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2081 WALTON (Isaac) and COTTON (Charles) another edition (the seventh of Hawkins', WITH IMPROVEMENTS AND ADDITIONS, BOTH OF MATTER AND PLATES). Samuel Bagster, 1808. Numerous engravings, 8vo, fine copy in full calf extra, top edges gilt, UNCUT, by Riviere, £2 28 A nice copy of Bagster's FIRST ISSUE. 2082 calf, 48 6d 2083

another edition. Chiswick, 1824. Portraits and vignettes, 2 vols, 12mo,

Frontispiece and engraved

Edinburgh, 1836. Por-
UNCUT, 68 6d
Manchester, 1847. Por-

another edition. William Pickering, 1825. title by THOS. STOTHARD, 48mo, original cloth, uncut, 138 6d A nice copy of Pickering's Diamond Classic Edition. 2084 another edition, EDITED BY JAMES RENNIE, A.M. trait and engravings, sm. 8vo, half morocco extra, top edges gilt, 2085 another edition, EDITED BY JAMES RENNIE, A.M. trait and engravings, sm. 8vo, half morocco extra, uncut, 68 6d 2086 another edition, edited by "Ephemera," of "Bell's Life in London" (i.e., EDWARD FITZGIBBON). Second Edition, 1854. Portrait and engravings, 8vo, original cloth, 38 6d 2087

another edition, EDITED BY EDWARD JESSE, Esq., to which are added papers on Fishing-Tackle, Fishing Stations, etc., by Henry G. Bohn. 1856. Portraits and numerous fine steel engravings and woodcuts, sm. 8vo, half moro:co extra, top edges gilt, uncut, 98 2083 another edition, EDITED BY JOHN MAJOR. Boston, 1866. Portraits and beautifully engraved steel plates and woodcuts. THIS COPY, WHICH IS A LARGE PAPER ONE, IS EXTRA ILLUSTRATED BY THE INSERTION OF THE SERIES OF BEAUTIFUL ENGRAVINGS WHICH APPEARED IN PICKERING'S VERY FINE Edition (1836), ALL OF THE PLATES BEING BRILLIANT PROOFS ON INDIA PAPER. Forming 2 vols, 8vo, full calf extra, gilt back with emblematic tooling, gilt edges by Matthews, £5 53

2089 WALTON (Isaac) The Complete Angler, or the Contemplative Man's Recreation, being a Discourse of Fish and Fishing, not unworthy the perusal of most Anglers. London, T. Maxey, 1653. Reprint by Bagster, 1810, of the first edition, engraved title and cuts of fish, eq. 12mo, original boards, £l 1s

A great number of the issue of this edition was burned by fire at the Publisher's; it is now scarce. 2090 another edition, (a cheap reprint) by Alex. Murray & Co., of the First Edition. 1872. 8vo, cloth, 28 2091 WALTON (Isaac) THE LIVES



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Written by Izaak Walton. To which are added some Letters written by Mr. George Herbert, at his being in Cambridge; with others to his Mother, the Lady Magdalen Herbert, written by John Donne, afterwards Dean of St. Paul's. London, printed by Tho. Newcomb for Richard Marriott, sold by most Booksellers, 1670. FIRST EDITION, portraits of Donne by Lombart, Wotton by Dolle, Hooker by Dolle, and Herbert by White, 8vo, very fine, in calf extra, by the late FRANCIS BEDFORD, £5 58



another copy, wormed in blank margins, else a good one in calf, £4 48 another, THE FOURTH EDITION. R. Marriott. Portraits as above, small 8vo, sprinkled calf extra by Larkins, £10 10s

This is a PRESENTATION COPY ("ffor Mr. Holman-Iz: Wa :") with inscription on top of title in the author's own hand. 2091 another edition, to which is added the Life of Dr. Robert Sanderson, with Index and Illustrative Notes. John Major, 1825. LARGE PAPER, with BRILLIANT INDIA PROOF IMPRESSIONS of all the admirable portraits and plates, 8vo, contemporary brown morocco extra, gilt edges, £4 48


cloth, 68

Fine copy of Major's First Edition, scarce on Large Paper. another edition. Pickering's Diamond Edition, 1827. Engraved plate, 48mo,

