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Brocklesby, 1679, D. Views of the Microscopic World ; designed

for general reading, and as a Hand-book for Classes in

Natural Science. By John Brocklesby. New York, 1851. Conrad, 1422, 0. Monography of the Family Unionidae, or Nai

ades of Lamark, (fresh water Bivalve Shells,) of North America; Illustrated by Figures, drawn on stone, from

Nature. By T. A. Conrad. Philadelphia, 1836.
Cuvier, 1673, 0. The Class Reptilia arranged by the Baron Cuvier.

With specific Descriptions, by Edward Griffith and Edward
Pidgeon. London, 1831.
1674,0. The Class Pisces arranged by the Baron Cuvier.
With Supplementary Additions, by Edward Griffith and
Lieut. Colonel C. H. Smith. London, 1834.
1675, 0. The Mollusca and Radiata arranged by the
Baron Cuvier. With Supplementary Additions to each
order, by Edward Griffith and Edward Pidgeon. London,
1676, 0. The Classes Annelida, Crustacea, and Arach-
nida; arranged by the Baron Cuvier. With Supple-
mentary Additions to each order, by Edward Griffith and
Edward Pidgeon. London, 1833.
1677, 0. The Class Insecta; arranged by the Baron
Cuvier. With Supplementary Additions to each order, by
Edward Griffith and Edward Pidgeon; and Notices of
new Genera and Species. By George Gray. 2 vols.
1678, 0. A Classified Index and Synopsis of the Animal
Kingdom arranged in conformity with its organization,
By the Baron Cuvier. With Supplementary Additions to

each order, by Edward Griffith and others. London, 1835. Duméril, 1520, 0. Elémens des Sciences Naturelles. Par Constant

Duméril. 2 tomes. Paris 1830,

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Haldeman, 1618, 0. A Monograph of the fresh water Univalve

Mollusca of the United States, including Notices of Species in other parts of North America. (Physadae.) By S. S.

Haldeman. Philadelphia, 1842. Reese, 1404, D. Elements of Zoology, or Natural History of Ani

mals. Chambers' Educational Course, revised and im

proved. By D. M. Reese. New York, 1849. Say, 1248, 0. American Entomology, or Descriptions of the Insects

of North America ; illustrated by Colored Figures from Original Drawings from Nature. By Thomas Say. 3 vols.

Philadelphia, 1825 to 1828. Taylor, 1417, D. Naturales Curiosæ : Curiosities in Natural His

tory, taken from Authentic Reports of eminent travelers. By Joseph Taylor. London, 1819.


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London, 602, 0. The Magazine of Natural History; and Journal

of Zoology, Botany, Mineralogy, Geology, and Meteor-
ology. New Series. Vols. 15 to 20.
1317, 0. The Annals and Magazine of Natural History;
including Zoology, Botany, and Geology. Vols. 1 to 5.


Adams, 1343, 0. Lectures on Natural and Experimental Philo

sophy, considered in its present state of Improvement.

By George Adams. 5 vols. London, 1794. Bartlett, 1636, 0. Elements of Natural Philosophy, (Section I.,

Mechanics.) By W. H. C. Bartlett. New York, 1850. Bird, 1249, 0. Elements of Natural Philosophy; being an Experi

mental Introduction to the Study of the Physical Sciences.
By Golding Bird. Philadelphia, 1848.
1340, 0. Do. do.


do. Boyle, 1253, 0. The Works of the Honorable Robert Boyle; Epi

tomized. By Richard Boulton. 3 vols. London, 1699.

Brewster, 1538, D. A Treatise on the Microscope; forming the

A article, under that head, in the 7th edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica. By Sir David Brewster. Edinburg,

1837. Carr, 1349, D. A Synopsis of Practical Philosophy, Alphabetically

arranged : containing a great variety of Theorems, Formulæ, and Tables in various Branches of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy; to which are subjoined small Tables

of Logarithms. By John Carr. London, 1843. Chambers, 1437, D. Elements of Natural Philosophy, in Three

Parts. By Wm. and Robert Chambers. Edited by D. M.

Reese, M.D. New York, 1849.
Comstock, 1318, D. A System of Natural Philosophy. By J. L.

Comstock. New York, 1843.
1348, D. A Manual of Natural Philosophy, with Reca-
pitulatory Questions on each chapter; and a Dictionary
of Philosophical Terms. By John L. Comstock and Rich-

ard D. Hoblyn. London, 1846. Cunningham, 1646, D. Thoughts on the Causes of Compass Vari

ation; and the Motions of Planets, Comets, Whirlwinds, Hurricanes, and Earthquakes. By Peter Cunningham.

