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AND AFTER THAT, ANOTHER SPECIAL AND PARTICULAR ONE, OF ALL SUCH WINES as grow in Gasconie, Languedoc, Touraine, Orleans, Paris, and other Countries of France: to Plant Woods of Timbertrees and Under-growth: to make a Warren: TO BREED HERONS AND TO IMPARKE WILD BEASTS. AS ALSO A LARGE DISCOURSE OF HUNTING THE HART, WILD BORE, HARE, FOX, GRAY, CONIE, AND SUCH LIKE: WITH THE ORDERING OF HAWKES, AND ALL SORTS OF BIRDS, and lastly in the end thereof, is briefly shewed the nature, manner of taking, and feeding, of the NIGHTINGALE, LINNET, GOLDFINCH, SISKIN, LARKE, AND OTHER SUCH SINGING


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1999 SURTEES (R. S.) "ASK MAMMA," or THE RICHEST COMMONER IN ENGLAND. 1858. FIRST EDITION, COLOURED and other illustrations by JOHN LEECH. 8vo, calf extra, gilt edges, by RIVIERE, £2 15s

2000 SURTEES (R. S.) "HAWBUCK GRANGE": or The SPORTING ADVENTURES OF THOMAS SCOTT, ESQ., by the author of "Handley Cross," etc. N.D. With COLOURED plates by "PHIZ," 8vo, stained calf extra, top edges gilt, UNCUT, by Larkins, 1 IS

2001 SURTEES (R. S.) Hillingdon Hall, or THE COCKNEY SQUIRE, a Tale of Country Life. 1888. With twelve coloured illustrations by Wildrake, Heath, and Jellicoe, 8vo, original cloth, £1 2s 6d

This is the First Edition uniform with the "Handley Cross" series. 2002 SURTEES (R. S.) JORROCKS' JAUNTS AND JOLLITIES; BEING THE HUNTING, SHOOTING, RACING, DRIVING, SAILING, EATING, ECCENTRIC_AND EXTRAVAGANT EXPLOITS OF THAT RENOWNED SPORTING CITIZEN, MR. John JORROCKS, of St. Botolph Lane, and Great Coram Street. Rudolph Ackermann, 1843. With fifteen BEAUTIFULLY COLOURED plates by HENRY ALKEN (THE FIRST EDITION SO ILLUSTRATED), 8vo, stained calf extra, gilt edges, by RIVIERE, £13 135

A delightful and very scarce volume.

2003 SURTEES (R. S.) MR. Sponge's SporTING TOUR. 1853. FIRST EDITION, coloured illustrations and woodcuts by JOHN LEECH, 8vo, half red morocco extra, top edge gilt, 2 10S



Another copy, calf extra, gilt edges, by Riviere, £3 35
Another, in the original cloth, UNCUT, £3 ICS

2006 SURTEES (R. S.) THE HORSEMAN'S MANUAL: being a Treatise on Sound. ness, the Law of Warranty, and generally on the Laws relating to Horses. 1831. FIRST EDITION, small 8vo, original cloth, UNCUT, £2 55

The first publication of the celebrated author of the "Handley Cross" series. Very scarce. 2007 SUTCLIFFE (Matthew) THE PRACTICE, PROCEEDINGS AND LAWES OF ARMES, DESCRIBED OUT OF THE DOINGS OF MOST VALIANT AND EXPERT CAPTAINES, and confirmed both by ancient and modern examples and precedents. Imprinted at London by C. Barker, 1593. Black Letter, small 4to, original vellum, £5 5s

Chap. XII, Wherein the use of Horsemen, Pikes, Halberdes, and other such weapons, also of targets, small shotte, archers. Chap. XVIII, Of the use of the Navy in Warres.

2009 SWITZER (Stephen) THE PRACTICAL FRUIT GARDENER, being the Best and Newest Method of Raising, Planting, and Pruning all sorts of Fruit Trees agreeably to the Experience and Practice of the most Eminent Gardeners and Nursery Men, by STEPHEN SWITZER, Revised and Recommended by Mr. Laurence and Mr. Bradley. 1724 With several copperplates, 8vo, old calf, 10s 6d

2009 SYLVANUS.-THE BYE-LANFS AND DOWNS OF ENGLAND, WITH TURE SCENES AND CHARACTERS, BY SYLVANUS. 1850. FIRST EDITION, portrait of Lord George Bentinck, 8vo, original cloth, uncut, 15S

