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Orem's (W.) Description of the Chanonry of Old Aberdeen in the years. 1724 and 5. (Nichols's Bib. Topog. Vol. V. No. 3.) [Martine's (Geo.)] Reliquiæ Divi Andrea; or, the state of the primitial see of St. Andrews; with some historicall memoirs of the most famous prelates and primates thereof. [Edited from the original MS. of 1683.] 4to. St. Andrew's, 1797.

Martin's (Geo.) History and Antiquities of St. Rule's Chapel in the Monastery of St. Andrew's in Scotland; with remarks by Professor Brown. (Nichols's Bib. Top. Vol. V. No. 47.)

Wood's (J. P.) Ancient and Modern State of the Parish of Cramond; to which are added, biographical and genealogical collections. 4to. Edinburgh, 1794.

Chartulary of Dunfermline. (Dalyell's Monastic Antiquities.)

History of Carlaverock Castle, Dumfriesshire. (Siege of Carlaverock, History of England.)

Alesii (Alex.) Edinburgi regiæ Scotorum Urbis Descriptio. 4to. Edin. privately printed,

Arnot's (Hugo) History of Edinburgh, from the earliest account to the present time. 4to. plan and plates. Edin. 1779.

Maitland's (W.) History of Edinburgh, from its foundation to the present time. Folio. Edinburgh, 1753.

Chambers's (R.) Traditions of Edinburgh. 2 vols. 12mo. Edin. 1825. Crawford's (Profes. Thomas) History of the University of Edinburgh, from 1580 to 1646; with the charter granted in 1583. 8vo. Edin. 1808. Sibbald's (Sir Robt.) Ancient and Modern History of the Sheriffdoms of Fife and Kinross, with a description of both, and of the Friths of Forth and Tay, and the islands in them; with notes and illustrations [by A. Tullis]. 8vo. Cupar, 1803.

Hamilton (W.) of Wishaw's Descriptions of the Sheriffdoms of Lanark and Renfrew, compiled about 1710; with illustrative extracts from the commissary records, and an appendix of ancient charters; edited by J. Dillon and J. Fullarton. 4to. Privately printed, 1831. Shaw's (Lach.) History of the province of Moray, including part of the shire of Banff, the whole of Moray and Nairn, and the greatest part of Invernesshire. 4to. Edinburgh, 1775.

Crawford's (Thos.) History of the shire of Renfrew; containing a genealogical history of the royal house of Stewart, and of the nobility and gentry of the county of Renfrew; continued to the present time by W. Semple. 4to. Paisley, 1782.

Nimmo's (Wm.) History of Stirlingshire, brought down to the present
time, by W. Macgregor Stirling. 8vo. Stirling, 1817.
History of Stirling to the present time. 12mo. Stirling, 1817.
Maculloch's (J.) Highlands and Western Isles of Scotland; containing

descriptions of their scenery and antiquities, with an account of the political history and ancient manners, and of the origin, language, agriculture, economy, music, present condition of the people, &c.: founded on a series of annual journeys between the years 1811 and 1821, and forming an universal guide to that country. 4 vols. 8vo. London, 1824.

Macculloch's (J.) Description of the Western Islands of Scotland, including the Isle of Man; comprising an account of their geological structure, with remarks on the agriculture, scenery, and antiquities. 2 vols. 8vo. The plates and maps, with explanations, 4to. London, 1819.

Martin's (M.) Description of the Western Islands of Scotland. 8vo. London, 1703.

Johnson's (Samuel) Journey to the Western Isles of Scotland. (Works, Vol. VIII.)

Boswell's (James) Journal of a Tour with Dr. Johnson to the Hebrides. 8vo. London, 1786.

Wallace's (James) Account of the Islands of Orkney; with an essay on the Thule of the ancients. 8vo., maps by Speed inserted. London, 1700.

