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English by E. G. London, printed by Val. Sims for Edward Blount and William Apsley, 1604. Small 4to, very fine copy in the old calf, from the Frere library, with bookplate, £13 138 This copy has blank leaf before title, marked A, also blank leaf at end. This work, which is quoted as a standard authority, contains some interesting chapters as follows: Chap. 16, Of Indian Bread and Mays; Chap. 18, Of divers Roots which Grow in the Indies; Chap. 19, Divers sorts of Greene Hearbes, and Pine-Apples, small Fruit, etc.; Chap. 20, Indian Pepper; Chap. 21, The Plane Tree; Chap. 22, Of Coca; Chap. 27, Diverse Flowers; Chap. 30, Of the Great Forests; Chap. 31, Of Plants and Fruits from Spain; Chap. 32, Grapes, Kares of Sugar, etc.; and various other chapters on Flowers, Fruits, Herbs, Trees, Beasts, Birds, etc., etc.

1572 GUIDE (A) to the Foxhounds and Staghounds of England, to which are added the Otter Hounds and Harriers of Several Counties, by Gelêrt. 1849. 8vo, cloth, 58 1573 HAINES (Richard) Aphorisms upon the New Way of Improving CYDER, or Making CYDER-ROYAL, lately Discovered for the Good of those Kingdoms and Nations that are beholden to others and pay dear for Wine, shewing that simple Cyder, frequently sold for thirty shillings per hogshead, may be made strong, wholesom and pleasing as French Wine usually sold for 12d. per quart, without adding anything to it but what is of the juice of apples, and for one penny or three halfpence a quart more charge, may be made as good as Canary commonly sold for two shillings. As also how One Acre of Land now worth Twenty Shillings, may be made worth Eight or Ten Pounds per Annum, to which are added certain Expedients concerning Raising and PLANTING OF APPLE-TREES, GOOSEBERRY-TREES, etc., with respect to Cheapness, Expedition, Certain Growing, and Fruitfulness, beyond what hitherto been yet made known. 1684. Folio, sewn, 158

1574 HALL (Herbert Byng) Highland SPORTS AND HIGHLAND QUARTERS. N.D. (1847). FIRST EDITION, numerous pretty engravings, 2 vols, 8vo, stained caly extra, top edges gilt, TOTALLY UNCUT, with the covers at end, by RIVIERE, £2 28

1575 HALL (Peter) THE "THAMES" JOLLY ANGLER, being a complete Guide to the Best Fishing Grounds on the Thames and its Tributaries, showing where the Best Fish may be taken, how to take them, how to select your Tackle, how to choose your Baits, how to enjoy the Sport thoroughly with the least trouble and expense. N.D. (circa 1870). Several engravings, small 8vo, half morocco, very neat, emblematic tooling, original covers preserved, 158


1576 HALLIDAY (Andrew) THE SAVAGE CLUB PAPERS, EDITED BY ANDREW HALLIDAY. 1867-1868. FIRST EDITIONS, with numerous illustrations by GEORGE CRUIKSHANK, GUSTAVE DORE, HARRISON WEIR, FRED BARNARD, CHARLES MORGAN, DU MAURIER, W. S. GILBERT, ERNEST GRISET, C. H. BENNETT, and numerous other well-known artists, illustrating clever and amusing original stories by J. R. PLANCHE, JAMES HANNAY, WALTER THORNBURY, TOM ROBERTSON, H. J. BYRON, E. L. BLANCHARD, TOM HOOD, ARTEMUS WARD, CLEMENT SCOTT, ANDREW HALLIDAY, H. S. LEIGH, W. S. GILBERT, A'Beckett, JOHN HOLLINGSHEAD, HANS FRISWELL, GEORGE MANVILLE FENN, GEORGE GROSSMITH, DION BOUCICAULT, MORTIMER COLLINS, HOWARD PAUL, JAMES GREENWOOD, G. A. SALA, 2 vols, 8vo, stained calf extra, gilt back, sides and inside borders, original gilt edges, with the cloth covers preserved at end, by RIVIERE, £2 28


Another copy, 2 vols, in original cloth as issued, £1 18

Contains: The Morality of the Turf, The Pet Canary, Mrs. Brown Backs the Favourite, My First Pigeon Race, etc., etc. 1578 HAND-BOOK OF FISHING. Cassell, N.D. (1868). Numerous engravings, 18mo, half morocco neat, gilt top, uncut, 4s 6d

