAJOR Robert RogeRS. Dublin, 1770. Lower margin of title cut, 12m0, old sheep, 158 2166 AMERICA.-A DESCRIPTION OF THE WESTERN TERRITORY OF NORTH AMERICA, containing a Succinct Account of its Climate, Natural History, Population, Agriculture, Manners, and Customs, with an ample Description of THE SEVERAL DIVISIONS INTO WHICH THAT COUNTRY IS PARTITIONED, and an accurate Statement of THE VARIOUS TRIBES OF INDIANS that inhabit the Frontier Country. To which is annexed a Delineation of the LAWS AND GOVERNMENT OF THE STATE OF KENTUCKY. TENDING TO SHOW THE PROBABLE RISE AND GRANDEUR OF THE AMERICAN EMPIRE. BY G. IMLAY. Dublin, 1793. 12mo, old sheep, 15s

2167 AMERICA.-AN AFFECTING NARRATIVE OF THE UNFORTUNATE VOYAGE AND CATASTROPHE OF HIS MAJESTY'S SHIP WAGER, ONE OF COMMODORE ANSON'S SQUADRON IN THE SOUTH SEA EXPEDITION, containing a full account of its being cast away on a Desolate Island, and of the strange Proceedings of the Officers and Private Men after that unhappy event. Exhibiting a compleat view of the Perils and Terrible Disasters which the Crew underwent, the wonderful Adventure of near One Hundred of them, along the Coast of Patagonia, and through the Streights of Magellan, etc., etc. 1751. 8vo, fine copy in old calf, rebacked, clean, 155

2168 AMERICA.-An Oration delivered at the State House in Philadelphia to a very numerous Audience, on Thursday, the 1st of August, 1776, by Samuel Adams, Member of the the General Congress of the United States of America. Philadelphia Printed. London Reprinted, 1776. 8vo, half morocco, 10s 6d 2169 AMERICA.—Anticipation containing the substance of His Majesty's Speech, with an Account of the Debate which will take place on the Motion for the Address. Dublin, 1778. 8vo, sewn, 3s 6d 2170 AMERICA -SHELVOCKE (CAPT. GEORGE) A VOYAGE ROUND THE WORLD BY THE WAY OF THE GREAT SOUTH SEA. Performed in the years 1719, '20, '21, '2, in the Speedwell of London, of 24 guns and 100 men (under His Majesty's Commission to cruize on the Spaniards in the late war with the Spanish Crown). Till she was cast away on the Island of Juan Fernandes, in May, 1720; and afterwards continued in the Recovery, the Jesus Maria, and Sacra Familia, etc. 1726. Map and plates, 8vo, old calf, rebacked, £1 10s

Chiefly relating to AMERICA.

2171 AMERICA. THE CONSTITUTION OF THE SEVERAL INDEPENDENT STATES OF AMERICA; The Declaration of Independence; The Articles of Confederation between the said States; and the Treaties between His Most Christian Majesty and the United States of America. Published by Order of Congress. Dublin, 1783. Name cut from top of title, 8vo, old calf, fine copy, 175 6d

2172 AMERICA. THE KNOWLEDGE AND PRACTICE OF CHRISTIANITY made easy to the meanest capacities, or an ESSAY TOWARDS AN INSTRUCTION FOR THE INDIANS, by Thomas, Lord Bishop of Sodor and Man. 1751. 12mo, old calf, 7s 6d Written in the form of Dialogues between a Missionary and an Indian. Another edition. 1741. 12mo, old calf, clean, 7s 6d


2174 AMERICA. THE LIFE OF PAUL JONES, the English Corsair, his Extraordinary Perils, Voyages, Adventures, and Escapes during the AMERICAN WAR. Fairburn, N.D. (circa 1820). Folding coloured portrait, 12mo, original covers, as issued, uncut, 6s 2175 AMERICA.-The Life and Extraordinary Adventures of CAPT. JOHN SMITH, a Native of Lincolnshire, CONTAINING HIS TRAVELS IN NORTH AMERICA, etc., by JEREMY BILKNAP. Fairburn, N.D. (circa 1820). Folding coloured frontispiece, shewing four incidents in the life of Capt. Smith, 12mo, original wrappers, as issued, 7s 6d

2176 ASHMOLE (Elias) THE INSTITUTION, LAWS, AND CEREMONIES OF THE MOST NOBLE ORDER OF THE GARTER, collected and digested into one Body by ELIAS ASHMOLE, of the Middle-Temple, Esq., Windesor Herald at Arms, A WORK FURNISHED WITH VARIETY OF MATTER RELATING TO HONOR AND NOBLESSE. 1672. With many very fine plates, including the rare one of fireworks at Stockholm, by W. HOLLAR, and splendid portrait of Charles II, etc., old calf, rebacked, PRESENTATION COPY FROM AUTHOR TO SIR THOMAS MAINWARING, with inscription, FINE COPY, £3 13s 6d

2177 ASHMOLE (Elias) THE WAY TO BLISS, IN THREE BOOKS, MADE PUBLIC BY ELIAS ASHMOLE, Esq., Qui est Mercuriophilus Anglicus. 1658. FIRST EDITION, with a brilliant and most beautifully engraved portrait by Faithorne, small 4to, morocco extra, broad gold tooling, gilt leaves, £5 5s

The portrait is very rare, and is a beautiful example of FAITHORNE.

2178 BACON (Francis, Lord Verulam) THE ESSAYES, or Counsels, Civil and Morall, newly enlarged. 1632. Small 4to, old calf, rebacked, £I IS

2179 BACON (Francis, Lord Verulam) THE HISTORIE OF THE RAIGNE OF KING HENRY THE SEVENTH, written by the Right Honourable FRANCIS, Lord Verulam, Viscount St. Alban. W. Stansby for M. Lownes, 1622. FIRST EDITION, portrait and engraved title, folio, very fine copy in old calf, sound and clean, £4 45 2180 BACON (Francis) THE WISDOME OF THE ANCIENTS, written in Latine by the Rt. Hon. Sir FRANCIS BACON, Knight, Baron of Verulam, and Lord Chancellor of England, done into English by SIR ARTHUR GORGES, Knight. 1619. FIRST EDITION, 12mo, original vellum, [SOLD]

This is a scarce little volume.

2181 BALLADS.-A COLLECTION OF OLD BALLADS, corrected from the best and most ancient copies extant, with Introductions, Historical, Critical, and Humorous. 1727-5-6. ORIGINAL EDITION, with the 45 curious plates by J. PINE, 3 vols, 12m0, a fine copy in the original calf, £7 7s


The Collection is ascribed to Ambrose Phillips, and is rarely found perfect.

2182 BARNES (Barnaby) FOURE BOOKES OF OFFICES: ENABLING PRIVAT PERSONS FOR THE SPECIAL SERVICE OF ALL GOOD PRINCES AND POLICIES, MADE AND DEVISED BY BARNABE BARNES. Printed at the charges of G. Bishop, T. Adams, and C. Burbie, 1606. FIRST EDITION, small folio, margins of some pages mended, but a fine copy in sprinkled calf extra, by Riviere, £4 14s 6d

A notice of this rare book will be found in Sir Egerton Brydges' Restituta Vol IV.

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