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1118 TUNSTALL (Bishop_C.) DE ARTE SUPPUTANDI LIBRI QUATTUOR CUTHEBERTI TONSTALLI. (Last leaf) Impres., Londini in Edibus, RICHARDI PYNSONI, Anno Verbi Incarnati, M.D.XXII. (1522). Pridie Idus Octobris, Cum Privilegio a Rege Indulto. Quarto, Roman Letter, 29 lines to a page, engraved border round title after Holbein, ILLUMINATed in gold and COLOURS, AND THE MARGIN OF THE FIRST PAGE HANDSOMELY DECORATEd with a DRAWING IN BISTRE IN THE ITALIAN RENAISSANCE STYLE, introducing groups of figures, knights, etc., THOUGHT TO BE DONE BY HANS HOLBEIN, some marginal notes in a contemporary hand, small 4to, a large and fine copy in old calf gilt, £42

A remarkably interesting and scarce book; THE FIRST ARITHMETICAL TREATISE PUBLISHED IN ENGLAND; DEDICATED TO SIR THOMAS MORE. The present one is believed to have been the author's own copy, on account of the MS. additions and the decorations. In the preliminary epistle to Sir Thomas More, Tunstal gives a curious account of the origin of this work. It seems that in his dealings with certain goldsmiths, or silversmiths, he suspected that the accounts were fraudulently prepared, and therefore he made a special study of the forgotten science of his boyhood-arithmetic-in order to be able to check the figures. The result of his labours was a book for his own use, which, on being appointed Bishop of London, he thought no longer necessary to his new station, but probably worthy of being printed for the use of others. 1119 VIRGIL.-GEORGICA VIRGILII CUM COMMENTO FAMILIARI (Colophon), Virgili Maronis super quattuor libros Georgicon una cum commento familiarissimo opus preclarum feliciter finit. Impressum Parisii, anno domini MCCCCXCV [1495]. ̄Black letter, of two sizes, capitals rubricated and woodcut on title in red, small 4to, corners of two leaves damaged at end, vellum, £2 188

A very scarce edition, with an early Paris imprint. Apparently unknown to Brunet. 1120 VIRGILIUS MARO (Publius) Georgica ET ÆNEIS. MANUSCRIPT, FINELY WRITTEN ON 206 LEAVES OF VELLUM BY AN ITALIAN SCRIBE, Gothic Letter, long lines, 31 to a page. At the beginning of the GEORGICS IS A FINE PAINTING OF A MAN


PLOUGHING WITH TWO OXEN, WITH AN ILLUMINATED MARGINAL DECORATION FLOWERS AND SCROLLS IN GOLD AND COLOURS; at the beginning of the ÆNEID IS A SIMILAR FINE PAINTING BUT MORE ELABORATE, INTRODUCING THE BURNING OF TROY, ENEAS ON HORSEBACK; also a painting of ▲ COUPLE OF SHIPS AT SEA OCCUPYING THE WHOLE BOTTOM MARGIN; FINE ILLUMINATED DECORATION, ON OTHER MARGINS, IN GOLD AND COLOURS; EACH BOOK HAS A LARGE AND BEAUTIFULLY ILLUMINATED INITIAL OF FLORAL COMBINATION (3 × 2) and a smaller one with pen ornaments; the Epigrams at the end of the volume have ornamental pen letters [the last 23 lines of the fourth Georgic, and the first 105 lines of the sixth Æneid are wanting]. Circa 1400. Folio, brown morocco extra by LEIGHTON, from the LIBRARY OF WILLIAM MORRIS, with bookplate, £200 A very valuable manuscript.

The flyleaves contain extracts from Servius and other Commentators on Virgil, and the margins have numerous MS. notes in a smaller hand. Among other matter are found a few historical notes indicating that the Scribe was preparing a MS. of Livy, and at the foot of the recto of first leaf is a Latin verse of 12 lines entitled, "DESCRIPTIO GRATIORUM PER PORCELLUM," written probably about 1460-70, and perhaps a few years later than another metrical composition at the end, eulogising the Papacies of Martin V. and Pius II. Porcelius was a great admirer of Pius II., of whose reign he wrote a Latin chronicle. The inference to be drawn is that the volume belonged to Porcelius, one of the great Scholars and Latinists of the time, and that these compositions are in his autograph.

