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Paris, 1213, Q. Ministére Du Commerce et des Travaux Publics.

Direction Générale des Ponts et Chaussées et des Mines.
Situation des Travaux. Au 31 Decembre, 1834.
1214, Q. Do. do. do.

31 Decembre, 1835. 1215, Q. Do. do. do. 31

1836. 1216, Q. Do. do. do. 31

1837. Patent Office, 1514, 1515, 0. Report of the Commissioner of Patents

to the Senate of the United States, on the subject of Steam Boiler Explosions. 30 Cong., 2d Sess. Senate. Execu

tive, No. 18. 1848. 2 copies. Russell, 1452, D. A Treatise on the Steam Engine, from the 7th

edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica. By John Scott
Russell. Edinburgh, 1846.
1476, D. On the Nature, Properties, and Applications of
Steam, and on Steam Navigation; from the 7th edition of
the Encyclopedia Britannica. By John Scott Russell.

Edinburgh, 1841.
Stuart, 1451, 0. Stuart's Descriptive History of the Steam Engine;

a new edition, with a Supplement, continuing the subject

to the year 1829. London, 1831. Swindell, 1464, D. Rudimentary Treatise on Well-digging, Boring

and Pump-work, &c., &c. By John George Swindell.

London, 1849. Turnbull, 1462, 0. A Treatise on the Strength and Dimensions of

Cast Iron Beams, when exposed to transverse strains from pressure or weight; with Tables of Constants, to be used for calculating the strength and dimensions of similar Beams of Wrought Iron, &c.; to which is added the Theory of Brama's Hydro-mechanical Press. By William

Turnbull. London, 1831. Van Gorkum, 1684, 0. Memoir upon the Topographical System

of Col. Van Gorkum ; with remarks and reflections upon various other methods of representing grounds. Addressed to Lieut. General Sir H. Taylor. By Major General Sir

J. C. Smyth. London, 1829. Weale, 1315, 0. Ensamples of Railway Making; which, although

not of English Practice, are submitted, with Practical Illustrations, to the Civil Engineer, and British and Irish Public. By John Weale. London, 1843.

Williams, 1593, D. A Steam Manual for the British Navy. By

W.J. Williams. Portsea, 1843. Wood, 1615, 0. A Practical Treatise on Railroads, and Interior

Communications in general ; containing an account of the performances of the different Locomotive Engines at and subsequent to the Liverpool Contest; upwards of 260 Experiments; with Tables of the comparative value of Canals and Railroads, and the power of the present Locomotive Engines. By Nicholas Wood. First American, from the second English edition ; with corrections, notes, and additions; also, an Appendix, containing a detailed account of a number of Railroads in Europe and in the United States. By George W. Smith. Philadelphia, 1832.


London, 782, Q. Civil Engineers' and Architects' Journal. Vols.

9 to 11.
857, Q. The Railway Magazine and Commercial Journal.

Vols. 6 to 11.
New York, 692, 0. The American Railroad Journal and Mechanics'

Magazine. Vols. 18 to 21.


Abbott, 1252, D. The Teacher; or Moral Influences employed in

the Instruction and Government of the Young; intended chiefly to assist Young Teachers in Organizing and Con

ducting their Schools. By Jacob Abbott. Boston, 1834. Erro, 1613, 0. The Alphabet of the Primitive Languages of

Spain, and a Philosophical Examination of the Antiquity and Civilization of the Basque People. An Extract from the Works of Don Juan Bautista De Erro. Translated by

George W. Erving. Boston, 1829. London, 1666, 0. Minutes of the Committee of Council on Edu

cation. Correspondence, Tabular Statement of Grants, &c., and Reports of Her Majesty's Inspectors of Schools.

1848, '49, '50. 2 Vols. Page, 1405, D. Theory and Practice of Teaching; or the Motives

and Methods of good School-Keeping. By David P. Page.

New York, 1849. Pulsifer, 1551, Q. A New Alphabet of The English Language,

called “The Aubaot.” By John S. Pulsifer. Orwigsburg,

Pennsylvania, 1848. Taylor, 1251, D. The District School; or National Education.

By J. Orville Taylor. Philadelphia, 1835.


Bayle, 1233, F. The Dictionary Historical and Critical of Henry

Peter Bayle. To which is prefixed the Life of the Author; revised, corrected, and enlarged. By Mr. Dez Maizeaux.

