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Counsellor at Law, ALEXANDER DAVIE, Efq;

Late of Sidney College, Cambridge, FRANCIS CARRINGTON, Esq; The Hon. Lady MARY WORSLEY,

And several others, With one in particular, the most considerable of them all, the Name of the

Proprietor is not permitted to be published. These several Libraries united are so numerous, that they amount to near One Hundred Thousaud Volumes and Prints, so that there is a Necessity of dividing the Catalogue in Two Parts; among the rest are,

A Set of the Journals of the House of Lords in 105 Volumes, 'Mss. in Follo, complete to the End of the Reign of his late Majesty King George the Firn, examined by the Originals,

A Set of Classicks in Usum Delphini.

A complete Set of the Classicks cum Notis Variorum, in 176 Volumes, bound in a very elegant Manner,

A complete Set of the Elzevir Clafficks, bound in Morocco.
A large Collection of Prints, by the most eminent Masters.

A great Number of Books and Manuscripts on Vellum, finely illuminated ; and in particular, the famous Mozarabes or Misale of Toledo, according to the Rule of St. Ihdore. This is the Missale which-stood the Trial of the Flames against the Roman Miffale, and was therefore preferred before all other Milfales, and may be said to be one of the greateft Curiofities in the World; a farther Account is given of it in this Catalogue.

A complete Set of Common and Civil Law, and almost every Thing that may be taid to be curious in polite Literature, may be seen in this Catalogue,

Doch will begin to be sold, with the lowest Prices fixed, this and every Day
yarapted) for Ready Money only,
At T. OSBORNE's, in Gray's Inn,

And will continue selling till Lady-Day 1751.
And the Second Part of this Catalogue will be published some Time in April ; and
will continue selling, with what remains unfold of the First Part, till the First of
August 1751.

Catalogues may be had at all the most eminent Bookfellers in Great Britain and Ireland, France, Holland, Italy, Spain, Germany, &c. and at the Place of Sale, Price One Shilling. Where may be had Money for any Library.or Parcel of Books, Prints, or wanofcripts.

THOMAS, OSBORNE begs leave to acquaint the Curious, that are Gollectors of PAMPELETS and SCARCE TRACTS, that there is now finished, a Manuscript Catalogue, in Eight large Volumes in Folio, of above Fifty Thousand Articles, in Part of 'near Two Hundred Thousand Pamphlets, collected by the late Earl of.: OXFORD,

Catalogues of the Remainder of these Tracts and Pamphlets is now taking, and will be finished with all Speed,

Any Gentleman may have a Volume of the Catalogue at a Time for his Perusa!, upon Condition they are safely and expeditioudy returned.

Some curious Manuscript Sermons.

2593:ė som

A DVERTISEMEN T. T. OSBORNE begs leave to acquaint the Curious in Prints and Drawings, that since the finishing of the Catalogue, he has purchased near Twenty Thousand, amongst which are a great Number of capital ones, by the following Masters, viz. Titian Corregio

And, del Sarto

1 Pietro

Salvator Rosa

Julio Romano
Carlo Maratt

Ciro Ferri

Perin del Vaga

Gir. Mutiano

Le Brun
Paul Bril

The Carrachi's

Lucas Van Leyden Coypel
Adam Elshemier

Hans Holbein

Fr. Albani
Martin de Vos


Simon Vovet

P. B. de Cortona Vandyck

Nantueil, 5. &c. &c. And. Sacci The whole will be exhibited to Sale in the Second Part of this Catalogue.

Just finisßd, and fortly will be to be bad, At Tho. Os BORN E's, in Gray's Inn, In Two large Volumes Folio, a most curious Book, entituled,


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The History of the most august and illustrious Royal and

Electoral House of Brunswick Lunenburg, begun by the famous M.'de Leibnif, and continu'd, and now perfected by the most eminent Persons by proper Authority.

Prints, Books of Prints, Drawings, Mops, Allas's, &c.

F 0 L 10.

Venet. 1743

ib. 1743

b. 1743

Venet. 1742

ITIFTEEN large Heads of noble Venetiars, beatifully engravci 'F

by Joa. Cattini, from the Paintings of Joan. Batt. Piazzetta,

21 123 60 2 Eight large Prints, being the Works of Sebatt. Ricci, engraved by Mich.

Loitard, il 16s 3 Eight fine large Prints, engraved by Loitard, from the Paintings of Car.