London, 1843.
Davy, 1222, 0. Early Miscellaneous Papers, from 1799 to 1805 ;

with an Introductory Lecture and outlines of Lectures on
Chemistry, delivered in 1802 and 1804. By Sir Humphrey
Davy. (Being vol. 2 of his collected works, by his Brother.)
London, 1839.
1222, 0. Bakerian Lectures and Miscellaneous Papers,
from 1806 to 1815. By Sir H. Davy. (Being vol. 5 of
his collected works, by his Brother.) London, 1840.
1222, O. Miscellaneous Papers and Researches, especially
on the Safety Lamp and Flame, and on the Protection of
the Copper Sheathing of Ships, from 1815 to 1828. By Sir
H. Davy. (Being 6th vol. of his collected works, by his
Brother.) London, 1840.
1222, 0. Discourses delivered before the Royal Society.
Elements of Agricultural Chemistry. Miscellaneous Lec-
tures, and Extracts from Lectures. By Sir H. Davy. 2 vols.

(Being vols. 7th and 8th of his collected works, by his

Brother.) London, 1840. De Morgan, 1294, D. An Essay on Probabilities, and on their

application to Life Contingencies and Insurance Offices. By Augustus De Morgan. (Lardner's Cabinet Cyclopedia.)

London, 1838. Fales, 1416,0. Horologiographia.—The Art of Dialling: Teaching

an easie and perfect way to make all kinds of Dials vpon any plaine plat howsoeuer placed. With the drawing of the twelue Signes, and houres vnequall in them all. Whereunto is annexed, the making and vse of other Dials and Instruments, whereby the hour of the day and night is knowne: of speciall vse and delight not only for Students of the Arts Mathematicall, but also for diueres Artificers, Architects, Surueyours of Buildings, free-Masons and

others. By Thomas Fales. At London, 1627. Farrar, 1567, 0. An Experimental Treatise on Optics: compre

hending the leading Principles of the Science, and an Explanation of the more important and curious Optical Instruments and Optical Phenomena. By John Farrar.

Cambridge, 1826. Ferguson, 1346, 0. Lectures on Select Subjects in Mechanics, Hy

drostatics, Pneumatics, Optics, and Astronomy. By James

Ferguson. London, 1843. Gales, 1345, D. Elements of Natural Philosophy; designed for

the Use of Schools and Academies. By Leonard D. Gales.

New York, 1843.
Graham, 1574, Q. Observations of the Magnetic Dip, made at

several positions, chiefly on the South-Western and North-
Eastern Frontiers of the United States; and of the Magnetic
Declination at two positions on the River Sabine, in 1840.
By Major James D. Graham, U. S. Topographical En-

gineers. Gregorio, 1416, 0. Exercitatio Geometrica de dimensione Figur

arvm sive specimen Methodi Generalis Dimetiendi Quas

vis Figuras Auctore Davide Gregorio. Edinbvrgi, 1684. Harris, 1590, O. Rudimentary Electricity : Being a concise expo

sition of the general principles of Electrical Science, and

the purposes to which it has been applied. By Sir W.

Snow Harris. London, 1848. Hooper, 1388, 0. Rational Recreations; in which the Principles

of Numbers and Natural Philosophy are clearly and copiously Elucidated by a series of easy, entertaining, and interesting Experiments. By W. Hooper. 4 vols. Lon

don, 1783. Huggeus, 1416, 0. Traite de la Lumiere oú sont expliquées les

causes de ce qui luy arrive dans la Reflexion & dans la Refraction. Et particulierement dans l'etrange Refraction dy cristal d'Islande. Par C. H. D. Z. Avec un Discours

de la Cause de la Pesantevr. A. Leide, 1690. Jackson, 1403, 0. An Elementary Treatise on Optics. By I. W.

Jackson. New York, 1848. Jamieson, 1364, 0. Mechanics of Fluids, for Practical Men; com

prising Hydrostatics, descriptive and constructive. By

Alexander Jamieson. London, 1837. Jones, 1410, D. Conversations on Natural Philosophy; in which

the elements of that Science are familiarly explained ; with corrections, improvements, &c. By Thomas P. Jones.

Philadelphia, 1846. Kyan, 1481, 0. On the Elements of Light, and their Identity with

those of Matter, radiant and fixed. By John Howard

Kyan. London, 1838. Levering & Bond. 1573, Q. An Account of the Magnetic Observa

tions made at the Observatory of Harvard University,

Cambridge. By Joseph Levering and W. Cranch Bond. McGauley, 1347, 0. Lectures on Natural Philosophy. By the Rev.

James William McGauley. Dublin, 1811.
Metcalfe, 1344, 0. Caloric: Its Mechanical, Chemical, and Vital

Agencies in the Phenomena of Nature. By Samuel L.
Metcalfe. 2 vols. London, 1843.
1363, 0. A New Theory of Terrestrial Magnetism. By

Samuel L. Metcalfe. New York, 1833.
Miller, 1486, 0. The Elements of Hydrostatics and Hydrodynamics.

By W. H. Miller. Cambridge, 1831. Molyneux, 1416, 0. Sciothericum Telescopicum; or, a new con

trivance of adapting a Telescope to an Horizontal Dial for

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