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Tanner, 797, 0. Description of the Canals and Railroads of the

United States. By H. S. Tanner. New York, 1840. Totten, 1114 & 1115, 0. Essays on Hydraulic and Common Mor

tars, and on Lime-burning. Translated from the French of Gen. Treussart, M. Petot, & M. Courtois. With Brief Observations on Common Mortars, Hydraulic Mortars, and Concretes, and An Account of Some Experiments made therewith at Fort Adams, Newport Harbor, Rhode Island, from 1825 to 1838. By Col. J. G. Totten. 2 copies. Phi

ladelphia, 1938. Tredgold, 711, Q. The Steam Engine--and an Investigation of its

Principles for Navigation, Manufactures, and Railroads. By
T. Tredgold. 2 vols. London, 1838.
67, O. Practical Treatise on Railroads and Carriages. By
Thomas Tredgold. London, 1825.
30, Q. The Steam Engine; Comprising an Account of its

Invention. By Thomas Tredgold. London, 1827. Vaughan, 732, O. Tracts on Docks and Commerce. By William

Vaughan. London, 1839. Vicat, 644, O. Treatise on Calcareous Mortars and Cements—Arti

ficial and Natural. By L. J. Vicat. Translated by Capt.

J. T. Smith. London, 1837. Virginia, 1089, 0. Annual Reports of the Board of Public Works,

to the General Assembly of Virginia; and other Documents on Subjects connected with the Fund for Internal Improvements. Vol. 3, 6th Report, for 1821; to vol. 13, 29th Re.

port, for 1844, inclusive. Walker, 91 & 92, O. Report to the Directors of the Liverpool and

Manchester Railway, on the Comparative Merits of Locomotive and Fixed Engines, as a Moving Power. By James

Walker. 2 copies. Philadelphia, 1831. Weale, 1129, F. The Public Works of the United States. Parts 1 and 2. Wood, 435, O. A Practical Treatise on Railroads. By Nicholas

Wood. 1st Am. ed. By G. W. Smith. 1832.

Pamphlets, 902, 0. ON RAILWAYS AND STEAM-IN 3 vols.

Vol. 1, containing Journal of Elemental Locomotion, or Monthly Advocate of the Advantages to arise from the Substitution of Inanimate for Animate Power, and Reporter of all Projects, Inventions, Discoveries, Patents, &c., of National Utility. Edited by

Alexander Gordon, Esq., Civil Engineer. London, 1832. The Advantages and Profits of the Southampton Railway

Analysed. London, 1834. Extracts from the Evidence given on the London and Southamp.

ton Railway Bill, as printed by order of the House of Lords. Great Western Railway. Extracts from the Minutes of Evi.

dence on the London and Birmingham Railway Bill, together

with Abstracts from Acts of Parliament, London, 1833. Proceedings of the Great Western Railway Company, with

Extracts from the Evidence given in Support of the Bill, before the Committee of the House of Commons, in the Session

of 1834. London, 1834. Extracts from the Minutes of Evidence given before the Com

mittee of the House of Commons on the Great Western Rail.

way Bill. Bristol, 1834. The Great Western Railway, compared with other Railways.

London, 1835. Two Reports addressed to the Liverpool and Manchester

Railway Company, on the Projected North Line of Railway, from Liverpool to the Manchester, Bolton, and Bury Canal.

By Charles Vignoles and Joseph Locke. Liverpool, 1835. Statements, &c., relative to the London and Blackwall Rail.

way. London, 1836. Liverpool and Manchester Railway: Answer of the Direc

tors to an Article in the Edinburgh Review, for October,

1832. Liverpool, 1832. The Advantages of Railways with Locomotive Engines, espe

cially the London and Greenwich Railway. London, 1833. Practice of Agriculture, as Regards the Construction of

Roads. (Imperfect). A Letter addressed to Nicholas Wood Esq., on that portion of

Chapter IX. of his Treatise on Railroads, entitled “Compa- . rative Performances of Motive Power on Canals and Rail.

roads." By Thomas Grahame, Esq. Glasgow, 1831. Observations on the Comparative Merits of Canals and Rail.

ways. London, 1832. Mr. Gurney's Observations on Steam Carriages on Turnpike

Roads. London, 1832.

Debate on the Presentation of Mr. Gurney's Petition, praying

for the Repeal of the Legislative Restrictions on Steam En

gines running on Common Roads. London, 1834. Address to the Shareholders of the London and Birming

ham Steam Carriage Company. 902, 0.

Vol. 2, containing
An Account of the Caloric Engine, Invented by J. Ericsson.
Specification of the Patent of John Udny, for Improvement on

the Steam Engine. Translated from the French.
Samuel Hall's Patent Improvements on Steam Engines. Not-

tingham, 1835. Experiments on the Transverse Strength and other Proper.

ties of Malleable Iron, with reference to its Uses for Railway
Bars, and a Report founded on the same, addressed to the
Directors of the London and Birmingham Railway Company.