1121 WALES.-Welsh Scenery, from Drawings by Captain Batty of the Grenadier Guards, F.R.S.. 1825. Small folio, THIRTY FINE beautiful EDWD. FINDEN, with descriptive text, half roan, UNCUT, from the LIBRARY OF WILLIAM MORRIS, 108

1122 WHITMAN (Walt.) POEMS, Selected and Edited by WILLIAM MICHAEL ROSSETTI. Hotten, 1868. FIRST EDITION, 8vo, engraved portrait, cloth, from the Library of WILLIAM MORRIS, 108

1123 WILSON (Sir Daniel) MEMORIALS OF EDINBURGH in the Olden Time. Edinburgh and London, A. and C. Black, 1891. 2 vols, quarto, with numerous full-page engravings and woodcuts in text, FINE COPY, cloth, from the LIBRARY OF WILLIAM MORRIS, £1 18

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124 WILLOUGHBY (Francis, of Middleton, in the County of Warwick) THE ORNITHOLOGY OF, in three Books. Wherein all the Birds hitherto known, being reduced into a Method suitable to their Natures, are accurately described. The Descriptions illustred by most Elegant Figures, nearly resembling live Birds, engraven in 78 copperplates. Translated into English, and Enlarged with many Additions throughout the whole work. To which are added, three considerable discourses:

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I. Of the ART OF FOWLING: with a description of several Nets in two large copperplates.



A. C., for John Martyn, 1678. Folio, 80 copperplates, old calf, from the LIBRARY OF WILLIAM MORRIS, with bookplate, £2 28


Old English Plays











Only 250 copies printed for England and America. half vellum, price £ Is. net.




Wynkyn De Worde's Press.



1079 HIGDEN (Ranulph). — (On woodcut title) POLICRONICON. (Folio 3 recto) POLY CRONYCON, IN WHICH BOOKE BEN COMPRYSED BRYFLY MANY WONDERFULL FYRST THE DESCRYPCYON OF THE UNYVERSAL WORLDE. AS WELL IN LENGTH AS IN BREDE, WITH THE DEUYSYONS OF COUNTREES, ROYAMMES AND EMPYRS, THE NOBLE CYTERS, HYE MOUNTAINS, FAMOUS RYVERS, Merveylles and WONDRES, AND ALSO THE | HISTORYCAL ACTES AND WONDERFUL DEDES SYTH THE FYRSTE MAKYNGE OF HEVEN AND ERTHE UNTO THE BEGYNNYNGE OF KYNG HENRY THE SEVENTHE, THE X YERE OF HIS REGNE, AND UNTO THE YERE OF OUR LORDE A. M.CCCC.LXXXXV, as by the ayde of Almyghty God shall followe all a longe, after the composynge and gaderynge of dan RANULPHE, MONKE OF CHESTRE, AND AFTERWARDS ENGLYSSHED BY ONE TREVISA, VYCARYE OF BARKLEY. And now at this time symply emprynted newe and set in forme by me, WYNKYN DE WOORDE, and a lytyll embelysshed from the old makyng, and also have added such storyes I coulde find fro the ende that the said Ranulphe fynysshed his booke, which was the yere of our lorde M.CCC. and LVII. unto the yere of the same M.CCCC.LXXXXV., which ben an hundred and XXXVIII. yere. (At end), Ended the thyrtenth daye of Apryll the tenth yere of the regne of kyng Harry the Seventh. And of the Incarnacyon of our lord: M.CCCC.lxxxxv. (1495). Enprynted at Westmestre by Wynkyn Theworde. Small folio, black letter, two columns, 41 lines to page, with headlines and sidenotes, woodcut title in facsimile, els: fine, sound, and genuine copy in old calf neatly rebacked, £75

This edition, remarkable for the beauty of its typography, is exceedingly rare, and the present copy is a very fine one. Lowndes was unable to cite any copy sold as complete, and Dr. Dibden says, "The only perfect copy which I remember to have seen is that in the collection of J. D. Phelps." Even Mr. Huth's copy has the last leaf in facsimile.

