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From an original Picwe by Vandast in the posusin ef Earl Beauchamp.

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Constitution of the Associate Presbytery-Extrajudicial Testimony-Timidity of the orthodox party in the Church-Attempt in the Assembly 1734 to restore the seceding ministers-Reflections on that Assembly Synod of Perth-Effects of the proceedings of that Synud-Petition from the General Assembly against patronageMore violent intrusions-The Seceders' reasons for not acceding to the judicatures of the Church - The Assembly, 1736, still aims at reformation- The judicial Act and Testimony, dc.-Dissolution of Parliament- War upon the continent-Strange edict of the French government-New Parliament-King visits Hanover-Gin-shop bill-Portrous mob Proceedings of the Court and Parliament in consequence of this mob Meeting of the General Assembly-Disputes among the royal Family-Procecdings of the Assembly of the Scotish Church with regard to the Seceders Of Mr. John

Glass, &c.—War with Spain--Admiral Vernon-Extremely severe winter General : Assembly recommend the duties of fasting and humiliation-Apply to the civil government for aid against the SecedersMr. George Whitefield-Cambuslang Work- The Associate Presbytery pass an act anent the doctrine of grace-General AssemllySir Robert Walpole and the Spanish war- State of affairs in Scotland - General AssemblyProfessor Leechman--Associate Presbytery proceed to renew the covenants-Mr. Thomas Nairn Impartial Testimony, &c.

Being forcibly ejected, as we have briefly narrated, by the judicatories of the established church, the seceding brethren were not called upon to decide the very delicate question, How far, abstractedly considered, the evils complained of in that church went to justify separation from her? they were at once reduced to the necessity of laying down their ministry, in obedience to a sentence which they held to be equally unscriptural and unconstitutional, or of exercising it, in a dependence upon God's grace, and as he might give them in providence an open door, in the face of that sentence, with all its attendant discouragements. The great line of duty in their present situation, was thus brought to terminate in a narrow point, where there was scarcely room left for any difference of opinion. At the same time, that there might be unity and consistency in their

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