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Tilt, 1097, 0. A Glossary of Terms used in Grecian, Roman, Ita.

lian, and Gothic Architecture, exemplified by 400 wood cuts.

Published by Charles Tilt. London, 1838.
Tredgold, 560, Q. Elementary Principles of Carpentry. By Thomas

Tredgold. Philadelphia, 1837.
882, O. Principles of Warming and Ventilating Public

Buildings, &c. By Thomas Tredgold, London, 1824. Véil, 695, F. Projet d'un Monument Consacré à l'Histoire Naturelle.

Par Charles F. Véil. Paris, 1779.
Vitruvius, 1, F. L'Architettura di M. Vitruvio Pollione colla tradu-

zione Italiana e Comento del Marchese B. Guliani. Napoli,
598, F. Architecture of M. Vitruvius Pollio: translated
from the original Latin. By W. Newton, Architect. 2 vols.

London, 1791.
Wilson, 965, D. Description of the New Royal Exchange; including

a Historical Notice of the Former Edifices. By Effingham

Wilson. London, 1844. Wotton, 872, 0. The Elements of Architecture; collected by Henry

Wotton. London, 1624.

London, 438, 0. The Architectural Magazine. 5 vols.


Arago, 481, D. Scientific Notices of Comets in general, and in par

ticular of the Comet of 1832. By M. Arago. Translated

by Col. Charles Gold. London, 1833. Bonnycastle, 580, 0. Introduction to Astronomy. By John Bonny.

castle. London, 1787. Bradford, 647, Q. The Wonders of the Heavens; being a Popular

View of Astronomy. By Duncan Bradford. Boston, 1837. Ferguson, 123, O. An Easy Introduction to Astronomy. By James

Ferguson. 4th edition. London, 1779. Gilliss, 1101, 0. Astronomical Observations made at the Naval Ob

servatory, Washington, D.C., under the orders of the Secretary of the Navy. By Lt. J. M. Gilliss, U. S. N. Washing

ton, 1846. Gummere, 124, O. An Elementary Treatise on Astronomy. By

John Gummere. Philadelphia, 1822.
582, 0.

do. 1837. Guy, 333, D. Guy's Elements of Astronomy, and Keith on the

Use of the Globes. Philadelphia, 1831. Herschell, 485, D. A Treatise on Astronomy. By Sir John F. W.

Herschell. With a Preface and Series of Questions.

By S. C. Walker. Philadelphia, 1836. Humboldt, 587, Q. Recuil d'Observations Astronomiques, d'Opera

tions Trigonomètriques, et de Mesures Barometriques. Par

Alexander de Humboldt. 2 vols. Paris, 1810. Keith, 126, O. A New Treatise on the Use of the Globes. By

Thomas Keith. 2d American edition. New York, 1815. Martin, 758, O. System of the Newtonian Philosophy, Astronomy,

and Geography. By B. Martin. 3 vols. London, 1771. Maskelyne, 774, 0. Tables Requisite to be Used with the Nautical

Ephemeris, for Finding Latitudes and Longitudes at Sea.

By Nevil Maskelyne. London, 1781. Mayer, 762, Q. Tabulæ Motuum Solis et Lunæ. Auctore Tobia

Mayer. London, 1770. Olmsted, 740, 0. Introduction to Astronomy, designed as a Text-Book

for the Students of Yale College. By Denison Olmsted.

New York, 1839. Richardson, 534, Q. A Catalogue of 7385 Stars chiefly in the South

ern Hemisphere. By William Richardson, London, 1835. Rosse, Lord, 966, 0. The Monster Telescope, erected by the Earl of

Rosse, Parsonstown; with an Account of the Manufacture of the Specula, and Description of the Machinery. Parsons

town, 1844. Towle, 125 & 172, D. A Grammar of Astronomy. By J. Towle.

2d edition. Philadelphia, 1826. 2 copies. Whewell, 514, 0. Astronomy and General Physics. By Rev.

William Whewell. Philadelphia, 1836.


Aiken, 149, O. Memoir of John Aiken. By Lucy Aiken. Phila

delphia, 1824. Anonymous, 364, D. Authentic Biography of Col. Richard M. John

son, of Kentucky. New York, 1833. Barton, 1092, O. Memoirs of the Life of David Ritten house, LL.D.,

with an Appendix. By William Barton. Philadelphia, 1843. Colden, 341, 0. The Life of Robert Fulton. By Cadwallader D.