5 vols. London, 1734. Booth & Morfit, 1632, 0. The Encyclopedia of Chemistry, Prac

tical and Theoretical. Embracing its Application to the Arts, Metallurgy, Mineralogy, Geology, Medicine, and Pharmacy. By James C. Booth, assisted by Campbell

Morfit. Philadelphia, 1850. Fleming & Tibbens, 1519, 0. French and English, and English and

French Dictionary. By Professors Fleming and Tibbens. With Tables of the Verbs. By Charles Picot. And terms in the Natural Sciences. By Judah Dobson. Philadel

phia, 1845. Paris, 1301, 0. Dictionnaire Technologique, ou Nouveau Dic

tionnaire Universel des Arts et Métiers, et de l'Economie
Industrielle et Commerciale. Par une Société de Savans
et d'Artistes. 22 tomes in octavo, and 2 tomes in quarto.
Paris, 1822 to 1835.
1523, o. Dictionnarie de l'Industrie, Manufacturiere,
Commerciale, et Agricole. 10 tomes Paris, 1843.


Mercator et Honduis, 1550, F. Atlas de l'Amerique Tierce partie

du Monde. Par Mercator et Hondius. 1634.


London, 499, 0. Journal of the Royal Geographical Society of

London. Vols. 17 to 20.


Ansted, 1652, D. The Geologist’s Text Book. Chiefly intended

as a book of Reference for the Geological Student. By

David Thomas Ansted. London, 1845.
Artis, 1277, 1529, Q. Antediluvian Physiology, Illustrated by a

Collection of the Fossil Remains of Plants peculiar to the
Coal Formations of Great Britain. By Edmund Tyrell
Artis. 2 copies. London, 1838.

. Beche, 1508, 0. A Geological Manual. By Henry T. de la Beche.

Philadelphia, 1832. Berzelius, 1482, D. Instructions for the Management of the Blow

pipe, and Chemical Tests, intended to accompany the Familiar Lessons on Mineralogy and Geology, with additions, &c., from Publications of Professor Berzelius. By

J. Mawe. London, 1822. Boase, 1489, 0. A Treatise on Primary Geology; being an Exami

nation, both Practical and Theoretical, of the older Form

ations. By Henry S. Boase. London, 1834. Cozzens, 1239, Q. A Geological History of Manhattan, or New

York Island; together with a Map of the Island, and a
Suite of Sections, Tables, and Columns, for the study of

Geology, particularly adapted for the American Student.

By Issachar Cozzens, Jr. New York, 1843.
D'Arginville, 1597, Q. l'Histoire Naturelle Eclaircie dans une

de ses parties Principales, l’Oryctologie, qui traite des
Terres, des Pierres, des Métaux, des Minéraux, et autres
Fossiles, Ouvrage dans lequel on trouve une Nouvelle
Méthod Latin et Francois de les diviser, et une Notice
critique des Principaux Ouvrages que ont paru sur ces

Matiére. Par d'Gallier de Arginvelle. A Paris, 1755.
Dana, 1659, 0. A System of Mineralogy, comprising the most re-

cent Discoveries. By James D. Dana. 3d edition. Re

written, re-arranged, and enlarged. New York, 1850. Dunn, 1479, 0. A Treatise on the winning and working of Col

lieries. Including numerous Statistics and Remarks on
Ventilation. By Matthias Dunn. New-Castle-upon-Tyne,

Gavit & Duthie, 1635, Q. Geological Specimens. Engraved By

Garit and Duthie.
Hawkins, 1264, F. The Book of the great Sea Dragons. Ichthy-

osauri and Plesiosauri. By Thomas Hawkins. London,

Houghton, 1241, D. The Mineral Regions of Lake Superior:

comprising its Early History; those parts of Dr. Doug-
lass Houghton's Reports of 1841–42, relating to the Min-
eralogy of the District; the Reports of the Linear and
Geological Surveys of 1845; a Notice of Mining Com-
panies; their Offices and Locations. With a correct list
of Locations and Leases up to July 17, 1846; and a va-
riety of Statistical Information; accompanied by the cor-
rected Map of the Mineral Agency Office, and a Chart of

Lake Superior. By Jacob Houghton, Jr. Buffalo, 1846.
Johnson, 1539, 0. The Coal Trade of British America, with re-

searches on the Characters and Practical Values of Ameri-
can and Foreign Coals. By Walter R. Johnson. Phila-

delphia, 1850.
Johnston, 1576, 0. The Economy of a Coal Field: an exposition

of the objects of the Geological and Polytechnic Society



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