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1125 A'BECKETT (Gilbert Abbott) THE ALMANACK OF THE MONTH, & Review of Everything and Everybody. Punch Office, 1846. FIRST EDITION, with numerous humorous engravings, 2 vols, 12mo, calf extra, top edges gilt, UNCUT, by RIVIERE, £2 10s

Another copy, 2 vols, calf extra, gilt leaves, by RIVIERE, £2 28
Another, 2 vols, 12mo, original cloth, UNCUT, £1 108

Contains"Betting of the Month," "Cricket," Fine old English Sports, Spanish Bull-Fight, etc., etc. 1128 ACCOMPLISHED LADIES DELIGHT (The) IN PRESERVING PHYSIOK, BEAUTIFYING, AND COOKERY, containing :




II. THE PHYSICAL CABINET, or Excellent RECEIPTS IN PHYSICK and CHIRURGERY, together with some Rare Beautifying Waters to Adorn and add Loveliness to the Face and Body, AND ALSO SOME NEW EXCELLENT SECRETS AND EX. PERIMENTS IN THE ART OF ANGLING.

III. THE COMPLEAT COOK'S GUIDE, or Directions for Dressing all sorts of Flesh, Fow! and Fish, both in the English and French Mode, with all Sauces and Sallets, and making PYES, PASTIES, TARTS, and CUSTARDS, with the Forms and Shapes of many of them.

The Fourth Edition, enlarged. 1684. Portrait, engraved title, and other engravings, 12mo, original sheep, £3 138 6d

At page 106 is an engraving of a man and woman Angling in a river; and page 115 displays rough cuts of eight kinds of fish.

1129 ACT for better Preventing Fresh Fish, taken by Foreigners, being Imported into this Kingdom. 1715. An Act for Recovering the Credit of the British Fishery in Foreign Parts. 1719. Act for the further Encouragement of the Whale Fishery. 1733. Act for continuing Duty upon Red and White Herrings. 1753. An Act for Encouraging the British White Herring Fishery. 1755. Act for allowing a Bounty on Vessels employed in the White Herring Fishery. 1757. And others on same subjed, folio, Eight Tracts, sewn, 108

1130 ACT for Encouraging the Exportation of Corn. 1689. Act to Prohibit the Exportation of Corn, Malt, Meal, Flour, Bread, Biscuits, and Starch, etc. 1709. An Ad to Ascertain the Custom payable for Corn and Grain Imported. 1729. Act for allow ing Interest upon certain Debentures for the Bounty granted on the Exportation d Corn. 1753. Folio, sewn, 48

1131 ACT for Granting Duty upon Malt, Mum, Cyder, and Perry. Act for Charging the Duties upon Malt, Mum, Cyder, and Perry. 1700. And several others on the sam subject, from 1690 to 1733. Folio, Eighteen Tracts, 78 6d

1132 ACT for Laying several Duties on Wines, Vinegar and Tobacco. 1690. Act for the Encouraging the Distilling of Brandy and Spirits from Corn, and for laying severa Duties on Low Wines or Spirits of the First Extraction. 1690. Act for Preventing o Frauds and Abuses in Allowances on Damaged Wines, and for lengthening the Time for the Drawbacks on the Exportation of Wines. 1720. And various other Tracts all relating to WINE, from 1690 to 1760. Folio, Sixteen Tracts, sewn, 78 6d 1133 ACT for Repealing Duty on Tea. 1745. Act for Charging and Collecting th Duties upon Coffee, Tea, and Chocolate at the Custom House. 1689. Act for enlargin the Time for Exportation of Tea. 1733. Folio, sewn, 48 1134 ADAM'S LUXURY AND EVE'S COOKERY, or the KITCHEN-GARDEN DISPLAYED, two parts: I. Shewing the best and most approved methods of RAISING AND BRINGIN To the greatest Perfection ALL PRODUCTS OF THE KITCHEN GARDEN, with a Kalenda showing the different Products of each Month, and the Business proper to be done i it; II. Containing a LARGE COLLECTION OF RECEIPTS FOR DRESSING ALL SORTS O KITCHEN-STUFF, so as to afford a great variety of CHEAP, HEALTHFUL AND PALATABL DISHES, with the Physical Virtues of every Herb and Root; designed for the use of a who would Live Cheap, and Preserve their Health to Old Age, particularly for Farmer and Tradesmen in the Country, who have but small pieces of garden ground and ar willing to make the most of it. 1744. 12mo, calf, 10s 6d

