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Owen's (J.) Exposition of the Epistle of St. Paul to the Hebrews, with Preliminary Exercitations, 4 vols. royal 8vo, large paper. Edin.


Stuart's (Moses) Commentary on the Epistle to the Hebrews, [edited by Eben. Henderson], 2 vols. 8vo. Lond. 1828.

Leighton's (Abp. R.) Practical Commentary on the 1st Epistle of Peter. (Works, Vol. I.)


Jones (W.) on the Epistle to the Hebrews, shewing the Harmony between the Mysteries, Doctrines, and Morality of the Old and New Testament. (Works, Vol. III.)

Mede's (Joseph) Paraphrase and Exposition of St. chap. iii., on the Day of Christ's Second Coming. Tyndall's (Wm.) Exposition of the First Epistle of St. John, set forth

1531. (Works.)

Peter, 2d Epist. (Works.)

Mede (Joseph) Clavis et Commentationes Apocalyptica; Opuscula ad Rem Apocalypticam spectantia. (Works.)

Daubuz' (Charles) Commentary on the Revelation of St. John, with a Preliminary Discourse, new modelled and abridged by P. Lancaster, 4to. Lond. 1730.

Gauntlett's (Henry) Exposition of the Book of Revelation, 8vo. Lond.


Cunninghame's (W.) Dissertation on the Seals and Trumpets of the Apocalypse, and the Prophetical Period of 1260 years, 8vo. Lond. 1817. Horsley's (Bp. S.) Biblical Criticism on the first XIV. Historical Books of the Old Testament, also on the first IX. Prophetical, 4 vols. 8vo. Lond. 1820.

Lightfoot's (John) Explanation of difficult Places of Scripture. (Works, Vol. V.)

Allix's (Peter) Reflections upon the Books of the Holy Scripture, to establish the Truth of the Christian Religion, 8vo. Oxford, 1822. (Works, Vol. I.)

King's (Edw.) Morsels of Criticism, tending to illustrate some few Passages in the Holy Scriptures upon Philosophical Principles, 3 vols. 8vo. Lond. 1800.

Roberts's (W. H.) Corrections on various Passages in the English Version of the Old Testament, upon the Authority of Ancient MSS. and Ancient Versions, 8vo. Lond. 1794.

Newton's (Bp. T.) Dissertations on some Parts of the Old and New Testament. (Works, Vols. I. to IV.)

Jones (W.) on the Use and Intent of some remarkable Passages of Scripture not commonly understood. (Works, Vol. III.)

Callaway's (John) Oriental Observations and Occasional Criticisms, more or less illustrative of several hundred Passages of Scripture, 12mo. Lond. 1827.

Barrington's (Hon. Daines) Miscellanea Sacra. (Works.)
Bowyer's (W.) Critical Conjectures and Observations on the New Testa-
ment, collected from various Authors, 4to. Lond. 1782.
Newton's (Sir I.) Historical Account of Two
Scripture, viz. 1 John, v. 7, and Tim. iii. 16.

Notable Corruptions of (Works, Vol. V.)

On the Prophecies.

Keith's (A.) Evidences of the Truth of the Christian Religion, derived from the literal Fulfilment of Prophecy, as illustrated by the History of the Jews, and by the Discoveries of recent Travellers, 8vo. Edin.


Kett's (Henry) History the Interpreter of Prophecy; or, a Scriptural View of the Prophecies and their Fulfilment, 2 vols. 8vo. Lond. 1805. Newton (Bp. Tho.) on the Prophecies which have remarkably been fulfilled, and at this time are fulfilling, 2 vols. 8vo. Lond. 1817. Newton's (Sir I.) Observations on the Prophecies of Holy Writ, particularly those of Daniel and the Apocalypse of St. John. (Works, Vol. V.)

Robinson (Tho.), Prophecies of the Messiah, from the beginning of Genesis to the end of the Psalms of David, considered and improved, 8vo. Lond. 1812.

Zouch's (Tho.) Attempt to illustrate the Prophecies of the Old and New Testament. (Works, Vol. I.)

Faber's (G. S.) Calendar of Prophecy; or, a Dissertation on the Prophecies which treat of the Grand Period of Seven Times, 3 vols. 8vo. Lond. 1828.

Faber's (G. S.) General and Connected View of the Prophecies relative to the Conversion, Restoration, Union, and future Glory of Israel and Judah, 2 vols. Lond. 1808.

