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gor, 1788.

THOMPSON, WM., M. A.; Fel. Queen's Old and New Testament, without Notes. 8vo. Col. Oxon. 1738.

Sermons : On Subjects in Theology. 8vo. Poems. 8vo.

THORP, CHAS., D. D.; Archd. & Preb. D. D. ; Bp. Exeter.

Sermon : Before the Queen,(Joshua xxiii. 8, 9). Sermons and Charges, &c.

TREVOR, JNO., M. A.; Treasurer of Ban. THORPE, HEN., M. A. ; Fel. New Col. Oxon.

Sermons : Ordination and Visitation. Sermon : Assize, (Heb. xiii. 9).

TRIMNELL, WM., D. D. ; Dn. Winton. THROUGHEAR, Thos., M. A.; Fel. Sermon: Concio ad Clerum, Convocation, Queen's Col. Oxon. 1733.

(Matt. x. 16), 1727. Defence of the Athanasian Creed.

TUCKER, WM., D. D.; Dn. Lichfield. TILLY, WM., D. D.; Fel. Corp. Ch. Col.

Charisma : sive Donum Sanationis. 4to. Oxon.

TUCKNEY, ANTHONY, D. D.; Mast. EmSermons : Assize, (Prov. xxiv. 10-12). 1705–

manuel Col. and St. John's Col. Camb.; and On 2 Kings viii. 13. 1709--Sixteen, 1712 and 1737-On 1 Kings x. 9. 1713– Easter Tuesday, Reg. Prof. Div. (Philip. iii. 10). Oxon. 1718-Sunday after In- Sermons: Forty-two.—On several occasions. auguration, (Ezra vi. 10). 1727—The Religious King, and the People's Prayers for him -- Three. TUMER, PETER, M. D.; Fel. Mert. Col. 8vo. 1729-On 1 John iii. 3. 4to.-Jude iii. 4to.

Oxon.; Savilian Prof. Geom. Born in London ;

died 1707. TISSER, JNO., M. A.; Fel. Mert. Col. Epistolæ variæ ad doctissimos viros. Oxon.

TURTON, Thos., D. D.; Fel. Cath. Hall; Sermons : Before Levant Company, (Matt. Reg. Prof. Math. ; Reg. Prof. Div. Camb. ; xvi. 26). 1701–Before Trading Company, (Matt.

Dn. Peterboro', 1827. xxvi. 6). 1702.

Vindication of Porson's Literary Character. *TODD, HEN., M.A.; Fel. Hert. Col. Oxon.;

Tract on the Text of the English Bible. 8vo. Archd. Cleveland. Born 1763, in Brittford,

Review of Dissenting Colleges. 8vo. Wilts.

Natural Theology considered. 8vo.

Answer to Wiseman on the Eucharist. 8vo. Two Charges, 1833 and 1835.

Roman Catholic Doctrine of the Eucharist. Authentic Account of our Authorized Version

Sermons, Tracts, &c. of the Bible. 12mo. 3rd ed.

1838 Synoptical Table of Rev. Dr. Johnson's Works. UPTON, FRAS., B. D.; Fel. Ex. Col.

Selection from the Metrical Paraphrases of Oxon. in 1741. the Psalms, &c. by George Sandys, Esq., with

Vernoni Laudes; a Latin Hexameter Poem on Memoir of Life and Writings of the Author. 1839

Success of Admiral Vernon.

TOPHAM, Edw., M. A.; Fel. Trin. Col. VAN MILDERT, WM., D. D. ; Bp. Durh. Camb.

Sermons at Boyle Lecture: 2 vols. 8vo. Sermon : On Ps. cxxxii. 18. York. 1737. 1802, 1805—at Bampton Lecture, 8vo. 1814

Sermons and Charges, with Memoir, by Ives. TOPHAM, GEO., M. A. ; Preb. Lincoln.

VAUX, WM., B. D.; Fel. Bal. Col. Oxon. ; Sermons : Fast, (Ps. lix. 3). April 11, 1679–

Preb. Winchester. Visitation, (Luke xi. 1). 1690.

Bampton Lectures.

1826 TORRIANO, ALEX., LL.D.; Preb. Lincoln.

VESEY, Jn., D.D.; Abp. Tuam. Sermon : Visitation, (1 Cor. xv. 58).

