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1478 ELLIOTT (Hon. W. M., of Beaufort, S.C.) CAROLINA SPORTS, BY LAND AND WATER, including Incidents of Devil-Fishing, etc. Charleston, 1846. Small 8vo, half calf, very neat, 128

1479 ELLIS (William) THE PRACTICAL FARMER, or the HERTFORDSHIRE HUSBANDMAN, containing many new Improvements in Husbandry by William Ellis. 1759.

8vo, old half binding, 78 6d

How to keep Pigeons and Rabbits to advantage, a new method of planting and improving Fruit Trees. The management of Cows, Sheep, Calves and Lambs, Improvement of Barley, Peas, Beans, Clover, etc., etc. 1480 ELLIS (William) The Timber-Tree Improved; or, the best Practical Methods of Improving different Lands, with Proper Timber, and those Fruit Trees whose woods make the most profitable returns to their owners, according to the newest inventions, by the Plough, Harrow, and other methods most approved of, etc., etc., by WILLIAM ELLIS. 1745. 8vo, old calf, 68

1481 ESSAY ON HUNTING (An), by a Country Squire. 1733 (beautiful reprint by G. Smeeton, 1820). Fine frontispiece and vignettes, 4to, half morocco neat, £2 28

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1482 ESSAY ON SHOOTING (An), containing the various Methods of Forging, Boring, and Dressing Gun Barrels, practised in France, Spain, and England, and the different proofs of barrels employed in those countries, with Remarks on Powder, Shot, Wadding; the Art of Shooting, Methods of Training Pointers, a short Description of the Game of this Country, as connected with the Amusement of Shooting. 1789. 8vo, half calf, 98 1483

Another, The Second Edition. N.D. (date 1791, erased from title). Half

calf, 68

1484 EVELYN (John) A CHARACTER OF ENGLAND, AS IT WAS LATELY PRESENTED in a LETTER TO A NOBLE MAN OF FRANCE. 1659. 18mo, morocco, from Pickering's, Bliss', and Alfred Cock's Libraries (very scarce), £2 28

1485 EVELYN (John) A PHILOSOPHICAL DISCOURSE OF EARTH, RELATING TO THE CULTURE AND IMPROVEMENT OF IT FOR VEGETATION, AND THE PROPAGATION OF PLANTS, etc., as it was presented to the Royal Society, April 29, 1675, by JOHN EVELYN, Esq., Fellow of the said Society. 1676. FIRST EDITION.-Cotton (Charles) THE PLANTER'S MANUAL, BEING INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE RAISING, PLANTING, AND CULTIVATING ALL SORTS OF FRUIT-TREES, whether stone-fruits or Pepin-fruits, with their Natures and Seasons, very useful for such as are Curious in Planting and Grafting, by CHARLES COTTON, Esq. 1675. FIRST EDITION, pretty engraved frontispiece by Van Hove, 2 vols in 1, 12mo, fine copies in old calf, £4 14s 6d

1486 EVELYN (John) ACETARIA, A DISCOURSE OF SALLETS (with a description of the vertues of each Vegetable or Herb). 1699. FIRST EDITION, 12mo, old calf, £1 1s 1487 Another, The Second Edition, calf, 78 6d

1488 EVELYN (John) INSTRUCTIONS CONCERNING ERECTING OF A LIBRARY PRESENTED TO MY LORD THE PRESIDENT DE MESME, by Gabriel Naudeus, P., and now Interpreted by Jo: EVELYN, Esquire. 1661. FIRST EDITION, 12mo, old sheep (scarce), £1 18

1489 EVELYN (John) NUMISMATA: A DISCOURSE OF MEDALS, ANTIENT AND MODERN, together with some Account of Heads and Effigies of Illustrious and Famous Persons, in Sculps, and Taille-Douce, of whom we have medals extant, and of the Use to be derived from them, to which is added A DIGRESSION CONCERNING PHYSIOGNOMY, by J. EVELYN, Esq., S.R.S. 1697. FIRST EDITION, a great many pretty engravings of medals, folio, very fine copy in the original calf, from Sir Edward Bunbury's library, with his bookplate, £2 2s

"We might justly have expected what ever could have been desired on this subject, from the excellently learned pen of Mr. Evelyn, had he bent his thoughts, as was believed, towards the consideration of our British coins as well as medals. It now appears that his numismata carried him no farther than those larger and more choice pieces that are usually called by this latter name: whereon he has, indeed, treated with that accuracy and fineness which becomes a gentleman and a scholar."-BISHOP NICHOLSON.

