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Printed by WILLIAN CLOWES and Soxs, Stamford Street,

and Charing Cross.


Paris, 1840 to 1859.

2. Causeries du Lundi. Par C. A. Sainte-Beuve, de

l'Académie Française. Vols. I. to XV. Paris, 1851

to 1862.

3. Nouveaux Lundis. Par C. A. Sainte-Beuve, de

l'Académie Française. Vols. I. to IV. Paris, 1863

to 1865.

4. Portraits Littéraires. Par C. A. Sainte-Beuve, de

l'Académie Française. 4 vols. Nouvelle édition.

Paris, 1864.


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5. Portraits Contemporains et Divers. Par C. A. Sainte-

Beuve, de l'Académie Française. 3 vols. Nouvelle

édition. Paris, 1860.

6. Tableau Historique et Critique de la Poésie Française

au 16ème Siècle. Par C. A. Sainte-Beuve. Paris,


7. Poésies Complètes de Sainte-Beuve. Edition revue

et augmentée. Paris, 1845.

8. Etude sur Virgile, suivie d'une étude sur Quintus de

Smyrne. Par c. A. Sainte-Beuve, de l'Académie

Française. Paris, 1857.

9. Chateaubriand et son groupe littéraire sous l’Empire.

Cours professé à Liège en 1848-1849. Par C. A.

Sainte-Beuve, de l'Académie Française. Paris, 1861.

10. Volupté. Par Sainte-Beuve. 2 vols. Brussels,



V.-Plato and the other Companions of Socrates. Ву

George Grote, F.R.S. 3 vols. London, 1865 - 108

VI.--Extracts of the Journals and Correspondence of Miss

Berry, from the year 1783 to 1852. Edited by Lady

Theresa Lewis. London, 1865


VII.-1. A Narrative of a Year's Journey through Central

and Eastern Arabia, 1862-3. By William Gifford

Palgrave, late of the 8th Regiment Bombay N. I.

London, 1865.

2. Histoire de l'Egypte sous le Gouvernement de

Mohammed Aly; ou, Récit des Evènements Poli-

tiques et Militaires qui ont eu lieu depuis le départ

des Français jusqu'en 1823. Par M. Félix Mengin.

Ouvrage enrichi" de Notes par MM. Langlés et

Jomard, et précédé d'une Introduction Historique

par M. Agoub. Paris, 1823 -


VIII.-A History of Caricature and Grotesque in Literature

and Art. By Thomas Wright, Esq.; with Illustra-

tions from various sources, drawn and engraved by

F. W. Fairholt, Esq.


IX.-1. Speeches of Mr. Bright at Blackburn, Birmingham,

and Rochdale, November and December, 1865, and

January, 1866. "Times' newspaper. London.

2. An Essay on the History of the English Government

and Constitution. By John Earl Russell. New

Edition. London, 1865

- 250



I.-1. Life and Times of Sir Joshua Reynolds: with notices

of some of his contemporaries. Commenced by

Charles Robert Leslie, R.A.; continued and con-

cluded by Tom Taylor. In 2 volumes. With

portraits and illustrations. London, 1865

- 281

II.-1. The Judges of England : with Miscellaneous Notices

connected with the Courts at Westminster, from the

time of the Conquest to the Present Time. By

Edward Foss, F.S.A., of the Inner Temple. 9 vols.

8vo. London, 1864.

2. Tabulæ Curiales; or, Tables of the Superior Courts

of Westminster Hall. Showing the Judges who sat

in them from 1066 to 1864; with the Attorney and

Solicitor Generals of each reign from the Institution

of those Offices. To which is prefixed an Alpha-

betical List of all the Judges during the same period,

distinguishing the Reigns in which they flourished,

and the Courts in which they sat. By Edward

Foss, F.S.A., Author of “The Judges of England.'

London, 1864


III.-1. Reports of the Commissioners appointed to enquire

into the Employment of Children and Young Persons

in Trade and Manufactures not already regulated by

Law, 1863, 1864, 1865, and 1866.

2. Reports of the Inspectors of Factories to Her Majesty's

Principal Secretary of State for the Home Depart-

ment, 1865

- 364

IV.-I. Lectures on the Science of Language, delivered at

the Royal Institution of Great Britain in April, May,

and June, 1861. By Max Müller, M.A. Fourth

Edition. London, 1864.

2. Lectures on the Science of Language, delivered at

the Royal Institution of Great Britain in February,

March, April, and May, 1863. By Max Müller,

M.A. Second Series. London, 1864.

3. A Dictionary of English Etymology. By Hensleigh

Wedgwood, M.A. (Vols. I. and II., Vol. III. Part. I.)

London, 1859-65.

4. Chapters on Language. By the Rev. Frederic W.

Farrar, M.A. London, 1865 -


V.-1. The Coal Question: An Inquiry concerning the

Progress of the Nation, and the probable exhaustion

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