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Wallis' (Jo.) Natural History and Antiquities of Northumberland, and part of the county of Durham between the Tyne and the Tweed, commonly called the North Bishoprick. 2 vols. in one, 4to. London, 1769.

Bourne's (Hen.) History of Newcastle-upon-Tyne; or, the ancient and present state of that town. Folio. Newcastle, 1736.

Brand's (Jo.) History and Antiquities of the Town and County of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, including an account of the coal trade. 2 vols. 4to. London, 1789.

[Trevelyan's] Account of the Parish of Hartburn; with the History and Pedigrees of the Trevelyans, &c. Lords of Wallington. 4to. Newcastle, 1827.

[Trevelyan's] History of the Parish of Meldon, and of the extra-parochial Township of Rivergreen. 4to. Newcastle, 1828.


Sharpe's (Sir Cuthbert) History of Hartlepool. 8vo. the Wood-cuts by Bewick and Nicholson. Durham, 1816.

Thoroton's (Robert) Antiquities of Nottinghamshire, extracted out of records, original evidences, leiger books, MSS., and authentic authorities. Folio. London, 1677.

Thoroton's (Robert) Antiquities of Nottinghamshire; with additions by J. Throsby. 3 vols. 4to. London, 1797.

Deering's (Charles) Nottinghamia Vetus et Nova; or, an historical account of the Town of Nottingham. 4to. Nottingham, 1751.

Rook's (H.) Sketch of the ancient and present State of Sherwood

Forest. 8vo. London, 1799.


Dugdale's (Sir W.) History of the Collegiate Church of Suthwell. (Hist. of St. Paul's.)

Plot's (Rob.) Natural History of Oxfordshire; with additions and corrections, and a short account of the Author. Folio. Oxford, 1705. Wood's (Antony à) Notes relating to the History of Oxford and the places thereabouts. (Hearne's Liber Niger, Vol. II.)

Hutten's (L.) Antiquities of Oxford; with Views of Oseney and Rewley. (Hearne's Textus Roffensis.)

Warton's (Thomas) Companion to the Guide, and Guide to the Companion, being a complete Supplement to all accounts of Oxford hitherto published. [A satire.] 12mo. Oxford [1760].

Hearne (Thomas) on King Edward the Confessor's Chapel at Islip; on Oxford Castle, Oseney, &c. (Curious Discourses.)

Hearne (T.) concerning the Stunsfield Tessellated Pavement, and the Custome of the Manor of Woodstocke. (Leland's Itinerary, Vol. VIII.)

Hearne's (T.) Account of several Antiquities in and about the University of Oxford. (Leland's Itin. Vol. II.)


Hearne (T.) on St. Peter's in the East, Oxford; with three Prints. (Leland's Collectanea, Vol. I.)

Statuta Hospitalis de Ewelme in Agro Oxoniensis. (Hearne's Tho. of Otterbourne.)

Kennet's (White) Parochial Antiquities, attempted in the History of Ambrosden, Burcester, and other adjacent parts in the counties of Oxford and Bucks. 4to. London, 1695.

Dunkin's (John) History and Antiquities of the Hundreds of Bullington and Ploughley, in Oxfordshire. 2 vols. in one, 4to. Lond. 1823. Warton's (J.) History and Antiquities of Kiddington. 4to. London, 1815.

A Discourse about Fair Rosamond and the Nunnery of Godstowe; with occasional Notes about Binsey. (Hearne's Guil. Newbrigensis, Vol. III.) Fierberti (N.) Oxoniensis Academiæ Descriptio. (Leland's Itinerary, Vol. IX.)

Neli (Thos.) Collegiorum Scholarumque publicarum Academiæ Oxoniensis Topographica Delineatio. (Dodwell de Parmâ Equest.)

Assertio Antiquitatis Oxoniensis Academiæ, incerto authore; ejusdem Gymnasii, ad illust. Reginam anno 1566; cum fragmento Oxoniensis historiolæ. 4to. Londini, in ædib. J. Daii, 1574. (Caius de Antiq. Cantabr.)

Caii (Thos.) Vindicia Antiquitatis Academiæ Oxoniensis contra J. Caium Cantabrigiensem; edidit T. Hearne, cum Reliquiis ad familiam Relig. Ferrariorum de Gidding parvæ subnexit. 2 vols. 8vo. Oxonii,


Wood's (Ant. à) Annals of the University of Oxford. (Athenæ Oxonienses: Biography.)

Wood's (Ant. à) History and Antiquities of the University of Oxford, and of its Colleges and Halls: and the Fasti Oxonienses; or, a Commentary on the supreme magistrates of the University. Published from the original MSS., with Continuations to the present time, and a Life of the Author, by John Gutch. 4 vols. in 5, 4to. Oxford, 1790-96.