1579 HAND-BOOK OF SWINDLING (The), by the late Captain Barabbas Whitefeather, edited by John Jackdaw. 1839. FIRST EDITION, with very spirited etchings by PHIZ' (H. K. BROWNE), small 8vo, stained calf extra, gilt over the original gilt edges, as issued, UNCUT, with the covers at end, by RIVIERE, £1 58 1579a

Another copy, original cloth, 158

1580 HANGER (George) General George Hanger to all Sportsmen, Farmers, and Gamekeepers, above thirty years' Practice in Horses and Dogs, to feed and cure them of all common Disorders, and to save a Dog which has been poisoned, effectually to catch all vermin, the Rat-catching Secret, to catch every rat on the premises alive, without poison, on Fowling Pieces, Rifles, Muskets, to prevent Partridges being taken at night by Drag-Nets, to Breed and Feed Pheasants and prevent them being destroyed by Night Shooters and Poachers, to catch flocks of Wood-Pigeons and all Water-Fowl, to shoot Wild- Fowl, Pewits, Golden Plover, Wild Geese and Bustards by night, to approach Red Deer within thirty or forty yards, of Race Horses, cure for Cattle swelled from eating Clover, several valuable family receipts, etc., etc. (1816.) Folding frontispiece containing portrait on his return from shooting, 8vo, boards, 128


Another copy, half calf, 98

1583 HAREWOOD (Harry) A Dictionary of Sports, or Companion to the Field, the Forest, and the Riverside, containing every term applicable to RACING, SHOOTING, HUNTING, FISHING, HAWKING, ARCHERY, with Essays upon all Amusements. 1835. Engravings, small 8vo, half calf gilt, 68

1584 HARRIS (Stanley) THE COACHING AGE. 1885. FIRST EDITION, illustrations by JOHN STURGESS, 8vo, calf extra, top edges gilt, UNCUT, by RIVIERE, £1 108 1585 HARTLIB (Samuel) A Discoverie for Division or Setting out of Land as to the best form, published by Samuel Hartlib, Esquire, for direction and more advantage and profit of the adventurers and planters in the fens and other waste and undisposed places in England and Ireland, whereunto are added some other Choice Secrets or Experiments of Husbandry, with a Philosophical Quere concerning the Cause of Fruitfulness. 1653. Small 4to, seun, 158

1556 HARTLIB (Samuel) SAMUEL HARTLIB HIS LEGACY OF HUSBANDRY, wherein are bequeathed to the Commonwealth of England, not only Braband and Flanders, but also many more Outlandish and Domestick Experiments and Secrets (of Gabriel Plats and others) never heretofore divulged in reference to Universal Husbandry. 1655. Small 4to, old sheep, £1 58


Another copy, interleaved with blank paper suitable for annotations, half calf,

£1 58 1588 HARVEY (William) ANATOMICAL EXERCITATIONS CONCERNING THE GENERATION OF LIVING CREATURES, to which are added particular discourses of BIRths, and of CONCEPTIONS, etc., by WILLIAM HARVEY, Doctor of Physick, and Professor of Anatomy and Chirurgery, in the Colledge of Physitians of London. 1653. Small 8vo, old calf, repaired, £2 28

First Edition in English of this remarkable treatise. Lowndes mentions a portrait, but though sometimes inserted in the volume, it is doubtful if it ever was published with it. 1588a HAWKER (Peter, Lt.-Col.) INSTRUCTIONS TO YOUNG SPORTSMEN IN ALL THAT RELATES TO GUNS AND SHOOTING, Sixth Edition, corrected, enlarged and improved. 1830. Portrait, plates and woodcuts, 8vo, cloth, 128 6d

1589 HEATH (William) THE LIFE OF A SOLDIER, a Narrative and Descriptive Poem. 1823. FIRST EDITION, with eighteen beautifully coloured engravings by WILLIAM HEATH, royal 8vo, calf exira, top edges gilt, TOTALLY UNCUT, by RIVIERE (a nice book), £5 5s 1590 HECK (John Casper) MUSICAL MISCELLANIES, a General Dictionary of Music, Historical, Theoretical, and Practical, Originally Written by James Grassineau, new edition, with Additions, etc. T. Williams, 1784. Illustrations, 8vo, calf, 188 This work, though marked Vol I, is complete in itself, no more being published. It is illustrated by some interesting plates and portraits (Handel, Yates, Stanley), besides two prints in the Bartolozzi style, and several pages of music.

