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User Review  - The Klavers -

Deborah Tollstrup, Unger's Bible Dictionary and Handbook DO contain slanted theology. In fact, it is erroneous slanted theology of Dispensationalism. "Replacement" theology is incorrect. It is ... Read full review

User Review  - Brenda Hemphill -

I bought this book as a reference tool for my master level Christian studies courses. good info, well written, and will be useful for literature courses as well. Good buy too. Read full review

User Review  - Julia Holloman -

I enjoy the symbolism this reference offers. It helps to put into context the meaning of biblical pictorial language. Gaining understand and insight helps me apply spiritual principles to everyday living . This has become one of my favorite resources. Read full review

User Review  - Dawn -

This is an excellent research and reference tool useful to begin study on a particular symbol, metaphor, type, or image used in the Bible. Since the Bible is filled with imagery of all sorts, this ... Read full review

User Review  - John Oxios -

Been using this since 2003, it has greatly enhanced my understanding of the Bible. The authors painted stories with words, the imagery explained in this Book is far better than anything I have ever heard. Read full review

User Review  - Steve Taylor -

Overall this dictionary is very useful. Well written, clear, and biblically sound as far as I have read. I have found it very useful and helpful over the years and would recommend it without reservation to just about anyone. Read full review

User Review  - Lee Everett -

I was highly impressed by what this book presented. The language was plain, yet very descriptive. I believe that even a Neophyte would be able to grasp the concepts the Author was illustrating and ... Read full review

User Review  - chris stewart -

I am actually quite impressed with this book. A teacher at my college has a copy of it and I spend a lot of time in his office perusing its pages (along with a number of other works, such as Margaret ... Read full review

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User Review  - Barbara -

This book has been a wonderful help in understanding the symbolism in dreams. I highly recommend it and have found nothing better. Read full review

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