Asiatick Researches: Or, Transactions of the Society Instituted in Bengal, for Inquiring Into the History and Antiquities, the Arts, Sciences, and Literature, of Asia..., Volume 3

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Vol. 2-3, 5-12 have lists of the members of the society.

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Page 447 - The work, now presented to the European world, contains abundance of curious matter extremely interesting both to speculative lawyers and antiquaries, with many beauties, which need not be pointed out, and with many blemishes, which cannot be justified or palliated. It is a system of despotism and priestcraft, both indeed limited by law, but artfully conspiring to give mutual support...
Page 263 - C'HARMA; and thirdly, JYA'PETI by name. 2. " They were all men of good morals, excellent in virtue and virtuous deeds, skilled in the use of weapons to strike with or to be thrown ; brave men, eager for victory in battle. 3. " But SATYAVARMAN, being continually delighted with devout meditation, and seeing his sons fit for dominion, laid upon them the burden of government, 4.
Page 315 - Sirajuddaulah, entertained himself with concerts, and that they listened to the strains with an appearance of pleasure, till the monster, in whose soul there was no music, shot one of them to display his archery.
Page 387 - MURA'RI, which * refembles a vernal cloud, decked with a firing * of pearls like a flock of white water-birds...
Page 439 - MENU is even observed in many passages to resemble that of the VEDA, particularly in a departure from the more modern grammatical forms; whence it must at first view seem very probable, that the laws, now brought to light, were considerably older than those of SOLON or even of LYCURGUS, although the promulgation of them, before they were reduced to writing...
Page 365 - I was assured that we were His, and He ours. ' Where are the glad tidings of union with thee, that I may abandon all desire of life ? I am a bird of holiness, and would fain escape from the net of this world. ' Shed, O Lord, from the cloud of heavenly guidance, one cheering shower, before the moment when I must rise up like a particle of dry dust.
Page 371 - See sweetness dropping from the parted cane. Alternate hope and fear my days divide: I courted Grief, and Anguish was my bride. Flow on, sad stream of life!
Page x - ... concluded that curious or important information might be gained even from the illiterate ; and wherever it was to be obtained, he...
Page 20 - I fhould be one of the laft men living, who could harbour a thought of obtruding my own belief on the free minds of others.
Page 360 - Sufis would consider them as an epitome of their common system; for they concur in believing, that the souls of men differ infinitely in degree, but not at all in kind, from the divine spirit, of which they are particles, and in which they will ultimately be absorbed...

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