1490 EVELYN (John) Kalendarium Hortense, or THE GARDENER'S ALMANACK, directing what he is to do Monthly throughout the Year, and what FRUITS AND FLOWERS ARE IN PRIME, the seventh edition. 1683. 12mo, an Interesting Copy, interleaved throughout, and containing a great quantity of contemporary MS. Notes, giving the various fowl, fish, animals, etc., in season, old calf, £1 18

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1491 EVELYN (John) OF GARDENS, Four Books (viz., Flowers, Woods, Water, and Orchards), first written in Latine Verse by Renatus Rapinus, and now made English by J. E. 1673. 12mo, sheep, 158

In Verse, very scarce.

1492 EVELYN (John) SCULPTURE, OR THE HISTORY AND ART OF CHALCOGRAPHY AND ENGRAVING IN COPPER, with an ample enumeration of the most renowned masters and their works, to which is annexed A New Manner of Engraving, or Mezzo Tinto, communicated by His Highness Prince Rupert to the Author of this Treatise. 1662. Engraved frontispiece by the author, and the mezzotint plate by Prince Rupert.-FAITHORNE (WILLIAM) THE ART OF GRAVEING AND ETCHING, WHEREIN IS EXPREST THE TRUE WAY OF GRAVEING IN COPPER, ALLSO THE MANNER AND METHOD OF THAT FAMOUS CALLOT AND MR. BOSSE IN THEIR SEVERAL WAYS OF ETCHING. Published by Willm. Faithorne, and sold at his shop next to ye sign of ye Drake, without Temple Barr, 1662. Engraved title and ten pretty illustrations, FIRST EDITIONS, fine copies, but the plate by PRINCE RUPERT is from the 2ND EDITION, 2 vols in 1, 12mo, calf, £6 68

1493 EVELYN (John). SYLVA, or A. DISCOURSE OF FORREST-TREES AND THE PROPAGATION OF TIMBER IN HIS MAJESTIES DOMINIONS, BY J. E., Esq., as it was delivered in the Royal Society the XVth of October, 1662, upon occasion of certain Queries propounded to that Illustrious. Assembly by the Honourable the principal Officers and Commissioners of the Navy. To which is annexed POMONA, or an Appendix CONCERNING FRUIT-TREES IN RELATION TO CIDER; THE MAKING AND SEVERAL WAYS OF ORDERING IT, also KALENDARIUM HORTENSE, or GARD'NER'S ALMANACK, DIRECTING WHAT HE IS TO DO MONTHLY THROUGHOUT the Year. 1664. FIRST EDITION, folio, a few wormholes in margin, ELSE A FINE COPY, in old calf, rebacked, £2 10s


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This was the first book printed by order of the Royal Society.

"While Britain retains her awful situation among the Nations of Europe the Sylva of Evelyn will endure with her triumphant oaks. It was an author in his studious retreat, who, casting a prophetic eye on the age we live in, secured the late victories of our national sovereignty. Inquire at the Admiralty how the fleets of Nelson have been constructed, and they can tell you that it was with the oaks which the genius of Evelyn planted."-DISRAELI.

1494 EVELYN (John) THE COMPLEAT GARD'NER; OR DIRECTIONS FOR CULTIVATING AND RIGHT ORDERING OF FRUIT-GARDENS AND KITCHEN GARDENS, WITH DIVERS REFLECTIONS IN SEVERAL PARTS OF HUSBANDRY, in Six Books, by the famous MONSR. DE LA QUINTINYE, Chief Director of all the Gardens of the French King, to which is added his TREATISE OF ORANGE TREES; with the Raising of MELONS, omitted in the French Editions, MADE ENGLISH by JOHN EVELYN, Esquire. 1693. FIRST EDITION, very fine portrait, and many interesting engravings, folio, original calf, £3 158 1195 EVELYN (John) THE FRENCH GARDINER: INSTRUCTING HOW TO CULTIVATE ALL SORTS OF FRUIT TREES AND HERBS THE GARDEN, together with Directions Dry and Conserve them in their Natural. An accomplished piece, written originally in French, and now translated into English by JOHN EVELYN, Esq., Fellow of the Royal Society. Whereunto is annexed The English Vineyard Vindicated, by J. Ross, now Gardiner to his Majesty, with a Tract of the Making and Ordering of Wines in France. 1675. Engraved title and pretty plates of ornamental gardens, etc., 12mo, brown calf, by Riviere, £2 28


