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for his due observance of the rules of the library, and for the value of such books as may be injured or lost by him.

Section 2d. No individual shall be permitted to have more than two books out at one time, without a written permission, signed by at least two members of the Library Committee, nor shall a book be kept out more than two weeks; but is no one has applied for it, the former borrower


renew the loan: should any person have applied for it, the latter shall have the preference.

Section 3d. A fine of ten cents per week shall be exacted for the detention of every book beyond the limited time; and is a book be not returned within three months, it shall be deemed lost, and the borrower shall, in addition to his fines, forfeit its value.

Section 4th. Should any book be returned injured, the borrower shall pay for the injury, or replace the book, as the Library Committee may direct; and if one or more books, belonging to a set or sets, be lost, the borrower shall pay the full value of the set or sets, and may take the remaining volumes.

VII. Any person removing from the Hall, without permission from the proper authorities, any book, newspaper, or other property in charge of the Library Committee, shall be reported to the Committee, who may inflict any fine not exceeding Twenty-five Dollars.

VIII. No member whose annual contribution for the current year shall be unpaid, or who is in arrears for fines, shall be entitled to the privileges of the Library or Reading Room.

IX. If any member shall refuse or neglect to comply with the foregoing rules, it shall be the duty of the Actuary to report him to the Committee on the Library.

X. The Actuary shall keep a book on the table of the Reading Room, subject to the inspection of the members, in which shall be registered the names of the donors, and of all articles presented to the Library.

XI. Books presented or deposited shall be subject to the preceding regulations, or to such special rules as may be determined by the depositor, which shall be reported to the committee, and be entered on the minutes.

XII. Any member detected in mutilating the Newspapers, Pamphlets, or Books belonging to the Institute, shall be deprived of his right of membership, and the name of the offender shall be made public.


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