1135 ADDISON (H. R., Lt.-Col.) Traits and Stories of Anglo-Indian Life: Tiger, Boar Hunting, etc. 1858. With eight engravings, 12mo, cloth, 4s 6d 1136 AESOP.-ESOPI PHRYGIS ET ALIORUM FABULE, quorum nomina Sequens pagella indicabit, Elegantissimis Iconibus in gratiam studiosæ inventutis illustratæ, Pluribusque auctæ, et diligentius, quam antehac emendatæ, cum indice Locupletissimo. Venetiis ac Bassani, Typis Io. Ant. Remondini, N.D. (circa 1660). 18mo, with several woodcut engravings, polished calf, 108 6d

1137 AGRIPPA (Henry Cornelius) THE VANITY OF ARTS AND SCIENCES. 1684. Portrait, small 8vo, old calf, £1 158

Contents:-Cookery, Physick, Agriculture, Hunting, Fowling, WITCHCRAFT, Astrology, Magick, FISHING (ANGLING), Music, Stage Dancing. Husbandry, Dancing, etc.

1138 ALFIERI (Francesco) LA SCHERMA Di Francesco Fero. ALFIERI, Maestro D'Arme Dell' Illma. Accademia Delia in Padova, DOVE CON NOVE RAGIONI E CON FIGURE SI MOSTRA LA PERFEZIONE DI QUEST ARTE E IN CHE MODO SECONDO L'ARME E' L'SITE POSSA IL CAVALIERE RESTAR AL SUO NEMICO SUPERIORE, etc., etc. In Padova, Sebastiano Sardi, 1640. 70 fine plates of fencing, and portraits, oblong Svo, sewn, £6 16s 6d Contains: La Scherma, La Picca, e la Bandiera. A very scarce volume, the Ashburnham copy sold for £8 s.

1139 ALFRED (H. J.) The Modern Angler, by Otter. N.D. (circa 1866). Several engravings, small 8vo, boards, 28 6d

All is not gold that glitters;
Neither does

Keeping Horses at Melton, and mounting the scarlet,

The Real Meltonian.

Published by Thomas M'Lean, 26, Haymarket, 1825. FIRST EDITION, a series of six beautifully COLOURED sporting prints by Henry Alken, folio, in the original printed wrapper as issued, very fine state, £8 188 6d

1141 ALKEN (Henry) A TOUCH AT FINE ARTS. Thomas McLean, 1824. FIRST EDITION, illustrated by 12 BEAUTIFULLY-COLOURED plates, with descriptions, by HY. ALKEN, royal 8vo, stained calf extra, top edges gilt, totally uncut, with the original covers at end, by RIVIERE, £4 158

1142 ALKEN (Henry) ALKEN'S NEW SCRAP BOOK. T. McLean, 1824. FIRST EDITION, a series of 20 clever plates of various sporting subjects, BEAUTIFULLY COLOURED, oblong, half red morocco neat, gilt edges, with the original covers preserved at end, by RIVIERE, £4 48 1143 Another copy, plates plain, calf extra, by Riviere, £1 158

1144 ALKEN (Henry) Alken's Sketch Book. T. McLean, 1820. FIRST EDITION, a series of 42 excellent plates of military, hunting, racing, driving, shooting, etc., etc., subjects, the whole BEAUTIFULLY COLOURED and drawn and engraved by Henry Alken, oblong, half red morocco neat, gilt edges, the original cover preserved at end, by RIVIERE, £8 88

1145 ALKEN (Henry) ALKEN'S SKETCHES: THE STABLE, THE ROAD, THE PARK, THE FIELD. 1854. FIRST EDITION, a series of six COLOURED engravings of sporting subjects, oblong folio, original covers as issued, £3 3s

