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by Lord Brougham. Also an Account of the Flexible Iron Conduit laid across the River at Glasgow, for the Water

Works, contrived by James Watt. London, 1834. Whittock, 24, Q. The Decorative Painter's and Glazier's Guide. By

Nathaniel Whittock. London, 1828.

PERIODICALS. Boston, 263, 0. The Mechanic's Magazine and Journal of Internal


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929, Q. The Practical Mechanics and Engineers' Maga

zine. Vols. 1 to 5. London, 272, 0. The Repertory of Arts and Manufactures. 1st Se.

ries, 16 vols.
273, 0. The Repertory of Arts and Manufactures. 2d Se.
ries, 34 vols.
274, 0. The Repertory of Patent Inventions. 3d Series of
the above. 16 vols.
408, 0. The Repertory of Patent Inventions. 4th Series,
18 yols.
947, 0. The Repertory of Patent Inventions. 5th Series,
vols. 1 to 9.
1113, O. A General Index to the Repertory of Patent In.
ventions; from 1815 to 1845, inclusive.
275, 0. The London Journal of Arts and Sciences. 1st
Series, 14 vols.
276, O. The London Journal of Arts and Sciences. 20 Se.
ries, 9 vols.
277, O. The London Journal of Arts and Sciences, and
Repertory of Patent Inventions. 3d Series of the above.
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416, 0. The Mechanic's Magazine and Register of Inven

tions and Improvements. 6 vols. Paris, 964, 0. Journal des Usines et des Brevets d'Invention. Tomes

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Medicine, Anatomy, Surgery, and Phy


Bell, 143 & 514, 0. The Hand—Its Mechanism and Vital Endow.

ments, as Evincing Design. By Sir Charles Bell. 2 copies

(Bridgewater Treatise). Philadelphia, 1836. Chase, 583, O. Treatise on Radical Cure of Hernia, by Instruments.

By Heber Chase, M.D. Philadelphia, 1836.
584, O. Final Report of Philadelphia Medical Society, on
Radical Cure of Hernia by Instruments. By Heber Chase,

M. D. Philadelphia, 1837.
De Moleon, 897, 0. Collections des Travaux Sanitaires et Hygién.

iques projetés ou executes dans le divers etats de l'Europe.
Par V. De Moleon. Paris.
973, O. Du Choléra Morbus. Par V. De Moleon. Paris,

1834. Filio, 380, 0. Encephali Anatomica Descriptio. A Doctore Lupi

Filio. Romæ, 1826. Goodwyn, 182, 0. The Connexion of Life with Respiration. By Ed.

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derick Hoffman. London, 1746. Humboldt, 1185, Q. Account of the Cinchona Forests of South Ame.

rica. By Baron De Humboldt. And Lambert's Memoir on the Different Species of Quinquinas. Don Hippolita Ruy's Dissertations on Various Medicinal Plants of South America. And an Account of the Spikenard of the Ancients, by Ayl.

mer Bourke Lampere. London, 1821. Kidd, 514, 0. On the Adaptation of External Nature to the Physi.

cal Condition of Mankind. By John Kidd. (Bridgewater

Treatise). Philadelphia, 1836. Koecker, 869, 0. An Essay on the Diseases of the Jaws, and their

Treatment. By Leonard Koecker. London, 1828.



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ranged by John Bell. Philadelphia, 1843. Porter, 466, D. The Catechism of Health. By Henry H. Porter.

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1836. Thackrah, 467, D. Effects of the Principal Arts, Trades, and Pro

fessions, on Health and Longevity. By C. Turner Thack

rah. Philadelphia, 1831. Thompson, 146, O. An Account of the Varioloid Epidemic. By

John Thompson, M. D. Philadelphia, 1824.
Vanuzem, 772, 0. Essay on the Ultimate Principles of Chemistry,

Natural Philosophy, and Physiology. By L. Vanuxem.
Part 1. Philadelphia, 1827.


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8 vols.
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Vols. 1 to 11. Philadelphia.


Anonymous, 713, D. A Treatise on the Progressive Improvement

and Present State of the Manufactures in Metal. 3 vols.

London, 1831. Avranches, 216, D. Manuel du Fondeur, sur tous Métaux. Par J.

B. L. d'Avranches. 2 tomes. Paris, 1827. Flachat, 1112, F. Traité de la Fabrication de la Fonte et du Fer,

envisagée sous le trois rapports Chimique, Mécanique et Commercial. Par E. Flachat, A. Barrault, et J. Petiet. 3

tomes. Paris, 1842, 1846. Goeury, 1135, F. Atlas Mineur et de Metallurgiste, ou Recueil de

Dessins relatifs a l'exploitations des Mines et aux operations
Metallurgique. Executes par MM. les Eleves de l'Ecole

Royale des Mines. Carilion Goeury, Editeur. Paris. Hodgkinson, 1139, Q. Experimental Researches on the Strength of

Pillars of Cast Iron and other Materials. By Eaton Hodg.

kinson Esq. London, 1840. Jacobs, 87, O. An Historical Inquiry into the Production and Con

sumption of the Precious Metals. By William Jacobs. Phi

ladelphia, 1832. Lowndes, 1071, 0. A Report containing an Essay for the Amend

ment of the Silver Coins. By William Lowndes. London,

1695. Mushet, 1006, 0. Papers on Iron and Steel-Practical and Experi.

mental. By David Mushet. London, 1840. Ricci, 379, O. Memoria su gl' insetti piu' perniciosi al dipartimento

del Metauro. Da Vito Procaccini Ricci. Ancona, 1811. Schoolcraft, 101, 0. A View of the Lead Mines of Missouri. By

H. R. Schoolcraft. New York, 1819. Smee, 980, 0. Elements of Electro-Metallurgy. By Alfred Smee,

F.R.S. London, 1843. St. Ange, 1133, F. Métallurgie pratique du Fer; ou Description Mé.

thodique des Procédés de Fabrication de la Fonte et du Fer. Par Walter de St. Ange. Avec Atlas des Machines, Appareils et Outils actuellement employés, renfermant tousles nécessaires pour exécuter les Constructions; Dessiné et Gravé, par M. Le Blanc. Paris, 1835, 1838.

, Tredgold, 66, O. Practical Essay on Cast Iron, and other Metals.

By Thomas Tredgold. London, 1831.


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London, 930, F. Mining Journal and Commercial Gazette. Vols. 1

to 17.

562, Q. The Quarterly Mining Review. 3 vols. Paris, 1008, F. Resumé des Travaux Statisques de l'Administration

des Mines, en 1838–39–40-41.


Daniels, 468, O. Meteorological Essays and Observations. By J.

Frederick Daniels, F. R. S. London, 1827. Espy, 1075, 0. The Philosophy of Storms. By James P. Espy.

Boston, 1841. Gillis, 1103, 0. Magnetical and Meteorological Observations; made

at Washington under Orders of the Secretary of the Navy. By Lieut. J. M. Gillis, U.S. N. Washington City, D.C.,

1845. Murphy, 662, 0. Meteorology; Considered in its Connexion with

Astronomy, Climate, and Geographical Distribution of Ani. mals and Plants, equally as with Seasons, and Changes of

the Weather. By Patrick Murphy. London, 1836. Peirce, 1156, O. A Meteorological Account of the Weather in Phi

ladelphia ; from January 1st, 1790, to January 1st, 1847.

With an Appendix. By Charles Peirce. Philadelphia, 1847. Redfield, 1145, 0. On the Three Several Hurricanes of the Atlantic,

and their Relation to the Northers of Mexico and Central America, with Notices of other Storms. By William C. Redfield. New Haven, 1846.

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