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260 BYBELSCHE FIGUREN.-A series of 90 275 Ditto, 100 plates, brilliant impressions,

plates, illustrating the Scriptures, spiritedly folio calf, 25s etched by P. Vander Borcht, oblong 410 £1 ls 276 BLAKE (Wm.) Illustrated edition of Young's

Amst. 1682 Night Thoughts; folio, full bound in morocco, 261 BICKHAM (Geo.) Penmanship in its utmost £2 2s

Lond. 1797 beauty and extent, &c. 61 plates, including 276*- Ditto, half bound calf uncut, £2 2s Ibid. examples of all the most celebrated calligra- 277 BLAKE'S Illustiations of Blair's Grave, with phers ; Cocker's Writing Book, 21 plates ; the poem, portrait of the artist, and fine plates by stained, in one vol. oblong 4to half calf neat, Schiavonetti, 4to, bds, uncut, 188 Lond. 1808 12s

278 Ditto, 4to balf bound 25s

Ibid. 261*BICKHAM (Geo.) Drawing and writing 279 Ditto, larye paper, proof impression, with

tutor, or an introduction to those sister arts, portrait of the artist, on India paper, royal 4to, 15 plates, oblong 4to stitched, 5s.

half bound morocco elegant, £1 158

Ibid. 262 BIET (J. E.) Souvenirs du Musée des monu- 280 BLOEMART (A.) Sacra eremus ascetriarum,

mens Français ; 40 views in outline, exbibiting 25 plates of hermits, brilliant impressions, with the tombs and monuments of illustrious per- large margins, 4to whole bound in vellum, sonages preserved in the Musée des Petits

antique style, £I 5s Augustios, with descriptive text, folio, cloth 281 Ditto, an old Flemish edition, with wood. boards, £1 48

Paris, 1821 cuts by C. Van Sicbem after Bloemart's de263 BINDLEY; Catalogue of Mr. James Bindley's sigus, small 4to, old calf, 258, Antw. 1644

collection of portraits and prints; large paper, 282 BLOEMART's drawing-book of the human prices and names, 4to balf bound, 7s 6d

figure, 24 plates, 4to boards, 5s

Lond. 1819 | 283 BLOEMART (A.) Sylva Anachoretica Ægypti 264 BINET (E.) Sancti fundatores religiosorum et Palæstinæ, 25 plates of saints and hermits

ordinum in ecclesia, 40 plates by C. Galle, engraved by B. Bolswert, most brilliant impresvery fine impressions, 4to calf, 25s

sions, calf extra, edges gilt in the old style 4to, Antwerp, 1634 £1 lls 6d

Antw. 1619 265 BIOGRAPHICAL MAGAZINE ; containing 284 BLON(J.C. le) L'art d'imprimer des tableaux,

portraits of eminent and ingenious persons of traité d'après les écrits, les opérations, et les every age and nation, with their lives and instructions verbales, plates, 8vo calf, scarce, characters; 195 plates, 2 vol royal 8vo, whole 7s 60

Paris, 1756 bound in calf eleg. 25s

Lond. 1819283 BLOND (A. le) Théorie et pratique du jardi266 BIRCH (Wm.) Délices de la Grande Bretagne; nage ; numerous designs for parterres and

a collection of 36 neatly engraved views from garden plots, 4to old calf, 25s Paris, 1722 pictures by Cosway, Sir J. Reynolds, Farington, 286 BLOOMFIELD's Farmer's Boy ; illustrations Opie, Wilson, &c. &c. fine proofs, oblong 4to, to, from drawings by R. Westall, 5 plates, russia extra, 12s