2096 WALTON (Isaac) THE LIFE OF DR. SANDERSON, late Bishop of Lincoln, written by Izaak Walton, to which is added some short Tracts or Cases of Conscience, written by the said Bishop. 1678. FIRST EDITION, finely engraved portrait by R. White, small 8vo, very clean copy in original calf, £1 158

2097 2098

another copy, old calf, £1 58

another copy, but the Life only, A PRESENTATION COPY FROM THE AUTHOR, WITH INSCRIPTION ON TOP OF TITLE 'ffor my son-Iz. W.," old calf,

£10 108


This interesting volume was purchased by Mr. James Toovey at the sale of William Pickering's books Sept. 2, 1854. Besides the inscription on title there are also some corrections in the author's own hand. 2099 WALTON (Isaac) THE LIFE OF JOHN Donne, Dr. in Divinity, and late Dean of Saint Paul's Church, London. The Second Impression corrected and enlarged. London, printed by J. G. for R. Marriott, and are to be sold at his shop under S. Dunstan's Church in Fleet-street, 1658. 12mo, very fine copy in the original sheep, WITH SOME MARGINAL CORRECTIONS IN WALTON'S OWN AUTOGRAPH, £4 48 This is the FIRST SEPARATE EDITION; it had formerly appeared in the folio edition of Donne's Sermons. and is reprinted with additions as above. A portrait of Donne by Lombard has been cut and inserted, and there is also a scarce etched one, like the work of Hollar, in this copy. 2100 WALTON (Isaac) RELIQUIE WOTTONIANÆ, or a Collection

Lives, of Letters, Pcems,

with Characters of sundry Personages, and other Incomparable Pieces of Language and Art, by the curious pensil of the ever-memorable SIR HENRY WOTTON, Kt., late Provost of Eton College. London, printed by Thomas Maxey for R. Marriot, G. Bedel, and T. Garthwait, 1651. FIRST EDITION, with a beautiful impression of the choice portrait of SIR HENRY WOTTON, by LOMBART, and also those of EARL OF ESSEX, DUKE OF BUCKINGHAM, and KING CHARLES, thick 12mo, sprinkled calf, gilt edges, by RIVIERE, £3 38

A choice and perfect copy of this dainty little volume, which comprises the collected works of Sir Henry Wotton (the friend and admirer of John Milton, and the companion of Isaac Walton). It is a most important book to the lovers of Walton, as it was edited by the 'Father of Anglers' himself, and he has prefixed a dedication, an account of the volume and life of the author (in all 56 pages), signed in his well-known way-Iz. WA. It must be remembered that the 'Reliquiæ Wottoniana' was published two years previous to the first edition of the Complete Angler,' and in that immortal book Walton has quoted two of Sir H. Wotton's poems (which appear in the above volume), and also added a beautiful character relative to their author.

Among the poems may be mentioned "On a Banck as I sate a Fishing, a Description of Spring." "A Description of the Countrey's Recreations," etc.



Another copy, but wanting portrait of Wotton, calf, 158
Another edition.

small Svo, half morocco, 128



1672. WITH LARGE ADDITIONS, title and front. mounted,

Another copy, in calf, 12s

Another edition. 1685. WITH ADDITIONS AND LETTERS, NEVER BEFORE PUBLISHED, small 8vo, calf extra, gilt back, etc., by Cecill and Larkins, 15s


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Containing a most interesting preface by IzAAC WALTON, and commendatory verses by Thomas
Fatman. Addressed to my worthy friend Mr. Isaac Walton on the publication of this Poem.
The Retrospective Review says:-This poem was published by the venerable patriarch of anglers,
Izaac Walton, as the production of a deceased friend.
When we add that there are two

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songs with the name of Chalkhill attached to them introduced in the Complete Angler, we believe we have placed the reader in possession of everything that is known respecting the supposed author of fhealma and Clearchus. It is not easy to conceive that a gentleman of his tastes and should wholly escape the panegyrics or censures of his contemporaries.


