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Lysons' Topographical Account of Devonshire. (Mag. Brit. Vol. VI.) Izacke's (R.) Remarkable Antiquities of the City of Exeter, enlarged and continued to 1723 by S. Izacke. 8vo. London, 1724.

Vowell (Jo.) alias Hoker's Antique Description and Account of the City of Exeter [by Andrew Brice]. 4to. Exeter, 1765.

Jenkins' (Alex.) History and Description of the City of Exeter and its Environs, ancient and modern, civil and ecclesiastical. 4to. Exeter, 1806.

Dunsford's (Martin) Historical Memoirs of the Town and Parish of
Tiverton, in the county of Devon. Large paper, 4to. Exeter, 1790.
Watkins' (Jo.) History of Biddeford. 8vo.
8vo. Exeter, 1792.
Britton's (John) History and Antiquities of the Cathedral Church of
Exeter. 4to. large paper. Lond. 1826.

Prince's (John) Worthies of Devon. New edition, with notes. 4to. Lond. 1810.


Hutchins' (Jo.) History and Antiquities of the County of Dorset [continued by Gough and Nichols]; with an Appendix of Additions and Corrections. 4 vols. folio. Lond. 1774-1815.


Discourse on Sherborne Castell and Manor in 1620. (Leland's Collect. Vol. II.)

Introduction to the History and Antiquities of the County Palatine and Bishoprick of Durham. (Gutch's Collect. Curiosa, Vol. II.) Hutchinson's (Wm.) History and Antiquities of the County Palatine of Durham. 3 vols. 4to. Newcastle, 1785, and Carlisle, 1794. Surtees' (Robt.) History and Antiquities of the County of Durham, compiled from original records. 3 vols. folio. London, 1816-23. Raine's (James) History and Antiquities of North Durham. Folio. London, 1830.

Wallis' (John) Account of so much of the County of Durham as lies between the Tyne and the Tweed, commonly called the North Bishoprick. (Northumberland.)

Allan's (Geo.) Collectanea Durhelmensia; tracts relating to the county of Durham, viz.: Collections relative to St. Edmund's Hospital, at Gateshead;-Sherburn Hospital, with the Life of Bp. H. Pudsey, the founder, and an account of the masters;-the Foundation Charter of the Cathedral Church of Durham ;-the Legend of St. Cuthberd, by Robert Spegge;-and the Recommendatory Letter of Oliver Cromwell for the erecting a College and University at Durham, and his letters patent for the same. 4to. [Newcastle], 1769-1773. Symeonis Monachi Historia Ecclesiæ Durhelmensis, cui præmittitur T. R. de auctore hujus libelli. Edidit T. Bedford. 8vo. Londini, 1732.

Davies' (John) Ancient Rites and Monuments of the Cathedral of Durham. 12mo. Lond. 1672.

Dugdale's (Sir W.) Brief Account of the Cathedral of Durham. (St. Paul's.)

Brewster's (John) Parochial History of Stockton-upon-Tees. 4to Stockton, 1796.


S[almon's] (N.) History and Antiquities of Essex; from the Collections of Thos. Jekyll of Barking, the Papers of Mr. Ouseley of Springfield, and Mr. Holman of Halstead. Folio. [London, 1740.]

This copy was collected by Mr. Lysons.

Morant's (Philip) History and Antiquities of Essex. 2 vols. folio, large paper. Lond. 1768.

Cromwell's (Thos.) History and Description of the ancient Town and Borough of Colchester. 2 vols. in one, 8vo. London, 1825. Taylor's (Silas) History and Antiquities of Harwich and Dover Court; to which is added, the Natural History of the sea-coast and country about Harwich; by Sam. Dale. 4to. London, 1732.

Gough's (R.) History and Antiquities of Pleshy, in the county of Essex. 4to. Lond. 1803.

Lysons' Account of such parishes in Essex as are within twelve miles of London. (Environs, Vol. IV.)

Fuller's (Thos.) History and Antiquities of Waltham Abbey. (Church History.)

Britton's (John) History and Antiquities of the Abbey and the Church of Peterborough. 4to. large paper. London, 1828.


Atkyns' (Sir Rob.) Ancient and Present State of Gloucestershire. Folio, large paper. London, 1712.

[Rudder's (Sam.)] History of Gloucestershire, and of the City of Gloucester, to the present time. Folio. Cirencester, 1779. Bigland's (Ralph) Historical, Monumental, and Genealogical Collections relative to the County of Gloucester. Vol. I., and Vol. II. to pp. 252: all published. Folio. Lond. 1791-2.