1146 ALKEN (Henry) ALKEN'S SPORTING SCRAP BOOK. 1824. FIRST EDITION, with 50 COLOURED engravings, by HENRY ALKEN, of shooting, hunting, racing, dogs, etc., oblong folio, red morocco extra, gilt edges, covers preserved at end, by RIVIERE, £10 108 1147 Another copy, half morocco extra, by RIVIERE, £8 188 6d

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1148 ALKEN (Henry) ILLUSTRATIONS TO POPULAR SONGS. "Every man shall sing the merry songs of peace to all his neighbours."-SHAKESPEARE. McLean, 1823. Containing FORTY-Two choicely coloured plates by H. ALKEN, oblong folio, in original paper covers, as issued, some covers gone, but EXCESSIVELY RARE IN THIS STATE, £12 128

1149 ALKEN (Henry) HUNTING ACCOMPLISHMENTS, viz. : 1 Going along a s'apping pace.

2 Topping a flight of Rails, and coming well into the next field.
3 Swishing a Rasper.


In and out Clever.

5 Charging an Ox Fence.

6 Facing a Brook.

Fores, 1850. A series of six large and well-finished COLOURED plates by HENRY ALKEN, oblong folio, boards, £4 14s 6d

1150 ALKEN (Henry) SCRAPS FROM THE SKETCH BOOK OF HENRY ALKEN, Engraved by Himself. Thomas McLean, 1823. Forty-two BRILLIANT COLOURED PLATES of HUNTING, SHOOTING, DRIVING, RACING, MILITARY, ETC., INCIDENTS, oblong folio, red morocco super extra, gilt edges, by RIVIERE, £10 10s 1151 Another Edition. 1821. 4to, calf extra, by RIVIERE, £6 68

1152 ALKEN (Henry) SYMPTOMS OF BEING AMUSED. T. McLean, 1822. FIRST EDITION, with fine examples of the remarkably SPIRITED COLOURED plates by HENRY ALKEN, oblong folio, a very choice and clean copy in the original half binding, £9 98

1153 ALKEN (Henry) The Art and Practice of Etching, with Directions for other Methods of Light and Entertaining Engraving. 1849. FIRST EDITION, several engravings, including some of a sporting character, 8vo, cloth, 188

1154 ALKEN (Henry) THE BEAUTIES AND DEFECTS IN THE FIGURE OF THE HORSE, comparatively delineated by H. Alken in a Series of Coloured Plates. S. & J. Fuller, 1816. FIRST EDITION, eighteen COLOURED plates by HENRY ALKEN, royal 8vo, cloth, £2 108 1155

Another copy, in original boards, £2 2s


Another copy, half red morocco extra, top edges gilt, UNCUT, by RIVIERE, £2 28 1157 ALKEN (Henry) THE NATIONAL SPORTS OF GREAT BRITAIN, with Description in English and French. Thomas McLean, 1821. FIRST EDITION, with fine, clean, and bright original impressions of the fifty admirably COLOURED PLATES by HENRY ALKEN, folio, a very choice copy in full green morocco extra, emblematic tooling on sides, gilt edges, £47 108

A remarkably fine copy of this noble volume; the most important by this esteemed Artist, and one of the finest series of Sporting prints ever published.

1158 ALLEN (F. M.) BRAYHARD: The Strange Adventures of an Ass and Seven Companions. 1890. FIRST EDITION, with 37 original and clever illustrations by HARRY FURNISS, 8vo, cloth gilt, 4s fd

1159 AMATEUR'S GUIDE (The), including the Whole Art of Legerdemain, etc. Derby, 1838. Folding coloured frontispie e.-The Art of Making Fireworks, etc. Ib.,


Large coloured frontispiece.-The Swimmer's and Skater's Guide, etc. Ib., N.D. Coloured frontispiece.-THE MODERN ANGLER, etc. 1b., N.D. Frontispiece containing several coloured figures of fish.-The Pigeon and Bird Fancier. Ib., N.D. Folding coloured frontispiece illustrating different birds.-THE DOG AND RABBIT FANCIER. Ib., N.D. Large coloured frontispiece containing several designs.—The New Domestic Cookery, or the Housewife's Sure Guide. Ib., N.D. Coloured frontispiece.-The Comical Budget of Fun and Frolic, containing all the most Popular and New Jests, Puns and Witty Sayings, by the most Eminent Men, by Godfrey Gimcrackiana. Ib., N.D. Curious coloured frontispiece.-Sm. 8vo, the Eight Chap Books in one volume, cloth, uncut, fine copies, £1 158

