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observing the moment of time by day or night. Useful in all Astronomical Observations, and for Regulating and Adjusting curious Pendulum-Watches and other Timekeepers ; with proper Tables requisite thereto. By Wil

liam Molyneux. Dvblin, 1686. Monge, 1664, D. An Elementary Treatise on Statics. By Gaspard

Monge. With a Biographical Notice of the Author; trans

lated from the French, by Woods Baker. Philadelphia, 1851. Müller, 1236, 0. Principles of Physics and Meteorology. By J.

Müller. Philadelphia, 1848. Niogret, 1325, D. D’Electricité et de Galvanisme a l'usage de la

Jeunesse. Traduit de l’Anglaise de Joyce. Par Eugene

Niogret. Paris, 1842. Olmsted, 1320, 0. A Compendium of Natural Philosophy. By

Denison Olmsted. New Haven, 1833. Parker, 1402, D. A School Compendium of Natural and Experi

mental Philosophy; with a Description of the Steam and Locomotive Engines. By Richard Green Parker. New

York, 1848. Pasley, 1487, 0. A Theory of Natural Philosophy, on Mechanical

Principles, divested of all immaterial Chymical Properties; showing, for the first time, the Physical Cause of Con

tinuous Motion. By T. H. Pasley. London, 1836. Peschel, 1592, D. Elements of Physics. By C. F. Peschel. Trans

lated from the German, with Notes, by C. E. West. Vols.

2 and 3. London, 1846. Phelps, 1350, D. Familiar Lectures on Natural Philosophy, for the

Use of Schools. By Mrs. A. H. Lincoln Phelps. New

York, 1837. Priestly, 1342, 0. Experiments and Observations on different kinds

of Air; and Experiments and Observations on various Branches of Natural Philosophy. By Joseph Priestly.

6 vols. London, 1771 to 1786. Reid, 1362, D. Natural Philosophy: Adapted to Self-instruction,

and the Use of Schools. Book first, Pneumatics: containing an Analysis of the Mechanical Properties of Aerial Fluids. By Hugo Reid. Edinburgh, 1841.

Robertson, 1521, 0. Mémoires Récréatifs Scientifiques et Anec

dotiques du Physicien, Aéronaute. Par E. G. Robertson.

2 tomes. Paris, 1831, 1833. Sare, 1416, 0. The Julian and Gregorian Year: or, the Difference

Betwixt the Old and New-Stile. Showing, that the Reformed Churches should not Alter their old stile, but that the Romanists should Return to It. London: Printed for

Richard Sare. 1700. Storrow, 1565, D. A Treatise on Water Works for Conveying and

Distributing Supplies of Water ; with Tables and Ex

amples. By Charles S. Storrow. Boston, 1835. Webster, 1351, D. The Elements of Physics. By Thomas Webster.

London, 1837.


Brady, 1623, 0. The Kedge Anchor; or Young Sailor's Assistant.

By William Brady. New York, 1850. Campaignac, 1643, Q. De l'Estat Actuel de la Navigation par la

Vapeur et des Améliorations dont les Navires et appareils a Vapeur Marins sont susceptibles; suivi de notes explicatives, Tableux, Projets, &c. Ouvrage publié sous les auspices du Ministre de la Marine. Par A. Campaignac.

Paris, 1842. Daniels, 1644, 0. The Charges on Vessels (British and Foreign)

at all the Ports, Sub-Ports, and Creeks of Great Britain and Ireland, and Islands thereof; and other Information for the Use of the Shipping Interest in general. By James

Brady. Aberdeen, 1843.
Paris, 1217, Q. Administration des Douanes : Tableau Général

du Commerce de la France avec ses Colonies et les Puis-
sances étrangères, pendent l'annee. 1834.
1218, Q. Do.


do. 1835. 1219, Q. Do. do. do. do. 1836. 1220, Q. Do. do. do. do. 1837. 1221, Q. Do. do. Des Mouvements du Cabo

tage, 1837.

Ross, 1257, Q. A Treatise on Navigation by Steam : Comprising

a History of the Steam Engine; and an Essay towards a System of the Naval Tactics peculiar to Steam Navigation, as applicable both to Commerce and Maritime Warfare. By Captain John Ross. London, 1828.


Baltimore, 1313, 0. The Bankers' Magazine and State Financial

Register. Vols. 1 to 4. Clark, 1694, Q. Cyclopedia of Commerce : Comprising a Code of

Commercial Law, Practice, Customs, and Information.