The conclusion appears to us inevitable that Chalkhill was merely a nomme de guerre, like Peter


Pindar or Barry Cornwall. Whether Walton himself was the author of the poem before us may admit of more controversy; WE ARE OURSELVES STRONGLY CONVINCED HE WAS, AND WE THINK ANY PERSON WHO TAKES THE TROUBLE WE HAVE DONE IN INVESTIGATING THE CIRCUMSTANCES, AND IN COMPARING THE THEALMA WITH THE ACKNOWLEDGED PRODUCTIONS OF WALTON, WILL COME TO THE SAME CONCLUSION, etc., etc. Another, a New Edition, Revised and Corrected (by S. W. Singer). Chiswick, 1820. 12mo, half morocco neat, 68 6d 2106a WALTON (Isaac) THE HEROE OF LORENZO, OR THE WAY TO EMINENCIE AND PERFECTION. A Piece of Serious Spanish Wit originally in that Language written, and in English by SIR JOHN SKEFFINGTON, KT. AND BARRONET. London, Printed for John Martin and James Allestrye, at the Bell in St. Paul's Churchyard, 1652. 12mo, sprinkled calf extra, gilt edges, by RIVIERE, £5 59

This rare little volume was EDITED BY WALTON, and contains an interesting address to the reader by him (4 pp.).

The work was unknown to all biographers of Walton, till Dr. Bliss discovered a copy in a volume of tracts, and presented it to William Pickering, who, in his letter acknowledging the present, said "The book is very interesting to me, who have for forty years angled for every scrap that would illustrate Walton's Life and Writings. This book I had not the remotest knowledge of, and do value, etc.' The Turner copy sold in 1888 for £8 15s.

2107 WALTON (Isaac) A Collection of Theological Tracts, in a volume, WITH THE AUTOGRAPHS OF ISAAC WALTON AND HIS SON, small 4to, old half boards (formerly in the possession of William Pickering, afterwards in Mr. Edward Snow's collection), £5 58

Contents of this interesting collection are, "Innovations unjustly charged upon the Present Church and State, by Christopher Dow, B.D., 1637 (INITIALS OF I. W. (PROBABLY WALTON'S SON) ON TITLE) -The Summe and Substance of the Conterence, by William Barlow, 1638-The Soules Soliloquie and Conference with Conscience, by the Rev. Brian Duppa, Bishop of Salisbury, 164- [" IZAAK WALTON, GIVEN ME BY THE AUTHOR, JANUARY 7TH, 16—"]—A Modest and Reasonable Examination of some things in use in the Church of England, by William Covell, 1604 ("Izaak Walton" on title)-A Discourse concerning Publick Oaths and the Lawfulness of Swearing, by Dr. Gauden, 1662. 2108 WALTONIANA.-Inedited Remains in Verse and Prose of IZAAK WALTON, Author of the Complete Angler, with Notes and preface by Richard Herne Shepherd. Pickering, 1878. 8vo, cloth, uncut, 68


another copy, calf extra, by the late F. Bedford, 158

2110 WALWYN'S Complete Art of Angling, containing every necessary instruction for that pleasant and Rational Amusement. N.D. (circa 1840). Small 8vo, frontispiece, half brown morocco extra, emb'emitic tooling on back, top edges gilt, uncut, by ZAEHNSDORF, 108 6d

WARBURTON (R. E. E.) HUNTING SONGS.-See under EGERTON-WARBURTON. 2111 WARD (William) THE SECRETS OF THE REVERENDE MAISTER ALEXIS, OF PIEMOUNT, CONTAYNING EXCELLENT REMEDIES AGAYNST DIVERS DYSEASES, WOUNDES, AND OTHER ACCIDENTES, WITH THE MANNER TO MAKE DYSTILLATIONS, PARFUMES, CONFITURES, DYINGS, COLOURS, FUSIONS, AND MELTINGS, A WORKE WEL APPROVED, VERY PROFITABLE, AND NECESSARY, FOR EVERY MAN, newly corrected and amended, and also somewhat enlarged in certayne places which wanted in the first edition, translated out of French into Englishe. by WILLIAM WARD (AND RICHARD ANDROSE). Imprinted at London by Peter Short for Thomas Wight, 1595. THE FOUR PARTS COMPLETE, black letter, thick 4to, A VERY FINE AND CLEAN COPY, in old calf, rebacked, £ 148 6d

An interesting old volume, the earliest edition mentioned in the Bibliotheca Piscatoria is that of 1615. See page 23. Besides two quaint recipes "to Catch River Fish," and "How to take a great store of Fish," there are also curious recipes such as "How to make Hens lay egges all the Winter." Several recipes for Horses, Cattle, Directions how to preserve Flowers, Fruit, and various Meats, etc, etc.