1591 HEIGHAM (Thomas) The Ghosts of the Deceased Sieurs de Villemor and de Fontaines, A MOST NECESSARY DISCOURSE OF DUELLS, WHEREIN IS SHEWED THE MEANS TO ROOTE THEM OUT QUITE, WITH THE DISCOURSE OF VALOUR, by the Sieur de Chevalier. To the King. The Third Edition reviewed, corrected, and augmented in French, and translated by THO. HEIGHAM, Esquire. Cambridge, 1621. 12mo, original vellum, £2 lts From the Ashburnham Library.

1592 HENRYSON (Robert) POEMS AND FABLES, now first collected, with Notes and Memoir, by DAVID LAING. Edinburgh, 1865. Crown 8vo, only a small number printed on hand-made paper, morocco extra, tooled borders and centre ornaments, top edge gilt, uncut, by BEDFORD, beautiful copy, £2 58

The FABLES OF ESOP are given in the Scottish Metre.

1593 HEPWITH (John) THE CALIDONIAN FORREST, in Verse. 1641. Vignette on title, 4to, half calf (headlines of two leaves cut into), very scarce, £1 58 A copy of these poems has been priced by Thorpe at £8 8s, and the lowest price quoted by Lowndes is 348.

Probably a Political Poem, but it brings in the characters as the various animals residing in a forest. 1594 HERBERT (George) HERBERT'S REMAINS, or SUNDRY PIECES OF THAT SWEET SINGER of the Temple, Mr. George Herbert, sometime Orator of the University of Cambridge, now exposed to Public Light. 1652. FIRST EDITION, 12mo, red morocco extra, gilt edges, £5 58

Contents: -A Priest to the Temple, or the Country Parson, his Character and Rule of Holy LifeJucula Prudentum, or Outlandish Proverbs, Sentences, etc.-An Addition of Apothegmes, by several authors.

1595 HERBERT (George) THE TEMPLE, SACRED POEMS AND PRIVATE EJACULATIONS, by Mr. George Herbert, late_Oratour of the Universitie of Cambridge, the Second Edition, Psal. 29, In His Temple doth every man speak of His honour. Printed by T. Buck and R. Daniel, Printers to the Universitie of Cambridge, 1633. Border round title, 12mo, a large and very clean copy in the original sheep as issued, £4 48


This is as fine a copy as could be desired of the second edition.

Another copy, the Sixth Edition. Printed by Roger Daniel, printer to the Universitie of Cambridge, 1641. 12mo, a very fine and large copy, each page carefully ruled with red lines in a neat manner, very handsomely bound IN CONTEMPORARY ORANGE MOROCCO extra, the sides covered with pretty gold tooling, gilt edges, in very fair condition, £6 68

This delightful little volume, probably a presentation one, is from the Hon. P. Ashburnham's Library, and contains his ex-libris. 1597 Another copy. extra, gilt edges, £2 28

1641. Portrait by R. White inserted, 12mo, red morocco


Another copy. 1641. With The Synagogue, or The Shadow of Temple, Sacred Poems and Private Ejaculations in imitation of Mr. George Herbert. 1647. 2 vols in 1, 12mo, original sheep, 158 1599 1641. 12mo, in contemporary yellow calf, very neatly tooled, and with inlays of black calf, a neat specimen of old binding, £3 38 1600 Another Edition, together with his Life (by ISAAC WALTON), with several Additions. 1695. Portrait by White, 12mo, old calf, 188

Another copy

This copy has "The Synagogue, or the Shadow of the Temple, Sacred Poems, and Private Ejaculations, in Imitation of Mr. George Herbert, 1673, bound in at end."

1601 HERBERT (George) THE TEMPLE, Sacred Poems and Private Ejaculations. Pickering, 1850.-The Remains of that Sweet Singer of the Temple. Ib., 1848. 2 vols, small 8vo, portrait and view of Bemerton Church, cloth, uncut, les

Uniform with the Aldine Poets.

1602 HERBERT (George) WORKS IN PROSE AND VERSE, with Memoirs by Iz. WALTON and B. OLEY, and Notes by S. T. COLERIDGE. Pickering, 1853. Pickering's beautiful and well-printed octavo edition, 2 vols, 8vo, with portrait and view of Bemerton, cloth, uncut, £l 108

1603 HERVEY (Thomas K.) THE BOOK OF CHRISTMAS. 1836. FIRST EDITION, with pretty illustrations by ROBERT SEYMOUR, Small 8vo, green morocco extra, gilt over the original gilt edges, with the covers at end, by RIVIERE, £4 48

Containing Outdoor and Indoor Recreations for Christmas Time.