London, 1791 engraver's proofs before letters, 8vo, scarce, 12s 267 BIRD's illustrations to the Bible; 21 plates | 287 BLOOMFIELD (Robert) Illustrations to the

engraved by C. Warren, proofs on India paper, writings of this eminent rural poet, consisting of 4to, 15s

views in Norfolk and Suffolk (the scenes of his 268 BISI (MICHELE) PINACOTECA DEL

poetry), 8vo boards, 5s


Ditto, large paper, 4to boards 78 Ibid. BELLE ARTI DI MILANO; 247 plates, 289 BLORE's monumental remains of noble and engraved in outline, from the pictures by great eminent persons; comprising the sepulchral masters in this famous gallery, with descriptive antiquities of Great Britain ; 30 plates, with text, by Robustiano Gironi, 3 vol folio, half historical and biographical illustrations, 8vo, bound morocco elegant, gilt leaves, £16 16s


Lond. 1826 Milan, 1812290 Ditto, large paper, proofs, 4to half calf, * Large paper on vellam paper, only 30 copies 278

Ibid. printed.

291 Ditto, India proofs, large paper, original 269 BISSCHOP (J.) Etchings from celebrated set in numbers complete, 38s

Statues and Pictures, comprising the most im. 292 Ditto large paper, proofs on India paper, portant Sculptures of ancient times, and from 4to elegantly bound in scarlet morocco extra the works of Michael Angelo, Sebastian del gilt leaves, £3 3s Piombo, Caracci, and others, both parts com- | 293 BOADEN's (J.) Inquiry into the authenticity plele, 157 plates, folio half bound, L2 2s

of the portraits of Shakspear, fine plates, 8vo T Bisschop was a good draughtsman and an ex- boards, 58

1824 cellent etcher, so that he knew perfectly well how to 294 BOCCACCIO (Giovanni) El libro intitulato de execute that which he had undertaken, and every artist's shelf should support and protect this book

mulieribus claris ; numerous fine woodculs, 4to as an inestimable treasure.-B. WEST, P.R.A.

vellum, fine copy, imperfect. but very rare, 21s 270 — Ditto, a set of remarkably fine impressions

Venice, 1506 but mounted, half bound in calf, £2 12s 6d 295 BODART (P.) Principaux fondements du 271 Ditto, brilliant old impressions, 2 vol in dessein, numerous plates, chiefly of the human 1, calf, gilt leaves, £2 153

figure, from designs by G. Hoet, folio neat, 272 Ditto, superb impressions, 2 vol old calf, 10s

Leyden, 1723 273 Ditto, superb impressions, including some 296 BOILLY's groups of heads; 42 very clever very scarce, £3 13s 6d

and humorous plates, finely coloured, 4to neat, proofs before the numbers, 2 vol in 1, call

scarce, 18s

Paris, 1824 extra in the old style, £4 4s

*** The original prints; not the wretchedly executed 274 Ditto, 100 plates, fol. half bound, 188

copies usually met with.

297 BOISSENS (Cornelius) Gramato Graphices; 314 ditto, large paper, 8vo, 58

1645 48 plates, including fine flourished capitals, 315 BOSSE (A.) Diverses figures à l'eau-forte de oblong 4to, 8s

Amst. 1605 petits amours, anges vollants &c, avec de mas. 298 BOISSARDI (J.J.) Emblematum liber. Ipsa ques par P. Farinate, 30 plates, oblong 4to Emblemata ab Auctore delineata, a Theodore de

calf, 188

Paris, 1644 Bry sculpta, et nunc recens in lucem edita : en- 316 BOSSE (A.) De la manière de Graver à l'eaugraved title, portrait and 52 plates, very fine

forte et au burin, et de la gravure en manière impressions, small 4to calf extra, in the old noire, plates, 8vo calf elegant, 58 Paris, 1758 style, edges gilt, 18s

Francf. 1593 317

Moyen universel de pratiquer la per299 BOISSIEU (J.J. de), The complete set of the

spective sur les tableaux ou surfaces irrégu.