Neil's (Pat.) Tour through some of the islands of Orkney and Shetland, with a view chiefly to objects of natural history. 8vo. Edin. 1806. Orkneyinga Saga, sive Historia Orcadensium à primâ Orcadum per Norvegos occupatione ad exitum sæculi XII.; Saga Hins Helga Magnuser eijea Jarls, sive Vita S. Magni Insularum Comitis. Ex MSS. Arna-Magnæana, cum versione Latinè, var. lect., et indicibus : edidit J. Jonæus. 4to. Hafnia, 1780.

Torfæi (Ther.) Orcades; seu, Rerum Orcadensium Historia. Folio. Hauniæ, 1715.

Barry's (George) History of the Orkney Isles; with additions by J. Headrick. 4to. London, 1808.

Gifford's (Thos.) Historical Description of the Zetland Isles. (Nichols's Top. Brit. Vol. V. No. 37.)

Edmonston's (Arthur) ancient and present state of the Zetland Isles. 2 vols. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1809.


Nicholson's (Bp. W.) Scottish Historical Library; or, an account of most of the writers, records, registers, law books, &c. of Scotland. (English Hist. Library.)

Registrum Metellanum; [or, works worthy of being printed, illustrative of the history, &c. of Scotland]. 4to. Glasgow, privately printed, 1831. Innes's (Thos.) Critical Essay on the ancient Inhabitants of Scotland. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1729.

Sibbald's (J.) Observations on the Origin of the Terms Picti, Caledonii, and Scotti.) (Chronicle of Scottish Poetry, Vol. IV.)

Johnstone's (James) Accurate Catalogue of the Pictish and Scottish Kings, &c. (Antiquitates Celto-Normannicæ.)

Forduni (Jo. de) Scoti-Chronicon, unà cum ejusdem supplemento, ac continuatione [per Walt. Bowerum]: è cod. MSS. eruit ediditque T. Hearne, qui et append. præfat. atque indicibus adornavit. 5 vols. 8vo. Oxonii, 1722.

Forduni (J. de) Scoti-Chronicon, cum supplementis et continuatione Walteri Boweri: è cod. MSS. editum, cum notis et var. lectionibus. Præfixa est ad hist. Scotorum introductio curâ Walt. Goodall. 2 vols. folio. Edinb. 1759.

Chronicle of Perth, from 1210 to 1668. 4to.

Glasgow, privately

printed, 1831. Wyntoun's (Androw of) Oryginale Chronykil of Scotland; now first published, with notes, a glossary [general rules for reading Wyntoun, which may serve for other Scottish writers], &c.; by David Macpherson. 2 vols. 8vo. large paper. London, 1815.

Boece (Hector)-The History and Chronicles of Scotland; written in Latin by Hector Boece, Canon of Aberdeen, and translated by John Bellenden, Archdean of Moray and Canon of Ross. 2 vols. 4to. Edinburgh, 1821.

Leslæi (Jo.) de Origine, Moribus, et Rebus gestis Scotorum ad nostra tempora (1561) Historia: accesserunt Scotia descriptio [Parænesis ad nobilitatem populumque Scoticum, et de titulo et jure Mariæ Scotorum Reginæ, &c.]. 4to. Romæ, 1675.

Holinshed's (R.) History of Scotland, from the original thereof unto the year 1571, and continued to 1586 by F. Botevile, commonly called Thin. (Holinshed's Chron. Vol. II.; new edition, Vol. V.) Buchanani (Georgii) Rerum Scoticarum Historia. Editio princeps. Folio. Edinburgi, apud Alex. Arbuthnetum, M.D.LXXXII.

"Fra. Mylles ex dono reverendissimi in Dno Patris Edwardi Grindalli, Cantuariensis archiepiscopi, 20 Jan. 15."-MS. Note.

Chambre (D.), Histoire Abrégé de tous les Rois d'Ecosse, et sur les anciennes alliances entre la France et l'Ecosse. (Eng. Hist.)