Another, the Fourth Edition. 1691. Plates as in the former edition, 12mo, old sheep, £2 28

1497 F. (N.) THE HUSBANDMAN'S FRUITFUL ORCHARD, SHEWING DIVERS RARE NEW SECRETS FOR THE TRUE ORDERING OF ALL SORTES OF FRUITE IN THEIR DUE SEASONS, also how your encrease and profite maie bee much more than heretofore, and yet your charge and labour the same, WITH THE MANNER OF GATHERING ALL KINDES OF FRUITE, as wel stone fruit as other, and how they are to be ordered in packing, carrying, and conveying them by land or by water, then in separating or culling them into divers sortes, and lastlie in reserving or laying them up, as may be for their best lasting and continuance. Never before published. At London, Printed for Roger Jackson, 1609. Black Letter, corners of title neatly mended, small 4to, morocco extra, gilt edges, by RIVIERE, £4 48

This is a very scarce work.

1499 FAIR DIANA. BY 99 "WANDERER.' 1884. FIRST EDITION, coloured and other illustrations by G. Bowers, 8vo, fine copy in half red morocco, uncut, original covers bound in, 188

1499 FAIRFAX (Thomas) The Complete Sportsman, or Country Gentleman's Recreation, containing the whole Arts of Breeding and Managing GAME COCKS, with the Best Method of Fighting Them, of Rearing and Backing Colts, of MANAGING RACEHORSES, Hunters, etc., of HORSE- RACING, of Bowling, of HARE-HUNTING, of Fox-HUNTING, of Buck-Hunting, of Otter-Hunting, of Coursing, of Breeding and Ordering Dogs for the Gun or Chase, etc. Of ANGLING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. Of Breeding Pigeons, Rabbits, Canary Birds, etc., of Finding the Haunts of Partridges, Pheasants, and all Manner of Game. Of SHOOTING AND OF SHOOTING FLYING, etc., together with several equally curious Articles, too numerous to be mentioned in this Title-page. Printed for J. Cooke, N.D. Copperplate frontispiece, small 8vo, half morocco, 158

First edition. Very scarce.

Another Edition. 1764. Fine copy in half morocco extra, with sporting


tooling, 128


Another Edition, called a New Edition, Revised, Corrected and Improved. 1795. Frontispiece, small 8vo, original boards, uncut, 10s 6d 1502 FALDA (Gio. Battista) LE FONTAINE DI ROMA NELLE PIAZZE, ELUOGHI PUBLICI DELLA CITTA, CON LI LORO PROSPETTI COME SONO AL PRESENTE, DISEGNATE, BT INTAGLIATE DA GIO. BATTISTA FALDA. Date in luce con direttione, e cura da Gio. Giacomo de Rossi dalle sue stampe in Roma, alla Pace Con Priv. del S. Pont, N.D. (circa 1700). Over one hundred beautiful engravings of ornamental fountains, grottos, etc., oblong folio, half calf, £1 58

1503 FALL (Robert) Observations on the Report of the Committee of the House of Commons appointed to Enquire into the State of the British Fishery. 1786. 8vo, half bound, 58 6d


I. An Exact Method of Preventing or Curing all Diseases and Grievances incident to also the whole duty of a Midwife, how women ought to govern themselves, and other things fit for women to know. II. Divers Problems according to Aristotle.



III. A Book of Knowledge according to Aristotle and Erra Pater.

Printed and sold by A. Baldwin, 1704. 12mo, original sheep, £4 48


This is a remarkably rare volume: the tract on Angling consists of 24 pp., and is separately paged from the rest of the book. It has also a distinct title as follows: THE SECRETS OF ANGLING; IMPARTING THE BEST AND CHOICEST EXPERIMENTS FOR TAKING ALL SORTS OF FISH, WITH FLY, WORM, PASTE, AND OTHER BAITS, ALSO TO KNOW THEIR HAUNTS, AND HOW TO ANGLE FOR THEM IN ALL WATERS AND WEATHERS, BY C. G., A BROTHER OF THE Angle, 1705.