1653 very clever eichings by this artist, comprising 318 BOSSE (A.) Manière universelle de M. De

lières, plates, 8vo, 3s 60 fancy heads, studies, landscapes after Ruisdael, Claude, &c. and from his own designs, about

sargues, pour pratiquer la perspective par petit100 plates, folio half bound, £5 15s 6d

pied, comme le Géométral, ensemble les places

et proportions des fortes et foibles touches, 301 BOMBELLI (P. L.) Collection of Scriptural teintes, ou couleurs, 156 plates. Large paper, Subjects, engraved by this artist from pictures

8vo, 6s

1648 by Andrea Sacchi, Baroccio, Guido, and other 319 BOSSUITT; Cabinet de Schulpture par le Italian artists, with a selection of the Statues in

fameux Sculpteur Francis van Bossuitt, exécuté St. Peter's at Rome; 111 plates.- Porticus

en yvoire ou ebauché en terre, 103 plates, enReligiosa ; figures of the founders of the dif

graved by M. Pool, 4to, old red binding neat, ferent religious orders, 21 plates engraved by 25s

Amst. 1727 Lauwers, in 1 vol folio, half bound in morocco, 320 BOTFIELD ; Catalogue of pictures in the £3 13s 6d

possession of Beriab Botfield, at Norton Hall; 302 BONER (Hieronymus) Des Hochbarumptes- portrait, 8vo neat, 10s 6d

Lond. 1848 ten geschicht schreybers Justini warhafftige

*.• Privately printed. Hystorien, die er auss Trogo Pompeio gesogen, 321 BOTTARI E FOGGINI, Il museo Capitolino und inn Viertzig vier Bucher auffgeteylt, darinn

illustrato con osservazioni di Winckleman er von vil Kunigreycken der Welt, wie die auff

Visconti, &c., many plates from ancient statues, und abgang genommen bescbryben die, curious

bas-reliefs, &c. 3 vols in 2, 8vo hdlf calf very woodcuts, fol. 18s

Augspurg, 1531
neat, 31s 6d

Milan, 1819 303 BONNARDOT (A.) Histoire artistique et 322 BOTTARI E TICOZZI; Raccolta di lettere

archéologique de la gravure en France, 8vo sulla pittura, scultura, ed architettura, scritte stitched, 78 6d

Paris, 1849

da' più celebri personaggi dei secoli XV., XVI., 304 BONNARDOT; Essai sur la restauration des

e XVII., 8 vol, 12mo sewed Milano, 1822 anciennes estampes et des livres rares, with 323 BOUCHARDON; Etudes prises dans le bas supplement, 8vo stitched, 5s Paris, 1846

peuple, ou les cris de Paris ; 5 sets complete, 305 BONNINGTON (R. P.) a Series of subjects comprising 60 plates of very interesting and from the works of; drawn on stone, by J. D.

useful representations of costume, 4to, SCARCE, Harding, portrait and 21 plates, 4to, 14s

£2 128 6d

Paris, 1737 306 ditto, unbound, lls

324 BOUGAINVILLE (Baron de) Collection de 307 BOOK of Common Prayer and Administration dessins relatifs à son voyage autour du monde ;

of the Sacraments-Godly Prayers—The Holy 34 views in Australia, Cochin China, PondiBible-Two right profitable and fruitful Con- cherry, the Philippine Islands, &c, with de. cordances, by R. F. H. London, 1608—The

scriptive text, folio half bound, 158 Whole Booke of Psalmes, by Sternhold and

Paris, 1828 Hopkins, in 1 vol 4to, imperfect, £1 lls 6d

325 BOUQUET (M.) An artist's ramble in the London, 1610

North of Scotland; 25 fine views of the 308 BOOK of Common Prayer ; a set of illus- beautiful and romantic scenery of that country, trations to, from drawings by Burney and folio stitched, 25s

London, 1849 Thurston, engraved by John Scott, 12 plates, 326 BOUQUET (Michel) Album Valaque, vues et 8vo, 48

costumes pittoresques de la Valachie, dessinés 309 BORDER Antiquities, in parts, wanting part d'après nature; 12 plates finely executed in 3, original impressions, 4to, 25s

lithography, folio half bound, 258 Paris, 1843 310 BOS (Abbé du) Réflexions critiques sur la 327 BOUTELL (Rev. C.) Christian monuments