2010 SYLVESTER (Joshua) DU BARTAS, HIS DEVINE WEEKES AND WORKES, translated and dedicated to the King's most excellent Majesty by Joshua Sylvester now fourthly corrected and augmented. H. Lowndes, 1613. Very fine engraved title by W. Hole, and woodcut portrait, etc., small 4to, a very choice copy in the original calf gilt, with gilt designs on sides (clean and sound), £3 35

2011 SYLVESTER (Joshua) Another edition, with title as follows: Du BARTAS, HIS DIVINE WEEKES and Workes, wITH A COMPLEATE COLLECTION OF ALL THE OTHER MOST Delightful WORKES, Translated and WRITTEN BY THE FAMOUS PHILOMUSES JOSHUA SYLVESTER. 1633. BEST EDITION, very fine engraved title by Elstracke, containing designs from Striptural subjects in compartments, a portrait of Du Bartas, and a fine engraved portrait of Sylvester, also a folding sheet, "The Mysterie of Mysteries," and woodcuts, folio, VERY FINE COPY, red morocco extra, gilt edges, £3 15s

An interesting old book, containing the following poem on Tobacco (11 pp.), entituled " TOBACCO BATTERED AND PIPES SHATTERED (ABOUT THEIR EARS THAT IDELY IDOLIZE SO BASE AND BARBAROUS A WEED, OR AT LEAST WISE OVER LOVE SO LOATH SOME VANITIE). BY A VOLLEY OF HOLY SHOT THUNDERED FROM MOUNT HELICON." Pages 130-131 contain interesting notices of America (How THE NEWFOUND WORLD-DISCOVERED IN OUR TIME-CAME PEOPLED. a double question, with answer; CONJECTURES TOUCHING THE PEOPLING OF THE SAME; THE WONDERS OF THE NEW-FOUND WORLD, etc.). With a collection of Commendatorv Verses on the Author by the most celebra ed wits of the age, including BEN JONSON, Jos. HALL, JOHN VICARS, SAMUEL DAVIEL, JOHN DAVIES, etc., etc. Du Bartas' poem was received with such universal applause as to pass through more than thirty editions in the space of six years. The Famous Ronsard sent the Author a pen of gold, and being asked his opinion of the work, answered, "Du Bartas has done more in one week than I have in the whole course of my life."-Dr. FArmer.

"But I will sweeten this discourse also out of a contemplation in Divine Dubartus."-ISAAC WALTON, in the "Complete Angler.”

"Both the version of Sylvester, and his original poems, published with it, are remarkable for their inequality, for great beauties and glaring defects. His versification is sometimes exquisitely melodious, and was recognised as such by his contemporaries, who distinguished him by the appellation of Silver-tongued Sylvester."-Dr. DRAKE, "Shakespeare and his Times." 2012 TAPLIN (William) The Gentleman's Stable Directory, or Modern System of Farriery, Breeding, Breaking, Shoeing, Stabling, Exercise, and Rowelling, to which are added particular instructions for the general MANAGEMENT OF HUNTERS and Road Horses, and OBSERVATIONS UPON THE PRESENT STATE OF THE TURf.

1796. 2 vols. A Compendium of Practical and Experimental Farriery, by W. Taplin. 1796. Together 3 vols, 8vo, half calf, 98 2013 TATE (Nahum) THE INNOCENT EPICURE: OR THE ART OF ANGLING. A POEM. Printed for S. Crouch. H. Playford and W. Brown, 1697. FIRST EDITION, 12mo, half calf neat, £8 18s 6d

The preface is signed N. Tate. Very fine copy of a rare poem.

2014 Another copy, THE SECOND EDITION. H. Metre for R. Gosling, 1713. 12mo, fine copy in calf neat, £3 38

Presentation copy with inscription on fly-leaf, "Ex dono Authoris."

2015 TATHAM (William) AN HISTORICAL AND PRACTICAL ESSAY ON THE CULTURE AND COMMERCE OF TOBACCO. 1800. Coloured and other illustrations, 8vo, fine copy, original boards, UNCUT, from the Ashburnham Library, 125


Extremely rare-but especially in so fine state.