Colden. New York, 1817. Delaplaine, 420, Q. Repository of the Lives and Portraits of Dis

tinguished Americans. By Joseph Delaplaine. Philadelphia. Drake, 418, 0. Biography and History of the Indians of North

America. By Samuel G. Drake. Boston, 1834. Dumont, 175, O. Recollections of Mirabeau. By Etienne Dumont.

Philadelphia, 1833. Franklin, 155, O. Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Benjamin

0 Franklin. Written by himself to a Late Period, and continued to the Time of his Death. By William Temple Franklin. 6 vols. Philadelphia, 1818.

6 Grimshaw, 158 & 372, D. The Life of Napoleon, with the History of

France from the Death of Louis XVI. to 1821. By Wil

liam Grimshaw. Philadelphia, 1829. 2 copies. Humphreys, 863, D. Life of Major Gen. Israel Putnam. By Col.

David Humphreys; with Notes and Additions, and with an
Appendix containing a Sketch of Bunker Hill Battle. By S.

Swett. Boston, 1818.
Irving, 703, 0. History of the Lise and Voyages of Christopher

Columbus. By Washington Irving. 2 vols. Philadelphia,

1838. Lockhart, 707, 0. Memoirs of the Life of Sir Walter Scott, Bart.

By J. G. Lockhart. 2 vols. Philadelphia, 1838. Ord, 317, Q. Biographical Sketch of Alexander Wilson. By G.

Ord. Phillips, John, 1003, O. Memoirs of William Smith, LL. D. By

John Phillips. London, 1844.

Plutarch, 154, 0. Plutarch’s Lives, translated from the Original

Greek. By John & William Langhorne. 4 vols. Phila

delphia, 1828. Randolph, 788, 0. Memoirs of the Life and Character of P. S.

Physick. By J. Randolph, M. D. Philadelphia, 1839. Rogers, 177 & 538, 0. American Biographical Dictionary. Com

piled by Thomas J. Rogers. 2 copies. 3d edition. Easton,

Pennsylvania, 1824. Rush, 670, D. An Account of the Life and Character of Christopher

Ludwick. By Benjamin Rush, M. D. To which is added an Account of the Origin, Progress, and Present Condition of the Philadelphia Society for the Support and Establishment

of Charity Schools. Philadelphia, 1831. Sanderson, 604, 0. Biography of the Signers of the Declaration of

Independence. By John Sanderson. 9 vols. Philadelphia,

1822. Scott, 203, 0. Life of Napoleon Bonaparte. By the Author of

“Waverly.” 3 vols. Philadelphia, 1827. Stone, 1078, 0. Life of James Brant, including the Indian Wars

of the American Revolution. By William L. Stone. 2 vols.

New York, 1838. Strickland, 939, O. Lives of the Queens of England. By A. Strick

land. 7 vols. Philadelphia, 1843. Tudor, 165, 0. Life of James Otis, of Massachusetts. By William

Tudor. Boston, 1823.

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Catalogues of Libraries.

Bossangé, H., 877, O. Maison de Commission, Catalogue. Par Hec.

tor Bossangé. Paris, 1841. Cincinnati, 1148, 0. Catalogue of the Young Men's Mercantile Li

brary Company. 1846. Harris, 202, 0. Catalogue of the Library of the Royal Institution of

Great Britain. By William Harris. London, 1821. New York, 969. Catalogue of the Mercantile Library Company of

New York, 1844.
Philadelphia, 567, 0. Catalogue of Philadelphia Library. 2 vols.

568, O. Catalogue of Books in the Loganian Library. 1837.
943, O. Catalogue of Books added to the Library of the
Library Company of Philadelphia since the large Catalogue
of 1835, to January, 1844.


Accum, 482, D. A Treatise on Making Bread. By Frederick

Accum. London, 1821. Appert, 789, 0. L'Art de Conserver. Par Appert. Paris, 1810. Bache, 473, 0. A System of Chemistry. By Franklin Bache. Phi.

ladelphia, 1819. Becquerel, 967, Q. Elements d'électro-Chimie, Appliquee aux Sci

ences Naturelles, et aux Arts. Par M. Becquerel. Paris, 1843. Bergman, 49, O. Physical and Chemical Essays. By T. Bergman.

Translated by E. Cullen. 2 vols. London, 1784. Berthier, 398, O. Traité des Essais par la Voie Sèche. Par M. P.

Berthier. 2 vols. Paris, 1834. Berthollet, 51, 0. Essay on Chemical Statics. By C. L. Ber.

thollet. Translated by B. Lambert. 2 vols. London, 1804. 52, D. Researches into the Laws of Chemical Affinity. By

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