It is reprinted verbally from Caxton's edition of 1482. Trevisa's text (written in 1387) was a little amplified by Caxton, who also added the portion of the history which extends from 1357 to 1400, which, as he said in the Prohemye, comprised a hundred and three years. A copy sold in 1871 for £105, and the Crauford in 1876 realized £114.

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1080 HOLLAND (Philemon) THE HISTORIE OF TWELVE CÆSARS, Emperours of Rome, written in Latine by C. SUETONIUS TRANQUILLUS, and newly translated into English Printed for Matthew Lownes, 1606. FIRST EDITION, folio, woodcut profile of each of the 12 Emperors, old calf, from the LIBRARY OF WILLIAM MORRIS, with bookplate, £3 3s

1031 HOOPER (John) A DECLARATION OF THE TEN HOLY COMAUNDEMENTES OF ALLMYGHTHYE GOD, WROTEN Anno MDXLVIII (1549). 12mo, gotbic letter, 31 lines to a page, fine copy in gilt vellum, £3 103

1082 HOOPER (John) AN OVERSIGHTE AND DELIBERACION UPON THE HOLY PROPHET JONAS, made and uttered before the Kinges Majestie and his Most Honourable Councell Imprinted at London by John Tisdale, dwelling in Knight Rider Strete (1550). Small 8vo, Black Letter, nice old calf, gilt binding, fine copy, £3 10s

Under the similitude of Jonah, Hooper preaches against the abuses of the time existing in this country, especially of the Catholic Bishops and Priests, Judges, Nobles, etc.

1033 HORATIUS.-CHRISTOPHORI LANDINI FLORENTINI IN Q. HORATII FLACCI LIBROS OMNES AD ILLUSTRISSIMUM GUIDONEM ZELTORIUM MAGNI FEDERICI DUCIS ZILIUM INTERPRETATIONES (Colophon). Impressium per Antonium Miscomenum Florentia, Anno Salutis MCCCCLXXXII [1482]. Small folio, Roman letter of two sizes, half old boards, neat, from the Bunbury library, with bookplate, fine copy, with large margins, £6 68 First edition of Horace with this commentary.

1084 HUGO SENENSIS. SUPER QARTA PRIMA AVICENNE INCIPIT. (Folio 58). Impressum Venecijs per Andream de Calabjs de papia. Anno dni, 1485. Folio, gotbic letter, two columns of 74 lines to a page, rubricated, painted initial at the beginning historiated with a figure of the author, half red morocco, from the LIBRARY OF WILLIAM MORRIS, with bookplate, £5 58

1085 IVO (Episcopus Charnothensis) (Title) LIBER DECRETUM SIVE PANORMIA IUONIS ACCURATO LABORE SUMOQUE STUDIO IN UNUM REDACTA CONTINES (full-page woodcut on verso) (Folio 132). Expesis Michaelis furter elaborata Anno fructifene incarnationis, 1499. (Printer's device), 4to, gotbic letter, 37 lines to a page, WOODCUT INITIALS AND LARGE FULL-PAGE WOODCUT, half morocco, stamped flriated tooling, with clasps, by COBDEN SANDERSON, from the Library of WILLIAM MORRIS, with bookplate, £5 58

1085a JOUVENCEL.--LE LIVRE INTITULE LE JOUVENCEL (Folio 2 verso) Cy finist le iouuencel. Imprime a Paris le IV jour Davril mil cinq cens vingt et trois. Par Phelippe le Noir Libraire & relieur iure demourant a Paris en la grat rue Sainct Jacques a lenseigne de la roze blanche Couronne (1523). Qiarto, Gothic Letter, 34 lines to a page. WOODCUT INITIALS AND SEVEN FINE WOODCUTS (lacks E 4, and the title is in facsimile), calf, from the LIBRARY OF WILLIAM MORRIS, with bookplate, £10 108

This excessively rare allegorical Romance was commenced by Jean de Brevil, surnamed "Le Fleau des Anglois," and at his death in 1474 was completed by J. Tibergeau de La Mothe, M. Morin and N. Riolai. This edition is not mentioned by Brunet, who quotes that of 1529 by the same printer, selling for 1,000 francs in the Solar Sale.