1604 HERVIEUX (M.) A NEW TREATISE OF CANARY-BIRDS, containing the manner of Breeding and Coupling them that they may have beautiful young ones, with curious remarks relating to the Signs and Causes of their distempers, and the method of curing them, written in French by Mr. Hervieux and translated into English. 1718. 2 engravings, 12mo, old binding, repaired, £1 1s

1605 HICKS (J.) WANDERINGS BY THE LOCHS AND STREAMS OF ASSYNT; and the North Highlands of Scotland. 1855. Engravings, small 8vo, half morocco extra, uncut, with fishing tooling on back, 128 6d

1606 HILL (Thomas, ie., Didymus Mountain) THE GARDENER'S LABYRINTH, OR A NEW ART OF GARDNING, wherein is laid down NEW AND RARE INVENTIONS AND SECRETS OF GARDNING not heretofore known, FOR SOWING, PLANTING, AND SETTING ALL MANNER OF ROOTS, HERBS, AND FLOWERS, both for the Use of the Kitchen Garden AND A GARDEN OF PLEASURE, with the right Ordering of all DELECTABLE AND RARE FLOWERS AND FINE ROOTS, as the like hath not been heretofore published by any; likewise here is set forth divers knots for the beautifying of any Garden for Delight; lastly, here is set down, the Physical Benefit of each Herbe, with the Commodities of the Waters out of them, for the use and benefit of all, collected from the best approved authors, besides Forty Years' Experience in Art of Gardning, by D. M., and now newly corrected and inlarged. 1652. Several interesting engravings, small 4to,

old calf, rebacked, £5 158:

1607 HISSEY (James John) A DRIVE THROUGH ENGLAND, or a Thousand Miles of Road Travel. 1885


A HOLIDAY ON THE ROAD, an Artist's Wanderings in Kent, Sussex, and Surrey. 1887
A TOUR IN A PHAETON through the Eastern Counties. 1889

ACROSS ENGLAND IN A DOG-CART, from London to St. David's and Back. 1891


Together 7 vols, 8vo, ALL FIRST EDITIONS, containing numerous illustrations by the author, uniformly bound in calf extra, gilt tops, UNCUT, by RIVIERE, a handsome set, £11 11s

Some of these volumes are now very difficult to procure.

1608 HISSEY (James John) AN OLD-FASHIONED JOURNEY THROUGH ENGLAND AND WALES. 1884. FIRST EDITION, illustrations, 8vo, clean copy in original cloth, UNCUT (not cut open), £1 58

1609 HISSEY (James John) ON THE BOX SEAT FROM LONDON TO LAND'S END. 1836. FIRST EDITION. illustrations, 8vo, original cloth, uncut, £1 1s

1610 HISTORY (A) of the Royal Toxophilite Society, from its Institution to the Present Time, by a Toxophilite. 1867. Photographic plate, small 8vo, cloth, 58

Printed for private circulation only.

1611 HITT (Thomas) A TREATISE OF FRUIT TREES. 1768. Several plates, 8vo,old calf, 68 6d 1612 HODGSON (W.) THE DIVINE COSMOGRAPHER, or a Brief Survey of the Whole World, delineated in a Tractate on the VIII Psalme, by W. HODGSON, St. Peter's Colledge, in Cambridge. Cambridge, 1640. Engraved title and plate by W. MARSHALL, corner of leaf gone, but not touching Angling portion, and some pages wormed, 12mo, old sheep, £1 18

At page 126, etc., is a very interesting discourse on Angling, written in quite a Waltonian style : not noticed in the Bibliotheca Piscatoria.

1613 HOLLAND (Philemon) THE HISTORIE OF THE WORLD, COMMONLY CALLED THE NATURAL HISTORIE OF C. PLINIUS SECUNDUS, translated into English by Philemon Holland, Doctor in Physicke., London, printed by Adam Islip, 1601. FIRST EDITION, folio, fine copy in calf, neatly backed, £4 48

This excellent book, which is referred to by ISAAC WALTON, contains an immense quantity of quaint matter of great interest to those interested on subjects relative to HUSBANDRY, GARDENING, ARBOR CULTURE, MEDICAL, HERBS, MINING, PRECIOUS STONES, BIRDs, Beasts, FishES, INSECTS, etc., etc. "The Eighteenth Booke treateth of the NATURE OF CORNE, AND ALL SORTS THEREOF, TOGETHER WITH THE PROFESSION OF HUSBANDMEN AND AGRICULTURE. "The Nineteenth discourseth of FLAX GARDENAGE." "The Twentieth sheweth of GARDEN HERBES, GOOD TO SERVE BOTH THE KITCHEN FOR MEAT AND THE APOTHECARIES SHOP FOR MEDICINE.' "The One-and-Twentieth TREATETH OF FLOWERS AND GARLANDS,' "and various chapters are on FRUIT AND OTHER TREES, Flowers, Gold and Silver Mines, Copper and Bronze ditto, Bees, Fishes, Wine and the Vine, etc., Nature of Metalls, etc., etc.


