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of Employing Steam Carriages on Common Roads. By Walter Hancock. London, 1838.

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London-Parliamentary Documents:

354, F. Report of Committee on Wet Docks.

693, O.


Reports on Broad Wheels and Turnpike Roads. Reports of the Commissioners for Making and Maintaining the Caledonian Canal. 2 vols.

743, F.

827, F. Reports from Committee on the Highways and Turnpike Roads in England and Wales. 4 vols.

1032, F. Report of the Commissioners on Metropolis Improvement.-1st. 1844.

1033, F.

Second Report of Committee on Improvements of

the Port of London.

1034, F. Bridge. 1038, F.

of Refuge.

Report of the Select Committee on the London 1801.

Report of the Commissioners upon the Harbors 1845.

1039, F. Papers Relating to the Public Works of Canada.


1041, F.

1045, F.

Report on Steam Vessel Accidents. 1839.

Minutes of the Evidence taken before the Committee on the Bill for Making Wet Docks, Basins, Cuts, and other Works, &c., at the Port of London.


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its dissolution. By Col. S. H. Long & W. G. M'Neill. Baltimore, 1930.

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H. Mahan. New York, 1838.

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Murray, 480, O. A Treatise on Practical Surveying and Topographical Plan Drawing. By John Murray. London, 1829. Navier, 656, O. Résumé des Leçons Données a l'Ecole des Ponts

et Chaussées, sur l'Application de la Mécanique a l'etablis sement des Constructions et des Machines. Par M. Navier. 2 tomes. Paris, 1833.

Navier, 738, F.

Architecture Hydraulique. Par Belidor.


Notes et Additions, par M. Navier. 4 tomes. Paris, 1819. Needles, 395, Q. The Mechanical Trigonometer. (In Manuscript.)

By John Needles. Maryland, 1793.

New York Canal Commissioners, 356, O. The Official Reports of the Canal Commissioners of the State of New York, and the Acts of the Legislature respecting Navigable Communications between the Great Western and Northern Lakes and the Atlantic Ocean, with Perspicuous Maps and Profiles. Published at the Request of the Board of Canal Commissioners. Newburgh, 1817.

New York Canals, 881, O.

Laws of the State of New York in relation to the Erie and Champlain Canals, together with the Annual Reports of the Canal Commissioners, and other Documents requisite for a Complete History of those Works. Also, Correct Maps, delineating the Routes of the Erie and Champlain Canals, and designating the Lands through which they pass. 2 vols. Albany, 1825.

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Pitman, 1067, O. Succinct Views and Analysis of Authentic In formation extant in Original Works on the Practicability of Joining the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, by a Ship Canal across the Isthmus of America. By Robert Birks Pitman. London, 1825.

Pope, 211, O. A Treatise on Bridge Architecture. By Thomas Pope. New York, 1811.

Poussin, 890, Q. Chemins Fer Americains; Historique de leur Construction. Par Gm. Tell Poussin. Paris, 1836.

1132, Q.

Travaux d'Améliorations Intérieures Projetés ou Exécutés par le Gouvernement Général des États-Unis d'Amerique, de 1824 a 1831. Par Gm. Tell Poussin. Avec Atlas. Paris, 1834.

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651, F. Public Works of Great Britain. By F. W. Simms. London, 1838.

Smeaton, 29, Q. Reports of the late John Smeaton, F. R. S., made on Various Occasions in the Course of his Employment as a

[blocks in formation]

Stephenson & Locke, 91 & 92, O. Observations on the Comparative Merits of Locomotive and Fixed Engines, as applied to Rail

ways. By Robert Stephenson & Joseph Locke, Civil Engineers. 2 copies. Philadelphia, 1831.

Strickland, 14, Q. Reports on Canals, Railways, Roads, &c., to the Pennsylvania Society for the Promotion of Internal Improvements. By William Strickland. Philadelphia, 1826.

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Tanner, 196, D. Memoir on the recent Surveys, Observations, and Internal Improvements in the United States. By H. S. Tanner. Philadelphia, 1829.

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