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Pennsylvania.- Journals of the House of Representatives of the

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
1152, F. For 1791.


809, O. 1826–27. 2 vols.

1827-28. 2

1828-29. 3 815,

1829–30. 3 817,

1830-31. 3 819,

1831–32. 3

1832–33. wanting. 569,

1833–34. 2 vols. 844,


3 845,

1835-36. 3 950,

1836-37. 3 1187,

1837-38. 3 1188,

1838–39. 4 798,

1840. 3 951,

1841. 3

1842. 4 952,

1843. 2 953,

1844. 2 1011,

1845. 2

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1007, O. Report of the State Treasurer. 1831–32.

do. 1832–33.

do. 1834–35.

do. 1835-36.


do. 1842.
570 & 572, 0. Canal Commissioners' Report for 1833.
2 copies.


Pennsylvania, 777 & 779, 0. Proceedings and Debates of the Con

vention of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to propose
Amendments to the Constitution, commenced May 2d, 1837.
13 vols. 2 copies. Harrisburg, 1839.
778 & 780, 0. The same work as above, in German.
vols. 2 copies. Harrisburg, 1839.


PHILADELPHIA. Bache, 739, 0. Report on Education in Europe, to the Trustees of

the Girard College for Orphans. By Alexander D. Bache,

LL.D. Philadelphia, 1839.
Philadelphia, 626, 0. Ordinances of the Corporation of the City of

Philadelphia: also the Original Charter, Act of Incorpora-
tion, and other Acts of Assembly relating to the City: with
an Appendix, containing the Bank of the River Delaware,
the Portraiture of the City as originally laid out by the Pro-
prietor, &c. 1812. Also the Ordinances passed between the
18th day of June, 1812, and the 14th day of September,
671, O. Reports of the Trustees of the Philadelphia Gas
Works, to the Select and Common Councils. 1838.
446, 0. Digest of Ordinances of the City of Philadelphia,
and Acts of Assembly relating thereto. 1834.
867, O. Digest of the Ordinances of the City of Philadel-
phia, and the Acts of Assembly relating thereto. "1841.

UNITED STATES. Graham, 795, F. A Report upon the Military and Hydrographical

Chart of the Extremity of Cape Cod, including the Town. ships of Provincetown and Truro, with their Sea Coasts and Ship Harbor. Projected from Surveys executed during the years 1833–34–35, under the Direction of Major James D.

Graham, U. S. Corps of Topographical Engineers. Congress U. S., 425, 0. Diplomatic Correspondence of the United

States of America, from the Signing of the Definitive Treaty of Peace, September 10th, 1783, to the Adoption of the Constitution, March 4th, 1789.7 vols.

Congress U.S., 903, 0. Debates in the Congress of the United States,

on the Bill for Repealing the Law for the more convenient
Organization of the Courts of the United States, &c. Albany,
368, O. Journal of the House of Representatives of the
United States, from the 1st to the 13th Congress. 9 vols.
477, O. Journal, Acts, and Proceedings of the Convention
held in Philadelphia, May to September, 1787, which formed
the Constitution of the United States. Boston, 1819.
821, O. Documents of the House of Representatives of the
19th Congress, 1st Session, 1825–26. No. 1 to 40.
822, 0.

do. No. 115 to 184.
823, O. Documents of the Senate, 19th Congress, 1st Ses-
sion, 1825–26.
363, 0. Letter from the Secretary of the Treasury, trans-
mitting the Information required by a Resolution of the House
of Representatives, in Relation to the Growth and Manufac.
ture of Silk, adapted to the different parts of the Union.
Washington, 1825.
803, 0. Report of Commissioners of the General Land
Office, December 3, 1830; Report of Secretary of War, No.
vember 30, 1830; Address of the Friends of Domestic Indus-
try, in Convention at New York, October 26, 1831; Report
of Secretary of the Treasury on Statement of Duties, June
30, 1532; Hassler's Report on Weights and Measures, Feb.
ruary 10, 1932; Statement of Secretary of the Senate, of
Articles Imported Free of Duties, March 23, 1832.
421, 0. Report on Steam Carriages; by a Select Commii.
tee of the House of Commons of Great Britain: with Minutes
of Evidences and an Appendix. 22d Cong. Doc. No. 101.
Washington, 1832.
804, O. Report of the Secretary of War, November 27,
1834; Report of Secretary of Navy, November 29, 1834;
Report of Post Master General, November 29, 1834; Mer-
cer's Report on the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, April 17,
1834; Macneal on Canal Navigation.
805, 0. President's Message on the Operation of the Mint,
January 16, 1834; Letter of the Secretary of the Treasury
on the Assay of Foreign Coins, &c., March 27,1834; Report