1086 KEMPIS (Thomas à) LIBER DE IMITATOE CHRISTI cum tractatu de Cordis meditatione (woodcut, which is repeated on verso, and again on the last page), (Colophm) Finit este libell' Colonie retro Minores deligetissime Impressus Anno MCCCCCIII, quta octobris. 12mo, gotbic letter, 31 lines to a page with headlines, rubricated, initial in red, original stamped leather, A FARE EDITION, £5 58

1086a LANCELOT DU LAC.-Le Premier Volume (Le Second Volume-Le Tiers Volume), DE LANCELOT DU LAC, Nouvellemens imprime a Paris lan mil cing cens et trieze. (Folio 588 recto) Cy fine le dernier volume de la table son de FACIANT MENTU DES FAIS ET PROUESSES DE MONSEIGNEUR LANCELOT DU LAC et dautres plusieurs nobles et vaillans hommes ses Cumpaignons Nouvellement Imprime a Paris pour Francoys Regnault Libraire jure de l'universite de Paris demourant en la grant rue sainct Jaques. Lan mil cing cens et trieze le mardy septiesme cour du moys de juing (1513). (F. 538 recto, Device of Francois Regnault), three vols in one, folio, gotbic letter, two columns of 41 lines, WOODCUT INITIALS, AND THIRTY LARGE CUTS (folios 103-109 are lacking, and title of Vol 3 and a few leaves from the 1520 edition), crimson morocco, from the LIBRARY OF WILLIAM MORRIS, with hookplate (A VERY RARE BOOK), £18 188

1087 LEBEN. DIE HEYLIGEN LEBEN (folio 1 recto). Diss Register gebt anzeyung an welchem (folio 3 recto, woodcut of S. Ambrose on throne, with numerous figures around him) HIE HEBT SICH AN DAS SUMMER TAYL DER Heyligen Leben, und ZU DEM ERSTEN VON DEM LIEBEN HEYLIGEN LERER SAND AMBROSIO dem boschoffe (folio 174 verso). Hye ist Ein end der Heyligen Leben des Sumerteyl: und hernach hebt sech an dz winterteyl (folio 175 recto, woodcut of S. Michael). HIE HEBT SICH AN DER HEYLIGEN LEBEN IN DEM WINTERTEYL UND ZU DEM ERSTEN VON DEM LIEBEN HERREN UND ERTZENGEL SANT MICHEL (folio 387 verso). Der hochen unteylbern heyligen Trinaltegkeyt zu lot, Maris d' wer degsten iunckfrawen und Muter Jesu Cristi zu eren, allen tugentlichen Cristen menshen zu einer heysbsamen anweysung is gedruckt diss Passional, das ist der heyligen leben. Durch Anthonium Kaberger, und geendet auff freytag den nechsten vor Sant Necklars tog. In der Keyserli-chen stat Nuremberg. In iar unser erlosung, da man zalt Tausent, Vierzehenhuæder und im achtund achtzigsten, nach Cristi unsers lieben herren geburt (1488). Folio, gothic letter, double columns, 50 lines to a page, rubricated, TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY-NINE LARGE AND FINE WOODCUTS, old stamped pigskin, in very sound condition, from the LIBRARY OF WILLIAM MORRIS, with his bookplate, ONE OF THE FINEST GERMAN WOODOUT BOOKS in this extensive collection, £75

This very fine edition of the German "Lives of the Saints" is quite perfect, but folio 381 appears to be supplied from another copy as the woodcut is coloured; folios 221-224 have been misplaced in binding between 188-189.

1088 LAUDE (Oldradus de Ponte de) CONSILIA ET QUÆSTIONES (folio 2 recto). In Nomine Domin Amen In Causa Ebora &c. (folio 241 verso). Finis consilium Exemii utriusque iuris professoris Oldvadi de Laude. Rome impressorum per Magistrum Adam Rot. Meten. Diocesis Anno Salutis 1472. Folio, Roman letter, two columns of 50 lines to a page, rubricated, capitals painted in blue and red (lower blank margins of six leaves cut away), oaken boards, very nice original stamped leather binding, but damaged, from the LIBRARY OF WILLIAM MORRIS, with bookplate, £6 68