2112 WARTON (Thomas) Ode for Music, as Performed at the Theatre, Oxford, on the Second of July, 1751, being the Anniversary appointed by the late Lord Carew, Bishop of Durham, for the Commemoration of Benefactors to the University, by Tho. Warton. Oxford, N.D. 4to, sewn, bs

2113 WARDER (Joseph) THE TRUE AMAZONS, OR THE MONARCHY OF BEES, being a New Discovery and Improvement of these Wonderful Creatures, wherein is experimentally demonstrated: I, That they are all governed by a Queen; II, The amazing beauty and dignity. of her person; III, Her extraordinary authority and power. Their Sex, manner of Breeding, their Enemies, etc., etc. Also how to make English Wine or Mead, equal, if not superior, to the best of other wines. 1722. Portrait, 8vo, calf, 128 6d

2114 WARING (Thomas) A TREATISE ON ARCHERY, or the ART OF SHOOTING WITH THE LONG BOw, containing every requisite to obtain a complete knowledge of that noble weapon, considered as an Instrument of Amusement; likewise a Dissertation on the steel Cross Bow, with Directions for using it; to which is added a summary sketch of the Laws for Archers, with many other Observations and Instructions. 1827. Frontispiece and plate, 12mo, boards, 78 6d

2115 WASE (Christopher) GRATII FALISCI CYNEGETICON, OR A POEM OF HUNTING, by Gratius the Faliscian, Englished and Illustrated by CHRISTOPHER WASE, Gent. 1654. FIRST EDITION, 12mo, calf, £2 28


Very scarce. Prefixed is a poem, "On my worthy friend the author (3 pages), by Edmund 2116 WATSON (T., of Norwich) Instructions for the Management of Horses and Dogs, wherein are minutely described their several Maladies and approved Remedies, also of neat or Black Cattle, etc., by T. Watson. 1785. 8vo, old marbled paper, 4s 6d 2117 WATT (W.) REMARKS ON SHOOTING, IN VERSE, comprehending the Antiquity of the PRACTICE WITH BOWS AND ARROWS, the amazing dexterity of the Ancients with those weapons, and the great skill of the Moderns with that more extraordinary one THE GUN, respecting which almost everything essential is laid down: The Shooter's Dress, his Dogs, the ART OF SHOOTING FLYING, etc., by W. WATT; also some Verses on TROLLING, etc. 1839. Frontispiece, small 8vo, cloth, uncut, 68 2118 WELLS (Joseph, of Sheffield) THE TEMPERANCE FISHING BOOK, or THE CONTEMPLATIVE ANGLER, being a new and complete general Treatise on that pleasing and Healthful Recreation; The Art of Angling, containing a description of all the various kinds of Fish, with full instructions how to angle for them, the best baits for that purpose, how to procure them, the best times to angle, Prognostications of the Weather, and much other useful information, never published in any other treatise. Second Edition, improved. Sheffield, 1853. Frontispiece, 12mo, half calf, very neat, 158 A scarce treatise. 2119 WESTMACOT (W.) A Scripture Herbal, wherein all the TREES, SHRUBS, HERBS, PLANTS, FLOWERS, FRUITS, etc., MENTIONED IN THE HOLY BIBLE, are in an alphabetical order, rationally discoursed of, shewing their Names, Kinds, Qualities, Various Uses. Natural Principles, Countries, Manner of Propagation, etc., also their Medicinal Preparations, Vertues and Dose, gallenically and chymically handled, and Performed according to the Newest Doctrines of Philoscphy, Herbarism, and Physick. 1695. 12mo, fine copy, old calf, 158

2120 WESTWOOD (T.) The Quest of the Sancgreall, The Sword of Kingship, and other Poems. 1868. Sm. 8vo, half morocco, extra gilt top, UNCUT, by Kaufmann, 10s 6d Contains "A Garland of Angling Rhymes" (pages 161 to 177), four poems. 2121 WHATELY (Thomas) OBSERVATIONS ON MODERN GARDENING, illustrated by Descriptions. 1770. 8vo, half calf, 78 6d


Another edition, called OBSERVATIONS ON MODERN GARDENING, and the laying out Pleasure Grounds, Parks, Farms, Ridings, etc., illustrated by Descriptions, to which is added an Essay on the Different Natural Situations of Gardens. A New Edition, with Notes by HORACE (late) EARL of Orford. 1801. With six very pretty COLOURED plates designed by Woolet, 4to, original diced calf, rebacked, £2 108