Chronicle of the Kings of Scotland from Fergus I. to James VI. [edited by J. W. M'Kenzie]. 4to. Glasgow, privately printed, 1830. Balfour's (Sir James) Historical Works; [containing the annales of Scot

land from 1057 to 1640, and some breiffe memorialls and passages of church and state from 1641 to 1652. Edited from the original MSS. in the Advocates' Library, Edinburgh, by James Haig]. 4 vols. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1824.

[Wallace's (James)] History of the Kingdom of Scotland from Fergus, the first king, to the Union in 1707. To which are added, an account of the Rebellion in 1715, and a description of Scotland. 4to. Dublin, 1724.

History of Scotland to the Union of the Kingdoms. (Mod. Univ. Hist. Vol. XLI.)

Noble's (Mark) Historical Genealogy of the Royal House of Stuart. (Genealogical History.)

Ridpath's (Geo.) Border History of England and Scotland, to the Union. of the two Crowns; edited by P. Ridpath. 4to. Edin. 1776. Scott's (Sir W.) Illustrations of Border History and Traditions. (Border


Criminal Trials before the High Court of Justiciary in Scotland, from 1369 to 1624; selected and edited by R. Pitcairne. 8 vols. 4to. Edinburgh, privately printed, 1829-30.

History of particular Periods.

Haco's Expedition (the Norwegian Account of) against Scotland, A.D. M.CC.LXIII. Icelandic and English; with notes by James Johnstone. Small 8vo. [Copenhagen], 1782.

Pinkerton's (John) Enquiry into the History of Scotland preceding the reign of Malcolm III., or the year 1056; and including the authentic history of that period. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1794.

Desultory Reflections on the state of ancient Scotland [between the reign of Malcolm Canmore and the death of Alexander III., with a catalogue of the Lordes Chief Justiciars to 1643, and of all the graite constables since the 4th of Malcolm III. (Dalyell's Fragments.) Hailes's (Sir D. Dalrymple, Lord) Annals of Scotland, from the accession of Malcolm III. to that of the house of Stewart in Robert II. 2 vols. 4to. Edinburgh, 1776–9.

Ayscu's (Ed.) History of the Wars, Treaties, &c. between England and Scotland, to the reign of James IV. (English History.)

Henry the Minstrel's [Blind Harry] Wallace; or, the Life and Acts of Sir William Wallace, of Ellerslie. Published from a MS. dated 1488 with notes and preliminary remarks by John Jamieson. Edinburgh, 1820.


William Wallace.-[Sibbald (Sir Robt.)] de Gestis illust. Herois Gulielmi Vallæ, Scotia olim Custodis, Collectanea varia; quorum pleraque nunc primùm è MSS. in lucem prodeunt. Small 8vo. Edinburgi, 1705.

Barbour's (John) Bruce; or, a metrical history of Robert I. King of Scots. Published from a MS. dated 1489: with notes, and a life of the author by John Jamieson. 4to. Edinb. 1820.

Kerr's (Robt.) History of Scotland during the reign of Robert I., surnamed the Bruce with a genealogical view of the origin and descent of the Bruce family. 2 vols. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1811.

Prynne's (Historical and Critical Remarks on) History, so far as concerns the submission and fealty sworn by the Scottish nation to Edward I., commonly called the Ragman-Roll. Heraldry, Vol. II.)


Tytler (W.) on the Life of James I. (Poetical Remains.) Drummond's (Wm.) History of Scotland from 1423 to 1542; containing the lives and reigns of James I. II. III. IV. and V.; with several memorials of state during the reigns of James VI. and Charles I.: with a prefatory introduction by W. Hall. Folio, portraits by Gaywood. London, 1655.

The Diarey of Robert Birrel, Burges of Edinburghe; containing divers passages of staite, and others memorable accidents, from 1532 to 1605. (Dalyell's Fragments.)

Lesley's (John, Bp. of Ross) History of Scotland, from 1436 to 1561. 4to. Edinb. privately printed, 1830.

