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Art. V.- Tales and Traditions of Hungary. By Francis and

Theresa Pulszky. Three Volumes. London: 1851, 127

VI.-1. Letters to John Bull, Esquire, on Affairs connected

with his Landed Property, and the Persons who live

thereon. By Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton, Bart.

· Eighth edition.

2. A Letter to His Grace the Duke of Bedford, on

the Prospects of Agriculture. By W. W. Whitmore,

Esquire, . . . .

VII.-1. The Roman Wall: a Historical, Topographical,

and Descriptive Account of the Barrier of the Lower

Isthmus, extending from the Tyne to the Solway,

deduced from numerous personal Surveys. By the

Rev. John Collingwood Bruce, M.A. 8vo. 1851.

2. The Antiquities of Richborough, Reculver, and

Lymme, in Kent. By Charles Roach Smith, F.S.A.

4to. 1850.

3. Illustrations of the Remains of Roman Art in

Cirencester, the Site of Ancient Corinium. By

Professor Buckman, F.L.S., F.G.S., &c., and

C. H. Newmarch, Esq. 8vo. and 4to. 1850.

4. Description of a Roman Building and other Remains

lately discovered at Caerleon. By John Edward

Lee. 8vo. 1850, . . . . . 177

VIII. — History of Greece. By George Grote, Esq. Vol

VII. and VIII. 1850. 8vo. .


. 204

IX. - William Penn: an Historical Biography. By

William Hepworth Dixon, author of Life of

Howard.' London : 1851,

. . .229

X.-1. Handbuch der Chemie. Von Leopold Gmelin.

Vierte umgearbeitete und vermehrte Auflage. V.

Band, 8vo. Heidelberg : 1850.

2. Handwörterbuch der reinen und angewandten

Chemie. Redigirt von Dr. Hermann Kolbe. Vierten

Bandes, Siebente Lieferung, 8vo. Braunschweig :


3. Ausführliches Handbuch der Analytischen Chemie.

Von Heinrich Rose. 2 Bänden, 8vo. Braunschweig :


4. Cours de Chimie Générale. Par J. Pelouze et

E. Fremy. 3 tomes, grand 8vo. Paris : 1850.

5. Traité de Chimie Organique. Par Justus Liebig.

3 tomes, 8vo. Paris: 1840—1844.

VI.— The Metamorphoses of Apuleius. Translated from

the Latin by Sir George Head. London: 1851, . 472

VII. – 1. Two Letters to the Earl of Aberdeen on the State

Prosecutions of the Neapolitan Government. By

the Right Hon. W. Gladstone, M.P. Second edition.

London : 1851. 8vo.

2. Al Sig. Guglielmo Gladstone, Parole di gratitudine

di Giuseppe Massari, ex-Dep. al Parlamento Napo-

litano. Torino: 1851. 12mo.

3. The Neapolitan Government and Mr. Gladstone.

A Letter to the Earl of Aberdeen. By Charles

Macfarlane. 8vo. London: 1851..

4. Conclusioni pronunziate innanzi alla Gran Corte

Speciale di Napoli, nella causa della setta l'Unità

Italiana, dal Consigliere Procurator Generale Filippo

Angelillo. Napoli: 1850. 8vo.

. 5. Requisizione ed Atto di Accusa ... nella causa della

setta l'Unità Italiana. Napoli : 1850. 8vo.

6. Decisione della Gran Corte speciale nella causa della

setta l'Unità Italiana. Napoli : 1851. 8vo.

7. Atti e Difesa della causa di Carlo Poerio ed altri.

Napoli : 1850. 8vo.

8. Speech of C. Poerio, late Minister of Public In-

struction. London : 1851.

9. Difesa di Luigi Settembrini. 1850. 8vo.

10. Costituto di Nicola Nisco. 1850. 8vo.

11. Atto d'Accusa nella causa degli avvenimenti

politici del 15 Maggio 1848. Napoli : 1851. 8vo.

12. Eccezione d'incompetenza dedutta dall' Avvocato

Lorenzo Jacovelli imputato dei fatti del 15 Maggio

1848. Napoli : 1851. 8vo.

13. Coup d'oeil sur la Situation de la Sicile en 1847, et

sur la Marche de sa Révolution. Par P. C. O’Rare-

don. Génève : Cherbuliez, 1850. 8vo.

14. Young Italy. By A. B. Cochrane, M.P. London:

1850. 8vo., . .

. 490

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