Poésie et sur la Peinture, 3 vol, 12mo calf neat, in England and Wales ; an account of the 5s

Paris, 1755 various Classes of Sepulchral monuments, fine 311 ditto, with an inquiry into the rise and

woodcuts, 8vo cloth, 58

Lond. 1854 progress of the Theatrical Entertainments of 328 The monumental brasses of England; a the Ancients, translated into English by series of engravings upon wood, from every Thomas Nugent, 3 vol 8vo calf neat, 8s

variety of these interesting and valuable memoLondon, 1748

rials, accompanied with brief descriptive no312 BOS (L. V.) Konincklijcke Beeltenis, ofte

tices ; numerous finely executed wood engraWaerachtige Historie van Karel de II. Koninck

vings, 8vo unbound, 78 6d Lond. 1849 van groot Britannien, &c. curious historical 329 ditto, half bound neat uncut, 9s illustrations and portraits, 24mo vell. 12s 330 BOYDELL'S collection of prints ; Engra.

Dordrecht, 1661

vings from pictures by J. Collins, in illustra313 BOSSE (A.) Traité des manières de Graver en tion of Tasso's Jerusalem Delivered ; Rys.

Taille Doucé sur l'airain, &c. 12mo vellum, brack's pictures and groups of dead game and 3s 6d

Paris, 1701 fish ; Representations of Old Sporting scenes

by J. Smith & Wooton; Sir J. Thornbill's | 339 BRANDON (R. & J. A.) The open timber paintings in St. Paul's Cathedral; the months roofs of the Middle Ages, illustrated by perrepresented by groups of fruits that are in spective and working drawings of some of the season during each month, from pictures by best varieties of Church roofs; with descripCasteels ; The Cartoons by Raffaelle at Hamp- tive letterpress ; 43 plates 4to cloth boards ton Court, engraved by Gribelin, complete

Lond. 1849 with the printed title and interior view of the 340 BRANDON (R. & J. A.) Parish churches; room, very scarce ; the months represented by being perspective views of English Ecclesiasgroups of flowers in vases, from pictures by tical structures ; accompanied by plans drawn Casteels; Humorous prints after J. Collett; to a uniform scale, and letterpress description, the twelve labours of Hercules painted and en- 160 plates, 2 vol roy 8vo cl bds Lond. 1851 graved by Vaudergacht &c. together 95 prints, 341 BRANDT (Sebastian) Aff-ghebeelde Narren very fine old impressions, mounted in a volume, Speel-schuyt (a Dutch translation of the Ship atlas folio, full bound in old English morocco, of fools), curious woodcuts, a fine and clean £6 6s

Lond. v. y.

copy in calf extra old style, gilt leaves, small Presentation set to Mary Boydell. In the sale 4to, 255

Leyden, 1610 of Mr. Maberly's prints (1853), the set of Gribelin's 342 BRANNON'S Views in the Isle of Wight; cartoons was alono sold for £9.

26 plates oblong 4to half bound, 10s 6d 331 BOYDELL. A collection of prints engraved

Southampton, 1824 after the most capital paintings in England, 343 BRAUN (Georgius) et Franciscus Hogenberg, published by Jobn Boydell, and comprising Civitates Orbis Terrarum; a collection of most capital works of Woollett, Bartolozzi,

nearly 400 views of the principal cities in the Canot, Ravenet, Earlom, Sharp, Browne, &c.,

World, including London, Cambridge, Oxford, from chefs d'ouvre of the Italian, French, Windsor, Norwich, Bristol, Chester, EdinFlemish, Dutch, and English schools, 400 burgh, and Canterbury, very fine impressions, plates, with a description of each picture in

4 rol in 2, scarce, folio, well bound in vellum, English and French, 6 vol atlas folio, russia £3 33