1160 AMUSEMENS DES EAUX DE SPA. Ouvrage utile a ceux qui vont boire ces Eaux Minerales sur les Lieux. Amsterdam, 1740. Enrichi de tailles-douces qui representent les vues et les perspectives du Bourg de Spa, des Fontaines, des Promenades, et des environs, 2 vols, small 8vo, old calf, rebacked, 98

1161 ANALYSIS OF THE HUNTING FIELD (The); BEING A SERIES OF SKETCHES OF THE PRINCIPAL CHARACTERS THAT COMPOSE ONE, the whole forming a slight Souvenir of the Season 1845-6. R. Ackermann, 1816. FIRST EDITION, 7 beautifully COLOURED plates and 43 illustrations on wood by HENRY ALKEN, 8vo, in original cloth as issued, £7 78

1162 ANECDOTES ON THE ORIGIN AND ANTIQUITY OF HORSE-RACING, from the Earliest Times. Thomas Gosden, 1825. Very choice frontispiece, 12mo, calf extra, very neatly tooled, by Gosden, £1 58

1163 ANGLER (The); containing a complete Description of all Fresh-water Fish, and the most approved Methods of Catching them, the Best Places for Angling near London; together with useful Hints to Anglers in general. (1834.) Square 12mo, woodcuts, half morocco neat, 68

A scarce little chap-book, issued at twopence.

1164 ANGLER (The): How, When, and Where to Fish, in River or in Sea. N.D. (circa 1870). Numerous engravings, sm. 8vo, half calf neat, 78 6d

1165 ANGLER'S ASSISTANT (The), or a New and Complete Treatise on the Art of Angling, containing every necessary instruction to practice with success this most healthy pastime, etc. W. Mason, 1813. Frontispiece and vignette, half morocco neat, gilt top, UNCUT, with covers inserted, 138 6d 1166 Another copy, half roan neat, 10s 6d

A scarce chap-book treatise.

1167 ANGLER'S COMPANION (The), and Guide to the White House Fishery, Describing the Principal Swims, the Best Tackle, Methods, and Baits, and the Haunts for Jack and Pike, with Observations on Fishing generally. G. Cowie, N.D. (circa 1820). Frontispiece and vignette, 18mo, half morocco extra, with fishing tooling on back, 10s 6d 1168 Another Edition. (Circa 1840.) But wanting title, has engraved plate of the Horse and Groom Fishery, folding plan, and numerous engravings, 12mo, ha'f morocco, 58 1169 ANGLER'S COMPANION (The), or Perfect Instructor in that useful and pleasing recreation, including every necessary instruction as to Baits, Hooks, and Flies, Different Methods of Angling, etc., etc., to which is added the Art of Swimming, etc. Hodgson, N.D. (circa 1820). Folding coloured plate, 8vo, half morocco neat (a scarce Chap Book treatise), 98

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1170 ANGLER'S GUIDE (The), containing Easy Instructions for the YOUTHFUL BEGINNER, with several Observations on Fishing, pointing out the Proper Times and Seasons for the different kinds of Fish, as also the best Mode of Angling for them, and Directions for the proper Baits and Tackle to be used, to which is added an Appendix containing several useful Recipes for Dressing Fish, by a Lover of the Art. 1828. Frontispiece, 12mo, a very choice copy in full levant morocco extra, top edges gilt, UNCUT, with the original covers preserved, emblematic ANGLING tooling on sides and back, by ZAEHNSDORF, £1 158



Another copy, half calf neat, 88 6d

Another, no frontispiece, half morocco, very neat, 38 6d

1173 ANGLER'S GUIDE (The), containing Practical Directions for the Choice of the Rod, Line, Float, and Hook, with instructions as to the manner of taking the several varieties of the Finny Tribe, their Haunts, Proper Baits, etc. 1832. Very pretty engraved frontispiece, 18mo, original wrappers, 10s 6d