By Samuel Clark and John Williams. London.
London, 1238, 0. The Nautical Almanac and Astronomical Ephe-

meris for the year 1840. .
1671, Q. Prince's Price Current. 1825, 1826, 1828, 1830,

and 1831. New Orleans, 1293, 0. The Commercial Review for the South and

West. Vols. 4 to 8. New York, 1292, 0. The Merchants' Magazine and Commercial

Review. Vols. 16 to 22. Philadelphia, 1423, Q. Hazard's United States Commercial and

Statistical Register. Vols. 1 to 6.

PERIODICALS ON ARTS AND SCIENCES. Boston, 451, Q. Memoirs of the American Academy of Arts and

Sciences. Vols. 2 to 4. Cornwall, 1630, 0. Annual Reports of the Royal Cornwall Poly

technic Society. Report 3 to 17. Downes, 1242, 0. United States Almanac; or complete Ephemeris

for 1843. By John Downes. Philadelphia.
1243, O. Do.

do. do. do. 1845. Dublin, 549, Q. Transactions of the Royal Irish Academy. Vol. 22. Edinburgh, 524, 0. The Edinburgh New Philosophical Journal.

Vols. 39 to 48.

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London, 447, 0. Reports of the British Association for the Advance

ment of Science. 13th and 14th.
459, 0. London, Edinburgh, and Dublin Philosophical
Magazine and Journal of Science. Vols. 30 to 36.
562, 0. The Quarterly Mining Review. Vols. 4, 5, 6.
563, 0. Magazine of Popular Science. Vol. 2.
642, 0. Scientific Memoirs; selected from Foreign Aca-
demies of Science and Learned Societies, and from Foreign
Journals. Vol. 4.
1431, Q. Transactions of the British and Foreign Insti-

tute. Vol. 1. Munchen, 1447, Q. Kunst und Gewerbe Blatt ; Herawgegeben von

dem Polytechnishen Verien fur das Konigreich Bayern.

Vols. 16 to 24. New Haven, 1100, 0. American Journal of Science and the Arts.

Vols. 4 to 9.
Paris, 861, 0. Recueil Industriel, Manufacturier, Agricole et Com-

mercial. Tome 20.
233, 0. Bulletin de la Société d'encouragement pour
l'industrie nationale. 1847, 1848, 1849.
1310, 0. Recueil de la Sociétié Polytechnique. 5th
Series. Vols. 3 to 16.
1608, Q. Comptes Rendus, Hebdomadaires des Séances
de l'Académie des Sciences. Vols. 25, 26, 27.
1631, 0. Revue Scientifique et Industrielle. Vols. 1, 2.

2 Philadelphia, 830, 831, 0. Journal of the Franklin Institute. Third

Series. Vols. 13 to 20. Two Copies.
1142, 0. Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences

of Philadelphia. Vol. 2. Timbs, 1367, D. The Year Book of Facts in Science and the Arts :

exhibiting the most important Discoveries and Improvements of the past Year in Mechanics, &c. By John Timbs. London, 1848.


Pennsylvania, 1200, 0. Journal of the Senate of the Commonwealth

for 1846. 2 vols.
1198, 0. Do. do. do. do. 1847. 2 vols.
1201, 0. Do. House of Representatives, 1846. 2
1199, O. Do. do. do. 1847. 2 "
1202, 0. Executive Documents for 1843.
1203, 0.
0 Do.


1844. 1204, 0. Do.


1205, 0.


1846. Philadelphia, 1332, 0. Minutes of the Committee, appointed Sep

tember 14th, 1793, to alleviate the Sufferings of the Afflicted with the Malignant Fever, prevalent in the City

and its Vicinity. Philadelphia, 1848. United States, 1337, 0. President's Message to 1st Session, 30th

Congress, on the subject of the Mexican War. 1848.
1370, 0. Message of the President of the United States
to the two Houses of Congress, at the commencement of
the 2d Session, 29th Congress. December, 1846.
1336, O. Do. do. 1st Sess., 30th Cong. Dec., 1847.
1502, 0. Do. do. 2d

1848. 1641, 0. Do. do. Ist 31st

1849. 1669, 0. Do. do. 2d

1850. 1375, 0. Journal of the Senate of the United States of America. 20 Sess., 28th Cong. Dec. 2d, 1844. 1374, 0. Journal of the House of Representatives of the United States. 2d Sess., 28th Cong. Dec. 20, 1844. 1372, 0. The Treaty between the United States and Mexico : The Proceedings of the Senate thereon, and Message of the President, and Documents communicated therewith. The Messages, with Correspondence, between the Executive Department, General Scott, and Mr. Trist; and other Papers and Proceedings of the Senate in relation thereto; from which the injunction of secresy has been removed. Senate. Exec. No. 52. 1st Sess., 30th Cong. 1848.

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