Divination - Dowsing Your Sub-Conscious

Front Cover
Lulu.com, 2006 - Religion - 104 pages
Divination - Dowsing your sub-conscious mind, teaches you how to gain information from your sub-conscious mind through Ideomotor Response, Tarot Cards, and Palmistry. Pendulum and Dowsing rod construction and use are also covered. Along with explaining how these processes work the author also covers the moral, ethical, and religious aspects of divination. This book is a valuable resource for parents who find their children experimenting with the occult and wish to have enough information available to have a rational debate. This book contains a thorough Bible study on divination providing the interested party with a complete understanding of the techniques and the Biblical view of practitioners. Dream interpretation and prophecy are also covered to explore the differences between divination, revelation, and personal intuition. Learning to use your intuition successfully can be a valuable tool in your life, but along with it comes additional responsibility.

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