Faber (G. S.) on the Prophecies that have been fulfilled and are now fulfilling, or will hereafter be fulfilled, relative to the Great Period of 1260 Years, the Papal and Mohammedan Apostacies, Reign of Antichrist, and Restoration of the Jews, 3 vols. 8vo. Lond. 1807-18. Faber (G. S.) on Daniel's Prophecy of the Seventy Weeks, 8vo.



Warburtonian Lectures on Prophecy :—

Hurd's (Bp. Richard) Introduction to the Study of the Prophecies concerning the Christian Church, and particularly concerning the Church of Papal Rome, 8vo. London, 1772.

Hallifax (Bp. Sam.) on the Prophecies of the Christian Church, and in particular concerning the Church of Papal Rome, 8vo. Lond. 1776.

Bagot (Bp. Lewis) on the Prophecies concerning the first Establishment and subsequent History of Christianity, 8vo. London, 1780. Apthorp's (East) Discourses on Prophecy, 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1786. Nares' (Robt.) Connected and Chronological View of the Prophecies relating to the Christian Church, 8vo. London, 1805. Pearson's (Ed.) Lectures on the Subject of the Prophecies relating to

the Christian Church, 8vo. London, 1811.

Allwood (Ph.) on the Prophecies relating to the Christian Church, and especially to the Apostacy of Papal Rome, 2 vols. 8vo. Lond. 1815.

Davison (John) on Prophecy, in which are considered its Structure, Use, and Inspiration, 8vo. London, 1825.

Concordances, Dictionaries, and Commonplace Books.

Buxtorfii (Jo.) Concordantiæ Bibliorum Hebraicæ et Chaldaicæ, folio. Basilea, 1632.

Williams' (J.) Concordance to the Greek Testament, with the English Version to each Word, 4to. London, 1767.

Cruden's (Alex.) Complete Concordance to the Holy Scriptures; or, a Dictionary and Alphabetical Index to the Bible, 4to. London, 1763. Cruttwell's (C.) Concordance of Parallels, collected from Bibles and Commentaries, which have been published in the Hebrew, Latin, French, Spanish, and other Languages, with the Authorities of each, 4to. London, 1790.

Calmet's Dictionary of the Holy Bible, historical, critical, and geo

graphical; with Fragments, or continued Appendix, illustrating the Manners, Incidents, and Phraseology of the Scriptures, selected from the most esteemed and authentic Voyages and Travels into the East; with Remarks, Observations, and Plates. Revised, corrected, and enlarged, by C. Taylor, 5 vols. 4to. London, 1823.

Brown's (Jo.) Dictionary of the Bible, edited by his Sons, 2 vols. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1807.

Robinson's (John) Theological, Biblical, and Ecclesiastical Dictionary, 8vo. London, 1816.

Locke's (John) Commonplace Book to the Holy Bible; or, the Scriptures' Sufficiency practically demonstrated; wherein the Substance of Scripture respecting Doctrine, Worship, and Manners, is reduced to its proper heads. Revised and improved by W. Dodd, 8vo. London, 1824.

Biblical Antiquities, Connexions of Sacred and Profane History, &c.

Josephi (Flavii) Opera Omnia, Gr. et Lat. cum Notis et Novâ Versione J. Hudsoni, acced. Notæ varior. &c. ; omnia collegit, disposuit, et ad Codices ferè omnes recensuit, Notasque suas adjecit S. Havercampus, 2 vols. folio. Amst. 1726.

Josephus's Works; or, History and Antiquities of the Jews, translated by W. Whiston, 4 vols. 8vo. London, 1806.

Ugolini (Blasii) Thesaurus Antiquitatum Sacrarum, complectens selectissima clarissimorum Virorum Opuscula, in quibus veterum Hebræorum Mores, Leges, Instituta, Ritus Sacri et Civiles illustrantur, 34 vols. folio. Venetiis, 1744-69.

Vol. 1. R. Chijæ Additamenta ad Codicem de Die Expiationum.

R. Martini in Pugionem Fidei Proœmium.

Observationes Jos. De Voisin ad Promium.

J. Meyeri Tractatus de Temporibus Sacris et Festis Diebus Hebræorum, cum Animadversionibus in Joh. Spenceri libros de Legibus Ritualibus Hebræorum.