Signani, il 165 4 Sixteen large Prints of the Creator, Christ, Virgin Mary, and Apostles,

from the Paintings of Joan. Bapt. Piazzetta, by Marc. Pitteri, 21 2s 5 Thirty-eight Views of the publick Buildings in Venice, by Canaletti,

34 35 6 A large Drawing of Hyde Park, with Kensington Palace and Gardens,

paisted on Canvas with Rollers, il is 7 The Rape of Europa after tignani by Loitard, very large, 78 6d 8 Hector and Andromeda taking leave of each other after Coy pel by

Tardieu, a beautiful large print, 10s 6d 9 The Purification of the Virgin Mary, by Drevet, fine Impression, 155 10 Achilles drawing his Sword on Agamemnon after Coypel by Tardieu,

Tos 6d 11 Coriolanus and his family after La Foffe, by Thomasin, 75 6d 12 Abraham's Steward presenting Rebecca with Bracelets, after Coypel, by

Drevet, 13 The Resurrection, by Ditto, 14 Our Saviour in the Garden, by Ditto,

1os-6d 15 Alexander at the Tent of Darius, after Mignard, by Drevet, on two im

perial Sheets, beautiful Impreffion, il'lis 6d 16 Abraham offering Isaac, after Coypel, by Dreves, 10s 6d 17 Adam and Eve, after Coypel, by Drevet, los 6d * 17 Four large Views by Vivares, viz. Ponto Roto, the Amphitheatre at Rome,

Temple of Minerva, and the Sepulchre of Cocilia Metella, los 6d ; 18 A View of Chatsworth the Seat of the Duke of Devonshire, by Vi.

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19 A View of Dunnington Cliff, ditto of Anchor Church, ditto of Hopping

I Ware, ditto of Lyme Park, all very large, by Vivares, 10 d zo The Adulterefs, after Colombell, by Duflos, fine Impression, 75 6d 21 Card Richlieu, with Figures by Cars, 55 22. St. Andrew going to be crucified, after Le Brun, by Cars, 7s 6d 23 The Purification of the Virgin Mary, after Le Sueur, 5 24 The Adulteress, by Cars, 53 25 Christ and the twelve Apostles, by Barbery, 58 26 Mary Magdalen washing our Saviour's Feet, after le Brun, by Hic

quet, 5s 27 Our Saviour, the Virgin Mary, and 12 Apostles, by Barbery, 55 28 Carrying the Cross, after Le Brun, by Cars, 6s 29 Susanna accused before Daniel, very fine, 30 Rebecca at the Well, by Audran, after Hale, fine Impression, 7s 6d 31 Veue & Port de Mer de Flandre, by Le Bas, after Teniers, very largi,

los 6d 32 Le Pot au Lait, after Wovermans, by Le Bas,

73 6d

108 6d

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33 La Chasse a l'Italienne, after Wouvermans, by Le Bas, ios 6d
34 Prise du Heron, after Van Falens, by Ditto,
35 Depart de Chasse, after Van Falens, by Ditto, 108 6d
36 Repas Italien, after Lancret, by Ditto, 103 6d
37 Les Sangliers Forces, after Wouvermans, by Ditto, 10s 6d
38 Rejouiffances Flamandes, after Teniers, by Ditto, ios 6d
39 Louis XIV. after Rigaud, by Drevet, very fine, il 118 6d
40 King Henry and his Queen – King Henry VIII. and Jane Seymour,

by Holbein A Procession of Q. Eliz, and her Nobles to Hunsdon
House, Anno 1571 — Lord Henry Darnley, King of Scots, his
Father and Mother (a Cenotaph)

The Armies of the Lords of
Carbery Hill, and that of the Queen of Scots, 4 fine Prints, each

printed on a Sheet of imperial Paper, engraved by Vertue, ilus 6d
41 Three Children of King Henry VII. Arthur Prince of Wales, Prince

Henry, and Princels Margaret, after Maubeugius - Q. Mary of
France, and Geo. Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, Frances Dutchess of
Suffolk, and her Husband, Anno 1561, Lady Jane Grey, on 4 im-

perial Sheets of Paper, engraved by Mr. Vertue, il 18
42 The Wisdom of Solonion, after Coypel, by Audran, 7s6d
43 S. Roche, after Rabens, by Pontius, 7s 6d
44 Fifteen large Prints of Raphael's Paintings in the Vatican, engraved by

Aquila, 21 2s 45 Adoration of the Wise Men of the East, after Rubens, 'by Vofter

man, 88 46 Christ on the Cross, with Figures after Vandycke, by Bolswert and

Marten Vanden Enden, very large, beautiful Impression, 158 47 Poullin's feven Charities, in seven large Prints by Stella, il is 48 Carrying the Cross, with several Figures after Mignard, by Audran, very

large, fine Impresion, los 6d 49 Sebastian Ricci, engraved by Faldoni, , 38, 50 Our Saviour and the Samaritan at the Well, after Sebaft. Ricci, by 51 A Drawing of a rich Cope kept in the Treasury of the Canons of St.