By Peter Barlow, F.R.S. London, 1835.
Second Report on ditto.
Expositions and Illustrations interesting to all those con-

cerned in Steam Power, whether as applied to Rail-Roads,
Common Roads, or to Sea and Inland Navigation. By

Francis Maceroni. London, 1835.
Remarks on the Steam Engines of Cornwall. By Elijah Gal-

loway, Esq., M. R. I., Civil Engineer. London, 1832. 902, 0.

Vol. 3, containing
Standing Orders of the Houses of Lords and Commons, with

regard to Railway Bills. London, 1836,
Report from the Select Committee on Railway Bills; and Reso-

lutions of the House of Commons thereon. London, 1836. On the Superior Advantages of the Patent Improved Steam

Boilers, Invented by Elisha Haydon Collier, Civil Engineer;
and especially in respect to their Lightness, Compactness,
Safety, and Economy in the Consumption of Fuel on board

Steam Vessels. London.
On the Means of Comparing the Respective Advantages of Dif.

ferent Lines of Railway; and on the Use of Locomotive En.
gines. Translated from the French of M. Navier, Ingeneur
en chef des Ponts et Chaussées, Paris. By John Macneill,
Civil Engineer, M. R. N. A., F. R. A. S. London, 1836.

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Statements illustrative of the Necessity for Additional Means of

Communication between London and Blackwall. With an Examination of the Comparative Suitableness of the Railways projected by the London and Blackwall Railway Company (George Stephenson Esq., Engineer), and Blackwall Commercial Railway Company (Sir John Rennie, Engineer), to

supply those additional means. London, 1836. A Letter in Reply to Observations on the subject of the Midland

Counties' Railway, by N. W. Cundy, C. E. By Matthew

Babington. Leicester, 1835.
Speech on the Improvement of the Shannon. Being in Conti-

nuation of the Debate in the House of Commons, 12th May,
1835, giving a Comparative View of the Navigation of the
Rideau Canal in Canada, and the River Shannon in Ireland ;
with Observations on the Value of a Connexion by Steam

Packets with British America. London, 1835.
The Direct London and Brighton Railway, session 1836; Speech

of David Pollock Esq. on the Summing-up of the Evidence of
Traffic, given before the Committee of the House of Commons,

in support of Sir John Rennie's, or Direct Line. London, 1836. Railroads. Statements and Reflections thereon; particularly

with Reference to the proposed Railroad without a Tunnel, and the Competition for the Line between London and Brighton. By a Shareholder; at the request of other Share

holders. London, 1836. Vorschlag zur herstellung einer Eisenbahn im gross herzog

thum Baden von manheim bis Basel und an den Bodensee,

&c. &c. Von L. Newhouse. Karlsruhe, 1833. Observations on a General Iron Railway (with a Geographical

Map of the Plan); showing its great Superiority, by the general introduction of Mechanic Power, over all the present Methods of Conveyance by Turnpike Roads and Canals, and claiming the particular Attention of Merchants, Manufacturers, Farmers, and indeed every class of Society. 3d edition, revised and enlarged. London, 1822.

PERIODICALS. Boston, 263, 0. The Mechanic's Magazine and Journal of Internal

Improvements. Vol. 1.

Glasgow, 929, Q. Practical Mechanics' and Engineers' Magazine.

Vols. 1 to
London, 728, 0. The Railway Magazine and Annals of Science.

Vols. 2 to 6.
782, Q. Civil Engineers' and Architects' Journal. Vols. 1
to 8.
857, Q. The Railway Magazine and Commercial Journal.

Vols. 1 to 5.
New York, 431, Q. The American Railroad Journal. Vols. 1 to 4.

692, 0. The American Railroad Journal and Mechanics'

Magazine. Vols. 1 to 10. Paris, 507, O. Annales des Ponts et Chaussées. 1 to 24. Weale, 1080, Q. Quarterly Papers on Engineering. Published by

John Weale. 5 vols. London, 1844 to 1846.

(For other papers on RAILWAYS AND CANALS, see List of “Unbound Pamphlets" at end of Catalogue.)


Am. Inst. of Instruction, 442, 0. Lectures delivered before the Ame.

rican Institute of Instruction, in Boston, in 1830. Boston,
427, O. Do. do. for 1831, including a Prize Essay
on the Construction of School Houses.
423, O. Do. do. for 1832, including a Prize Essay

on Penmanship. Boston, 1832. Babbage, 78, O. Reflections on the Decline of Science in England,

and on Some of its Causes. By Charles Babbage. London,

1830. Bache, 739, O. Report on Education in Europe, to the Trustees of

the Girard College for Orphans. By Alexander D. Bache, LL. D. Philadelphia, 1839.

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