2017 TAYLOR (Samuel) ANGLING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES, reduced to a complete Science, being the Result of more than Forty Years' Real Practice and Strict Observation throughout the Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, in Three Parts: I, Describing the Rivers and other Waters of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, and the Fish they Produce, and the best parts adapted for Angling; II, A Full Description of the different kinds of Fish taken by Angling AND HOW TO ANGLE FOr each, etc.; III, A List of Artificial Flies how to make each, the most skilful way of Throwing the Line, Night Fly-fishing, Natural Fly-fishing, etc. 1800. 8vo, half morocco extra, top edges gilt, uncut, 155 2018

Another copy, in the original boards, uncut, 8s 6d

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2019 TATTERSALL (George) SPORTING ARCHITECTURE. N.D. Beautiful engravings, shewing the Life of the Horse, Hunting and Racing, Boxes and Paddocks, Grand Stands, various Kennels, and other Sporting plates, 4to, cloth, uncut, £1 is 2020 TEMPERATE DISCUSSION of the Causes which have led to the present High Price of Bread. 1800. 8vo, sewn, uncut 25 6d


2021 THAMES ANGLER (The), by A. W. S. and M. W. H. (Chertsey). Frontispiece and engraving, 12mo, original morocco, with emblematic design on side, gold tooling, gilt edges, PRESENTATION COPY FROM AUTHOR, 125 6d

2022 THAMES ANGLING PRESERVATION SOCIETY (The). Twickenham, 1840. 18mo, half morocco extra, uncut, covers preserved, very neat, 9s

2023 THETFORD (Lancelot) THE PERFECT HORSE-MAN, or the EXPERIENCED SECRETS OF MR. MARKHAM'S FIFTY YEARS PRACTICE: shewing how a man may come to be a general Horseman by the knowledge of these seven offices, viz., the Breeder, Feeder, Ambler, Rider, Keeper, Buyer, Farrier. Published by LANCELOT THETFORD, 1680. Engraved frontispiece, containing portrait of Markham, etc., 12mo, new sheep, I IS


Another copy, a very fine one, in old calf, with a large quantity of receipts added on paper at end in contemporary MS., £1 10S 2025 THOMAS (B.) THE SHOOTER'S GUIDE: or Complete Sportsman's Companion, containing a compendious view of the Game Laws, a Description of the various kinds of Dogs, and the best mode of Breeding, Rearing and Training them, with an Account of the Diseases to which they are liable, and the best methods of Cure;_ to which are added Directions for Grouse, PartrIDGE, PHEASANT, WOODCOCK, Snipe, Hare, and WILD DUCK SHOOTING, particular instructions for the Juvenile Sportsman, and much miscellaneous information on the Choice of Guns, Gunpowder, Shot, etc., etc. 1816. Very pretty plates of grouse, partridge, woodcock, pheasant, etc., shooting, small 8vo, original boards, 10s 6d


Another edition. 1810. 12mo, half calf, 9s

2027 THOMSON (James) THE VALUE AND IMPORTANCE OF THE SCOTTISH FISHERIES, comprehending fully every circumstance connected with their present position. 1849. Small 8vo, half morocco, neat gilt back, 9s

2028 THORNE (James) RAMBLES BY RIVERS: The Duddon, the Mole, the Adur, Arun, and Wey; the Lea, the Dove, the Avon, and the Thames. 1844-9. Together 4 vols, 12mo, numerous engravings, half morocco extra, top edges gilt, uncut, 18s A very neat set, with the book-plate of Thos. Westwood. 2029 THORNHILL (R. B.) THE SHOOTING DIRECTORY. 1804. Fine portrait and plates, 4to, half calf, £1 IS

2030 THORNTON (Thomas, Colonel) A SPORTING TOUR THROUGH THE NORTHERN PARTS OF ENGLAND, AND GREAT PART OF THE HIGHLANDS OF SCOTLAND, including Remarks on English and Scottish Landscape, and general Observations on the State of Society and Manners, by COLONEL T. THORNTON, of Thornville Royal, in Yorkshire. 1804. FIRST EDITION, 16.excellent engravings by Medland, Pouncy, Landseer, etc., 4to, old half binding, repaired, £2 25

Chiefly relating to FISHING AND SHOOTING.

