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London, 542, 0. The Magazine of Natural History, and Journal of

Zoology, Botany, Mineralogy, Geology, and Meteorology.
9 vols.
986,0. Quarterly Journal of Meteorological Science. Vol. 1.

Moral and Intellectual Philosophy.

Babbage, 557, O. Ninth Bridgewater Treatise; A Fragment. By

C. Babbage. London, 1837. Bell, 143 & 514, D. The Hand; Its Mechanism and Vital Endow.

ments, as Evincing Design. By Sir Charles Bell. (Bridge.

water Treatise). Philadelphia, 1833. Chalmers, 515, 0. On the Moral and Intellectual Constitution of Man.

By the Rev. Thomas Chalmers. (Bridgewater Treatise).

Philadelphia, 1836. Johnson, 328, 0. First Principles of Human Knowledge and Moral

Philosophy. By Samuel Johnson. 2d edition. Philadel.

phia, 1752. Kidd, 514, 0. On the Adaptation of External Nature to the Physi.

0 cal Condition of Man. By John Kidd. (Bridgewater Trea

tise). Philadelphia, 1836. Locke, 150, 0. An Essay Concerning Human Understanding. By

John Locke. 2 vols. Boston, 1813. Nieuwentty, 578, 0. The Religious Philosopher. By Dr. Nieuwentty.

3 vols. London, 1745. Parker, 576, O. Logic; or the Art of Reasoning Simplified. By S.

E. Parker. Philadelphia, 1837.
Stewart, 463, 0. Elements of the Philosophy of the Human Mind.

By Dugald Stewart. Boston, 1818.
595, Q. Philosophical Essays. By Dugald Stewart. Edin-
burgh, 1810.

Natural Liistory.

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Anonymous, 1094, D. The Menagerie. Quadrupeds, Described and

Drawn from Living Subjects—(being Vols. 1 and 7 of the
Library of Entertaining Knowledge). 2 vols, Boston,
1094, D. Insect Architecture-(being Vol. 4 of the Library
of Entertaining Knowledge). Boston, 1831.
1094, D. Architecture of Birds--(being Vol. 9 of the Li-
brary of Entertaining Knowledge). Boston, 1831.
1094, D. Insect Miscellanies—(being Vol. 12 of the Library
of Entertaining Knowledge). Boston, 1832.
1094, D. Insect Transformation-(being Vol. 6 of the

Library of Entertaining Knowledge). Boston, 1831. Bewick, 121, 0. A General History of Birds and Quadrupeds. By

Thomas Bewick. Philadelphia, 1824.
Bonaparte, 1186, O. A Genera of North American Birds, &c. By

C. L. Bonaparte.
122, 0. Observations on the Nomenclature of Wilson's Or-
nithology. By C. L. Bonaparte. Philadelphia, 1826.
18, F. American Ornithology; or Natural History of Birds
Inhabiting the United States, not given by Wilson. By C.

L. Bonaparte. 3 vols. Philadelphia, 1828.
Brown, 536, D. The Conchologist's Text-Book. By Captain Tho.

mas Brown. Glasgow, 1836. Buffon, 235, D. Histoire Naturelle, Généralle et Particuliére. Par

De M. Le C. de Buffon. Tomes 5, 6, 12, 13. Paris, 1774. Fleming, 119, 0. The Philosophy of Zoology; or a General View

of the Structure, Functions, and Classifications of Animals.

By John Fleming, D. D. 2 vols. Edinburgh, 1822. Godman, 311, 0. American Natural History. By John D. Godman.

Vol. 1. Philadelphia, 1826.
348, D. Journal of a Naturalist. By John D. Godman.

Philadelphia, 1831.
Harlan, 118, 0. A Description of the Mammiferous Animals Inha.

biting North America. By Richard Harlan. Philadelphia,

1825. Kirby, 120, 0. Monographia Apum Angliæ; or, an Attempt to

0 Divide into their Natural Genera and Family, such Species of the Linnean Genus Apis, as have been Discovered in England. By William Kirby. Ipswich, 1802. 513, 0. History, Habits, and Instincts of Animals. By Rev.

William Kirby. Philadelphia, 1836. Lamarck, 222, 0. Histoire Naturelle des Animaux Sans vertébres.

Par M. Le Chevalier De Lamarck. 7 tomes. Paris, 1815

to 1822. Landseer, 22, Q. An Essay on Carniverous Quadrupeds. By Edwin

Landseer. London, 1823. Lawrence, 132, 0. Lectures on Physiology, Zoology, and the Natu

ral History of Man. By W. Lawrence, F.R.S. Salem,

1828. Lea, 327, Q. Description of Six New Species of the Genus Unio.

By Isaac Lea, Philadelphia, 1827. Metaxá, 325, Q. Monografia de' Serpenti di Roma e' suoi contorni.