1505 FAMOUS BATTEL OF THE CATTS (The), in the Province of Ulster June 25, 1668., 1668. Small 4to, sewn, 6s 6d

1506 FARLOW (Charles) The Angler's Vade Mecum. (Circa 1866.) Advertisements cut out.-Old Angling Books offered on Sale by James Jones. 1883.-Pinnock's Catechism of Ichthyology, or Natural History of Fishes. 1823. 3 vols, 18mo, in original covers, 58

1507 FAWCETT (Gen. Sir William) Rules and Regulations for the Sword Exercise of the Cavalry. 1796. Many fine engravings, 8vo, calf, 78 6d Another copy, boards, 68


1509 FIGHTS for the Championship and Celebrated Prize Battles; or accounts of all the Prize Battles for the Championship, from the Days of Figg and Broughton to the Present Time; and also many game and extraordinary battles between first-rate Pugilists of ancient and modern times, compiled from Bell's Life in London, Boxiana, and original sources, by the Editor of " Bell's Life in London." 1855. 8vo, cloth, 68 6d 1510 FISHER CATCHED in his Owne Net (The). 1623 (sine loco). Small 4to, half calf neat, 88 6d

Really the report of a conference or argument between Dr. White (Dean of Carlisle) and Dr. Featly, with two Jesuits, to satisfy the religious doubts of one " Edward Buggs, Esq."

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1511 FISHES' GRAND GALA (The), a Companion to the "Peacock at Home," by Mrs. Cockle. 1808. With coloured plates in William Blake's style, 12mo, sewn, 78 6d 1512 FISHING: When, Where and How to Fish without Live Bait. 1862. Engravings, square 12mo, half morocco, very neat, emblematic tooling on back, uncut, covers preserved, 78 6d

1513 FITZGIBBON (Edward) A Handbook of Angling, Teaching Fly-fishing, Trolling, Bottom Fishing, and Salmon Fishing, with the Natural History of River Fish, and the best modes of Catching them, by Ephemera; Second Edition, improved and extended. 1848. Engravings, small 8vo, cloth, 68

1514 Another, the Third Edition, corrected and improved. 1853. Illustrations, smail 8vo, cloth, 4s 6d 1515 FITZHERBERT (Anthony) The Booke of busbandry, VERY PROFITABLE AND NECESSARYE FOR ALL MANNER OF PERSONS, made first by the Author Fitzherbert, and now lately corrected and AMENDED, WITH DIVERS ADDITIONS PUT THEREUNTO. Anno Domini, 1576. Imprinted at London, by John Awdley, dwellyng in Little Brittain Street without Aldersgate.-THE TENOURS AND FOURME OF INDENTURES, Obligations, Quittaunces, Billes, of Paiment, Letters of Sale, Letters of Exchange, Protections, Supplications, Complaintes, a Certificate, and the Copie of Safe Condite. No printer's name nor date, but circa 1570.-A TRUE DISCOURSE OF THE ARMIE WHICH THE KING. OF SPAINE CAUSED TO BE ASSEMBLED AT IN THE HAVEN OF LISBON IN THE KINGDOM OF PORTUGALL, IN THE YEERE 1588, AGAINST ENGLAND: THE WHICH BEGAN TO GO OUT OF THE SAID HAVEN ON THE 29 and 30 of MAY; translated out oF FRENCH INTO ENGLISH, by DANIEL ARCHDEACON, WHEREUNTO IS ADDED THE VERSES THAT WERE PRINTED IN THE FIRST PAGE OF THE DUTCH COPY PRINTED AT COLEN, WITH ANSWERS TO THEM, AND TO DON BERNARDIN DE MENDOZZA. Imprinted at London by John Wolfe, 1588. Woodcut on title of ship, 3 vols in 1, 12mo, Black Letter, russia extra, £12 12s Of the above remarkably rare little works FITZHERBERT'S HUSBANDRY, 1576, is an undescribed edition (but wanting last leaf), it is perhaps unique; and the Tenours and Fourme of Indentures, etc., N.D., is also undescribed in Herbert.

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1516 FIVE PHILOSOPHICAL QUESTIONS, most elegantly and Substantially Disputed.

