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their most anxious labours, and awakening their most exalted hopes. O, gladden the soul of your father, and cause your mother's heart to sing for joy.

Multitudes have regretted that they were not pious in youth, none have regretted that they were. From the midst of deep and complicated cares, sorrows, sins, and reproaches on earth; and from the midst of still deeper and more complicated torment in hell, many have exclaimed with a horrid emphasis of wo, "Would to God I had remembered my Creator in the days of my youth." On the other hand, how many, during the trials of their pilgrimage below, upon the bed of death, and surrounded by the excellent glory in heaven, have said, in a rapture of gratitude, "Adored be that grace which led my youthful feet into the paths of piety."

Religion commenced in youth, and sustained through a long life in unvarying

consistency, will be followed and crowned with future honours in the heavenly world. There are different degrees of glory in heaven; the nature of the case proves it, and the word of God confirms it: and the fact is presented in Scripture as an incentive to diligence, a stimulus to exertion. Salvation, I know, is all of grace; and justification before God, is by faith without works; no man will have the smallest ground for boasting that he has deserved or obtained heaven by his own doings: one universal shout of "Grace, Grace," will burst from the lips of redeemed millions as they turn their eyes to the Larb who has bought them with his blood-but still, there will be degrees of glory. Look up by faith into the heavenly kingdom, as it is revealed in the Book of God; see the many thrones that are set, and the many crowns that are prepared for the people of God,ask the question, Whose are the highest

seats, and the richest diadems? and the oracle declares, Theirs, who live longest, and do most for the glory of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.



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