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Union Canal Company.

Acts of the Legislature of Pennsylvania relating to the Com

pany. 1825.

Annual Reports of the Managers. For 1847-8. Vermont Central Railroad Company.

Annual Report of the Directors. 5th. West Chester and Philadelphia Railroad.

Charter; together with a brief Statement and Estimate of the

Cost, Annual Expenses, and Business of the Proposed

Western Railroad Corporation.

Annual Reports of the Directors. 13th and 14th.
Western and Southern Railroads.

Observations on Railroads of the Western and Southern

States, and of the Introduction of the Pioneer System for
their Construction; with Remarks on the Importation of

Foreign Iron. 1850.
Wilmington and Manchester Railroad Company.

Report of the President and Directors. 2d.



Second Annual Report on the Geological Survey of the State

of Ohio. By W. W. Mather. 1838. Pennsylvania.

Geological Survey of the Environs of Philadelphia, performed

by order of the Philadelphia Society for the Promoting

Agriculture. By G. Troost, M. D. 1826.
Report of the Committee appointed on so much of the Go-

vernor's Message as relates to a Geological and Mineralogi

cal Survey of the State of Pennsylvania. 1836. Report to the Legislature of Pennsylvania, containing a De

scription of the Swatara Mining District, illustrated by Diagrams. 1839.

Pennsylvania (continued).

First Anniversary Address before the Association of American

Geologists, at their Second Annual Meeting in Philadel

phia, April 5th, 1841. By Ed. Hitchcock. 1841, Tennessee.

Geological Reports to the General Assembly of the State of

Tennessee. 3d, 4th, 6th, 7th, and 9th. Vermont.

Annual Reports on the Geology of the State of Vermont. 1st

and 2d. Wisconsin and Iowa.

Letter of the Secretary, communicating a Report of a Geolo

gical Reconnoissance of the Chippewa Land District of Wisconsin, and the Northern Part of Iowa. By David Dale Owen. 1848.


Boston Prison Discipline Society.

Report of the Minority of the Special Committee appointed

at the Annual Meeting, May 27th, 1845.

The 24th Annual Report. May, 1849.
Harvard College.

Report of the Committee of the Overseers of Harvard Col

lege, appointed to visit the Lawrence Scientific School

in 1849.
The Massachusetts Charitable Mechanics' Association.

Reports of the 5th and 6th Exhibitions. September, 1847,

and 1850.
The Worcester County Mechanics’ Association.

Reports of their 1st and 2d Exhibitions.
Water Commissioners of the City of Boston.

Report on the Material best adapted for Distribution Water

Pipes; and on the most economical mode of Introducing
Water into Private Houses. August 14th, 1848.

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The Hartford Young Men's Institute.

Their 20th Annual Report. 1848.
New York.
Alumni of Columbia College.

An Address delivered October 7, 1840. By Samuel G.

American Institute of the City of New York.

Address on Agriculture. By Hon. N. Burchard. Sept. 6,

1847. Anniversary Address. By F. Webster, Esq. Oct. 4, 1847. Address. By Herman C. Westervelt. Oct. 15, 1847.

By Gen. J. Tallmadge. Oct. 23, 1847. By W. Wallace, Esq. On the Establishment of an Agricultural School.

1847. By Hon. M. Dickerson.

Oct. 5, 1847. 220 Anniversary Address. By Hon. L. Woodbury. Oct.

11th, 1849.
Address at the close of the 22d Annual Fair. By Hon. J.

Tallmadge. Oct. 25th, 1849.
Horticultural Report of the 20th Annual Fair. 1847.
List of Premiums awarded at 21st

1848. Proceedings of the National Convention of Fruit Growers,

held Oct. 10th, 1848. Catologues of all the Articles at the 20th and 22d Fairs.

1847 and 1849. Convention of Iron Workers. Proceedings of a Convention held at Albany, N. Y. Dec.

12th, 1849.
Proceedings of a Convention held at Pittsburg, Penna.

Nov., 1849.
Memorial from Pennsylvania, on the Manufacture of Iron,

with other Documents. Published on behalf of the

Convention held in Philadelphia, Dec. 20th, 1849.
Mechanics' Institute of the City of New York.

Constitution, adopted January, 1849.
Mercantile Library Association, City of New York.

30th Annual Report. January, 1851.


New York (continued). .
New York Athenæum, City of New York.

Catalogue and Regulations. 1850.
New York Institution for the Instruction of the Deaf and Dumb.

29th Annual Report. January, 1848.
Philolexian and Peithologian Societies.

Address delivered by G. C. Verplank. August 2, 1830. Public School Society of New York.

27th Annual Report, with a Sketch of the Rise and Progress

of the Society. 1842.
Stuyvesant Institute of the City of New York.

Address delivered by Samuel Ward, Jr. Nov. 4, 1851.

New Jersey.

Literary and Philosophical Society of New Jersey.

Discourse delivered at the First Annual Meeting. Sept.

27, 1825. By Samuel Miller, D. D. Pennsylvania. Delaware County Institute of Science.

Report of a Committee on the Great Rain Storm and Flood,

which occurred August 5th, 1843.

Reports on the 2d and 4th Annual Exhibitions.
Public Schools.

Annual Reports of the Controllers. 28th to 31st. 1846

to 1849. Annual Reports of the Superintendent of Common Schools,

for the year ending June 1st. 14th and 16th. Tabular Statement relative to the State Tax on Real and

Personal Estate, and Common Schools. Feb 7, 1848. Philadelphia

Memorial of the Commissioners of the County to the Legis

lature upon the subject of the Laws exempting certain

Property from Taxation. December, 1850.
Minority Report of the Select Committee on the Subject

of the Consolidation of the City with Enlarged Bounda

ries. March 6th, 1851. Watering Committee. Annual Reports for the years 1844,

. 1847-48-49-50,


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Da icnuai Report. By Alfred 1.

en el funcils relative to the Ai czema sease i the Summer and 2 CSI er 'n placeipnia. 1821.

-* igeliyor the year 1805. Es el mients it 'he City Treasury

or ser Seriun rhe River Delaware,

mit me E-Tesero unionů, above Phi246

L 'De Councils. By D.
Me. S.
Lennusalan sem ront of the City of
TII Tai reyert the recurrence of
Sam semua I: -E "ortnavie to the origi-
Taliesi. I TI
aort komme

te is on the subject of
Steundos. Si
Paassen ajar jurtien i Tixation in
he CIT i Thiste paia SS.
Report i te I mouraru:n jaso ippuinteei by the

Committee I Sunwars Vacan, 1849. to make a Survey ji he enton I Cous sienas, vain I view to ascertain tie jest systen i Cramaye, tau in Councils, July 5th, 1819.

Atheneum of Philadelphia.

32.1 Aanuai Report.

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