2031 Another copy, a very fine one in the original boards, UNCUT, with label— very scarce thus, £4 4s 2032 THORNTON (Thomas, Colonel) A SPORTING TOUR THROUGH VARIOUS PARTS OF FRANCE the year 1802, including a description of the SPORTING ESTABLISHMENTS, MODE OF HUNTING, and other FIELD AMUSEMENTS as practised in that Country, with the advantages of Sporting in France and England, by COLONEL THORNTON. 1806. Fine illustrations, some foxed, 2 vols, 4to, original boards, UNCUT, £2 25 2033 TIGER'S THEATRE (The). (1807.) Coloured plates, 12mo, sewn, 5s

2034 TOPSEL (Edward) THE HISTORY OF FOUR-FOOTED BEASTS AND SERPENTS; DESCRIBING AT LARGE THEIR TRUE AND LIVELY FIGURE, THEIR SEVERAL NAMES, CONDITIONS, KINDS, VIRTUES (both Natural and Medicinal), COUNTRIES OF THEIR BREED, THEIR LOVE AND HATRED TO MANKIND, and the Wonderful Work of God in their Creation, Preservation, and Destruction, INTERWOVEN WITH CURIOUS VARIETY OF HISTORICAL NARRATIONS out of Scriptures, Fathers, Philosophers, Physicians, AND POETS, illustrated with divers Hieroglyphicks and Emblems, etc., both pleasant and profitable for Students in all Faculties and Professions, collected out of the Writings of CONRADUS GESNER, and other Authors, by EDWARD TOPSEL; whereunto is now added, THE THEATER OF INSECTS; OR, LESSER LIVING CREATURES, as BEES, FLIES, CATERPILLARS, SPIDERS, WORMS. etc., a most elaborate work, by T. MUFFETT, Dr. of Physick, the whole revised, corrected. and inlarged, with the addition of two useful Physical Tables, by J. R., M.D. 1658. Very numerous remarkable and spirited cuts, folio, a few wormholes in some pages, and a small blank piece gone off corner of last leaf, ELSE A FINE COPY, QUITE PERFECT, in the original calf, £5 5s

Referred to by Walton.

2035 TOUCHSTONE (S. F.) RACE HORSES: PEDIGREE, DESCRIPTION, HISTORY; or, A History of Celebrated English and French Thorough-bred Stallions and French Mares, which appeared on the Turf from 1764 to 1887, preceded by a Preface from the Duke of Beaufort, translated from the French by C. B. Pitman. 1890. Sixty beautiful full-page COLOURED plates, and one hundred and thirty-four coloured vignettes in the text, oblong folio, half morocco, as issued, £5 5s

Only a limited edition of this beautiful book was issued.

2036 TRAITE des tulipES, AVEC LA MANIERE DE LES BIEN CULTIVER LEURS NOMS, leurs CouleuRS, ET LEUR BEAUTE. à Paris, 1678. Small 8vo, old vellum, £I IOS

2037 TRAPANI (Gaetano) A Catalogue of the Different Kinds of Fish of Malta and Gozo, with their Maltese, Latin, English, and French Names, as well as their Season. Malta, 1838. Quarto, sewn, 2s 6d

2038 TREATISE ON GREYHOUNDS (A), with Observations on the Treatment and Disorders of them by a Sportsman. 1819. Pretty frontispiece and vignette, Izmo, calf neat, 75 6d

2039 TREATISE on the Use and Abuse of The Second, commonly called The Steward's, Table in Families of the First Rank, in Four Parts, containing: I. An Explanation of the Misteries of that Sacred Divan, with a full Account of the Several Arts, Lies, Contrivances therein, used to Distress, and if possible Starve, the Lower Class of Servants, together with the Compliments and Enquiries that pass in the giving and receiving Characters, whether from House Keepers, House Stewards, or Clerks of the Stable, or the separate Servants under their Inquisition. II. An Account of their Routs, Cards, Visits, and Private Pleasures; Kept Mistresses by the Men, and Kept Husbands, or Gallants, by the Females. III. An Humble Proposal to the Nobility and Gentry, who think a Nest of these Sycophants a necessary Piece of Grandeur, to place on them certain Hieroglyphical Badges distinguishing the several places they fill, to prevent the Lady's Woman from being called My Lady, and the Valet being called My Lord. IV. An Attempt to Prove such an Order of People to be entirely Useless, and through whose means many of the Greatest Estates have been Reduced, the Credit of the Nobility and Gentry_Diminished, and several reputable Tradesmen Ruined, concluding with an Earnest Request to Every Man of Great Fortune to be his own Steward. Printed for the Author (1758). 8vo, engraved frontispiece, sewn, 10s 6d 2040 TREATISE (A), shewing how Usefull, Safe, Reasonable, and Beneficial the Inrolling and Registering of all Conveyances of Lands may be to the Inhabitants of this Kingdom. 1694. Quarto, sewn, 4s