1572 elegant, £52 10s

344 BRAYLEY (E. W.) A topographical History Among other fine prints in this collection will of Surrey; the Geological section by Gideon be found " Penn's Treaty with the Indians,” by Hall; Mantell; fire plates, large paper, 5 vol 4to *St. John, Preaching," and " Baptism of the Eunuch," by Browne; "Lucretia," and "King Lear,"

unbound, £2 123 6d

Lond. 1850 by Sharp; “Venus and Cupid," "Clytic," and "Mary, 345 Ditto, large paper, elegantly half bound Queen of Scots,” by Bartolozzi; "The Family of Benj. in russia, marbled leaves, by Wright, £4 4s West,” by Facius ; Niobe," : Phaeton," Ceyr and 346 BREES (S. C.) Pictorial illustrations of New Alcyone, and the “Roman Edifices in Ruins," &c., by Woollett; "Charles I. on Horseback," and the Zealand ; upwards of 60 plates with descriptive companion print, and “The Pembroke Family,” by text, folio cloth, 23s

Lond. 1847 Baron; “The Ceiling of Whitehall Chapel," by 347 BREVIARIUM Monasticum; printed in red Gribelin," &c. &c.

and black, numerous culs, thick 18mo (title 332 BOYER D'AGUILLES.-Recueild'estampes wanting) 10s 60

Venice, 1506 d'après les tableaux des peintres les plus célè- 348 BREVIARIUM Kiemen, pars Hyemalis, fine bres, qui composoient le cabinet de M. woodcuts by an early Venetian artist (one leaf Boyer d'Aguilles; gravées par Jacques defective), 12mo, 16s

Venet. 1515 Coelemans, 118 plates, fine impressions, impe- 349 BRIDGENS' (R.) Costumes of France, rial folio, old French calf neat, £6 6s Paris

Italy, and Switzerland, 50 plates, finely 333 BOYLE'S (Robert) Experiments and con. coloured, representing the religious ceremonies, siderations touching Colours, 12mo 38

&c. balf bound neat, 4to, 14s Lond. 1821

Lond. 1670 350 BRISBANE (J.) ANATOMY OF PAINT. 334 — ditto (no title page), with Hoofnail's ING, being a new edition of the six tables of

practical improvements and observations on Albinus, with their linear figures, with a short

the same, in 1 vol 12mo neat, 5s 1738 view of picturesque anatomy, and copious 335 BOYS (T. S.) views of the principal streets

descriptions and references, 12 plates, folio stitched, 8s

1831 and buildings in the Metropolis, executed in tinted lithography, 26 plates, folio half bound, 351 BRITISH Gallery of Pictures in Great Britain, 258

from paintings by the most eminent ancient

masters, with descriptions by Tresham, Ottley, 336 BRAAMKAMP; Catalogue du précieux cabi.

and Tomkins, 25 plates, folio, half bound net de Tableaux, desseins, estampes et de

morocco, elegant, £2 2s

1818 Statues, recueilli par Mons. Gerret Braam- 352 Ditto, large paper, fino India kamp ; prices to the pictures, 12mo bds,

proofs, half bound in russia, elegant, £4 4s 3s 60 Amst. 1771.

Ibid. 337 BRACHELII (Adelphi) Historiarum nostri 353 BRITISH Birds' Eggs; a collection of 90

temporis rerum Bello et Pace, per Europam fine Drawings in colours, by W. T. Lewin, of atque in Germania maxime gestarum ; bril- the Eggs of British Birds; comprising 145 liant impressions of the portraits, specimens, painted from the originals in the very fine copy in morocco extra gill leaves, Portland Museum, with MS. alphabetical from the Rev. Theodore Williams' Library, Index, 4to calf elegant, £4 48 1800 21s


354 BRITTON's Fine Arts of the English school, 338 BRANDOLESE (Pietro) Pitture, sculture, illustrated by 24 fine specimens, beautifully

architetture, ed altre cose notabili di Padova, engraved, with copious notices, folio, £1 ls 1200 stitched, 38 Padova, 1795



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V. Y.

