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[Birch (Thos.)] an Inquiry into the share which King Charles I. had in the transactions of the Earl of Glamorgan, afterwards of Worcester, for bringing over Irish rebels to assist that king in 1645-6. 8vo. London, 1747.

(Charles II.)

Carte's (Thos.) History of the Duke of Ormond. Milton (John) on the Articles of Peace between James Earl of Ormond, for King Charles I. on the one hand, and the Irish rebels and papists on the other. (Prose Works, 4to. Vol. I.; 8vo. Vol. II.)

Reliquiæ Sacræ Carolina; the Works of that great monarch King Charles I., both civil and sacred: with a view of his life and reign, from his birth to his buriall. 8vo. Hague,

Eikon Basilike, the Portraicture of his sacred Majestie in his solitude and sufferings. (Charles I.'s Works.)

Eikonoklastes, in Answer to Eikon Basilike, by John Milton. (Prose Works, 4to. Vol. I.; 8vo. Vols. II. and III.)

Fellowes' (W.D.) Historical Sketches of Charles I., Cromwell, Charles II., and the principal personages of that period; including the king's trial and execution: to which is annexed, an account of the sums exacted by the commonwealth from the royalists, and the names of those who compounded for their estates. 4to. London (Paris), 1828. Peyton (Sir E.), the Divine Catastrophe of the kingly family of the House of Stuart; or, a short history of the rise, reigne, and ruine thereof. (Secret History of King James.)


Milton (John) pro Populo Anglicano Defensiones contra Salmasium et A. Morem. (Prose Works, 4to. Vol. II.; 8vo. Vol. V.)

Milton's (J.) pro Populo Anglicano, &c., translated by Washington. (Prose Works, 4to. Vol. I.; 8vo. Vol. III.)

Clarendon's (Edward Hyde, Earl of) History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England; to which is added, a view of the affairs in Ireland. New edition, exhibiting a faithful collation of the original MS., with all the suppressed passages; also, the unpublished Notes of Bp. Warburton. [Edited by Dr. Bandinel.] 8 vols. 8vo. Oxford,


Clarendon (E. H. Earl of), a Supplement to the History of the Grand Rebellion; containing the tracts, speeches, letters, &c. mentioned in the said history: with ports. of the great men on both sides. 8vo. London, 1717.

Clarendon (E. H., Earl of), Life of; being a continuation of the History of the Grand Rebellion, from the Restoration to his banishment in 1667; written by himself. 3 vols. 8vo. Oxford, 1761.

Ellis's (G. A.) [Lord Dover] Historical Inquiries respecting the character

of Edward Hyde, E. of Clarendon, Lord Chancellor of England. 8vo. London, 1827.

[Oldmixon's (John) History of England during the reign of the royal house of Stuart; wherein the errors of late histories [Clarendon, &c.] are discovered and corrected. Folio. Lond. 1730.

Burton (John), the Genuineness of Lord Clarendon's History of the Rebellion vindicated, and Mr. Oldmixon's Slander confuted. 8vo. Oxford, 1744.

Burton's (Rich.) Wars in England, Scotland, and Ireland, and other remarkable transactions, revolutions, and accidents, which happened from the beginning of the reign of Charles I. to the Restoration. 4to. large paper. Reprint, Westminster, 1810.

Dugdale's (Sir W.) View of the late Troubles in England; also, some parallel thereof with the Barons' wars in the time of Henry III.; but chiefly with that in France called the Holy League, in the reign of Henry III. and IV. Folio. Oxford, 1681.

Heath's (James) Brief Chronicle of the late intestine War in England, Scotland, and Ireland; with the intervening affairs, as also the several usurpations, foreign wars, differences, and interests depending upon it, to the happy restitution of King Charles II., with all the memorable affairs since his time. 4 vols. small 8vo. With the portraits, &c. Narcissus Lutterel's copy, with his autograph. London, 1663-4.

Tragicum Theatrum Actorum, et Casuum Tragicorum Londini publicè celebratorum, quibus Hiberniæ Proregi, Episcopo Cantuariensi, ac tandem Regi ipsi, aliisque vita adempta, et ad Anglicanum metamorphosin via est aperta. Small 8vo. fine impressions of the portraits, &c. Amst. ap. Jansonum, 1649.

Winstanley (Wm.), the Loyal Martyrology; or, brief Catalogues and Characters of the most eminent persons who suffered for their conscience during the late times of rebellion, by death, imprisonment, &c. Small 8vo. front. &c. and port. of Cromwell by Stent, inserted. London, 1665.

Catalogue of the Lords, Knights, and Gentlemen, that have compounded for their estates. Small 8vo. London, 1665.

