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tise on Crystalography. By James Dwight Dana. New

Haven, 1837. Dobson, 622, D. A Compendious System of Mineralogy and Metal

lurgy, from the American edition of the Encyclopedia. By

Thomas Dobson. Philadelphia, 1794. Featherstonhaugh, 455, O. Geological Report of an Examination of

the Elevated Country between the Missouri and Red Rivers.

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By Edward Hitchcock. 2 vols. Amherst, 1841. Leithart, 690, O. Practical Observations on the Mechanical Struc

ture, Mode of Formation, the Repletion or Filling-up, and the Intersection and Relative Age of Mineral Veins, &c. By

John Leithart. London, 1838. London, 976, 0. The History and Description of Fossil Fuel, the

Collieries, and Coal Trade of Great Britain. London, 1835. Lyell, 618, O. Principles of Geology. By Charles Lyell. 2 vols.

Philadelphia, 1837. Maclure, 104, 0. Observations on the Geology of the United States

of America. By William Maclure. Philadelphia, 1817. Mammatt, 982, Q. Catalogue of Geological Facts and Practical Ob

servations; Intended to Elucidate the Formation of the Ashley

Coal Fields. By Edward Mammatt. 1836. Mantell, 697, D. The Wonders of Geology. By Gideon Mantell.

London, 1838. Mohs, 374, 0. Treatise on Mineralogy, &c. By Frederick Mohs.

Translated by William Haidenger. 3 vols. Edinburgh,

1825. Murchison, 730, Q. The Silurian System, Founded on Geological

Researches in the Counties of Salop, &c. By R. I. Murchi

London, 1839. Parkinson, 624, 0. Introduction to the Study of Fossil Organic Re

mains, Especially those Found in the British Strata. By

James Parkinson. London, 1822.
Phillips, 95, 96, & 97, 0. An Elementary Introduction to the

Knowledge of Mineralogy. By William Phillips. With
Notes, &c., by Samuel L. Mitchell. 3 copies. New York,

1818. Rogers, 899, O. Description of the Geology of the State of New Jer.


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sey; being a Final Report. By Henry D. Rogers. Phila.

delphia, 1840. Taylor, 518, O. Geology of East Norfolk, with Remarks upon the

Hypothesis of J. W. Robberds, respecting the Former Level
of the German Ocean. By R. C. Taylor, F.R.S. London,
775, 0. Two Reports on the Coal Lands, Mines, and Im-
provements of the Dauphin and Susquehanna Coal Company.

By R. C. Taylor. Philadelphia, 1840.
Trimmer, 901, 0. Practical Geology and Mineralogy; with Instruc-

tions for the Analysis of Minerals. By Joshua Trimmer. Philadelphia, 1842.


Paris, 228, O. Annales des Mines ou Recueil de Memoires sur l'Ex

ploisation des Mines. 2d Series, 8 vols.
436, 0. do. 3d Series, 20 vols.
945, 0.

do. 4th Series, vols. 1 to 12.

Government, Law, and Politics.

Anonymous, 575, 16mo. The American's Guide; Comprising the De.

claration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, the Constitution of the United States, and the Constitutions of the

Several States composing the Union. Philadelphia, 1828. Blackstone, 139, D. Commentaries on the Laws of England. By

Sir William Blackstone. 10th edition. With Additions, by
Richard Burn, continued by John Williams. 4 vols. Lon.

don, 1786.. Brackenridge, 339, O. Speeches on the Jew Bill, in the House of

Delegates of Maryland. By H. M. Brackenridge. Pbila. delphia, 1829.

Browne, 528, O. Reports of Cases Adjudged in the Court of Com

mon Pleas and in the District Court for the City and County of Philadelphia. By P. A. Browne. 2 vols. Philadelphia,

1811 and 1813. Carpmael, 389 & 544, 0. The Law of Patents for Inventions Fami

liarly Explained, for the Use of Inventors and Patentees. By William Carpmael. 1st and 2d editions. London, 1832

and 1836. De la Croix, 906, O. A Review of the Constitutions of the Principal

States of Europe, and of the United States of America. By

M. De la Croix. 2 vols. London, 1792. Duane, 679, 0. Narrative and Correspondence concerning the Re.

moval of the Deposites, and Occurrences connected there.

with. By W. J. Duane. Philadelphia, 1838. Dwight, 5-8, 0. History of the Hartford Convention. By Theodore

Dwight. New York, 1833. Fessenden, 342, 0. An Essay on the Law of Patents for New Inven

tions. By Thomas G. Fessenden. Boston, 1810. Girard, 962, 0. Arguments of the Defendant's Counsel, and Judy.

ment of the Supreme Court of the United States, on Stephen

Girard's Will. Philadelphia, 1844.
Hazlett, 156, 0. The Eloquence of the British Senate, &c.; with

Notes, &c. By William Hazlett. 2 vols. Brooklyn, New

York, 1810.
Livingston, 86, O. A System of Penal Laws for the State of Louisi-

ana. By Edward Livingston. Philadelphia, 1833. Lolme, 178, 0. The Constitution of England, &c. By J. L. De

Lolme. Dublin, 1793. Lyon, 407, 0. Robbery of the Bank of Pennsylvania' in 1798: the

Trial in the Supreme Court of the State of Pennsylvania.