355 BRITTON (John) Architectural antiquities | 377 Ditto, large paper, proofs, in numbers

of Great Britain, the original edition, very complete, 4to, £l Ils 6d fine copy, large paper, 4 vol imperial 4to 378 Bristol Cathedral, 14 plates, 4to boards, boards, £12 1807

1830 356 Ditto, large paper, beautiful copy, in 379 Wells Cathedral, 24 plates, 4to boards, blue morocco extra, joints and gilt leaves, 18s

1824 £15 15s

380 Historical and Architectural Essay re. 357 Chronological history and graphic illus. lating to Redcliffe Church, Bristol, 12 plales, trations of Christian architecture in England ; 8vo boards, 6s

1813 a very early copy, with fine impressions of the 381 Ditto, with a few additional plates, 4to plates, 4to uncut, Ł2 15s

boards uncut, 10s 60

Ibid 382 7 Forming the ofth volume of the Architectural

Ditto, large paper, 4to boards uncut, Antiquities.


Lond. 1813

383 History and Antiquities of Bath Abbey 358 BRITTON (John) Tae CATHEDRAL ANTI.

Church, royal 8vo neat, 10s

1825 QUITIES OF GREAT BRITAIN, 311 fine plates,

384 Ditto, large paper, imperial 4to boards, with historical and descriptive accounts of each


1825 Cathedral, large paper, proof impres

385 Graphic and Literary illustrations of sions, 6 vol imperial 4to half calf neat

Fonthill Abbey, Wiltshire, 11 plates, some uncut, £18 18s

coloured, 4to boards uncut, 128

1823 359 BRITTON'S history and antiquities of the

386 Cathedrals of Winchester, Lichfield, Norwich,

Another copy, large paper with 3 addi.

tional plates, 4to half bound calf neat, 27s. York, Salisbury, and Peterborough ; 6 vol

387 half russia, £8 88

Illustrations of the Public Buildings of

London, with elevations, plans, sections, his*. The author's own working copy, with nume

torical and descriptive accounts of each edifice, rous MS. notes and corrections, notes on the plates, showing the alterations and improvements, proofs in 140 plates, 2 vols 8vo, an original subscriber's finished and unfinished states, and various notes and

copy in Nos. £2 5s

1823.28 memoranda connected with the progress of this fine work.

388 Ditto, 2 vols 8vo cloth, 35s Ibid.

389 Ditto, ditto, 2 vols 8vo, half bound, 360 BRITTON (John) Catalogue raisonné of the

£2 2s

Ibid. Marquis of Stafford's collection of pictures at Cleveland House, 8vo bds, 5s Lond. 1808

390 Picturesque antiquities of English Cities ;

60 plates and 24 woodcuts, 4to half morocco, 361 The Union of Architecture, Sculpture,


1830 and Painting, being a descriptive account of the

391 house and galleries of Sir John Soane, plates,

Ditto, ditto, large paper, 4to boards,

£2 28

Lond. 1827 4to boards uncut, 15s

Ibid. 362 Ditto, an unique copy, illustrated coith 392 BROMLEY's Catalogue of engraved British

Portraits from Egbert the Great to the present the greater portion of the original drawings by H. Shaw and C. J. Richardson, 4to bound

time, 4to neat, 10s 6d

Lond. 1793 393 Ditto, 4to boards, 8s

Ibid. in morocco, elegant gilt leaves, £5 5s

Lond. 1827 394 Ditto, large paper, 4to boards uncut, 363 York Cathedral, 34 plates, large paper,

155 royal 4to boards, 3ls 6d

1819 393

Difto, large paper, 4to half call, 15s 364 Ditto, large paper, 4to, £1 5s Ibid. 396 BROOKE, Catalogue of the choice cabinet of 365 Ditto, large paper, crown folio boards, prints, the property of H. T. Brooke, Esq. 31s 6d

prices, 8vo, 58

Sotheby, 1853 366 Salisbury Cathedral, 31 plates, large 397 BROWNE (Alexander) Ars Pictoria, or an paper, royal 4to boards, 318 6d