Del Professore Luigi Metaxa'. Roma, 1823. Parkinson, 624, O. Introduction to the Study of Fossil Organic Re.

mains; especially those found in the British Sirata. By

James Parkinson. London, 1822. Philadelphia, 254, Q. The Cabinet of Natural History and Ameri

can Rural Sports. 4 vols. Rafinesque, 198, D. A Monograph of the Fluviatile Bivalve Shells of

the River Ohio. By Professor Rafinesque. Translated by

C. A. Poulson. Philadelphia, 1832. Roget, 512, 0. Animal and Vegetable Physiology. By Peter Mark

Roget. 2 vols. (Bridgewater Treatise). Philadelphia,

1836. Ruschenberger, 853, 0. The First Book of Natural History: Prepared

for the Use of Schools and Colleges. By W.S. W. Ruschen.

berger. Philadelphia, 1841. Say, 326, Q. Description of Insects of the Families of Carabica and

Hydrocanthari, inhabiting North America. By Thomas Say.
Philadelphia, 1823.
641, 0. American Conchology. By Thomas Say. New

Harmony, Indiana, 1830.

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Smellie, 117, 0. The Philosophy of Natural History. By William

Smellie. With Additions, by John Ware. Boston, 1824. Sturm, 224, 0. Catalog meiner Insecten-Sammlung. Von Jacob

Sturm. Nürnberg, 1826. Webster, 194, O. History of Animals. By Noah Webster. New

. Haven, Connecticut, 1815. White, 116, D. The Natural History of Selborne. By Rev. Gilbert

White. With Additions, by Sir William Jardine. Philadel.

phia, 1832. Zoological Society, 715, 0. The Gardens and Menagerie of the Zo.

ological Society Delineated. Published with the Sanction of the Council, under the Superintendence of the Secretary and Vice-Secretary of the Society. 2 vols. London, 1835.

London, 300, O. Proceedings of the Committee of Science and Cor.

respondence of the Zoological Society of London. Part 1.
656, 0. Proceedings of the Zoological Society. 1833 to
1843. (Incomplete).
542, 0. The Magazine of Natural History; and Journal of
Zoology, Botany, Mineralogy, Geology, and Meteorology.
Vols. 1 to 9.
602, O. Do. do. New Series, vols. 1 to 14.

Natural Philosophy.

Adams, 752, 0. Micrographia Illustrata; or the Microscope Ex

Es. plained. By George Adams. London, 1771. Agassi:, 1116, Q. Études sur les Glaciers. Par L. Agassiz. Ac

compagné d'un Atlas de 32 Planches. Neuchatel, 1940. Arnott, 69 & 69, 0. Elements of Physics. By Neill Arnott, M.D.

American editiou: with Additions, by Isaac Hays, M.D. 2 vols. 2 copies. Philadelphia, 1829.

Baker, 625, 0. The Microscope; and Discoveries made thereby.

By Henry Baker. 2 vols. London, 1785. Bartlett, 960, 0. Elementary Treatise on Optics. By W. H. C.

Bartlett. New York, 1839. Beaufoy, 349, Q. Nautical and Hydraulic Experiments; with Nu

merous Scientific Miscellanies. By Col. Mark Beaufoy, F.

R.S. London, 1834. Bélidor, 738, Q. Architecture Hydraulique, ou l'Art de Conduire,

d'Elever, et de Ménager les Eaux pour Différents Besoins de la Vie. Par Bélidor. Avec des Notes et Additions, par M.

Navier. 4 tomes. Paris, 1819. Biot, 213, O. Précis Elementaire de Physique Expérimentale. Par

J. B. Biot. 2 tomes. Paris, 1817. Brewster, 144, D. A Treatise on Optics. By Sir David Brewster,

1st American edition: with an Appendix, by A. D. Bache,

A.M. Philadelphia, 1833. Cavallo, 71 & 72, O. The Elements of Natural or Experimental

Philosophy. By Tiberius Cavallo. 4th American edition, with Notes, by F. X. Brosius. 2 copies. Philadelphia, 1829. 1069, Q. A Treatise on the Nature and Property of Air, and other Permanent Elastic Fluids, &c. By Tiberius Ca.

vallo. London, 1781. Churchman, 471, Q. The Magnetic Atlas, or Variation Charts; com

prising System of the Variation and Dip of the Needle.

By J. Churchman. London, 1794. Clare, 984, O. The Motion of Fluids—Natural and Artificial; in

particular that of Air and Water. By M. Clare. London,

1737. Cotes, 865, O. Hydrostatical and Pneumatical Lectures. By Roger

Cotes. With Notes, by Robert Smith. London, 1775. D'Orleans, 648, F. La Dioptrique Oculaire, ou la Theorique, la Posi

tive et la Mecanique de l'Oculaire Dioptrique en toutes ses

Especes. Par le Pere Cherubin d'Orleans. Paris, 1671. Desaguliers, 768, Q. A Course of Experimental Philosophy. By J.

T. Desaguliers. 2 vols. London, 1763. Dupin, 790, O. Tableu des Arts et Metiers, des Beaux Arts. Par

Le Baron Charles Dupin. Paris, 1836. Faraday, 1140, Q. Experimental Researches in Electricity. By

Michael Faraday, D.C.L. London.

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