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62, O.

63, O.

Do. do.

8th edition.

London, 1793.

Do. do. with Notes. By David Brewster. American edition, by Robert Patterson. 2 vols. Philadel

phia, 1806.

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de Physique. Par Jean Ingen-Housz. Vol. 2. Paris, 1789. Jamieson, 717, O. Mechanics of Fluids, for Practical Men. By Alex

ander Jamieson. London, 1837.

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Popular Lectures on Science and the Arts; Delivered in the Principal Cities and Towns of the United States.

By Dyonisius Lardner. 2 vols. New York, 1846.

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Vol. 1. Including Mechanics and Hydrostatics. Edinburgh,


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1107, F. Theatrum Machinarum-Hydraulicarum. Tomus 1 and 2, in 1. Von Jacob Leupold. Leipzig, 1724 and


1108, F. Theatrum Machinarum, et Theatristatici Universalis. Pars I.: Theatrum Staticum. Pars II.: Theatrum Hydrostaticum. Pars III.: Theatrum Aerostaticum. Pars IV.: Theatrum Horizontostaticum, sive Libellationis. Von Jacob Leupold. 1725 and 1726.

1109, F. Theatrum Pontificiale, et Theatrum ArithmeticoGeometricum. Von Jacob Leupold. Leipzig, 1726 and


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the Form of its Molecules. By John G. Macvicar. 1833. Martin, 758, O. System of the Newtonian Philosophy, Astronomy,

and Geography. By B. Martin. 3 vols. London, 1771. Mease, 894, O. Thermometrical Observations, as Connected with Navigation. By James Mease, M. D. Philadelphia, 1841. Millington, 27, O. Elements of Mechanical Philosophy. By John Millington. London, 1830.

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Paris, 1832.

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55, O. Experiments on the Different Kinds of Air, and other

Branches of Natural Philosophy. By Joseph Priestly. 3

vols. Birmingham, 1790.

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Naval and Commercial.

Bottin, 312, O. Almanach du Commerce de Paris, des Départemens de la France, et des Principales Villas du Monde. Par Séb Bottin. Paris, 1825.

De Moleon, 888, O. Memoires et Extracts de Déliberations des Chambres de Commerce, et des Chambres Consultatives des Arts et Manufactures. Par MM. Cochand et De Moleon. Versailles, 1834.

Graham, 795, F. Report upon the Military and Hydrographical Chart of the Extremity of Cape Cod. By Major James D. Graham, U. S. Top. Corps. 1838.

Kelly, 476, Q. The Universal Cambist, and Commercial Instructor; being a General Treatise on Exchange; including the Moneys, Coins, Weights and Measures of all Trading Nations and Colonies. By Patrick Kelly. 2 vols. London, 1811. Marseilles, 998, Q. Le Commerce de L'Amerique. Par M. C. MarAvignon, 1764 and 1777.

seilles. 2 tomes.

Maskelyne, 774, O. Tables Requisite to be Used with the Nautical Ephemeris, for Finding Latitudes and Longitudes at Sea. By Nevil Maskelyne. London, 1781.

Mease, 894, O. Thermometrical Observations, as Connected with Navigation. By Dr. James Mease. Philadelphia, 1841. Paris, 221 & 895, D. Annuaires; pour l'an 1830 et 1837. Par le Bureau des Longitudes. 2 tomes.

Pope, 1079, O. The Yearly Journal of Trade for 1845. By Charles Pope. London, 1845.

Rordansz, 701, O. European Commerce; or Complete Mercantile Guide to the Continent of Europe. By C. W. Rordansz. Boston, 1819.

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Williams, 1144, O. Thermometrical Navigation: Being a Series of Experiments and Observations tending to prove, that by Ascertaining the Relative Heat of the Sea Water from time to time, the Passage of a Ship through the Gulph Stream, and from Deep Water into Soundings, may be Discovered in time to avoid Danger, although (owing to Tempestuous Weather), it may be impossible to heave the Lead, or observe the Heavenly Bodies. By Jonathan Williams. Philadelphia, 1799.


London, 293, O. The Journal of Trade and Commerce. Vols. 1 and 2. 454, O. The Nautical Magazine-a Journal of Papers on Subjects connected with Maritime Affairs in general. 5 vols. 601, O. The Nautical Magazine and Naval Chronicle. 2d Series of the No. 454. Vols. 1 to 10.

585, O. The Tradesman: or Commercial Magazine. 8 vols. 930, F. The Mining Journal and Commercial Gazette. Vols. 1 to 17.

Parliamentary Documents:

354, F. Report of the Committee on Wet Docks.


855, F. Plans and Drawings of the Select Committee on the Port of London.

1033, F. Second Report of the Committee on Improvements of the Port of London.

1038, F. Report of the Commissioners upon the Harbors of Refuge. 1845.

Report on Steam Vessel Accidents. 1839.

1041, F.

1042, F.

Report of Committee on Shipwrecks. 1843.

1045, F.

Minutes of the Evidence taken before the Committee on the Bill for Making Wet Docks, Basins, Cuts, and other Works, &c., at the Port of London. 1799.

1047, F. Report of the Commissioners for the Improvement of the Navigation of the River Shannon. 1837.

New Orleans, 927, F. New Orleans Price Current and Commercial Intelligencer. 1835 to 1840, inclusive.

New York, 603, F. The Naval Chronicle. Vol. 2.

926, F. The Shipping and Commercial List, and New York Price Current. 1836 to 1840, inclusive.

Philadelphia, 925, F. Commercial List and Philadelphia Price Current. 1838 to 1840, inclusive.

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