2123 WHEATLEY (Hewett) THE ROD AND LINE: or, Practical Hints and Dainty Devices for the Sure Taking of Trout, Grayling, etc. 1849. Beautifully COLOURED plates, small 8vo, half morocco, very neat, top edges gilt, uncut, £1 18




3. Of their ridiculous walking in
red Cloaks, like Soldiers.
4. Of their Immodest Wearing of

To which is added, a New Satyr, for the use of the Female Voluntiers in Hyde Park. 1722. THE SECOND PART OF SAME (SIMILAR CONTENTS). 1722.-DEMOCRITUS, THE LAUGHING PHILOSOPHER'S Trip into England, or Seven Days Amusement and Contemplations intermixt with uncommon Reflections, both serious and merry, on the Follies and Vices daily committed by both Sexes, etc. 1723.-AN ESSAY IN PRAISE OF KNAVERY, whether it be in C- -ers, Politicians, or Lawyers, Priests, P- -lates, or Church Dignitaries, L- -ds, Merchants, or Stock-Jobbers, National Plunderers, or Pick-pockets, Thieves, Highwaymen, or Thief-Takers, Turks, Jews, or Infidels, of all Nations and Countries. 1723.-A General Key to the Writings of the Poets of the Last Age, etc. 1723. All in 1 vol, 8vo, with several curious copper-plates, old calf, £2 28 2125 WHITE (John) Hocus Pocus, or a Rich Cabinet of Legerdemain Curiosities, Natural and Artificial Conclusions, showing how to Cleave Money, to make Sport with Cats, Ducks or Poultry, to Catch Kites, Crows, Magpies, to Catch a Pick-pocket, to Name a Pack of Cards, to Fox, FISH, AND FOWL, to Preserve Fruit, to Write Love Letters, etc., affording a great Variety of Innocent Sport and Pastime, by JOHN WHITE. Sold at the Ring in Little Britain, N.D., circa 1715. Very curious frontispieces, and over forty other illustrations, 12mo, old sheep, quaint little book, £1 58

2126 WHITE (James) The Improved Art of Farriery, containing a Complete View of the Structure and Economy of the Horse, Directions for Feeding, Grooming, Shoeing, etc., the Management of the Stable, Diseases incident to Horses, Neat Cattle, Sheep, and a Treatise on Racers, Hunters, and Dogs, by James White, and completed by W. H. Rosser. 1851. Plates, 8vo, cloth, 68

2127 WHITNEY (John) THE GENTEEL RECREATION or, THE PLEASURE OF ANGLING, a Poem, with a Dialogue between Piscator and Corydon, by John Whitney, a Lover of the Angle. Printed in the Year 1700. (ONE HUNDRED COPIES REPRINTED 1820.) 12mo, full red morocco extra, top edges gilt, UNCUT, £1 2s 6d

2128 WHOLE ART OF LEGERDEMAIN (The), being a Curious Collection of Diverting Secrets and Experiments in the Arts of Conjuration and Sleight of Hand, performed in different parts of Europe, and in London, by the most celebrated Professors in Natural Magic and Legerdemain, including the newest Discoveries in Science and Art. 1811. Coloured frontispiece, 12mo, sewn, 58

2129 WHYTE (James Christie) HISTORY OF THE BRITISH TURF, from the earliest period to the present day. 1840. Portrait and engravings, 2 vols, 8vo, original cloth, 188 2130 WILLOUGHBY (Francis) THE ORNITHOLOGY OF FRANCIS WILLOUGHBY, OF MIDDLETON, IN THE COUNTY OF WARWICK, in three Books. Wherein all the Birds hitherto known, being reduced into a Method suitable to their Natures, are accurately described. The Descriptions illustrated by most Elegant Figures, nearly resembling live Birds, engraven in 78 copperplates. Translated into English, and Enlarged with many Additions throughout the whole work. To which are added, three considerable discourses:

I. Of the ART OF FOWLING: with a description of several Nets in two large copperplates.

II. Of the Ordering of SINGING BIRDS.


By John Ray. A. C., for John Martyn, 1678. Folio, 80 copperplates, old calf, from the LIBRARY OF WILLIAM MORRIS, with bookplate, £2 28

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