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Renwick, 36, 0. The Elements of Mechanics. By James Renwick.

Philadelphia, 1832. Robertson, 769, 0. The Elements of Navigation. By J. Robertson.

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Scholfield. New York, 1845.
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By N. Scholfield. New York, 1845.
1061, 0. Elements of Solid Geometry and Mensuration.
By N. Scholfield. New York, 1845.
1062, 0. Higher Geometry and Trigonometry. By N.

Scholfield. New York, 1845.
Shortrede, 963, 0. Logarithmic Tables—to seven places. By Robert

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are demonstrated and applied. By Thomas Simpson. Phila

delphia, 1809. Simson, 753, 0. Elements of Conic Sections. By Dr. Robert Sim

son. Glasgow, 1804. Smith, 971, D. Lessons on Arithmetic, in Principles and in Practice.

By Thomas Smith. London, 1837. Taylor, 638, 0. Dr. Brook Taylor's Principles of Linear Perspec

tive. By Joseph Jopling. London, 1835. Varley, 734, F. Practical Treatise on the Art of Drawing in Per

spective. By John Varley. London. West, 756, 0. Elements of Mathematics. By John West. Edin.

burgh, 1774. Young, 334, 0. An Elementary Treatise on Algebra—Theoretical

and Practical. By J. R. Young. 1st American edition. Phi.
ladelphia, 1833.
335, 0. Elements of the Integral Calculus; with its Appli-
cations to Geometry. By J. R. Young. Philadelphia, 1833.
336, 0. Elements of Geometry; with Notes. By J. R.
Young. Philadelphia, 1833.
337, 0.

Elements of Analytical Geometry. By J. R.
Young. Philadelphia, 1833.
330, 0. Elements of Mechanics; Comprehending Statics
and Dynamics. By J. R. Young. Philadelphia, 1834.
716, 0. Elements of Plane and Spherical Trigonometry,
By J. R. Young. Philadelphia, 1833.

Mechanic Arts.

Adams, 472, D. Geometrical and Graphical Essays on Mathemati.

cal Instruments. By George Adams. Enlarged by W.
Jones. 2 vols. London, 1803.
961, 0. Typographia; or the Printer's Instructor: a Sketch
of the Origin, Rise, and Progress of the Typographical Art.

By T. F. Adams. Philadelphia, 1844.
Allen, 199, O. The Science of Mechanics. By Z. Allen. Provi.

dence, R. I., 1829. Bailey, 16, F. 106 Copperplate Engravings of Mechanical Machines,

&c. Approved and Adopted by the Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce. By May.

byn Bailey. 2 vols. London, 1782. Baines, 424, 0. History of the Cotton Manufacture in Great Britain.

By Edward Baines Jr. London, 1835. Banks, 886, O. Treatise on Mills. By John Banks. London, 1795. Beckmann, 1157, D. A History of Inventions, Discoveries, and Ori.

gins. By John Beckmann. Translated from the German,

by William Johnston. 2 vols. London, 1846. Benjamin, 21, Q. The Practical Carpenter. By Asher Benjamin.

Boston, 1830. Bergeron, 781, Q. Manuel du Tourneur. Par L. C. Bergeron. 3

vols. Paris, 1816. Berthollet, 54, O. Elements of the Art of Dyeing. By C. L. Ber

thollet. With Notes, by Andrew Ure. 2 vols. London,

1824. Bétancourt, 735, Q. Essai sur la Composition des Machines. Par

MM. Lanz et Bérancourt. Paris, 1819. Beyers, 554 & 555, F. Theatrum Machinarum Molarium. Von Jo.

hann Matthias Beyers. Parts 1 and 3. Dresden, 1767,

1788. Bigelow, 84, 0. Elements of Technology. By Jacob Bigelow. Bos.

ton, 1829.
898, D. The Useful Arts, considered in Connexion with

the Applications of Science. By Jacob Bigelow, M.D. 2

vols. Boston, 1840. Bruce, 456, 0. A Specimen of Printing Types cast by George Bruce

& Co. New York, 1935. Buchanan, 883, 0. Practical Essays on Mill.Work and other Ma

chinery. By Robertson Buchanan. Edinburgh, 1814. Bull, 402, 0. Experiments to Determine the Comparative Value of

the Principal Varieties of Fuel, &c. By Marcus Bull. Phi

ladelphia, 1827. Cardelli, 217, D. Manuel du Limonadier et du Confiseur. Par M.

Cardelli. 5th edition. Paris, 1830.
Carey, 73, O. Five Hundred Experiments in Arts and Manufactures.

By G. G. Carey. London, 1822.
80, 0. Pamphlets on Manufactures. By Mathew Carey.

Chippendale, 17, F. The Gentleman and Cabinet-Maker's Director.

By Thomas Chippendale. London, 1762.
Cooper, 56, 0. A Practical Treatise on Dyeing and Calico Printing.

