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the work in them was of the Holy Ghost. I mention this for the information of the reader, who may feel interested in their history, although it is a fact which does not influence my own conviction on the subject.

To some it may appear, as if I were assuming an importance to myself, by publishing my change of opinion, but I am in truth only clearing my conscience, which requires me thus publicly to withdraw a testimony which I had publicly given, when I no longer believe it myself.

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AND JAMES A. BEGG, GLASGOW, By the same Author :

1. REMARKS on the INTERNAL EVIDENCE for the TRUTH of REVEALED RELIGION. Ninth Edition. 12mo, 3s. 6d. bds.

2. The UNCONDITIONAL FREENESS of the GOSPEL: in Two Essays. Fourth Edition. 12mo, 4s. bds.

3. An ESSAY on FAITH. Fourth Edition. 12mo, 2s. 6d. bds.

4. The BRAZEN SERPENT, or LIFE COMING THROUGH DEATH. Second Edition. 12mo, 2s. 6d. bds.

TORY ESSAY. 18mo, 2s. bds.
L Mc L

SERMONS and LECTURES. By the Rev. J. M'L. CAMPBELL, late of Row. Taken in Short Hand. Third Edition. 2 vols., 12mo, 5s. 6d. each.

Two LETTERS of CAUTION, as to Receiving WHAT CLAIMS TO BE OF GOD; occasioned by the alleged Possession of SPIRITUAL GIFTS. By the same. 12mo, ld. and 13d.

GOOD TIDINGS of GREAT JOY to ALL PEOPLE; a Series of Tracts. A new edition, Corrected and Enlarged. 18mo, 2s. 6d. cloth. [This is a much neater edition than any in which these most valuable tracts have hitherto been presented.]

The CONDITION in which ALL MEN ARE PLACED, through the DEATH OF THE SON OF GOD; being an Examination of the Sentiments of DR WARDLAW of Glasgow, and MR RUSSELL of Dundee, regarding the ATONEMENT, FORGIVENESS, and JUSTIFICATION BY FAITH. 12mo, 8d.

QUESTIONS ON SACRED PROPHECY, with Answers in the language of Scripture. Second Edition. 12mo, ld. [A useful little compend.]

A CONNECTED VIEW of some of the SCRIPTURAL EVIDENCE of the REDEEMER'S SPEEDY PERSONAL RETURN and Reign on Earth with his Glorified Saints, during the Millennium; ISRAEL'S RESTORATION TO PALESTINE; and the Destruction of Antichristian Nations; with Remarks on various Authors who Oppose these Doctrines. By JAMES A. BEGG. Fourth Edition, Improved. 12mo, 4s. bds.


Introductory Remarks on the Study of Prophecy-The Conversion of Israel-Restoration of Israel to Palestine-Restoration of both Israel and Judah-Enlargement of the Holy Land-New Division of the Holy Land-Israel the Most highly Honoured Nation-Jerusalem Rebuilt and Enlarged-The whole Earth blessed in Israel's Restoration-Millennial Felicity of the Inferior Creation-The Redeemer's Millennial Reign-The Redeemer's presence on Earth-The Temple Rebuilt-The Nations coming to Worship in Jerusalem-Review of Promises of the Presence of the Lord-Literal Fulfilment of Prophecy-Views of Believers, in the Apostolic Age, concerning the Millennial Kingdom-New Testament Predictions of Christ's Return at the Restoration of IsraelNew Testament Predictions of Christ's Return at the Destruction of Antichrist-First Resurrection, and Reign of the Saints-Period of the Erection of Christ's Glorious Kingdom-New Heavens and New Earth-The New Jerusalem-Future Apostasy, General Resurrection, and Final Judgment-The submission due to Revealed Truth, with Remarks on Objections to the Doctrines maintained -Destruction of Antichristian Nations.

"We know not that we have ever read a work on the glorious subjects enumerated above, with more unmingled feelings of satisfaction, than this admirable volume of Mr Begg's. Nor do we know any work which we could more strongly recommend to enquirers after those important truths which are treated of in this Connected View.' It contains, indeed, a well selected body of Scriptural Evidence' in support of the doctrines advocated therein."