J. Triglandius de Origine et Causis Rituum Mosaicorum.

H. Witsii Ægyptiaca, sive de Ægyptiacorum Sacrorum cum Hebraicis
Collectione libri tres.

Vol. 2. Chr. Wormii de corruptis Antiquitatum Hebræarum apud Tacitum, &c.

Vestigiis libri 2.

G. Casparis Kirchmajeri Exercitatio ad C. Taciti Histor. lib. 5, de Rebus
Moribusque Judæorum.

H. Relandi Antiquitates Sacræ, amplissimis commentariis philologicis illustratæ.

Vol. 3. T. Goodwini Moses et Aaron, cum Hottingeri notis.

P. Cunæi Libri 3. de Republ. Hebræorum, cum Nicolai notis.
J. H. Hottingeri Jus Hebræorum.

Vol. 4. B. Corn. Bertramus de Rep. Hebræorum, cum commentario Constantini


C. Sigonii Libri 7. de Rep. Hebræorum, cum Nicolai notis.
J. Buxtorfii Synagoga Judaica.

A. Pfeifferi Antiquitates selectæ, ab Ugolino notis illustratæ.

Vol. 5. Eusebii Onomasticon, cum Latina interpretatione S. Hieronymi, cum notis

Bonfrerii, et Joh. Clerici Animadversionibus.

J. Bonfrerii Annotationes in promissæ Terræ Chorographicam Tabulam.
J. Rhenferdii Periculum criticum in loca depravata Eusebii Cæsariensis et
Hieronymi, de situ et nominibus locorum Hebraicorum.

Ejusdem Exercitatio philologica 2da, ad loca deperdita Eusebii et Hiero

nymi de situ, &c.

Ejusdem Exercitatio philologica 3tia ad loca vexata Eusebii, &c.

Ejusdem Exercitatio philologica 4ta ad loca depravata et vexata Eusebii et
Hieronymi de locis Hebraicis S. Sc.

Ejusdem Notæ Criticæ et Observationes in Eusebii et Hieronymi Ono


Ejusdem Exercitatio Eusebio Hieronymiana de Angulo Arabia et Bataneæ.
N. Sansonis Animadversiones in duas Tabulas geographicas, ex Veteri et

Novo Testamento desumptas.

Ejusdem Index Geographicus.

Joh. Clerici Notæ in Indicem Geographicum N. Sansonsis.

N. Sansonis Descriptio Judææ.
Ejusdem Jesu Christi Vita.

Ejusdem Petri Apostoli Vita.
Ejusdem Pauli Apostoli Vita.

J. Lightfooti Centuria Chorographica in S. Matthæum.
Ejusdem Decas Chorographica in S. Marcum.
Ejusdem Chorographica pauca in S. Lucam.

Ejusdem Disquisitio Chorographica in S. Johannem.

Vol. 6. H. Relandi Palestina.

Brochardi Monachi Descriptio Terræ Sanctæ.
J. Quistorpii Nebo.

J. H. Hottingeri Dissertatio de Geographia Terræ Chanaan.

J. Millii Dissertatio de Nilo et Euphrate.

R. Petachiæ Itinerarium, cum Versione Wagenseilii.

Vol. 7. Ab. Peritsol Itinera Mundi, Hebraicè et Latinè, cum Interpretatione et

Notis Th. Hydæ.

R. S. Sancti Itinerarium, Hebraicè et Latinè.

P. Dan. Huetii Commentarium de Navigationibus Salomonis.

M. Lipenii Dissert. de Navigio Salomonis.

Ejusdem Dissert. de Ophir.

J. Chr. Wichmanshausen Dissert. de Navigatione Ophiritica.

[blocks in formation]

H. Relandi Dissert. de Situ Paradisi Terrestris.

J. Hopkinsonii Descriptio Paradisi.

Sam. Bocharti Epistola de Paradisi Situ.
Steph. Morini Dissert. de Paradiso Terrestri.
Joh. Vorstii Dissert. de Paradiso.

H. Relandi Dissert. de Monte Garizim.
Harkenrothii Dissert. de Monte Sublimi.
T. Hasæi Observatio de Monte Sublimi.

Harembergii Oculus Moysis et Christi, a monte editissimo Palæstinam


Harkenrothii Periculum Criticum, quo Asßndav Heyschii, aliaque ejus de-
pravata loca explicantur.

H. Van Alphen Dissert. de Terra Chadrach et Damasco ejus quiete ad
Zach. ix.


Chr. Cellarii Dissert. de Excidio Sodomæ.

