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Begowth to leip at anis.
And first of all in dance was Pryd,
With hair wyld bak, bonet on side“,

Like to mak vaistie wainiss;
And round about him, as a quheillo,
Hang all in rumpilis to the heill?,

His kethat for the nanis.
Mony proud trompour with him trippito,
Throw skaldan fyre ay as they skippit 10,

They girnd with hyddous granis",

Heillie harlottis in hawtane wyis',
Come in with mony sindrie gyis?, ,

yet leuch never Mahòun, Quhill priestis cum with bair schevin nekks“, Then all the feynds lewche and made gekks,

Black-Belly and Bawsy-Browno.

Then Ire cam in with sturt and strife,
His hand was ay upon

his knyfe,

3 Began to leap at once. With hair combed back (and) bonnet to one side.—5 Likely to make wasteful wants.—6 Like a wheel.7 Hung all iu rumples to the heel. His cassock for the nonce.9 Many a proud impostor with him tripped.—10 Through scalding fire as they skipt... 11 They grinned with hideous groans.

III. · Holy harlots in haughty guise. Came in with many sundry masks.-3 But yet Satan never laughed. -A While priests came with their bare shaven necks.—5 Then all the fiends laughed and made signs of derision.—6 Names of fiends.

IV. 1 Then Ire came with trouble and strife,

He brandeist lyk a beir;
Bostaris, braggaris, and burganeris,
After him passit into pairis,

All bodin in feir of weir4.
In jakkis stryppis and bonnettis of steil,
Thair leggis were chenyiet to the heillo,

Frawart was thair affeir7.

uder with brands beft®, Some jaggit uthers to the hefto

With knyves that scherp coud scheir 10.


Next in the dance followit Invy',
Fild full of feid and fellony,

Hid malice and dispyte,
For privy haterit that tratour trymlet';
Him followit mony freik dissymlit,

With fenyiet wordis quhyte 5.
And flattereris into menis faces 6,
And backbyteris of sundry races?

· Boasters, braggarts, and bullies. After him passed in pairs.All arrayed in feature of war.--5 In coats of armour and bonnets of steel... Their legs were chained to the heel.-(Probably it means covered with iron net-work.).-) Froward was their aspect.8 Some struck upon others with brands.-9 Some stuck others to the hilt.—10 With knives that sharply could mangle.

V. Followed Envy.-Filled full of quarrel and felony.-3 For privy hatred that traitor trembled.-4 Him followed many a dissembling renegado.—5 With feigned words fair or white_6 And flatterers to men's faces.--7 And backbiters of sundry races.

To ley that had delyte ,
With rownaris of false lesingis';
Allace, that courtis of noble kingis 10

Of thame can nevir be quyte".


Next him in dance cam Cuvatyce',
Rute of all evill and grund of vyce%;

That nevir cowd be content,
Catyvis, wrechis, and ockeraris,
Hud-pykis, hurdars, and gadderaris“,

All with that warlo went 5.
Out of thair throttis they shot on udderG
Het moltin gold, methocht, a fudder',

As fyre flaucht maist fervent 8 ;
Ay as they tumit thame of schot',
Feynds fild them well up to the thrott

With gold of all kind prent 10.


Syne Sweirness at the second bidding' Com lyk a sow out of a midding”,

8 To lie that had delight.-9 With spreaders of false lies.—10 Alas that courts of noble kings.—11 Of them can never be rid.

VI. 1 Covetousness.-— Root of all evil and ground of vice.3 Catives, wretches, and usurers.—4 Misers, hoarders, and gatherers.—5 All with that worldling went.-6 Out of their throats they shot on (each) other._7 Hot molten gold, methought, a vast quantity.— Like fire fakes most fervid.—9 Ay as they emptied themselves of shot.—10 With gold of all kind of coin.

VII. 1 Then Sloth at a second bidding. Came like a sow from a dunghill.

Full slepy wes his grunyies.
Mony sweir bumbard belly-huddroun“,
Mony slute daw and slepy duddroun",

Him servit ay with sounyie.
He drew thame furth intill a chenyie?,
And Belial with a brydill rennyies,

Ever lascht thame on the lungie'.
In dance they war so slaw of feit 10
They gaif them in the fyre a heit",

And maid theme quicker of counyie 12.

Than Lichery, that lathly corss',
Berand lyk a bagit horse?,

And Idleness did him leids
Thair wes with him an ugly sort*
And mony stinkand fowll tramort,

That had in sin bene deid 5.
Quhen they wer enterit in the daunce®,
Thay wer full strange of countenance,

Lyk Turkas burnand reid?.


3 Full sleepy was his grunt.--4 Many a lazy glutton. Many a drowsy sleepy sluggard.—6 Him served with care.— He drew them forth in a chain.--8 And Belial with a bridle rein.--9 Ever lashed them on the back.-10 In dance they were so slow of feet.

1 They gave them in the fire a heat.-12 And made them quicker of apprehension.

VIII. 1 Then Lechery, that loathsome body.- Rearing like a stallion. And Idleness did him lead. - 4 There was with him an ugly sort.-—5 That had been dead in sin. When they were entered in the dance.-7 Like pincers burning red,

Than the fowll monstir Glutteny,
Of wame unsasiable and gredy',

To dance syn did him dress? ;
Him followit mony a fowll drunckhart 3
With can and collep, cop and quart“,

In surfeit and excess.
Full mony a waistless wally drags
With waimis unwieldable did furth drag,

In creisch that did incress?;
Drynk, ay they cryit, with mony a gaip,
The feynds gaif thame het leid to laip,

Their lovery wes na less'.

Na menstrals playit to thame but dowt',
For glémen thair wer haldin out?,

By day and eke by nicht,
Except a menstrall that slew a man;
Sa till his heretage he wan5

And enterit by brief of richt6.

IX. 1 Of womb insatiable and greedy.--2 To dance then addressed himself.—3 Him followed many a foul drunkard.—4 Different names of drinking vessels.—5 Full many a wasteless sot. — 6 With bellies unwieldable did drag forth.— In grease that did increase. The fiends gave them hot lead to lap. -9 Their love of drinking was not the less.

X. 'No minstrels without doubt.--For gleemen there were kept out.--3 By day and by night.--4 Except a ninstrel that slew a man.-5 So till he won his inheritance. And entered by letter of right.

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