Fosbrooke's (T. D.) Abstracts of Records and MSS. respecting the County of Gloucester; formed into a History, correcting the erroneous accounts, and supplying the deficiencies of Sir R. Atkyns and subsequent writers. 2 vols. 4to. Gloucester, 1807.

Britton's (John) History and Antiquities of the Abbey and Cathedral Church of Gloucester. 4to. large paper. London, 1829.

Dyde's (W.) History and Antiquities of Tewkesbury. 8vo. Tewkesbury, 1798.

An Account of the Parish of Fairford, in the county of Gloucester; with a particular description of the Stained Glass in the Windows of the Church, and Engravings of ancient Monuments. 4to. Lond. 1791. Anonymi Chronicon Godstovianum, et Fenestrarum depictarum Ecclesiæ Parochialis de Fairford in agro Glocestriensi Explicatio. (Roperi Vita T. Mori à Hearne.)

A Description of the House and Castell of Thornbury, 1582. (Leland's Collect. Vol. II.)

Lysons's (Samuel) Account of Roman Antiquities discovered at Woodchester, in the county of Gloucester. Folio. The Plates highly coloured as drawings, and only twelve copies thus executed. London, 1797.


Warner's (Rich.) Collections for the History of Hampshire, and the Bishoprick of Winchester. 6 vols. in three, 4to. London, 1795, &c. Milner's (John) History, civil and ecclesiastical, and Survey of the Antiquities of Winchester. 2 vols. 4to. Winchester, 1809.

Britton's (John) History and Antiquities of the See and Cathedral Church of Winchester, including biographical anecdotes of the bishops, &c. 4to. large paper. London, 1817.

Gilpin's (Wm.) Remarks on Forest Scenery and other Woodland Views, illustrated by scenes of the New Forest. 2 vols. 8vo. Lond. 1808. Englefield's (Sir H. C.) Walk through Southampton. 4to. Southamp. 1801.

White's (Gilbert) Natural History and Antiquities of Selborne. (Natural History.)

[Worsley's (Sir Richard)] History of the Isle of Wight. 4to. large paper. London, 1781.

Englefield's (Sir H. C.) Description of the Picturesque Beauties, Antiquities, and Geology of the Isle of Wight; with Observations on the strata of the island, and their continuation in the adjacent parts of Dorsetshire, by Thomas Webster. Folio, large paper, proofs. Lond. 1816.

Warner's (Rich.) History of the Isle of Wight, military, ecclesiastical, and civil. 8vo. Southampton, 1795.


Coningsby's (Thomas, Earl) Collections concerning the Manor of Marden, in the county of Hereford [made and privately printed in 1720; with title, preface, and index, printed in 1813]. Sir M. M. Sykes's copy. Folio, 1720-1813.

Price's (John) Historical Account of the City of Hereford; with some remarks on the river Wye. 8vo. Hereford, 1796.

Price's (J.) Account of Leominster and its vicinity. 8vo. London,


Gibson's (Mat.) View of the ancient and present State of the Churches of Door, Home-Lacy, and Hempsted; with memoirs of the ancient family of Scudamore. 4to. London, 1727.

Britton's (John) History and Antiquities of the Cathedral Church of Hereford. 4to. large paper. London, 1831.


Chauncy's (Sir H.) Historical Antiquities of Hertfordshire. Folio. Lond. 1700.

Clutterbuck's (Robt.) History and Antiquities of Hertfordshire. 3 vols. folio, large paper. London, 1816-27.


Lysons's Account of the Parishes in Herts within twelve miles of London. (Environs, Vol. IV.)

Newcome's (Peter) History of the Abbey of St. Alban. 4to. Lond. 1795.
The Foundation and Incorporation of Jesus College, near Chipping
Barnet. (Hearne's Liber Niger, Vol. II.)

Vallans' (W.) Tale of Two Swannes, wherein is comprehended the original and increase of the river Lee; with the antiquitie of sundrie places and townes seated upon the same. (Leland's Itinerary, Vol. V.)


Gorham's (G. C.) History and Antiquities of Eynesbury and St. Neot's, in Huntingdonshire, and of St. Neot's in the county of Cornwall. 8vo. Lond. 1820.

Papers relating to the Protestant Nunnery of Little Gidding; with historical Notes relating to the family of Ferrars. (Caii Vindicia Acad. Oxoniensis à Hearne, Vol. II.)


Kilburne's (Rich.) Topographie, or Survey of the county of Kent. 4to. portrait by Crosse. London, 1659.