T. Hasæi de Zabulonis præ Sidone præstantia ad Gen. xlix.
Ejusdem Dissert. de Nephthalitide, Apostolorum patria, ad illustrationem
Oraculi Jacobæi, Gen. xlix.

J. C. Wickmanshausen Dissert. de Thermis Tiberiensibus.

J. Philadelphii Dissert. de Valle Josaphat et Excidii.

C. B. Ottonis Dissert. de Flumine Sabbathico.

M. Liebentantii Dissert. de Terra Morijah, et Monte Visionis Dei.
Gh. Outovii Observationes de Montibus Sionis et Morijah.

J. E. Harkenrothii Dissert. de Rachele.

Ejusdem Dissert. de Ænon prope Salim.

P. Zornii Dissert. de Enone prope Salim.

Ejusdem Liber singularis de Historia et Antiquitatibus No-Amon.

T. Hasæi Dissert. de Gente pp Kau Kau ad Isaiæ xviii.

C. Cellarii Dissert. de Amœnitatibus geographicis et historicis, ex Itineribus S. Pauli collectis.

Eucherii, Episcopi, Epistola ad Faustum presbyterum.
Antonii Placentini Itinerarium.

Vol. 8. S. Van-Til Commentarius de Tabernaculo Moysis.

J. Buxtorfii Historia Arcæ Fœderis.

T. Hasæi Dissert. de Lignis Sittim.

Ejusdem Dissert. de Rubo Moysis.
Ejusdem Dissert. de Lapide Fundamenti.

J. H. A. Dorien, Dissert. de Cherubinis Sancti Sanctorum.

J. Buxtorfii Dissert. de Manna.

Maimonidis Vita, ab J. Buxtorfio descripta, in Præfatione in More Nevochim.

R. Claveringii Dissert. de Maimonide.

H. Prideaux Præfatio ad Tractatus Maimonidis de Jure Pauperis et

Lud. Compiegne de Veil Præfatio in Opera Maimonidis.

Maimonidis Constitutiones de Templo, Vasis Sanctuarii, et de Ingressu

Sanctuarii, Heb. et Lat. à Ugolino notis illustratæ.
L. C. Sturmii Sciagraphia Templi Hierosolymitani.

Vol. 9. R. Abrahami Ben David Commentarius de Templo, ab Ugolino Latina

Interpr. illustratus, Heb. et Lat.

J. Lightfooti Descriptio Templi Hierosolym.

Ejusdem Ministerium Templi.

F. Opitii Commentar. de Templi Custodia nocturna.

H. Relandi Lib. de Spoliis Templi Hierosolym. in Arcu Titiano conspicuis.
T. Dassovii Imagines Hebræarum rerum.

Vol. 10. M. Plesken Dissert. de Columnis æneis.

J. J. Cramerii Dissert. de Ara exteriori Templi Secundi.

D. Milii Dissert. de Cornibus Altaris exterioris.

J. Buxtorfii Historia Ignis Sacri.

J. G. Bornhii Dissert. de Igne Gentilium sacro.

D. Milii Dissert. de Altari Mediatore.

B. Ugolini Altare exterius.

C. L. Schlichter Dissert. de Mensa Facierum, ejusque Mysterio.
Ejusdem Dissert. de Pane Facierum.

B. Ugolini Dissert. de Mensa et Panibus Propositiones.

Vol. 11. B. Ugolini Altare interius.

R. Abrahami Ben David Commentarius de Suffitu, ab Ugolino ex Heb.

Latinè redditus et notis illustratus.

J. Mejeri Dissert. de Suffitu.

D. Weymari Dissert. de Suffitu.

P. Alpini Dialogus de Balsamo.

J. G. Michaelis Dissert. de Thuribulo Adyti.

G. F. Rogal Thuribulum.

J. Braunii Dissert. de Adolitione Suffitûs.

G. M. Doederlini Exerc. de Candelabris Judæorum.

B. Ugolini Dissert. de Candelabro.

D. F. Jani Exercit. de Vite aurea Templi Hierosolym.

Vol. 12. J. Sauberti Lib. de Sacerdotibus Hebræorum.

J. Krumbholtz Sacerdotium Hebraicum.

E. C. Boldich Pontifex M. Hebræorum.

J. Braunii Dissert. de Sanctitate Pontif. Max.

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