1088a LEGENDE DES FLAMENS.-LA LEGEDE DES FLAMES ARTISIENS ET HAYNUYERS, OU AUTREMET LEUR CRONIQUE ABREGEE, EN LAQUELLE SONT CONTENUES PLUSIEURS HYSTOIRES DE FRACE ANGLETERRE ALLEMAIGNE Avecqs les genealogies et descentes des RoYS DE NAPLES ET SICILLE qui y ont regne en quatre nations jusques a present ALCAUOIR, NORMANS, ALLEMANS, FRANCOIS & ARRAGONOYs. Mesmoment des Viscotes princos & Ducz de MYLLAN qui ont regne iusques a present. Et le Droict et titre que les treschrestiens ROYS DE FRANCE ont tant au royaulme et courone de NAPLES & SCILE que au duche et estat de MILLAN, cum puillegio. Ils se rendent a Paris en la sue Sainct Jacques a lenseigne Sainct Claude pres les Maturins. (Folio 113 verso), Cy fine ce present traicte intitule la legende des Flamens. Nouvellement imprime a Paris et a este acheue le xxe jour de May mil cinq Cent. XII. (1522.) Quarto, gotbic letter, 33 lines to a page, title in red and black, with large cut on verso, WOODCUT INITIALS AND THIRTY CUTS. old calf, with arms of Hon. T. Grenville, stamped in gold on sides, from the library of WILLIAM MORRIS, with bookplate, £21

1089 LUCRETIUS CARUS (Titus) (Folio 2 recto) T. LUCRETI CARI. Poetae philosophici antiquissimi de RERUM NATURA (Folio 95 recto) Paulus hunc impressit fridenperger in Verona. Qui genitus est in Patavia alæ Magna. Ab incarnatione Christi. 1486. Folio, Roman letter, 41-42 lines to a page, slightly wormed, old red morocco gilt, from the Library of WILLIAM MORRIS, with bookplate, £8 88

A very rare book, by as equally an uncommon printer. This book is the only specimen with this printer's name recorded by Hain.

1090 LYDGATE (John) THE TRAGEDIES, GATHERED BY JHON BOCHAS, OF ALL SUCH PRINCES AS FELL FROM THEYR ESTATES THROUGHE THE MUTABILITY OF FORTUNE SINCE THE CREACION OF ADAM UNTIL HIS TIME, WHEREIN MAY BE SEEN WHAT VICES BRING MENNE TO DESTRUCTION, WITH NOTABLE WARNINGS HOWE THE LIKE MAY BE AVOYDED, TRANSLATED INTO ENGLYSH (VERSE) BY JOHN LIDGATE, MONKE OF BURYE. Imprinted at London by John Wayland, at the Signe of the Sunne over against the Conduite in Fiete-strete, N.D. (circa 1550). Folio, Black Letter, engraved title, some small wormholes, a very fine and large copy in the original oak boards, covered with stamped leather, Sir John Fenn's copy, with some notes in his handwriting on fly-leaves, £12 128

"The work is not improperly styled a set of tragedies. It is not merely a narrative of men eminent for their rank and misfortunes. The plan is perfectly dramatic and partly suggested by the pageants of the times. Every personage is supposed to appear before the poet, and to relate his respective sufferings; and the figures of these spectres are sometimes finely drawn. The book was never popular here, because it had no English examples."-WARTON,

1091 LODGE (Thomas) THE WORKES OF LUCIUS ANNEUS SENECA, newly enlarged and corrected. London, printed by Willi. Stansby (1620). Folio, engraved title, old calf, GOOD COPY, from the LIBRARY OF WILLIAM MORRIS, with bookplate, S1 48

"The only English version."-LOWNDES.

1092 LUCIAN.-MAYNE (JASPER) Part of LUCIAN made English from the original in the year 1638. To which are adjoyned those other Dialogues of Lucian as they were formerly translated by Mr. Francis Hicks. (Printer's device), Oxford, printed by H. Hall for R. Davis, 1661. Folio, engraved portrait of Lucian by Wm. Faithorne, PINE COPY in old calf, from the LIBRARY OF WILLIAM MORRIS, with bookplate, £4 48

Dryden speaks in terms of highest approbation of this translation.

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