The SCRIPTURAL ARGUMENT for the COMING OF THE LORD at the Commencement of the Millennium; Derived from the LITERAL FULFILMENT OF PROPHECY, and the Views held in the APOSTOLIC AGE concerning the Millennial Kingdom. Extracted from "A Connected View of the Scripitual Evidence of the Redeemer's Speedy Personal Return," &c.; with Prefatory and Concluding Observations. By JAMES A. BEGG. Third Edition, Improved. 12mo, 3d.

The Heresy of Hymeneus and Philetus concerning the FIRST RESURRECTION. By the same. 12mo 4d.

The TRUE CAUSE of the PREVALENCE of PESTILENCE, and OTHER JUDGMENTS OF GOD; with the Divinely Appointed MEANS OF DELIVERANCE and SAFETY. By the same. 12mo, 6d.

A FEW WORDS IN LOVE, Addressed to Believers, on the Present Contentions about the ALLIANCE of CHURCH and STATE. By the same. 12mo, 2d.

LETTERS to a Minister of the Gospel, on HIS AND OTHER INTERPRETATIONS of the SAVIOUR'S PREDICTIONS OF HIS RETURN, recorded Matt. xxiii. xxiv. xxv.; containing a MINUTE EXAMINATION OF THESE PROPHECIES; and Exhibiting the Evidence they contain that CHRIST'S COMING in the Clouds of heaven is PERSONAL and NEAR AT HAND. By the same Author. 12mo, 3s. 6d. bds. CONTENTS.

On the Importance of the Doctrine of Christ's Return, and the Duty of Investigation-A full and combined View of the Saviour's Prediction of His Coming in the Clouds of Heaven, as recorded by the different Evangelists, with the various interpretations of Expositors-On the precise Signification of the word Translated Generation"-Brief Exposition of the Saviour's Prediction of his Return-The Coming of the Son of Man farther proved to be at the close of the times of the Gentiles, or Restoration of IsraelOn the supposed Figurative Language of Prophecy, and the idea of a Double Reference in the Prediction-On the Views and Questions of the Disciples, and the preceding Prediction of our Lord delivered in the temple, (Matt. xxiii. 37-39.) as confirmatory of His Coming with the Clouds of Heaven being his Personal ReturnThat our Lord in His Prediction referred to his Personal Return, proved from the language employed, and the circumstances foretold-That the Coming of the Son of Man will be Personal, proved from the various Parables given in illustration of the PredictionOn the Signs, Celestial and Terrestrial, which precede the Coming of Christ in the Clouds of Heaven.

THE RELIGIOUS STATE OF EUROPE CONSIDERED; with the Present Duties of Christians; a Sermon preached before the European Society. By the Rev. E. Bickersteth, Rector of Watton, Herts. 12mo, 2d.

EXTRACTS ON PROPHECY, chiefly the APPROACHING ADVENT and KINGDOM of CHRIST; from the writings of Burgh, Anderson, Noel, Irving, Cuninghame, Begg, Madden, Simon, Mede, Campbell, Sabin, Hooper, Pym, Newton, Fletcher, Dodsworth, Goodwin, Toplady, Hawtrey, Dalton, Melville, Bickersteth, Maitland, Keith, Fry, Erskine, Marsh, Stewart, Cowper, Keeble, &c. 12mo, 4s. 6d. cloth bds.

"Useful Selections, chiefly from Modern Writers."-Bickersteth's Guide to the Prophecies.


The Duty of Watchfulness and Prayer, for the COMING OF THE MESSIAH'S TRIUMPHANT KINGDOM AND MILLENNIAL REIGN. By the same. 12mo, price 2d.

The COMING of the DAY OF GOD. By the same. 12mo, 2d. A Word of WARNING TO ALL, with a Word of CONSOLATION TO THE PEOPLE OF GOD, in these last Perilous Days. Third Edition. 12mo, 3d.

