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United States, 1609, 0. Annual Report from the Secretary of the

Treasury, on the State of the Finances. Dec. 24th, 1849.
H. R., Ex. Doc. 4. 1 Sess., 31 Cong.
1626, D. Do. do. Sen., Ex. Doc. 2. 1 Sess., 31 Cong.
1610, 0. Letter from the Secretary of the Treasury, trans-
mitting a Report from the Register of the Treasury, of the
Commerce and Navigation of the United States for the
last fiscal year. Dec. 31, 1849. H. R., Ex. Doc. 1 Sess.,
31 Cong.
1670, 0. Do. do. do. 2d Sess., 31st Cong.
1617, O. Message from the President of the United
States, transmitting information in answer to a Resolution
of the House of the 31st December, 1849, on the subject
of California and New Mexico. Jan. 24th, 1850. Ho.

Rep. Exec. Doc. No. 17. 1st Sess., 31st Cong.
London, 1495, F. Report from Select Committee on the Silk Trade;

with the Minutes of Evidence, an Appendix, and Index.
Ordered by House of Commons to be Printed. August 2d,
1496, F. Report from the Select Committee on the House
of Commons' Buildings; with Minutes of Evidence taken
before them. May 13th, 1833.
1497, F. Report from the Select Committee on Plymouth
Breakwater; together with Minutes of Proceedings; the
Minutes of Evidence, and Appendix. September, 1835.
1206, F. Report from the Select Committee on Arts,
and their connexion with Manufactures; with the Minutes
of Evidence, Appendix, and Index. August 16th, 1836.
1562, F. Third Report of the Inspectors appointed to
Visit the different Prisons of Great Britain. 1st Home
District. III. South and Western District. 1838.
1563, F. Minutes of Evidence taken before the Select
Committee on the Kingston-upon-Hull Election Peti-
tion ; with the Proceedings of the Committee. May 25th,

1838. London, 1552, F. Second Report from the Select Committee on

Metropolitan Improvements; with Minutes of Evidence,
Appendix, Index, and Plans. August 2, 1838.

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1494, F. Ninth Report of the Commissioners for the Improvement of the Road from London to Holyhead, and from London to Liverpool. July 6th, 1832. 1556, F. Fifteenth Report of same Committee. August 14th, 1838. 1559, F. Report on the Sailing Qualities of her Majesty's ships Pique, Inconstant, &c. March 12th, 1839. 1560, F. A Return of Papers in the possession of the East India Company : showing what Measures have been taken since 1836 to promote the Cultivation of Cotton in India; with particulars and result of any Experiments which have been made by the said Company, with a view to introduce the Growth of American Cotton, or to encourage the Production of Native Cotton in India. May 21st, 1847. 1498, F. Report on Steam Vessel Accidents. (Mr. P. Thomson.) House Commons. May 31st, 1839.

. 1557, F. Copies or Extracts of Correspondence between her Majesty's Government and the Parties interested in Railways in Ceylon, Trinidad, British Guiana, and New Brunswick. July 21, 1847. 1561, F. Eighth Report from the Select Committee on Sugar and Coffee Planting; together with an Appendix. May 29th, 1848. 1553, F. Sixteenth Report from the Board of Public Works, Ireland; with Appendices. 1848. 1554, F. Seventeenth Report of the same. 1849. 1555, F. First Report of the Commissioners appointed to Audit and Report upon the Accounts of the Commissioners of Public Works in Ireland. 1848. 1558, F. Report from the Select Committee on the Steam Navy; together with the Minutes of Evidence, Appendix, and Index. May 22, 1849.


Fletcher, 1505, 0. Summary of the Moral Statistics of England and

Wales. By Joseph Fletcher, London. Hazard, 1423, Q. The United States Commercial and Statistical

Register. By Samuel Hazard. 7 vols. Philadelphia, 1840

to 1846. Paris, 1207, Q. Documents Statistiques sur la France. Publies par

le Ministre au Commerce. Paris, 1835.
1211, Q. Direction Générale des ponts et Chaussées et
des Mines. Résumé des travaux Statistiques de l'Adminis-
tration des Mines. Paris, 1836.
1212, Q. Recueil de Documents Statistiques. Tome 1.

Routes Royales. Routes Departementales. 1837. Philadelphia, 1625, 0. Documents relating to the Manufacture of

Iron in Pennsylvania. Published on behalf of the Convention of Iron Masters, which met in Philadelphia, December 20th, 1849. Philadelphia, 1850.