2041 TRIMMER (Mrs. Mary) A Natural History of the most Remarkable Quadrupeds, Birds, Fishes, Serpents, Reptiles and Insects, interspersed with interesting characteristic Anecdotes. Chiswick, 1826. Three hundred elegant engravings on wood, 2 vols, 12mo, dark calf extra, gilt edges, 6s 2042 TRISTRAM (W. Outram) COACHING DAYS AND COACHING WAYS. 1888. FIRST EDITION, with numerous beautiful illustrations by HUGH THOMSON and HERBERT RAILTON, 4to, stained calf extra, top edges gilt, uncut, with the original covers preserved at end, by RIVIERE, £2 10S


Another copy, in original cloth, uncut, as issued, £1_155 2044 TROLLOPE (Anthony) Hunting Sketches. 1865. FIRST EDITION, 8vo, cloth, 5s

2045 TROWELL (Samuel) and WILLIAM ELLIS.

- THE FARMER'S INSTRUCTOR, or the HUSBANDMAN AND GARDENER'S USEFUL AND NECESSARY COMPANION, being a New Treatise of HUSBANDRY, GARDENING, and other curious matters RELATING TO COUNTRY AFFAIRS, the new invented four-wheel drill-plough, etc. 1747. Frontispiece, 8vo, half calf neat, 10s 6d

2046 TRUE ART OF ANGLING The), being a Clear and Speedy Way of taking all sorts of Fresh-water Fish, with the Worm, Fly, Paste, and other Baits in their proper seasons; How to know the Haunts of Fish, and angle for them in all waters and weathers, at the top, middle, or bottom; Baits, Natural and Artificial; the Several Ways of Angling; to which is added an Account of the Season and Spawning Time of each Fish, and an Account of the Principal Rivers, the Fish they Produce, and the Proper Places to Angle for them in each River. O. Ustonson, 1770. 12mo, fine copy in half morocco extra, 12s 6d

2047 TRUE METHOD (A) OF TREATING LIGHT HAZELY GROUND, or an exact relation of the Practice of Farmers in Buchan, containing Rules for Infields, Outfields, Haughs, and Laighs, by a small Society of Farmers in Buchan. Edinburgh, 1735. Small 8vo, sewn, 38 6d

2048 TRYON (Thomas) A NEW ART OF BREWING BEER, ALE, AND OTHER SORTS OF LIQUORS, so as to render them more healthful to the body and agreeable to Nature, and to keep them longer from souring with less trouble and charge than generally practised, with Easie Experiments for making excellent Drinks, with APPLES, CURRANTS, GOOSEBERRIES, CHERRIES, HERBS, SEEDS, AND HAY, etc.; and the way to Preserve Eggs five or six months from being musty or rotten, etc., etc. 1690. 12mo, old sheep, 158 2049 TRYON (Thomas) THE COUNTRY-MAN'S COMPANION, or a new method of ORDERING HORSES AND SHEEP so as to preserve them both from Diseases and Casualties, or to preserve them if fallen ill, and also to render them much more serviceable and useful to their owners, than has yet been discovered, known or practised, and particularly to preserve sheep from that Monstrous, Mortifying Distemper, the Rot, by PHILOTHEOS PHYSIOLOGUS. N.D. (circa 1690). 12mo, original sheep (neatly rebacked), £1 18 2050

another copy, somewhat soiled and stained, 9s

At page 100 is "The Planter's Speech to his Neighbours and Country-men in PENNYSLVANIA, EAST AND WEST JERSEY, etc., and to all such as have transported themselves into New-Colonies for the sake of a quiet life." This extends to forty pages. Benjamin Franklin was a disciple of the author, whose real name was TRYON. Unknown to Lowndes.

2051 TRYON (Thomas) WISDOM'S DICTATES, or Aphorisms and Rules, Physical, Moral, and Divine, for Preserving the Health of the Body and the Peace of the Mind, fit to be regarded and practised by all that would enjoy the Blessings of the present and future World, to which is added a BILL OF FARE OF SEVENTY-FIVE NOBLE DISHES OF EXCELLENT FOOD, far exceeding those made of Fish or Flesh, which Banquet I present to the Sons of Wisdom, or such as shall decline that depraved custom of Eating Flesh and Blood. 1691. 12mo, writing on title, original sheep, 10s 6d

"When I was about sixteen years of age I happened to meet with a book written by one Tryon, recommending a vegetable diet. I determined to go into it."-BENJAMIN FRANKLIN.

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