Lilly's (W.) Monarchy or no Monarchy in England;-Grebner his Prophecy concerning Charles the son of Charles;-Passages upon the Life and Death of the late King Charles ;-Enigmatical Types of the future state and condition of England. 4to. London, 1651. Walker (Clement), the Compleat History of Independency upon the Parliament begun 1640, and continued till this present year, 1660, by T. M. 4to. London, 1661.

"Ex libris Petri Leycester de Tabley."—MS. Note.

Baillie's (Robt.) Letters and Journals; containing the public transactions, civil, ecclesiastical, and military, both in England and Scotland, froin 1637 to 1662 [by Robert Aiken]. 2 vols. 8vo. The Roxburgh copy. Edinburgh, 1775.

Whitelock's (Sir B.) Journal of the Swedish Embassy, in 1653-4, from the Commonwealth; with an Appendix of original papers. [Edited from the Whitelock papers by Dr. Morton.] 2 vols. 4to. London,


Ludlow's (Edmund) Memoirs; with a collection of original papers, serving to confirm and illustrate many important passages contained therein, and the case of Charles I. 4to. Lond. 1771.

Original Memoirs, written during the great Civil War, with Notes, &c. [by Sir W. Scott]. 8vo. Edinb. 1806. Vid. :

Life of Sir Henry Slingsby,

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Memoirs of Captain John Hodgson,

Relations of the Campaigns of Oliver Cromwell in Scotland in 1650, published from the originals, by order of Parliament.

Hutchinson's (Lucy) Memoirs of Col. Hutchinson, Governor of Nottingham Castle and Town, representative of the county in the long parliament, and of the town in the first parliament of Charles II.; with anecdotes of his contemporaries, and a summary view of public affairs. Published from the original MSS. by Julius Hutchinson. To which is prefixed, a short memoir of her own life, written by herself. 4to. London, 1806.

Lilly's (W.) History of his Life and Times, from 1602 to 81. Small 8vo. London, 1715.

Life of John Milton. (Works, Vol. I.)

Godwin's (W.) Lives of Edward and John Philips, nephews and pupils of Milton; including various particulars of the literary and political history of their times. 4to. London, 1815. Godwin's (William) History of the Commonwealth of England, from its commencement to the restoration of Charles II. 5 vols. 8vo. Lond. 1824-32.


[Stace's (M.)] Cromwelliana; a chronological detail of events in which Oliver Cromwell was engaged, from 1642 to his death in 1658: with a continuation of other transactions to the Restoration. large paper. Westminster, 1810.


D[awbeny's] (H.) Historie and Policie reviewed, in the heroick transactions of his most Serene Highnesse Oliver, late Lord Protector, from his cradle to his tomb; declaring his steps to princely perfection, as they are drawn in parallels to the ascents of the great patriarch Moses in thirty degrees, to the height of honour. 8vo. portrait of Cromwell by Glover inserted. London, 1659.

Peck's (Fr.) Memoirs of the Life and Actions of Oliver Cromwell, as delivered in three panegyrics of him written in Latin: the first, by Don Juan Roderiguez de Saa Meneses, Conde de Penaguiano, the Portugal Ambassador; the second, by a certain Jesuit, the Lord Ambassador's chaplain; yet both, as it is thought, by John Milton, as was the third: the whole illustrated with a preface, notes, and a collection of divers curious historical pieces relating to Cromwell, &c. 4to. London, 1740.

Noble's (Mark) Memoirs of the Protectoral House of Cromwell; with the lives of such persons as were distinguished by the Cromwells with honours and great employments. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1789.

Cromwell (Oliver), Memoir of the Protector, and of his sons Richard and Henry, illustrated by original letters and other family papers. 4to. Lond. 1820.

Burton's (Thomas) Diary of the Parliaments of Oliver and Richard Cromwell, from 1656 to 1659, published from the original MS.; with an introduction containing an account of the parliament of 1654, from the journal of Gibbon Goddard, M.P., also now first published. Edited and illustrated with notes, historical and biographical, by J. T. Rutt. 4 vols. 8vo. London, 1828.

The French Charity; written upon occasion of Prince Harcourt's coming into England. Small 8vo. London, 1655.

Manifesto of the Lord Protector against the Spaniards, 1655. (Milton's Prose Works, 4to. Vol. II., 8vo. Vols. V.)

Court and Kitchen of Elizabeth, commonly called Joan Cromwell, the wife of the late Usurper, truly described and represented. (Secret Hist. of King James.)

Cowley's (Abr.) Discourse, by way of vision, concerning the Government of Oliver Cromwell. (Works, Vol. III.)

[Fiennes' (Nath.)] Monarchy asserted to be the best, most ancient, and

legal form of Government; in a conference held at Whitehall with Oliver Cromwell and a committee of Parliament, and made good by their arguments. Small 8vo. London, printed 1679. Titus's (Col.) Killing no Murder. 4to. London, reprinted 1689. [Hawke's (Mich.)] Killing is Murder; [or an answer to the above.] 4to. London, 1657.

