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rald Painters and Engravers. London.
1053, Q. Knight's Vases and Ornaments, designed for the
use of Architects, Silversmiths, Jewellers, &c. London.
1054, Q. Knight's Scroll Ornaments, designed for Silver-
smiths, Chasers, &c. London.
1055, Q. Knight's Crests of the Nobility and Gentry of

Great Britain and Ireland. London.
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London. By J. B. Nichols. London, 1819. Philadelphia, 331, 0. The National Portrait Gallery of Distin

0 guished Americans. 4 vols. Picart, 13, F. Pierres Antiques Gravées. Par Bernard Picart.

Amsterdam, 1724. Raphaele, 744, F. Imagines Veteris ac Novi Testamenti a Raphaele

Sanctio Vrbinate in Vaticani Palatii Xystis Mira Pictvrae

Jo. Jacobi de Rubeis. 1684. Russell, 597, Q. Elements of Painting with Crayons. By John

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Parish Church of Lavenham, in Suffolk. By I. & J. Taylor.

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Tilt, 613, Q. The Modern Gallery of British Artists, consisting of a

Series of Engravings of their most admired Works; with
Descriptions. By C. Tilt. London, 1836.


London, 593, 0. Annals of the Fine Arts. Vols. 2 and 4.


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ton. London. Bloxam, 661, D. The Principles of Gothic Architecture Eluci.

dated by Question and Answer. By M. H. Bloxam. Lon

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Constructive Manual. By Christopher Davy. London,

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don. Lafever, 589, 0. Beauties of Modern Architecture. By M. Lafever.

New York, 1835.
Langley, 7, F. Ancient Masonry, both in Theory and Practice, de-

monstrating the Useful Rules of Arithmetic, Geometry and
Architecture, in the Proportions and Orders of the most Emi-
nent Masters of all Nations, and also of the Cariatides, Per.
sians, French, Spanish, and English, together with most
valuable Designs for Temples, &c., &c., with Critical Re-
marks and Observations on each Master-illustrated by above
3000 Examples engraved on 494 large folio copper-plates-
with a Dictionarial Index explaining the terms of art used
herein. By B. Langley. London, 1736.
469, D. The Builder's Director, or Bench Mate. By B.
Langley. London, 1763.

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Le Brun, 1024, F. La Voute de l'Eglise du Val de Grace au Paris.



Charles Le Brun.
Magnan, 321, F. La Citta di Roma. Auctore Dominico Magnan.

2 vols. Roma, 1779.
Moller, 1082, F. Denkmæhler der Deutschen Baukunst Dargestellt.

Von Georg Moller. Darmstadt.
1083, F. Denkmæhler der Deutschen Baukunst-Die Kirche
der Heiligen Elisabeth zu Marburg. Heraus gegeben von
Georg Moller. Darmstadt.
1084, F. Denkmæhler der Deutschen Baukunst-Die Kir-
chen Heiligen Georg zu Limburg an der Lahn und des Hei-
ligen Paulus zu Worms. Heraus gegeben von Georg Mol-

ler. Darmstadt.
f. Woodhouse, 928, O. Moller's Memorials of German Gothic
Architecture. With Notes by W. H. Leeds; and Tables of

Lineal Measures by S. B. Woodhouse. London, 1836. Nichols, 1056, Q. Description of St. Mary's Church, Warwick; Beau

champ Chapel; Monuments of Beauchamp and Dudley's;
Isabella, Countess of Warwick, in Tewksbury Abbey. By

J. G. Nichols. London.
Nicholson, 37, Q. The New Practical Builder and Workman's Com-

panion, containing a Full Display and Elucidation of the most
recent and skillful Methods pursued by Architects and Arti-
ficers. By Peter Nicholson. 3 vols. London, 1823.
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Hand-Rails. By P. Nicholson. London, 1835.
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3 vols. London, 1836.
Oakley, 25, F. The Magazine of Architecture, Perspective and Sculp-

ture; Collected from the most approved Authors.

ward Oakley. Westminster, 1730. Pain, 75, D. The Builder's Pocket Treasurer; or Palladio Delineated

and Explained. By William Pain. London, 1785.
Paley, 1095, D. A Manual of Gothic Architecture. By F. A. Paley.

London, 1846.
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Leoni, with Remarks by Inigo Jones. 3d edition. London,

By Ed.

Price, 450, Q. A Treatise on Carpentry. By Francis Price. London,

1735. Rodwell, 323, Q. Architectural Ornaments, or Collection of Friezes,

&c. By Rodwell & Martin. London, 1820. Schenk f. Gerstäcker, 800, F. Elements of Practical Architecture.

1st part, Masonry, on 20 model plates, and 20 plates of Plans
for Dwellings, taken from the drawings of Schinkel, Chief
Director of Buildings; with Explanatory Text. 2d edition.
Schenk & Gerstäcker-(in German). Berlin, 1835.
801, F. Drawings for Masons, in 42 Lithographic Plates.

By Schenk & Gerstäcker. Berlin, 1835.
Shaw, 633, 0. Operative Masonry, or a Theoretical and Practical

Treatise of Building. By Edward Shaw. Boston, 1832. Smeaton, A. C., 631, D. The Builder's Pocket Manual. By A. C.

Smeaton. London, 1836.
John, 11, F. A Narrative of the Building and a Description

of the Construction of the Eddystone Light-house, with
Stone: and some Account of the Light-House on the Spurn

Point, built on Sand. By John Smeaton. London, 1813. Smith, 465, O. Description of the Patent Metallic Lining and Damper

for Chimneys. By Seth Smith. London.
660, 0. Essay on the Construction of Cottages, suited for
the Dwellings of the Laboring Classes. By George Smith.

Glasgow, 1834.
Stieglitz, 3, F. Plans et Dessins tirés de la belle Architecture. Par

C. L. Stieglitz. Londre, 1801. Stuart, 635, 0. Dictionary of Architecture. By Robert Stuart. 3

vols. London. d. Revett, 680, D. The Antiquities of Athens, and other Monuments of Greece. By James Stuart & Nicholas Revett.

London, 1837. Swan, 8, F. The Builder's Treasury of Stair-Cases. By Abraham

Swan. Boston, 1794.
Taylor, J., 843, Q. Specimens of Gothic Ornaments, selected from

the Parish Church of Lavenham, in Suffolk. By I. & J.
Taylor. London, 1796.
M., 696. Decorations for Parks and Gardens. Published by
M. Taylor. London.

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