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of the Committee on the Explosions of Steam Boilers, May 18, 1832; Report of the Secretary of the Treasury, on the Commerce and Navigation of the United States, April 22, 1834; Report of the Committee on Indian Affairs, May 20,

1834. Congress U. S., 457, O. Public Documents and Proceedings of the 23d

Congress, including the Leading Speeches on all Important
Questions. New York, 1834.
806, 0. Report of the Secretary of the Treasury, Decem-
ber 4, 1834; Report on the Bank of the United States; Re-
port of the Secretary of the Treasury, on the Removal of
the Deposits, December 4, 1833; Proceedings and Discus-
sions of the French Chamber of Deputies, July 4, 1831, to
April 2, 1834; Report of the Secretary of the Treasury, on
the Re-organization of the Treasury Department, December
8, 1834; Report of the Committee of Ways and Means, on
the Removal of the Public Deposits, March 4, 1834; Rives'
Speech on the Removal of the Public Deposits, January 17,
807, O. Report of Committee to Examine Post Office De.
partment, February 13, 1835; Report of Minority of same
Committee; Report of Committee on Finance, on Removal of
the Deposits in United States Bank, February 5, 1834; Re-
port on Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, April 17, 1834; Mac-
neill on Canal Navigation; Report of Committee on Relations
with France, January 6, 1835.
694, 0. The Addresses and Messages of the Presidents of
the United States, from 1789 to 1839, together with the De.
claration of Independence and Constitution of the United
States. New York, 1839.
355, 0. Digest of Patents Issued by the United States, from
1790 to January 1, 1839. Published by Act of Congress,
under the Superintendence of the Commissioner of Patents,
Henry L. Ellsworth. To which is added the Present Law
Relating to Patents. Washington, 1840.

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Douglass, 434, O. Report on Supplying the City of New York with

Pure Water. By D. B. Douglass, Civil Engineer. New
York, 1833.

New York Canal Commissioners, 356, 0. The Official Reports of

the Canal Commissioners of the State of New York, and the Acts of the Legislature Respecting Navigable Communications between the Great Western and Northern Lakes and the Atlantic Ocean. With Perspicuous Maps and Profiles. Published at the Request of the Board of Canal Commission

ers. Newburgh, 1817. New York Canals, 881, 0. Laws of the State of New York, in Re.

lation to the Erie and Champlain Canals; together with the Annual Reports of the Canal Commissioners, and other Documents requisite for a Complete History of those Works. Also Correct Maps, Delineating the Routes of the Erie and Champlain Canals, and Designating the Lands through which they pass. 2 vols. Albany, 1825.

De Moleon, 888,0. Memoires et Extraits de Déliberations des Cham.

bres de Commerce, et des Chambres Consultatives des Arts
et Manufactures. By MM. Cochand et De Moleon. Ver-
sailles, 1834.
437, 0. Musée Industriel. Description Complete de l’Ex-
position des Produits de l'Industrie Française faite, en 1834.

Par M. De Moleon. 2 tomes. Paris, 1835.
Dupin, 655, 0. Rapport du Jury Central sur les Produits de l'Indus-

trie Française Exposés, en 1834. Par le Baron Charles Dupin. 3 tomes. Paris, 1836.

London, 1045, F. Minutes of the Evidence taken before the Com-

mittee on the Bill for Making Wet Docks, Basins, Cuts, and
other Works at the Port of London. 1799.
1044, F. Reports of the Commissioners to Inquire into the
Nature and Extent of the Bogs in Ireland, and the Practica-
bility of Draining and Cultivating them. 20, 1811. 3d,
1035, F. First Report of the Midland Mining Commission.
1036, F. Report of the Select Committee to Inquire into the

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