Peter's at Rome, very large, 52 Adoration of the Wise Men, after Mignard, by Poilly, fine Im

presion, 75 60 53 S. Hyacinth of Poland, very large, 55 54 A Pedigree of the House of Wirtemberg, on 2 imperial Sheets, neatly painted,

Tos 6d 55 St. Lawrence on the Gridiron, after le Sueur, by Audran, 6s 56 One after Le Moine, by Cars, very large, dedicated to Mons. Louis

Antoine de Pardaillon, 75 60 57 Pope Gregory XIII. on his Throne, and an Alcar Piece by Jac. Freii,

both very large, 58 The Afcenfion, very large, no Painter nor Graver, 55 59 Vulcan's House after Coypel, by Tardieu, 55 66 Renaud and Armide, after Vandycke, by Ragot, 55 6. The Baitle of Conftantine, in four fine Prints after Raphael, by A

quila, il is 62 The Purification, after Rubens, by Pontius, 8s 63 Carrying the Cross after ditto, by Ditto, 8s 6. The four Evangeliks, after ditto, by Bolswert55 05 Pharaol's Daughter finding Moles, after P. Veronese, by Jeaurat, 58 ś Anne Princels de la Tour & Tailis, by Vermeulen, 35

Loitard, 45.

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67 The Nativity, after Jordaens, by de Jode, 73 68 Abraham offering Ifaac, by Montbard, 38 6d 69 St. Peter healing the Lame, by Barbery, 38 6d 70 Moses and his Rod before Pharaoh, by Barbery, 38.60 71 The 4 Angles of Lanfranc, engraved by Louvement, ios 6d 72 Paying Tribute to Cesar, by Baudet, 38 6d 73 Acis and Galatea, by Coypel, 55 74 Diana and Nymphs, after Coypel, by Duchange, 55 75 Raining of Manna, after Pousin, by Chafteau, 5s 76 Moses Itriking the Rock, by Cars, 58 77 Una & Eadem, a large Etching, by Lairesse, 38 78 The Ascension of the Virgin Mary, after Rubens, by Pontius, 5s 79 Romulus and Remus, by Carlo Marratt, 6s 80 Ptolomy giving Deliverance to the Jews, by Dupuis, after Coypel, 55 81 The Cieling in the small Cabinet in the Louvre, by Le Brun, 55 82 The Stoning of St. Stephen, by Cars, 38 6d 83 Abraham offering Ifaac, after Rubens, by Hecquet, 38 84 Pharaoh's Daughter finding Mofes, by Cars, 3s 6d 8; Pan and Syrinx, by Silvestre, 55 86 Mofes's Marriage with Jethro's Daughter, by Barbery, 38 87 Renaud and Armide, after Silvestre, by Chateau, 83 The Head of John Frederick, Duke of Brunswick Lanenburgh, by

Nantueil, very large, 45 89 La Majorite du Roy Lovis XIII. after Rubens, by Trouvain, 5s 90 The Nativity by Simmoneau, 28 6d 91 Venus and Cupid, after Coypel, by Duflos, 4s 92 The Salutation, by Albanus, 35 93 Dom. Nicolaus Vander Borcht, after Vandycke, by Vermeulen, 58 94 Lewis XIII. on Horseback, very large, 35 95 Holy Family, after Pouffin, by Stella, 45 96 The Emperor Trajan giving Audience to the Romans, after Coypel, by

Dupuis, 45 97 Solon giving Laws to the Athenians, after Coypel, by Duchange, 4s 98 Raising from the Dead, by Dufos, after Bourdon, 38 99 Achilles plunged in the Styx, after Vleughels, by Jeaurat, 3s 6d 100 David and Abigail, after Vleughels, by Jeaurat, 3s 6d 101 Chrift entring Jerusalem, after Le Brun, by Picault, 5s 102 Lucius Albinus meeting the Vestals, by Bourdon, 4s 103 One of the Kings of France llain in Battle, after Le Brun, by Hec

quet, 3s 104 Christ and the 12 A poftles, Hecquet, 35 105 Christ in the Garden, by Ditto, 35 106 A Saint tormented with Arrows, by Cars, 35 107 A Piece of Hawking, after Van Falens, by Le Bas, 55 108 The fortonate Fowler, after Ditto, by Ditto, 55 109 The Army halting, after Wovermans, by Le Bass 5$ 110 St. Antony's Temptation, after Teniers, by Ditto, 45 111 The Morning, after Bergham, by Ditto, 58 112 Noon, after Ditto, by Ditco, 55 113 Afternoon, after Ditto, by Ditto, 55 114 Evening, after Ditto, by Ditto, 155 115 Riding Poft in Flanders, after Boot, by Le Bas, 43 116 A View of the Sea Coast, after Vande Velde, by Ditto, 4s

3 2

117 Le

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