I. Whether there be nothing New in the World.

II. Which is most to be esteemed-An Inventive Wit, Judgment, or Courage?
III. Whether Truth beget Hatred, and why.

IV. Of the Cock; and whether his crowing doth affright the Lion. V. Why dead bodies bleed in the presence of their Murtherers. 1650. Small 4to, sewn, 158


1517 FLATMAN (Thomas) POEMS AND SONGS. Benjamin Took 1674. FIRST EDITION, with the portrait of the author by R. White, small 8vo, half calf neat, gilt edges (cheap copy), £1 58

Prefixed are several commendatory poems addressed to the author, including one by CHARLES COTTON, and at page 136 is a poem addressed to Cotton by the author. 1518 FLAVELL (John) Husbandry Spiritualized, or the Heavenly Use of Earthly Thinge, consisting of many Pleasant Observations, Pertinent Applications, and Serious Reflections, and each chapter concluded with a divine and suitable Poem, directing Husbandmen to the most excellent improvements of their common Imployments, whereunto are added, by way of Appendix, several choice Occasional Meditations upon Birds, Beasts, Trees, Flowers, Rivers, and several other objects, fitted for the help of such as desire to walk with God in all their solitudes and recesses from the World, by John Flavell. 1674. Small 4to, old calf, 158


Another edition. 1660. Small 4to, half calf, 158

1520 FLETCHER (Phineas) THE PURPLE ISLAND, OR THE ISLE OF MAN, together with PISCATORES ECLOGs and other Poetical Miscellanies. Cambridge, 1633. FIRST EDITION, Small 4to, brown calf, gilt edges. £6 68

"There came into my mind at that time certain verses in praise of a mean estate of an humble mind; they were written by Phineas Fletcher, an excellent Divine and an excellent Angler and the Author of excellent Piscatory Eclogues, in which you shall see the picture of this good man's mind, and I wish mine to be like it."-Izaak Walton's Compleat Angler.

In Mr. Headley's criticism upon the 'Purple Island' it is remarked that 'amid such a profusion of images many are distinguished by a boldness of outline, a majesty of manner, a brilliancy of colouring, a distinctness and propriety of attribute, and an air of life that we look for in vain in modern productions, and that rival, if not surpass, what we meet with of the kind even in Spencer, from whom our author caught his inspiration. It is to his honour that Milton read and imitated him, as every reader of both poets must soon discover. He is eminently entitled to a very high rank among our old English classics.'

1521 FLORA OVERO CULTURA DI FIORI DEL P. GIO. BATTISTA FERRARI SANESE della Comp. di Giesu. Distinta in quatro Libri E. Trasportata dalla lingua Latina nell' Italiana do LODOVICO AURELI PERUGINO. In Roma, 1638. Beautiful engravings of laying out ornamental gardens, various flowers, bouquets, etc., etc., 4to, calf, by Riviere, gilt leaves, £2 158

1522 FLOWER (Thomas Bruges) Flora Thanetensis, or a Catalogue of the Plants Indigenous to the Isle of Thanet. Ramsgate, 1847. Small 8vo, calf neat, 38 6d 1523 FOLKARD (H. C.) The Wild Fowler, a Treatise on Fowling, Ancient and Modern, descriptive also of Decoys and Flight Ponds, Wild Fowl Shooting with Gunning Punts, Shooting Yachts, etc., also Fowling in the Fens and in Foreign Countries, Rock Fowling, etc. 1875. Plates, 8vo, cloth, £1 58

1624 FORD (Thomas) TROUT FISHING. N.D. (1881). Small 8vo, half morocco extra, with emblematic tooling on back, UNCUT, with original covers preserved, 78 6d

1525 FORTESCUE (Hon. John) RECORDS OF STAG-HUNTING ON EXMOOR. 1887. FIRST EDITION, with HAND-COLOURED and other plates by Edgar Giberne, 8vo, original cloth, uncut, £1 18

1526 FOUNTAIN OF KNOWLEDGE (The), or British Legacy, containing upwards of two hundred other curious particulars of the utmost service to families in general, the Indian Way of Marking on Silk, the most excellent method for RESTORING MALT LIQUORS, an excellent Way to bring SINGING BIRDS to a great perfection, the extraordinary method of BREEDING GAME COсks; the manner of dieting and ordering them for battle, a sure way of matching them, with a choice and valuable secret for feeding a cock four days before fighting; communicated by a noble lord; by which very extraordinary way of feeding upwards of ninety battles have been won out of a hundred, etc. N.D. (circa 1750). 8vo, cloth (with Harrison Weir's autograph on fly

leaf), £2 28

A very interesting and rare volume.

1527 Another edition, called "The School of Arts, or Fountain of Knowledge." N.D., circa 1790. 12mo, sewn, 68

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