Ackerman, 1260, F. A History of the University of Oxford, its Col

leges, Halls, and Public Buildings. 2 vols. By R. Acker-
man. London, 1814.
1261, F. The History of the Colleges of Winchester,
Eton, and Westminster with the Charter-House, the
Schools of St. Paul's, Merchant Taylor's, Harrow, and
Rugby, and the Free School of Christ's Hospital. By R.

Ackerman. London, 1816.
Ainslie, 1697, Q. A Series of Twenty-four Views, Illustrative of

the Holy Scriptures; selected from Sir Robert Ainslie's celebrated Collection of Drawings in Palestine, Egypt,

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Syria, Corinth, Ephesus, &c., &c. ; with an Historical

Account of each View. London, 1833.
Bickham, 1548, F. The British Monarchy; or a new Chorographical

Description of all the Dominions subject to the King of
Great Britain. Comprehending the British Isles, the
American Colonies, the Electoral States, the African and
Indian Settlements, &c. Engraved by George Bickham.

2 vols. London, 1749. Du Halde, 1546, F. A Description of the Empire of China and

Chinese-Tartary; together with the Kingdoms of Korea and Tibet: containing the Geography and History (Natural as well as Civil) of those Countries. From the French of P. J. B. Du Halde, Jesuit. With Notes, Geographical, Historical, and Critical ; and other Improvements, particularly in the Maps, by the Translator. 2 vols. London,

1738. Emory, 1333, 0. Notes of a Military Reconnoissance from Fort

Leavenworth, in Missouri, to San Diego, in California ;
including parts of the Arkansas, Del Norte, and Gila
Rivers. By W. H. Emory. Cong. Doc. 1st Sess., 30th
Cong. Washington, 1848.

1400, O. Another Copy of the same. Forrest, 1263, Q. A Picturesque Tour along the Rivers Ganges

and Jumna, in India : consisting of 24 Colored Views, &c., from original Drawings made on the spot; with Illustrations, Historical and Descriptive. By Lieut, Colonel

Forrest. London, 1824. Gordon, 1380, 0. Gazetteer of the State of New York. By Thomas

F. Gordon. Philadelphia, 1836. London, 1247, D. Pompeii : Its Destruction and Re-discovery.

London, 1847. Malton, 1262, F. Picturesque and Descriptive View of the City of

Dublin, taken in the year 1791. By James Malton. Lon

don, 1794. Redding, 1224, 0, An Illustrated Itinerary of the County of Corn

wall. By Cyrus Redding. London, 1842. Reynolds, 1286, 0. Pacific and Indian Oceans, or the South Sea Surveying and Exploring Expedition : its Inception, Progress, and Objects. By J. N. Reynolds. New York,


1841. Saussure, 1330, Q. Voyages dans les Alpes, précédés d'un essai

sur l'Histoire Naturelle des Environs de Geneve. Par Horace Bénedict de Saussure. 2 tomes. A Geneve,

1786. Titsingh, 1359, Q. Illustrations of Japan : Consisting of Private

Memoirs and Anecdotes of the Reigning Dynasty of the Djogouns, or Sovereigns of Japan; a Description of the Feasts and Ceremonies observed throughout the year at their Court; and of the Ceremonies customary at Marriages and Funerals, &c., &c. By M. Titsingh. Translated from the French, by Frederic Shoberl. London, 1822.


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Carver, 1518, 0. Three years (1766-7-8) Travels through the

interior parts of North Ainerica for more than 5000 miles;
containing an account of the great Lakes, and all the
Lakes, Islands and Rivers, &c. &c., of the North Western
region of that vast Continent; with a description of the
Birds, Beasts, &c., peculiar to the Country, &c. &c. By

Capt. Jonathan Carver. Philadelphia, 1796.
Cook, Clarke, & Gore, 1366, 0. A Voyage to the Pacific Ocean;

performed under the direction of Captains Cook, Clarke,
and Gore, in the years 1776–77–78–79 and 80. 2 vols.

Philadelphia, 1818.
Franklin, 1532, Q. Narrative of a Journey to the Shores of the

Polar Sea, in the years 1819–20–21 and 22. By John

Franklin. London, 1823.
Gardiner, 1598, 0. Narrative of a Journey to the Zoolu Country

in South Africa. By Capt. Allen F. Gardiner, undertaken
in 1835. London, 1836.

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