CHRIST A PROPHET; a Notice of some of the PROPHECIES OF OUR LORD; more especially those respecting HIS SPEEDY PERSONAL SECOND COMING. By A BIBLE STUDENT. 12mo, 3d.

A LETTER to the Author of Millenarianism Indefensible; Exhibiting Evidence of the MILLENARIAN VIEWS of the Moderator and other Leading Members of the WESTMINSTER ASSEMBLY, and of many of the most EMINENT DIVINES IN ALL AGES of the Church. By the Rev. W. ANDERSON. 12mo, 18. 6d.

The testimonies produced of the sentiments of Eminent Divines, particularly recommend it to those who venerate antiquity,-especially the admirers of the Confession of Faith. It is here proved, beyond all question, that Dr. Twisse, (Moderator of the Westminster Assembly,) Messrs Marshall, Palmer, Caryll, Sterry, Burroughs, and Dr. Goodwin, all leading men among the Divines of that Assembly, with many others, were express Millenarians-their Millenarianism being exhibited indeed, to some extent, in the Standards they were employed to compile. Extracts are also given from John Bunyan and others whose authority has not hitherto been produced.

An Apology for MILLENNIAL DOCTRINE, in the Form in which it was entertained by the PRIMITIVE CHURCH. By the Rev. W. ANDERSON. 8vo, Parts I. and II. 2s, each.

An Analytical ARRANGEMENT of THE APOCALYPSE, according to the Principles developed under the name of Parallelism. By R. ROE, Esq. 4to, 12s. bds.

A LETTER to the Rev. A. Symington, D.D., containing Extracts from THE TESTIMONY of the REFORMED PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, and Reasons for RELINQUISHING THAT COMMUNION. By a RESIGNING ELDER 12mo, 4d.

This Letter contains an exhibition of a great number of articles to which the Church addressed professes adherence, unscriptural in their nature, and tyrannical in the highest degree, if carried into execution. It is shown that the simplicity of the Gospel has been superseded, by acts of Assembly and Parlia ment being interposed between the table of the Lord and the desires of his people to show forth his death; and no member of this Church, acceding to their present Terms of Communion, is free from the sin of sanctioning deeds and decisions which never should have had existence, and which truth demands should be immediately repudiated-while they have cut off members from their communion, for avowing" the blessed hope" of the Saviour's Speedy Advent.

The HOPE OF ISRAEL; Presumptive Evidence that the Aborigines of the Western Hemisphere (the AMERICAN INDIANS,) are Descended from the TEN MISSING TRIBES OF ISRAEL. By B. A. SIMON. 8vo. 10s. bds.

"Fanciful as some may reckon the contents of this volume, they cannot, to any Christian, be devoid of powerful interest. The past History, present condition, and future destiny, of the consecrated nation, are things which can never be contemplated with cold indifference, or tame emotion. The curse of Jehovah has lighted and lain heavy upon their devoted tribes; and prophetic denunciations of woe and wrath have been accomplished to the very letter; and not one jot or tittle forgotten or forborne. But their future story is written in brighter characters; and God, who has followed up the predicted vengeance with such a full and literal accomplishment, will not be more slack to fulfil the very letter of his long-promised blessings. Nor ought present appearances, however unfavourable, at all to abate our confident belief of the coming glory of the Returned and repentant Tribes-when the yoke of their bondage shall be broken over the ruins of mystic Babylon, the sorrows of exile be forgotten in the enjoyment of their ancient soil, and the vail of spiritual darkness be removed from their blinded eyes. Relying on the Divine promises, we feel assured that the Ten Tribes of Israel, however scattered and lost, shall be sought out and recovered by the providence of God, at his own appointed time; yet we feel not the less interested in the various conjectures and inquiries which have been made regarding their present condition and country. Accordingly, we open with eagerness a volume which professes to lay before us even Presumptive Evidence, regarding the exile of Israel. NOR DOES PRESBYTERIAN REVIEW.


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