1174 ANGLER'S OWN BOOK (The), containing Ample Directions whereby a thorough knowledge of the Art may be acquired, and also all necessary information regarding the Haunts of Fish, Baits, and Times of Catching them. Macdonald & Co., N.D. (circa 1840). 12mo, half calf, very neat, with emblematic tooling on back, top edges gilt, original covers preserved, by Zaehnsdorf, 108 6d


Another copy, half morocco neat, 68

A scarce chap book issued at twopence. There is no title-page, that set out above is taken from the cover, which is preserved in the first named copy.

1176 ANGLER'S HAND-BOOK (The), containing Concise Instructions for every Department of the Art, two coloured plates of Flies, including many never before figured. 1846. Two coloured plates, 18mo, half green morocco neat, emblematic tooling, gilt top, uncut, with original cover inserted, 108 6d 1177 ANNALS OF SPORTING (The) AND FANCY GAZETTE, A. MAGAZINE ENTIRELY APPROPRIATED TO SPORTING SUBJECTS AND FANCY PURSUITS,








1822 to

1828. COMPLETE SET, THIRTEEN VOLUMES, with all the admirable plates,
BOTH COLOURED and plain, by the best artists of the day, including ALKEN, HOWITT,
HERRING, CRUIKSHANK, Landseer, etc., etc., 15 vols ("The Turf Herald, or Racing
Calendar" being added as separate volumes and numbered 14 and 15), 8vo, a very
FINE AND PERFECT SET, in half morocco, top edges gilt, £45

This is a remarkably rare magazine, seldom to be found in perfect state, as the above set is. The coloured plates are very spirited, and in the present copy fine examples.

1178 ANTIDUELLO, or a Treatise in which is discussed the LAWFULNESSE and UNLAWFULNESSE OF SINGLE COMBATS, together with the forme of several Duels performed in this Kingdome upon sundry occasions. 1632. Wants plate, small 4to, fine copy is old calf, with Edward Gwynn stamped in gold on side, and E. G. on back, from the Earl of Ashburnham's Library, £1 158

The running titles are The Duel's Anatomie and The Manner of Combats.


1180 APPERLEY (Charles James, ie., NIMROD) MEMOIRS OF the Life of the LATE JOHN MYTTON, ESQ, of HALSTON, SHROPSHIRE, formerly M.P. for Shrewsbury, High Sheriff for the Counties of Salop and Merioneth, and Major of the North Shropshire Yeomanry Cavalry, with Notices of his Hunting, Shooting, Driving, Racing, Eccentric, and Extravagant Exploits, by NIMROD, Second Edition, reprinted (with considerable additions) from the New Sporting Magazine. R. Ackermann, 1837. With bright impressions of the brilliantly coloured plates by HENRY ALKEN, 8vo, calf extra, uncut, by RIVIERE, bound from the original cloth, with the covers preserved at end, £8 88

This, the Second Edition, contains the first appearance of six of the excellent plates-the first issue only having twelve, the second has eighteen.

1181 Another, the Third Edition, with a Brief Memoir of Nimrod by the Author of HANDLEY CROSS.' 1851. With the excellent plate in COLOURS by Alken, etc., 8vo, calf extra, by Riviere, £7 78

This is the first edition edited by Surtees. 1182 APPERLEY (Charles James, i.e., NIMROD) NIMROD ABROAD. 1842. FIRST EDITION, 2 vols, small 8vo, original cloth, 18s

1183 APPERLEY (Charles James, i.e., NIMROD) REMARKS ON THE CONDITION OF HUNTERS, the Choice of Horses, and their Management, in a Series of Familiar Letters, originally published in the Sporting Magazine between 1822 and 1828, by Nimrod, with Notes and a Copious Index. 1831. FIRST EDITION, 8vo, half calf extra, uncut, by RIVIERE, £1 58



Another copy, original boards, UNCUT, £1 58

Another edition. 1837. With a series of sporting plates inserted, edition erased from title, name written across, 8vo, half calf, 158

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