Sermons : Assize, (Ps. cii. 6).- Before the

King, (Ps. lxxxii. 6, 7). 1684--Thanksgiving TOWERS, JNO., D. D.; Bp. Peterboro'.

for Protestants of Ireland, (Ps. cii. 13). 1689— Sermons : Funeral, Earl of Northampton, Before Lord Lieutenant, (Judges xvii. 6). 1693. (Rev. xiv. 13). 1660—Baptism of Earl of Northampton, (Matt. xix. 14). 1660—Before the King VINCENT, W. St. AndW., B. D.; Preb. in Lent, at Castle Ashby, (Matt. xxi. 13). 1660

Chichester. -On John xiv. 2. 1660.

Pamphlets and Sermons.


*TOWNSEND,GEO., M. A.; Preb. Durham.
Old Testament. 2 vols. 8vo.
New Testament. 2 vols. 8vo.

WADDINGTON, GEO., M. A.; Preb. Chi.. chester.

Prospects of the Greek Church. 8vo.



Ars Rhetorica. 12mo.

WATERLAND, THEODORE, D. D.; Fel. Maître Mythologique. 12mo.

Mag. Col. Camb. Speaking Latin Vocabulary. 12mo.

Sermon : On Accession, (Deut. iv. 7,9). 1716. Clavis Classica. 12mo. Gospel Truth Stated and Vindicated. 12mo.

WATSON, Geo., A. M.; Fel. Univ. Col.

Oxon. WAGSTAFFE, Thos., M. A. ; Chan. Lich.

Sermon : Christ, the Light of the World,” Sermons : Thanksgiving for Victory over Re- (Ps. xix. 4-6). bels, (Prov. i. 10-16). 1683–1 Cor. viii. 12. 1685—Thanksgiving, (1 Kings i. 5). 1685–

WATTS, D. D.; Archd. Wells. On 1 Peter iii. 2, 8. 1688.

Edited Matthew Paris.

Aided Sir H. Spelman in his Glossary.
WALAND, Rich., Treas. Hereford.
Sermons and Tracts.

WEBBER, Fras., D. D.; Fel. Ex. Col.

Oxon. ; Dn. Hereford. WALKER, Jn., B. D.; Fel. T. C. D. Born

Sermons : On Deut. xiv. 2.-On Matt. xvii. about 1770.

92.—Consecration Sermon, (2 Tim. ii. 19). Editor of Livy, Lucian, Homer's Odyssey. WELLS, GEO., LL.B.; Fel. New Col. Oxon.;

Treatise on Geometry, Theological Works, Preb. Chichester. Letters, &c., recently published in 2 vols. 8vo.



WALKER, JN., D. D.; Fel. Ex. Col. Oxon.; Preb. Exeter. (Given to him by diploma for his Work).

Sufferings of the Clergy in the great Rebellion.

WALKER, Jn., Minor Can. Norw., about 1780.

Volume of Poems.

WALL, Chas. W., D. D.; Fel. T. C. D.; Prof. Heb. Born about 1789.

Essay on Orthography of the Jews.

WELLS, ZACHARY, M. A.; Fel. King's Col. Camb.

Sermon : On the Advantages of Learned and Religious Education, (Matt. xi. 22). 1705.

WEST, Rich., D. D.; Fel. Mag. Col. Oxon. ; Archd. Berks; Preb. Winchester.

Sermons: On Ps.cii.8,9. 1700—Thanksgiving, (Deut. xxxii. 35).—Assize, (St. Luke xii. 51). -Assize, (Ps. cxlvii. 20). Before Clergy, (Jer. xxxi. 29).-Spital, (Ps. xli. 1, 2, 3). 1711. -On Ps. lx. 2. 1716.

WEST, Rich., D. D.; Preb. Wells.
Sermon: On 1 Tim. iv. 7, 8.

WESTON, STEPH., B. D. ; Fel. Exeter Col.
Werneriana. 8vo. London.

1776 Notes on Bowyer's third edition of Greek Testament.

1782 Hermesianax.

1782 Many Letters in Gentleman's Magazine, and Archæologia; and several Works on Chinese and Persian Literature.

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WETHERALL, Thos., M. A.; Fel. Caius Col. Camb. “ Noted as a Preacher."

Five Sermons.

WARREN, JN., M. A. ; Fel. & Tutor Jesus Col. Camb.; Chan. Diocese Bangor.

A Treatise on the Geometrical Representations of the Square Roots of Negative Quantities. 8vo.

An Address to Members of the Church of England, on the Necessity of Placing the Government of the Church in the hands of Members of her own Communion. A Pamphlet. 8vo. &c.

WHATELY, Rich., D. D.; Fel. Oriel Col.; Prin. St. Alban's Hall, Oxon. ; Abp. Dub. Bampton Lectures. 8vo.