Flodden Field (Historical Pieces relating to the Battle of). (Poetry.) The late Expedicion into Scotlande, made by the Kynges Hyghnys Armye, under the conduit of the Earle of Hertforde, the yere of oure Lorde God, 1544. Reprinted from the original, London, by R. Wolfe, 1544. (Dalyell's Fragments.)

[Lindsay's (Sir David)] Complaint of Scotland, written in 1548; with a preliminary dissertation and glossary, by J. Leyden. 4to. large paper. Edinburgh, 1801.

The Expedicion into Scotlande of Edward, Duke of Somerset, Vncle unto ye Kinges Majestie Edward the VI., &c. made in the first yere of his Majestie's most prosperous reign, and set out by way of diarrie by W. Patten, Londoner. Reprinted from the original, London, 1548. (Dalyell's Fragments.)

Beague's (Mon.) History of the Campaigns 1548 and 9, by the Scots and French on the one side, and by the English and their foreign auxiliaries on the other; with an introductory preface by the translator [Dr. Patrick Abercrombie]. 12mo. Printed [Edinburgh], 1707. Johnston (R.) Historia Rerum Scotorum. (Eng. Hist.)

Robertson's (William) History of Scotland, during the reigns of Queen Mary and King James VI., till his accession to the crown of England. 2 vols. 4to. London, 1791.

Sanderson's (Will.) compleat History of the Lives and Reigns of Mary Queen of Scotland, and of her son and successor James VI., reconciling several opinions in testimony of her, and confuting others in vindication of him. [With the second part, continuing the reign of James to his death.] Folio. London, 1646-55.

Udall's (W.) [W. Stranguage] Historie of the Life and Death of Mary Stuart, Queene of Scotlande. 12mo. portrait of Mary, and front. by Marshall. London, 1636.

Chalmers' (Geo.) Life of Mary Queen of Scots, drawn from the State

Papers; with subsidiary memoirs [viz. of Francis II.; Henry Lord Darnley; John Stewart, Earl Bothwell; the Regent Murray; Secretary Maitland]. 2 vols. 4to. Lond. 1818.

Benger's (Miss) Memoirs of the Life of Mary Queen of Scots; with anecdotes of the Court of Henry II. during her residence in France. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1823.

(Eng. History.)

Melvil's (Sir James) Memoirs. Chambre (D.), la Recherche des singularitéz plus remarquables concernant l'estât d'Ecosse. Small 8vo. Paris, 1579.

[Buchanan (Geo.)] de Mariâ Scotorum Reginâ, totâque ejus contra Regem conjuratione, fœdo cum Bothwellio adulterio, nefariâ in maritum crudelitate et rabie, &c.—et

[Wilson (Thomæ)] Actio contra Mariam Scotorum Reginam, in quâ ream et consciam esse eam hujus parricidii necessariis argumentis euincitur. Small 8vo. 2 ports. of Mary inserted. [Londini, 1572.] Riccio (Some particulars of the Life of David). (Misc. Antiqua.) Darnley. The Testament and Tragedie of umquhile King Henrie Stewart of gude memorie. Reprint from that of Lepreuik, 1572. (Dalyell's Scottish Poems.)

Murray (Some incidents in the Life of James Earl of), Regent of Scotland. (Dalyell's Scottish Poems.)

Chambre (D.), de la légitime Succession des Femmes aux Possessions de leurs Parens, et du Gouvernement des Princesses aux Empires et Royaumes. Small 8vo. Paris, 1579.

This was written with a view to Mary's succession to the crown of England. Leslæus (Jo.) Episc. Rossensis de Titulo et Jure Ser. Principis Mariæ Scotorum Reginæ, quo Regni Angliæ successionem sibi justè vindicat; nunc verò Latino sermone in lucem editus [per Lane ?]. Accessit ad Anglos et Scotos Parænesis. 4to. Rhemis, 1580.

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