[Evelyn's (John)] Apology for the Royal Party; with a touch at the pretended "Plea for the Army." (Misc. Works.)

May's (Thos.) Epitome of English History; wherein arbitrary government is displayed to the life, in the illegal transactions of the late times under Oliver Cromwell; being a parallel to the four years' reign of the late King James [II]. Small 8vo. London, 1690.

Withers' (Geo.) Fides Anglicana; or, a plea for the public faith of these nations, lately pawned, forfeited, and violated by some of their former 8vo. London, 1660.



History of his sacred Majesty Charles II., begun from the murder of his royal father, and continued to the present year, 1660; by a Person of Quality. 8vo. London, 1660.

An Account of the Preservation of King Charles II. after the Battle of Worcester [dictated by himself to Mr. Sam. Pepys]. To which are added, his letters to several persons; [edited by D. Dalrymple, Lord Hailes.] 8vo. Edinburgh, 1801.

The Royal Pilgrimage; or, the progresse and travels of Charles II. through the most and greatest courts of Europe. 4to. London, 1660.

England's Joy; or, a relation of the most remarkable passages from his majesty's arrival at Dover to his entrance at Whitehall. 4to. 1660. (Harleian Misc. Vol. III.)

A Collection of his Majesty's gracious Letters, Speeches, Messages, and Declarations, since April 4, 1660. 4to. London, 1660.

History of the Reign of Charles II. from the Restoration to 1667. (Life

of Clarendon.)

The History and Life of King Charles II. (Kennet, Vol. III.)

History of the Reign of Charles II. and II.)

Bulstrode's (Sir R.) Memoirs and
Government of Charles II. 8vo.

(Burnet's Own Times, Vols. I.

Reflections upon the Reign and
London, 1720.

The Secret History of the Court and Reign of Charles II., by a member of his privy council [from a MS. belonging to the Earl of Chatham]. To which are added, introductory sketches of the preceding period, from the accession of James I.; with notes, and a supplement continuing the narrative to the Revolution, by the editor. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1792.

Hamilton (Ant.), Mémoires du Comte de Grammont, augmentées des notes et des éclaircissemens nécessaires, par M. Horace Walpole. 4to. Strawberry Hill, 1772.

Hamilton's (A.) Memoirs of Count Grammont; with biographical sketch of Count Hamilton [illustrated with notes by Sir W. Scott, &c.] and 64 portraits. 2 vols. 4to. large paper, proofs. London, 1811.

Carte's (Thomas) History of the Life of James Duke of Ormonde, from 1610 to 1688; with a collection of state letters. 3 vols. folio. Lond. 1736.

Diary of Lord Rochester during his Embassy in Poland in 1676. (Clarendon's Letters.)

Dryden's (John) Translation of the Third Book of Maimbourg's History of the League, with advertisement and postscript: intended as a parallel to the Solemn League and Covenant. (Works, Vol. XVII.) Letters of Lady Rachel Russell, from the MS. in Woburn Abbey, [by Thomas Selwood]: to which is prefixed an introduction, vindicating the character of Lord Russell against Sir John Dalrymple; and an account of the trial of Lord William Russell for high treason. 8vo. London, 1792.

Life, Trial, &c. of Algernon Sydney. (Sydney on Government.)

A True Relation of the late King's [Charles II.] Death: to which are added, copies of two papers written by him, found in the strong box. (Somers's Tracts, Vol. VIII.)

Reresby's (Sir John) Travels and Memoirs; the former during Cromwell's usurpation, the latter containing anecdotes and secret history of the courts of Charles II. and James II. Imp. 8vo. large paper. Lond. 1813.

Jones's (D.) Secret History of Whitehall, from the restoration of Charles II. to the abdication of King James II. Small 8vo. Lond. 1697.

North's (Roger) Life of Lord Keeper North. (Biography.)

Pepys (Memoirs of S.), Secretary to the Admiralty in the reigns of Charles II. and James II.; comprising his diary from 1659-69, and a selection from his private correspondence: edited by Lord Braybrooke. 2 vols. 4to. London, 1825.

Fox (Memoirs of the Life of Sir Stephen) [domestic servant to King Charles II. during his exile, and one of the Lords of the Treasury for twenty-two years in his majestie's and the three successive reigns]. Large paper, with two impressions of the portrait. Folio. London, reprint, 1807.

Wynne's (W.) Life of Sir Leoline Jenkins [plenipotentiary for the peace of Nimeguen, and one of the secretaries to Charles II]. To which is added, a complete series of letters, wherein are related the most remarkable transactions of his time, both foreign and domestic, 2 vols. folio. London, 1724.

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