Academy treating of Drawing, Painting, Lim367 Ditto, large paper, crown folio boards,

ning, and Etching, portrait and 31 plates, 318 6d

folio, 15s

Lond. 1675 368 Exeter Cathedral, 22 plates, large paper, 398 BROWNE's History of York Cathedral, parts India proofs, with some of the elchinys, 4to

1 to 28, royal 4to, fine plates, £2 28 half bound, £2 2s

1827 369 Lichfield Cathedral, 16 plates, 4to. 15s

399 BRUCK (Jacobi â) Emblemata politica ; bril. 1820

liant impressions of the neatly engraved plates, 370 Ditto, largest paper, super royal 4to,

small 4to, fine copy, calf extra in the old slyle, 258


1618 371 Ditto, large paper, India proofs and 400 BRUCK (Jacobi a) Emblemata moralia et etchings, 4to, £2 2s

bellica, nunc recens in lucem edita; beauliful 372 Winchester Cathedral, 30 plates, 4to impressions of the plates by M. Merian, boards, 18s

1817 with explanatory verses in French published at 373 Ditto, large paper, crown folio boards, Strasbourg, 1616, small 4to calf extra, old

style, scarce 18s

Argent, 1615 374 Norwich Cathedral, 25 plates, large 401 BRUCKER; Bilder-sal heutiges Tages leben. paper, crown folio boards, £1 118 60

der, und durch Gelabrheit berühmter Schrifft

Lond. 1816 steller, in welchem derselbigen nach wahren 375 Ditto, large paper, 4to half bound, 16s Original-malereyen entworfene Bildnisse in 376 Gloucester Cathedral, 22 plates, 4to schwarzer kunst, in naturlicher aehnlichkeit vor. boards, 188

1829 gestellet und ihre Lebens umstande, werdienste


um die Wissenschafften, und schrifften aus 415 BUCK (S. and N.) ANTIQUITIES OF glaubwürdigen nachrichten erzahlet wirden, ENGLAND AND WALES ; or, venerable re. von Jacob Brucker; 10 decades complete, mains of the castles, abbeys, priories, monas. with 100 portraits of eminent natives of Ger.

teries, palaces, religious foundations, &c., ia many, engraved in mezzotint by J. J. Haid,

England and Wales, 422 plates, 2 vol oblong 2 vols folio, old calf, £2 12s 6

folio, half russia elegant, £6 16s 6d Augspurg, 1741-7

Twenty-Ave copies were printed of this edition, 402 BRUHL CABINET; Recueil d'estampes, two are all that remain unsold; the work cannot be d'après les tableaux de la galerie du Comte de

reprinted, a great proportion of the copperplates being

now in the possession of different private gentlemen, Bruhl, 50 plates, chiefly after artists of the

and a few having been accidentally destroyed. Dutch and Flemish schools, atlas folio half 416 BUCK's general View of the Cities of London bound, rare, £8 8s

Dresden, 1754

and Westminster in 1749, on 5 sheets mea. 403 - Ditto, atlas folio boards, £7 78 Ibid.

suring together 152 inches, in a case, folio 404 BRULLIOT (François) Dictionnaire des Mo. boards, 10s 60 nogrammes, marques figurées, lettres-initiales, 417

Views of the Cities of England and noms-abrégés, &c., avec lesquels les Peintres,

Wales, 83 large plates, oblong folio unbound, Dessinateurs, Graveurs et Sculpteurs ont £4 4s désigné leurs Noms, new edition, considerably

418 augmented, 3 vols in 2, 4to half morocco,

Views of the Castles in North and South elegant marbled leaves, £2 58 Munich, 1832

Wales, 84 plates complete, oblong 4to, £2 2s 405 BRUN (M. le) Livre de Portraiture, pour 419 BUCKINGHAM. Catalogue of the Duke of