By Thomas Cooper. Philadelphia, 1815.
53, O. Some Information concerning Gas Lights. By

Thomas Cooper. Philadelphia, 1816.
Cottom, 415, D. The Art of Book-binding; with Receipts for Sprink-

ling, Marbling, Coloring, &c. By Peter Cottom. Rich

mond, 1824. Coulon, 669, Q. Menuisserie Descriptive Nouveau Vignole des Me

puisiers. Par A. G. Coulon. Paris, 1835. Cutbush, 39, 0. The American Artist's Manual, &c. By James

Cutbush. 2 vols. Philadelphia, 1814. Daguerre, 992, D. The Hand-Book of Heliography; or the Art of

Writing or Drawing, by the effect of Sunlight: with the Art of Dioramic Painting, as practised by M. Daguerre. Lon

don, 1840. D'Homergue, 718, D. The Silk Culturist's Manual. By J. D'Ho

mergue. Philadelphia, 1839. De Lasteyrie, 638, Q. Collection des Machines, Instrumens, Utensiles,

Constructions, Appareils, &c., employés dans l’Economie
Rurale, Domestique, et Industrielle. Par M. le Comte de
Lasteyrie; Nouvelle edit. revue, corrigée et augmentée.
2 yols. Paris.

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Erard, 902, O. Erard's New Patent Action Grand Pianoforte-(a

pamphlet bound up in Vol. 2 of “ Pamphlets on Railways

and Steam.") Evans, 548, 0. The Young Millwright and Miller's Guide. By Oli

ver Evans of Philadelphia. Philadelphia, 1795.
920,0. The Young Millwright and Miller's Guide. By Oliver
Evans. With Additions, &c., by Thomas P. Jones. Phila.

delphia, 1834. Fessenden, 382, 0. The Register of Arts; or a Compendious View

of Some of the Most Useful Modern Discoveries and Inven.

tions. By Thomas G. Fessenden. Philadelphia, 1808. Fontenelle, 219, D. Manuel Complet du Verrier et du Fabricant de

Glaces, Cristaux, &c. Par M. Julia de Fontenelle. Paris,

1829. Gallon, 653, Q. Machines et Inventions, approuvées par l'Academie

, Royale des Sciences. Par M. Gallon. From 1666 to 1754.

7 tomes. Paris, 1735 and 1777. Genssane, 645, Q. Traité de la Fonte des Mines, par le Feu du Char

bon de Terre. Par M. de Genssane. 2 vols. Paris, 1776. Gerstäcker, 801, F. Drawings for Masons, in Forty-two Lithogra.

phic Plates, with Explanations from the Original Edition of the Royal Technical Commission for Trades. Published with their Approval. 2d edition. (In German.) By Schenk

& Gerstäcker. Berlin, 1835. Gerstner, 776, F. Treatise on Mechanics. By Chevalier de Gerst

Plates 1 to 109. Gilroy, 1073, 0. The Art of Weaving by Hand and by Power, &c.

By Clinton G. Gilroy. New York, 1844. Gray, 90, O. A Treatise on Spinning Machinery. By Andrew Gray.

Edinburgh, 1819. Gregory, 34, O. A Treatise on Mechanics—Theoretical, Practical

and Descriptive. By Olinthus Gregory. 3d edition. 3

vols. London, 1815. Grier, 721, D. The Mechanic's Calculator. By William Grier.

Philadelphia, 1839. Guest, 81, Q. A Compendious History of the Cotton Manufactures,

&c. By Richard Guest. Manchester, 1823. Hazen, 531, D. The Panorama of Professions and Trades. By E.

Hazen. Philadelphia, 1836,


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Harper, 1163, 0. A Practical Treatise on Dyeing and Calico Print

ing; including the Latest Inventions and Improvements.

Published by Harper & Brothers. New York, 1846. Higgins, 764, 0. Experiments on Calcareous Cements and Quick

Lime. By B. Higgins. London, 1780. Holtzapffel, 1019, O. Turning and Mechanical Manipulation. By

C. Holtzapffel. 2 vols. London, 1843. Hoppus, 383, O. Practical Measuring Made Easy to the Meanest

Capacity, by a new set of Tables. By E. Hoppus. London, Ibbetson, 663, 0. Specimens in Eccentric Turning, with Practical

Instructions for Producing Corresponding Pieces in the Art.

By J. H. Ibbetson. London. Jamieson, 1182, 0. Mechanics for Practical Men. Treatises on the

Composition and Resolution of Forces; the Centre of Gravity; and the Mechanical Powers. By Alexander Jamieson, LL. D.

London, 1845. Johnson f Smith, 391, 0. Specimen of Printing Types and Orna

ments cast by Johnson & Smith. Philadelphia, 1834. Johnson, 849, O. Notes on the Use of Anthracite in the Manufacture

of Iron. With Some Remarks on its Evaporating Power.

By W. R. Johnson, A. M. Boston, 1841. Land seer, 411, 0. Lectures on the Art of Engraving, delivered at

the Royal Institution of Great Britain. By John Landseer.

London, 1807. Langley, 7, F. Ancient Masonry, both in Theory and Practice.

By B. Langley. London, 1736.
Lardner, 1168, D. A Treatise on the Origin, Progressive Improve.

ment, and Present State of the Silk Manufacture. (Lard-
ner's Cabinet Cyclopedia). Philadelphia, 1832.
1169, D. A Treatise on the Origin, Progressive Improve-
ment, and Present State of the Manufacture of Porcelain and
Glass. (Lardner's Cabinet Cyclopedia). Philadelphia,

1832. Le Blanc, 689, Q. Choix de Modeles appliqués a l'Enseignement

du Dessin des Machines, avec un Texte descriptif, Ouvrage
adopté par le Conservatoire Royal des Arts et Metiers, par
l'Ecole Centrale des Arts et Manufactures, &c. Par Le
Blanc. Paris, 1838.
1134, F. Recueil des Machines, Instrumens, et Appareils

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