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gins. By John Beckmann. Translated from the German,

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tive. By J. S. Buckingham. 2 vols. New York, 1841. Busk, 1173, 0. The History of Spain and Portugal; from B.C. 1000,

to A.D. 1814. By MM. Busk. (Library of Useful Know

ledge). London, 1833. Chapman, 864, D. A Sketch of the History of Wyoming. By Isaac

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vania, 1830. Cooper, 710, 0. History of the Navy of the United States of Ame

rica. By J. Fenimore Cooper. 2 vols. Philadelphia, 1839. Coxe, 850, 0. Description of the English Province of Carolana, by

the Spaniards called “Florida;” and by the French, “ La Louisiane.” As also of the Great and Famous River Mes. chacebe, or Mississippi. By Daniel Coxe. London, 1722.

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Translated by C. Cullen. 3 vols. Philadelphia, 1817. Drake, 418, 0. Biography and History of the Indians of North


America. By Samuel G. Drake. Boston, 1834. Ferris, 1076, 0. History of the Original Settlements on the Dela.

ware; from its Discovery by Hudson to the Colonization by William Penn. By Benjamin Ferris. Wilmington, DelaGillies, 157, 0. The History of Ancient Greece, its Colonies and

ware, 1846.

Conquests. By John Gillies. Philadelphia, 1829. Gorden, 166, 0. History of Pennsylvania; from its Discovery by

Europeans, to the Declaration of Independence, 1776. By

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Colley Grattan. (Lardner's Cabinet Cyclopediu). Phila

delphia, 1831. Graydon, 1162, 0. Memoirs of his own Time; with Reminiscences

of the Men and Events of the Revolution. By Alexander

Graydon. Edited by John S. Littell. Philadelphia, 1846. Grimshaw, 159 & 160, D. The History of France from the Founda

tion of the Monarchy, to the Death of Louis XVI. By
William Grimshaw. 2 copies. Philadelphia, 1829.
158 & 372, D. The Life of Napoleon, with the History of
France, from the Death of Louis XVI. to 1821. By Wil-

liam Grimshaw. 2 copies. Philadelphia, 1829. Guillermin, 934, 0. Journal Historique de la Revolution de la Par

tie de l'Est de St. Domingue, commencée le 10 Aout, 1808. Avec des Notes Statistique sur cette Partie. Par Gilbert

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By William Guthrie & others. 13 vols. London, 1764. Heckerelder, 720, 0, Narrative of the Mission of the United Breth

ren, among the Delaware and Mohegan Indians. By J.

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Rise, Progress, and Decay of the Commonwealth ; with a
Description of the City, &c. By Basil Kennett. 6th edition,

London, 1717.
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A. D. 1830. (Lardner's Cabinet Cyclopedia.) Philadel

phia, 1832. Lardner, 1167, D. Outlines of History; from the Earliest Period to

the Present Time. (Lardner's Cabinet Cyclopedia.) Phi

ladelphia, 1831. Mackintosh, 511, 0. History of the Revolution in England in 1688.

By Sir James Mackintosh. Philadeiphia, 1835.
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the year 1588. By Sir James Mackintosh. Philadelphia,
1170, D. History of England. By Sir James Mackin.
tosh. (Lardner's Cabinet Cyclopedia.) 3 vols. Philadel-

phia, 1830. Moses, 381, D. Full Annals of the Revolution in France, 1830; to

which is added a Full Account of the Celebration of said Revolution in the City of New York, November 26th, 1830.

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Late War between the United States and Great Britain. By

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New York, 1838. Waddington, 1174, 0. A History of the Church; from the Earliest

Times to the Reformation. By the Rev. George Waddington. (Library of Useful Knowledge.) 2 vols. London,

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Watson, 1077, 0. Annals of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania in the

Olden Times. By John F. Watson. 2 vols. Philadelphia,

1845. Wheaton, 338, 0. History of the Northmen, or Danes and Nor

mans. By Henry Wheaton. Philadelphia, 1831. White, 937, 0. Elements of Universal History on a New and Sys

tematic Plan; from the Earliest Times, to the Treaty of Vienna. By H. White, B. A. With Additions, by John

S. Hart. Philadelphia, 1844. Wraxall, 709, 0. Historical Memoir of My Own Time. By Sir N.

W. Wraxall. Philadelphia, 1827.

PERIODICAL. New York, 314, 0. Collections of the New York Historical Society.

Vols. 1 to 5.


Berton, 1128, 0. Elemens de Dessin Géométrique a l'usage des Ar

tistes et des Ouvriers qui suivent les Cours Industriels. Par

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tle. 2d edition. London, 1798. Claxton, 521, 0. Decimal Tables for Practical Men. By Timothy

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spective. By Charles Davies. New York, 1832.
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Davies. Philadelphia, 1834.
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. Beaux Arts. Par Baron C. Dupin. Vol. 1. Paris, 1828. Emerson, 64, 0. Mechanics; or the Doctrine of Motion. By W.

Emerson. London, 1769.
759, Q. The Principles of Mechanics. By W. Emerson.

London, 1773.
Euclid, 133, 0. Euclid's Elements-(a very old edition-title page

destroyed). Farrar, 346, O. An Introduction to the Elements of Algebra. By

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Gaultier. Translated by W. R. Johnson. Philadelphia,

1829. Gibson, 129, 0. The Theory and Practice of Surveying. By Ro.

bert Gibson. With Accurate Mathematical Tables, by James

Ryan. New York, 1828.
Gregory, 445, 0. Mathematics for Practical Men. By Olinthus

Gregory. Philadelphia, 1834.
34, 0. A Treatise on Mechanics—Theoretical, Practical
and Descriptive. By Olinthus Gregory. 3d edition. 3

vols. London, 1815. Grund, 478, O. First Lessons in Plane Geometry. By Francis J.

Grund. Boston, 1830. Gummere, 128, 0. A Treatise on Surveying; Containing the Theory

and Practice, to which is prefixed a Perspicuous System of Plane Trigonometry. By John Gummere. 4th edition.

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Traverse Table. By J. & J. Harper. New York, 1832. Hutton, 130, O. A Course of Mathematics. By Charles Hutton.

American edition, by Robert Adrain, from 5th and 6th Lon.

don editions. 2 vols. New York, 1818. Jamieson, 717, 0. Mechanics of Fluids ; for Practical Men; Com

prising Hydrostatics-Descriptive and Constructive. Ву

Alexander Jamieson. London, 1837. Jess, 127, 0. A Compendious System of Practical Surveying and

Dividing of Land. By Zacharias Jess. Wilmington, Dela

ware, 1799. La Lande, 889, D. Tables de Logarithmes pour les Nombres et

pour les Sinus. Par Jerome de La Lande. Paris, 1831.

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