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could only be enhanced by the manner in which it was conferred. The other numerous and respectable contributors are requested to accept the sincere acknowledgments of the editor. It may not be improper in this place to observe, that the “ Lines (in page 96) on receiving a Chinese MS.” are by the author of the beautiful “ Epistle from Lady Grange to Edward D-, Esq. written during her confinement in St. Kilda."

For the critical opinions, delivered in this work, unless otherwise specified, the Editor alone must be held responsible.

As it is intended, for the future, to publish the Poetical Register in the month of February, correspondents are desired to transmit their contributions as early as possible to the editor, that sufficient time may be allowed for the arrangement of the materials. It is also desired, that pieces meant for insertion in the " Fugitive Poetry,” may be so described. Contributions will be received by Messrs. Rivingtons.

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Inscription, by Miss Seward

by the same
Hymn to Harmodius and Aristogeiton
Inscription, by Miss Seward
Epigrams, from the Greek
On the Death of Heliodora
The Smile, from Chiabrera
The Frown, from the same

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Memoir of Lord Vaux
Of the Mean Estate, by Lord Vaux
Try before you trust, by the same
Memoir of Vere, Earl of Oxford
The Judgment of Desire, by Lord Oxford
A Lover rejected complaineth, by the same
Memoir of Francis Kinwelmarsh,
A Poem, by F. Kinwelmarsh
Memoir of Richard Edwards
A Poem, by R. Edwards
Respice finem
Memoir of Robert Green
An Ode, by R. Green
Sonnet, by the same
Memoir of William Habington
A Poem, by W. Habington
To Castara, by the same
Memoir of James Shirley
To his Mistress, by J. Shirley




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