1822 Elements of Logic. 8vo.

1825 Elements of Rhetoric. 8vo.

1827 Essays on some Peculiarities of the Christian Religion. 8vo.

1827 Essays on Difficulties of the Writings of St. Paul. 8vo.

1828 A View of the Scripture Revelation concerning a Future State. 12mo.

1829 Essays on the Errors of Romanism having their Origin in Human Nature. 8vo. 1830

Historic Doubts relative to Napoleon Buonaparte. 8vo.


WARREN, Rich., D. D.; Archd. Suffolk ; Preb. Ely.

Visitation Sermon at Cambridge, (1 Tim. iv. 16). 1746.

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Christian Institutes. 4 vols. 8vo. Ecclesiastical Biography. 4 vols. 8vo. Pamphlet on Cathedral Endowments. Sermons. 2 vols. 8vo.

The Doom : Letter to the Clergy of the South Riding of Yorkshire.

Catalogue of the English Portion of his Library. 8vo.

Psyche, of the Wicked. 8vo.

Sermons: 4to. 1798—Practical, &c. 8vo. 1801 -Charity. 4to. 1803—Two; Assize. 4to. 1808 -Visitation. 4to. 1809–Two; Assize. 4to. 1814–Two; Assize, at York. 8vo. 1823— The Virtuous Woman : Funeral. 8vo.

WRENCH, John, M. A. ; Fel. King's Col. Camb.

Sermon : On St. Luke ix. 54, 55. 1721.

WRIGHT, ROBt., D. D. ; Fel. Trin. Col. Camb. ; First Warden Wadh. Col. Oxon. ; Bp. Lichfield and Coventry. Born at St. Alban's, 1559. “He wrote Latin Poetry with elegance.

WYNNE, JN., Fel. Jesus Col. Camb.

Sermons : Before University, (1 Thess. iv. 11). 1724-Ordination, &c. (1 Cor. i. 10). 1726.

WRANGHAM, FRAS., M. A. ; Preb. York; Preb. Chest. ; Archd. York. Born at Pocklington, York, 1769.

The Restoration of the Jews: a Seatonian Prize Poem. 4to.

1794 The Destruction of Babylon. A Poem. 4to. Miscellaneous Poems. 8vo.

1795 “ Rome is Fallen." The Holy Land. Seatonian Prize Poem. 4to. Leilie's Short and Easy Method Abridged. 8vo. The Raising of Jairus' Daughter. A Poem.

Dissertation on the best Means of Civilizing the Hindoos. Written for Dr. Buchanan's Prize. 4to.

1808 Restoration of Learning in the East. Published at the request of the Judges. 4to. 1808

Sortum Cantabrigiense Epithalamia. An edition of Langhorne's Plutarch's Lives : with copious Notes, &c. 8vo.

1808 The Sufferings of the Primitive Martyrs. Seatonian Prize Poem. 4to.

1811 Jesus made Known to his Brethren. Sea. tonian Prize Poem. 4to.

1812 The Death of Saul and Jonathan. A Poem. 8vo.

1813 The British Plutarch. 8vo.

1816 Forty Sonnets from Petrarch. 4to. 1817

Dr. Zouch's Works collected: with Memoir. 8vo.

1820 Archbishop Markham’s Carmina Quadragesimalia. 8vo. 4to.

1820 Charge to the Clergy of Cleveland. 8vo. 1821 The Lyrics of Horace. 8vo.

1821 Second and Third Charges to the Clergy of Cleveland : the last containing Discussion of the Socinian Question. 8vo.

1822, 1823 Bishop Walton's Prolegomena to his Polyglot Bible: with copious notes. 8vo.

1828 The Pleiad. 12mo.


WYVILL, CHRIST., D. D.; Fel. Trin. Col. Camb. ; Dn. Ripon.

Sermons : Accession, (1 Peter ii. 17). 1685 – Assize, (Judges xvii. 6). 1686—Before the Queen, (Joshua xxiv. 15). 1694—Thanksgiving, (2 Sam, iii. 1). 1695-Assize. 1697.

YELDARD, ARTHUR, D. D.; Fel. & Pres. Trin. Col. Oxon. Born at Houghton Strother, Northumberland ; died 1599.

[A Scholar of eminent character, and one of the Delegates appointed to revise the University Statutes in the reign of Elizabeth. Some copies of his compositions have survived.]

* YOUNG, Matt., D. D.; Sen. Fel. T.C. D. Prof. Natural Philosophy.

Translation of the Book of Psalms. 4to.




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