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Page 505 - Traité des arbres et arbustes qui se cultivent en France en pleine terre...
Page 55 - The Constitutions of the Freemasons. Containing the History, Charges, Regulations, etc., of that Most Ancient and Right Worshipful Fraternity. For the use of the Lodges, London.
Page 201 - De la distribution des maisons de plaisance et de la décoration des édifices en général ». Paris, 1737.
Page 47 - Typographical Antiquities; or the history of printing in England Scotland and Ireland: containing memoirs of our ancient printers, and a register of the books printed by them.
Page 365 - The Life of James the Second, King of England, &c., collected out of Memoirs writ of his own hand. Together with the King's Advice to his Son, and his Majesty's Will. Published from the Original Stuart Manuscripts in Carlton House, by the Rev. JS Clarke, LL.B., FRS, Historiographer to the King, Chaplain of the Household, and LiBrarian to the Prince Regent,
Page 571 - Sculptura; or, The History and Art of Chalcography, and Engraving in Copper: with an ample Enumeration of the most renowned Masters and their Works. To which is annexed, A New Manner of Engraving, or Mezzotinto, Communicated by His Highness Prince Rupert to the Author of this Treatise.
Page 289 - Instruction pour la commission chargée de dresser le projet d'un nouveau Code de lois, Pétersbourg , 1765, in-8".; id. en français , latin, allemand et russe, i77<>,in-40.; en russe et eu grec vulgaire , in-8".
Page 171 - Biblia — the Bible, that is, the Holy Scripture of the Olde and New Testament faithfully and truly translated out of Douche and Latyn in to Englishe.
Page 509 - The Hebrew Text of the parallel Prophecies of Jacob and Moses relating to the twelve Tribes ; with a Translation and Notes ; and the various Lections of near forty MSS. To which are added : 1. The Samaritan-Arabic Version of those Passages, and Part of another Arabic Version made from the Samaritan Text; neither of which have been before printed : 2.
Page 355 - De la Amicicia, y De la Senectud. Con la Económica de Xenophon, traduzidos de Latin en Romance Castellano, por Francisco Thamara... Añadiéronse agora nueuamente los Paradoxes, y el Sueño de Scipion, traduzidos por luán laraua.— Anvers.—En casa de luán Steelsio.—Al fin: Impresso en casa de luán Lacio.

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