(Gutch's Coll. Curiosa.)

Tracts on the University of Oxford. Chalmers' (Alexander) History of the Colleges, Halls, and Public Buildings, attached to the University of Oxford, including the Lives of the founders. 4to. large paper, India Proofs. Oxford, 1810.

Loggan's (David) Oxonia Illustrata; Views of the Colleges and Halls in Oxford: with an additional volume, containing XXXVII. large Plates by Vertue, Basire, &c. illustrative of the same subjects. 2 vols. folio. Oxford, 1675, &c.

The engravings by Vertue, in the second volume, are views of the colleges, introducing the portraits of the founders, and are not enumerated by Walpole in his catalogue of this artist's works.

Skelton's (Jos.) Oxonia Antiqua Restaurata; containing numerous representations of buildings now either altered or demolished. 2 vols. 4to. large paper. Oxford, 1823.

Williams (Guil.) Oxonia Depicta; sive, Collegiorum, &c. in inclytâ Oxoniensi delineatio. Folio.

Oxoniana [a Collection of historical, antiquarian, biographical, and miscellaneous Anecdotes, illustrative of the colleges of Oxford]. 4 vols. 18mo. London, [1807].

Berebloci (J.) Comment. de Rebus Gestis Oxoniæ, ibidem commorante Elizabethâ Reginâ. (Hearne's Richard II.)

Account of the Reception of King James at Oxford in 1605. (Leland's Collectanea, Vol. I.)

Smith's (William) Annals of University College, proving William of
Durham to be the founder. 8vo. Newcastle, 1728.
Britton's (John) History and Antiquities of the Cathedral Church of
Oxford. 4to. large paper.
Lond. 1821.


Wright's (James) History and Antiquities of the County of Rutland. Folio. Lond. 1684.


[Owen's (W.)] Account of the ancient and present State of Shrewsbury. Small 8vo. Shrewsbury, 1808.

Phillips' (T.) History and Antiquities of Shrewsbury. 4to. Shrewsbury, 1779.

Blakeway's (J.B.) Sheriffs of Shropshire; with their armorial bearings, and notices, genealogical and biographical, of their families. Folio. Shrewsbury, 1831.

A Description of Hawkstone, the seat of Sir John Hill, Bart., and a memoir of Lord Hill. 12mo. Shrewsbury, 1822.

Statutes and Charters of Trinity Hospital, in Clune. (Leland's Collect. Vol. IV.)


Collinson's (John) History and Antiquities of the County of Somerset, collected from authentic records and an actual survey, by the late Mr. Raik. 3 vols. 4to. large paper. Bath, 1791.

Wood's (John) Essay towards a Description of the City of Bath. 8vo. Bath, 1742.

Wood's (J.) Description of Bath, wherein the antiquities of the city, &c. are treated of. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1765.

Warner's (Rich.) Excursions from Bath. 8vo. Bath, 1801. [Rawlinson's (Th.)] History and Antiquities of the Abbey Church of Bath. (Salisbury.)

Britton's (John) History and Antiquities of the Abbey Church of Bath. 4to. large paper. London, 1825.

Toulmin's (J.) History of the Town of Taunton, enlarged and brought down to the present time by Savage. Royal 8vo. large paper. Taunton, 1822.

Adami de Domerham, Hist. de Rebus Gestis Glastoniensibus, è Cod.

MS. perantiquo, in Bib. Col. S. Trinitatis Cantabr. descripsit primusque in lucem protulit T. Hearnius, qui et Guilielmi Malmesb. lib. de Ecc. Glaston. et E. Archeri excerpta aliquam multa è Reg. Wellensibus, præmisit. 2 vols. 8vo. Oxonii, 1727.

Johannis Monach. Glastoniensis Chronica, sive Historia de Rebus Gestis Glastoniensibus, è Cod. MS. membraneo antiquo descripsit ediditque T. Hearne. Qui et ex eodem Cod. de antiquitate, &c. Vet. Ecclesiæ S. Mariæ Glastoniensis præmisit, multaque excerpta è Ri. Beere Terrarum hujus Coenob. subjecit. Accedunt de S. Ignatii Epist. Cod. Mediceo, et de Jo. Dee Vita atque Scriptis agitur. 2 vols. 8vo. Oxonii, 1726. Roll concerning Glastonbury Abbey. History and Antiquities of Glastonbury to which are added, the endowments and orders of Sherington's Chantry, and Dr. Plot's Letter concerning Thetford: with Preface and Appendix by T. Hearne. 8vo. Oxford, 1722.

(Langtoft's Chronicle.)

Tract on Conquest in Somersetshire. (Langtoft's Chronicle.)