1740 ceux qui commencent à dessiner, 17 plates, oblong folio stitched, 7s 6d

Buckingham's valuable collection of engraved

portraits, both parts, with prices, 8vo, 7s 6d. 406 BRUN's (C. Le) Tapestries of the Duke of Orleans, representing the History of Meleager, 420 BUCKINGHAM ; Catalogue of the contents

Sotheby, 1849 8 fine plales complete, engraved by Picart, folio, £1 ls


of Stowe House, the property of the Duke of

Buckingham, sold by auction in 1848 by 407 BRUN's (C. Le) Passions of the Human Soul,

Messrs. Christie & Manson, 4to, stitched, 21s represented in a series of 19 plates, for the use of artists, folio stitched, 58

With the prices and purchasers' names, illus

trative cuts, and a great number of interesting and 408 BRUN (C. Le). La grande galerie de Ver

valuable MS. notes. sailles et les deux salons qui l'accompagnent 421 BUCKINGHAMSHIRE, map of, on 6 sheets, Peints par Charles Le Brun, 52 fine plates of

by T. Jefferys, 5s

1770 the allegorical designs which enrich these superb apartments, 2 vol large folio, £33s Paris, 1752 422 BUCKLER (J.) Views of the Cathedrals of

England and Wales, 32 plates, with descrip409 BRYAN (Michael) Biographical and Critical

tions, 4to, half bound neat, 16s

1822 Dictionary of Painters and Engravers from

423 Cimabue to the present time, portrait and

Ditto, unbound, 138 plates of Monograms, 2 vol 4to boards, 30s 425 BUCKLER's Views of Eaton Hall, Cheshire,

Loud. 1816 interior and exterior, with views of Eçcleston or With the rery useful chronological Index, want

Church and Halkin Castle, 20 plates drawn on ing in the new edition.

stone by J. D. Harding, India proofs, imperial folio, 128

Lond. 1826 410 Ditto, on large and thick paper, 426 BUCKLER's views of endowed grammar of which but 6 copies were printed, vol

schools in Great Britain, 60 plates, 4to, 6s large 4to balf morocco elegant, marbled edges,

Lond. 1827 £5 5s

Lond. 1816

427 BUGENHAGEN (J.) Das Leiden und Auf411 - Ditto, a new edition, continued to the

ferstehung unsers Herrn Jhesu Christi aus present time, comprising above one thousand

den vier Evangelisten ; curious early cuts by additional memoirs and large accessions a German master, 12mo calf extra, old style, to the lists of pictures and engravings, with


Wittemberg, 1542 new and enlarged plates of ciphers and mono. 428 BULEAGERO (J. C.) De pictura plastice grams, by George Stanley, royal and thick 8vo

Statuaria duo, 12mo call, 7s od Leyden, 1627 cloth boards, 35s


429 BULLART (Isaac) Académie des Sciences et 412 BUCHANAN's (w.) Memoirs of Painting, des Arts, 280 portraits of illustrious persons,

with a Chronological History of the importation with their memoirs, 2 vol folio fine copy calf of Pictures by the great Masters into England,

neat, £2 28

1683 since the French Revolution, 2 vol 8vo boards, 430 BULWER (Rev. James) Views in the Ma. 12s

Lond. 1824

deiras, 26 plates in lithography, on India 413 Ditto, balf calf neat, 158

paper, folio, £1 11 6d

Lond. 1827 414 BUCHANAN GALLERY. Gallery of pic. 431 Views of Cintra, in Portugal, 3 plates, tures, published under the direction of Mr. folio, 3s 60

Lond. 1828 Buchanan, 11 plates, finely engraved in line by 432 BUNYAN's Pilgrim's Progress, edited by Sharp, Fittler, Heath, Morghen, Folo, &c., Godwin and Pocock, with a memoir of the including the brilliant engraving of the portrait author, and a bibliographical notice ; illustrated of Charles the First in three positions, from with 20 engravings in outline and woodcuts, Vandyke's painting in Windsor Castle, folio, from drawings by H. C. Selous, oblong 4to half morocco elegant, £3 15s

half bound neat, 148

Lond. 1844

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