Philadelphia, 1808. Massachusetts, 676, O. The Revised Statutes of the Commonwealth

of Massachusetts, passed November 4, 1835. Boston, 1836. Michigan, 606, D. Legislative Manual of the Senate and House of

Representatives of the State of Michigan. 1837. New York, 881, 0. Laws of the State of New York, in Relation to

the Erie and Champlain Canals. 2 vols. Albany, 1825. Paris, 357, D. Instruction Theorique et Pratique sur les Brevets d'Invention, de Perfectionnement et d'Importation. Par Le

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Chef du Bureau des Manufactures, au Ministère du Com

merce, Paris, 1829. Pennsylvania, 352, 0. The Laws of the Province of Pennsilvania;

Collected into One Volumn by order of the Governour and
Assembly of the said Province. Philadelphia, 1714.
370, O. Laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, from
October 14th, 1700, to April 6th, 1802. 14 vols. Phila-
delphia, 1803.
672, 0. Laws of the General Assembly of Pennsylvania,
passed at Session of 1837–38.
1005, O. Laws of the State of Pennsylvania, passed at Ses.
sion of 1845.
957, 0. Constitution of the United States. The Constitu-
tion of the State of Pennsylvania of 1838, and the Rules for
Government of the House of Representatives of Pennsylvania.

1843. Purdon, 138, O. Digest of the Laws of Pennsylvania, from the year

1700 to 24th March, 1818. By John Purdon. Philadel.
phia, 1818.
620, 0. A Digest of the Laws of Pennsylvania. 5th edi-

tion. By John Purdon. Philadelphia, 1837. Russell of: West, 428, O. Washington's Political Legacies; with an

Appendix containing an Account of his Illness and Death.

By J. Russell & J. West. Boston, 1800. Sparks, 137, 0. The Diplomatic Correspondence of the American

Revolution. Edited by Jared Sparks. 12 vols. Boston,

1829. Sutherland, 868, D. A Manual of Legislative Practice and Order of

Business, in Deliberative Bodies. By Joel B. Sutherland.

Philadelphia, 1830.
United States, 371, O. Laws of the United States, from the 1st to the

20th Congress. 19 vols.
425, 0. The Diplomatic Correspondence of the United
States of America; from the Signing of the Definitive Treaty
of Peace, September 10th, 1783, to the Adoption of the Con-
stitution, March 4th, 1789.7 vols. Washington City, 1834.
903, 0. Debates in the Congress of the United States, on
the Bill for Repealing the Law for the More Convenient Or.
ganization of the Courts of the United States. 1st Sess. 7th
Cong. Albany, 1802.

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United States, 941, 0. History of Congress; exhibiting a Classifica

tion of the Proceedings of the Senate and House of Representatives, from March 4th, 1789, to March 3d, 1793. Philadelphia, 1843.

957, O. Constitution of the United States. 1843. Walsh, 192, 0. An Appeal from the Judgment of Great Britain, Res

pecting the United States of America. By Robert Walsh Jr. Philadelphia, 1819.


Adam, 195, O. Roman Antiquities; or an Account of the Manners

and Customs of the Romans. By Alexander Adam, LL. D.

2d American edition. New York, 1814. Agapida, 687, D. Chronicle of the Conquest of Granada. By F. A.

Agapida. 2 vols. Philadelphia, 1831.
Anonymous, 1094, D. History of the New Zealanders-(being Vol.

5 of the Library of Entertaining Knowledge). Boston,
1094, D. Paris and its Historical Scenes—(being Vols. 10
and 14 of the Library of Entertaining Knowledge). 2 vols.
Boston, 1831 and 1832.
1094, D. Historical Parallels—(being the 11th vol. of the
Library of Entertaining Knowledge). Vol. 1. Boston,
1176, 0. History of Greece; from the Earliest Times to
its Final Subjection to Rome. (Library of Useful Know-

. ledge). London, 1829. Bancroft, 874, O. History of the United States from the Discovery

of the American Continent. By George Bancroft. 3 vols.

Boston, 1941. Barton, 180, 0. New Views of the Origin of the Tribes and Nations

of America. By B. S. Barton. Philadelphia, 1797. Beckmunn, 1157, D. A History of Inventions, Discoveries, and Ori.

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