Britton's (John) History and Antiquities of the Cathedral Church of Wells. 4to. large paper. London, 1824.


Plot's (Robert) Natural History of Staffordshire. Folio. Oxford, 1686. Stebbing's (Shaw) History and Antiquities of Staffordshire. 2 vols. folio, large paper. London, 1798-1811.

Erdeswicke's (Sampson) Survey of Staffordshire; containing the Antiquities of the county, with a description of Beeston Castle, in Cheshire; to which are added, some observations upon the possessors of monastery lands in Staffordshire, by Sir Simon Degge. Collated with MS. copies, and with additions and corrections by Wyrley, Chetwynd, Degge, Smith, Lyttleton, Buckeridge, &c. illustrative of the history and antiquities of that county, by Thomas Harewood. 8vo. large paper. Westminster, 1820.

Harwood's (Thos.) History and Antiquities of the Church and City of Lichfield; containing its ancient and present state, civil and ecclesiastical. 4to. Gloucester, 1806.

Britton's (John) History and Antiquities of the See and Cathedral Church of Lichfield. 4to. large paper. London, 1820.

Sanders' (Henry) History and Antiquities of Shenstone, in the county of Stafford. 4to. London, 1794.

Sanders' Shenstone, with the pedigrees of all the families, both ancient and modern, of that parish. (Nichols's Top. Brit. Vol. IX. No. 4.) Clifford's (Sir Thos. and Arthur) Topographical and Historical Description of the Parish of Tixall. 4to. Paris, 1817.


Kirby's (Jos.) Suffolk Traveller; with many alterations and additions by several hands. 8vo. large paper. London, 1764.

Collections towards the History and Antiquities of Elmeswell and Campsey Ash, in the county of Suffolk. (Nichols's Top. Brit. Vol. V. No. 52.)

Cullum's (Sir John) History and Antiquities of Hawksted and Hardwick, in the county of Suffolk; with corrections by the author, and notes by his brother, Sir T. G. Cullum. 4to. large paper. Lond. 1813.

Gardner's (T.) Historical Account of Dunwich, Blithburgh, and Southwold; with remarks on some places contiguous thereto. 4to. Lond. 1754.

Yates's (Ri.) Monastic History and Antiquities of the Town and Abbey of St. Edmund's Bury. 4to. London, 1805.

Gillingwater's (E.) Historical Account of the ancient Town of Lowestoffe. 4to. London, [1790.]

Hawes' (R.) History of Framlingham; including brief notices of the masters and fellows of Pembroke Hall, in Cambridge: with considerable additions and notes by R. Loder. 4to. Woodbridge, 1798. History of Framlingham Castle, and Account of the principal Monuments in St. Michael's Church. (Leland's Coll. Vol. II.)

Gage's (John) History and Antiquities of Hengrave, in Suffolk. Large paper, imp. 4to. London, 1822.

Specimens of Gothic Ornaments from Lavenham Church. tecture.)



Aubrey's (Jo.) Natural History and Antiquities of Surrey, begun in 1673 and continued to the present time. 5 vols. 8vo. London, 1719. Manning's (Owen) History and Antiquities of the County of Surrey, continued to the present time by William Bray; with a fac-simile copy of Doomsday. 3 vols. folio. London, 1804-14.

Lysons's Account of that part of Surrey within twelve miles of London. (Environs of London, Vol. I.)

Nichols's (John) History and Antiquities of the Parish of Lambeth. (Nichols's Top. Brit. Vol. II. No. 39.)

Ducarel's (A. C.) History and Antiquities of the Archiepiscopal Palace at Lambeth. 4to. ports. and plates inserted. London, 1785. (Nichols's Top. Brit. Vol. II. No. 27,

Ducarel's Lambeth Palace.

and Vol. X. No. 5.)

Ducarel (A. C.), some Account of Croydon. (Nichols's Top. Brit. Vol. II. No. 12.)

The Case of the Inhabitants of Croydon, 1673; and Description of Trinity Hospital, Guildford, and of Albury House, with notes on Battersea, Chelsham, Nutfield, and Talsfield. (Nichols's Top. Brit. Vol. II. No. 46.)

Ironside's (R.) History and Antiquities of Twickenham. (Nichols's Top. Brit. Vol. IX. No. 6.)


Dallaway's (James) History of the Western Division of the County of Sussex; including the Rapes of Chichester, Arundel, and Bramber, with the City and Diocese of Chichester; with continuation by Edward Cartwright. 2 vols. imp. 4to. London, 1825-30.

Antiquities of Arundel, and the peculiar Privilege of its Castle and Lordship. 8vo. London, 1766.

Hay's (A.) History of Chichester, interspersed with notes on the most remarkable places in its vicinity, and the county of Sussex generally. 8vo. Chichester, 1805.

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