Philipott's (Thomas) Villare Cantiarum; or, Kent surveyed and illustrated; with a catalogue of the high sheriffes by John Philipott. Folio, map by Hollar. London, 1659.

Hasted's (Edward) History and Topographical Survey of the county of
Kent. 4 vols. folio, large paper. Canterbury, 1778-99.

Henshall's (Sam.) Specimens and Parts; containing a history of the county of Kent, and a dissertation on the laws from Edward the Confessor to Edward I.: a topographical, commercial, civil, and nautical history of South Britain, from authentic documents. 4to. London, 1798.

Lysons's Account of Parishes in Kent within twelve miles of London. (Environs, Vol. IV.)

Thorpe's (John) Illustrations of several Antiquities in Kent. (Nichols's
Top. Brit. Vol. I. No. 6.)

Somner's (Wm.) Treatise on the Roman Ports and Forts in Kent, edited by W. Brome. 12mo. Oxford, 1693.

Newton's (W.) History and Antiquities of Maidstone, the county town of Kent. 8vo. London, 1741.

Somner's (W.) Antiquities of the City and Suburbs of Canterbury; and N. Battely's Cantuaria Sacra, or Antiquities of the Cathedral, and other religious places in or near Canterbury. Folio. London,


Dart's (John) History and Antiquities of the Cathedral Church of Canterbury, and the once adjoining Monastery. Folio, large paper. London, 1726.

Britton's (John) History and Antiquities of the Metropolitan Church of
Canterbury. 4to. large paper. London, 1821.


Duncombe's (John) and N. Battely's History and Antiquities of the Archiepiscopal Hospitals of St. Nicholas, St. John, and St. Thomas; with some account of the Priory of St. Gregory, &c. at or near Canterbury. (Nichols's Top. Brit. Vol. I. No. 30.)

Pegge's (Sam.) Historical Account of the Textus Roffensis, including memoirs of Mr. Elstob and his sister, and biographical anecdotes of Mr. Johnson. (Nichols's Top. Brit. Vol. I. No. 25.)

Textus Roffensis [è MS. in Bib. D. Edwardi Dering, Baronetti], è cod. MSS. descripsit ediditque T. Hearne. 8vo. Oxon. 1720.

Thorpe's (John) Registrum Roffense; or, a Collection of ancient Records, &c. to illustrate the history and antiquities of the diocese and cathedral of Rochester. Folio. London, 1760.

Thorpe's (J.) Custumale Roffense; containing an account of the foundation and endowment of churches, &c., memorials of Rochester cathedral, and antiquities in Kent within its diocese. Folio. London, 1788.

Darell's (W., Chaplain to Queen Elizabeth) History of Dover Castle [published by F. Grose]. 4to. London, 1786.

Lyons' (John) History of the Town and Port of Dover, and Dover Castle; with a short account of the Cinque Ports. 2 vols. 4to. Dover, 1813-14.

Burr's (T. B.) History of Tunbridge Wells. 8vo. London, 1766. Amsinck's (Paul) Tunbridge Wells and its Neighbourhood illustrated by a series of Etchings, with historical descriptions. 4to. large paper. London, 1810.

[Lewis's (J.)] History and Antiquities of the Abbey and Church of Favresham, in Kent, of the adjoining Priory of Davington, and Maison Dieu of Ospringe, and parish of Bocton subtus le Bleyne. Printed 1727.


Battely's (Jo.) Antiquitates Rutupinæ [Richborough]. 8vo. large paper. Oxonii, 1711.

Sketch of the History and Antiquities of Hawkhurst. (Cont. of Topog. Brit. Vol. I.)

Morres's (Rowe) History and Antiquities of Tunstall in Kent. (Nichols's Bib. Topog. Brit. Vol. I. No. 1.)

Duncombe's (John) History and Antiquities of Reculver and Hearne, and Appendix; with observations on the archiepiscopal palace of Mayfield, in Sussex. (Nichols's Top. Brit. Vol. I. Nos. 18 and 45.) History, &c. of St. Radegund's, or Bradsole Abbey, near Dover, Description of the Moat near Canterbury, Sketch of Hawkhurst Church, Dissertation on the Urbs Rotupia of Ptolemy, &c. (Nichols's Bib. Topog. Brit. Vol. I. No. 42.)

Lewis's (John) History and Antiquities of the Isle of Tenet, in Kent. 4to. London, 1736.

Somner's (Wm.) History of Gavel Kind. (Jurisprudence.)


Leigh's (Charles) Natural History and Antiquities of Lancashire, Cheshire, and the Peak in Derbyshire. Folio. Oxford, 1700.

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