"A Work of immense labour: the only encyclopedia of the Ancient World. What few men of his time could have executed in a manner superior to Dr. Holland."-DR. A. Clarke.

1614 HOME (Francis, M.D.) The Principles of Agriculture and Vegetation. 1759. 8vo, sewn, 38 6d


1615 HOOD (Thomas) Humorous Poems, with a Preface by Alfred Ainger. With one hundred and thirty very clever illustrations by Charles E. Brock, FIRST EDITION, 8vo, cloth, uncut, 68 1616

Another copy, LARGE PAPER, only a limited number so done, £1 108
Includes the "Epping Hunt."

1617 HOPE (Sir William) THE COMPLEAT HORSEMAN: OR, PERFECT FARRIER, in Two Parts-Part I. Discovering the Surest Marks of the Beauty, Goodness, Faults, and Imperfections of Horses, the best method of Breeding and Backing of Colts, Making their Mouths, Buying, Dieting, and otherwise Ordering of Horses, the Art of Shoeing, with several sorts of Shoes, adapted to the various Defects of Bad Feet, and the Preservation of Good, THE ART OF RIDING AND MANAGING THE GREAT HORSE, etc. Part II. Contains the Signs and Causes of their Diseases, with the True Method of Curing them, written in French by the Sieur de Solley sell, Querry to the present King of France, and one of the Royal Academy of Paris, abridged from the folio done into English by Sir William Hope, with the addition of several excellent Receipts by our best Farriers, and DIRECTIONS TO THE BUYERS AND SELLERS OF HORSES. 1702. Illustrated with several copperplates, small 8vo, fine copy in old calf, with Sir Walter Blount's bookplate, £1 18

1618 HOPE (Sir William) The Parfait MARESCHAL, OR, COMPLEAT FARRIER, which Teacheth

I. To know the Shapes and Goodness, as well as Faults and Imperfections of Horses. II. The Signs and Causes of their Diseases, the means to prevent them, their cure, and the good or bad use in Purging and Bleeding.

III. The way to order and preserve them when upon travel, to feed, and to dress them. IV. The Art of Shoeing, according to a new design of Shoes, which will recover bad feet, and preserve the good.

Together with a Treatise, how to raise and BRING UP A TRUE AND BEAUTIFUL RACE OF HORSES; as also instructions, whereby to fit all kinds of Horses with proper bits, whereof the drafts are represented in copper-plates, written originally in French by the SIEUR DE SOLLEYSEL, ESCUYER. Edinburgh, 1696. Several fine plates, small folio, old calf. £1 18

1619 HOPE (Sir William) THE SWORDSMAN'S VADE-MECUM: OR, A PRESERVATIVE AGAINST THE SURPRISE OF A SUDDEN ATTACK WITH SHARPS, being a Reduction of the most essential, necessary, and PRACTICAL PART OF FENCING, iato a few Special Rules, with their reasons, WHICH ALL SWORDSMEN SHOULD HAVE IN THEIR MEMORIES when they are to engage, but more especially if it be with Sharps, as also some other Remarks and OBSERVATIONS NOT UNFIT TO BE KNOWN BY FENCING-MASTERS AND OTHERS. 1694. 12mo, original sheep, £2 128 6d

The Earl of Ashburnham's sold for £5.

1620 HORSE (The).—A series of 14 fine plates from drawings by J. Howe, engraved by W. H. Lizars, published at Edinburgh in 1824, designed to illustrate LINES ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED IN THE ANNALS of SPORTING, descriptive of the Horse in its various stages, from the untrained steed to the glories of the battlefield, the race course, and the hunting field, and then in its downward grade as coach horse, to the plough, and its final dissolution, neglected and forgotten, oblong folio, half calf, £3 38

A scarce volume.

1621 HORSES LEVEE (The), or the Court of Pegasus, intended as a Companion to the Butterfly's Ball and the Peacock "At Home." 1808. Coloured engravings, 12mo, sewn, 108

1622 HOW TO ANGLE, and How to Swim, containing many valuable Hints and Rules on Angling, also clear and simple directions by which anyone may become a proficient swimmer. New York, N.D. (circa 1870). Woodcuts, small 8vo, half morocco, very neatly tooled back, top edges gilt, uncut, covers inserted, 78 Cd

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