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Dr Jamil Khan has done an extraordinary work by bringing to attention of the world the Hindi-Urdu an artificial divide. I need to share that my family father, grand father, uncle two brothers age 13 and 15 in 1947 in undivided Punjab(before 1947) first script they learned was Urdu,When in middle school my father read Milap an Urdu newspaper. editor Ranvirr was in USA and used to write everyday letters to younger brother Yash pal.I learned about USA Empire State Bldg.Lincolc when my father would read those letters to me I learned alphabets and script of Urdu and finished a primer. Urdu + Hindi is Hindustani which all Indians speak mixing with english words ,So present language of India has 3 moxed languages.The movis have more urdu tha n Hindi especially as many of the best directors were Moslems,In film industry there iis no Hindu Muslim divide,Famous actor Dilip Kumar is a Moslem with Hindu name,Many Hindus have Urdu names as Shabnam (mist)I was brought up in State of Maharajas where in the Harem the majority were moslem girls,Most actresses as Sraiya and Nargis and Nimmi were moslim so Urdu persisted and we enjoyed the sweetest language of Shayars,My father in law used to sing Iqbal and my cousin is devoted to Galib the world's best Urdu poet Dr,Satish C,Varma 

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