Memoirs of prince Rupert and the Cavaliers including their private correspondence, Volume 3

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Page 399 - Did clap their bloody hands. He nothing common did or mean Upon that memorable scene, But with his keener eye The axe's edge did try; Nor called the gods, with vulgar spite, To vindicate his helpless right, But bowed his comely head Down, as upon a bed.
Page 519 - Hos ego versiculos feci, tulit alter honores : Sic vos non vobis nidificatis aves ; Sic vos non vobis vellera fertis oves ; Sic vos non vobis mellificatis apes ; Sic vos non vobis fertis aratra boves.
Page 488 - Whether it be wise in men to do such actions or no, I am sure it is so in States to honour them." — SIR WILLIAM TEMPLE. '"THERE is one story of the wars of Rome which I have always very much envied for England. Germanicus was going down at the head of the legions into a dangerous river — on the opposite bank the woods were full of Germans — when there...
Page 484 - ... while they are drinking the waters : on one side of this walk is a long row of shops, plentifully stocked with all manner of toys, lace, gloves, stockings, and where there is raffling, as at Paris, in the Foire de Saint Germain...
Page 406 - In a word, he was a man, that whoever shall, after him, deserve best of the English nation, he can never think himself undervalued, when he shall hear, that his courage, virtue, and fidelity, is laid in the balance with, and compared to, that of the lord Capel.
Page 42 - Westminster, to bring to the lords and commons assembled in the parliament of England, and the commissioners of the parliament of Scotland, now at London, an answer to the propositions presented to his majesty for a safe and well-grounded peace.
Page 414 - For loyalty is still the same Whether it win or lose the game ; True as the dial to the sun, Although it be not shin'd upon.
Page 472 - In th' English fleet each ship resounds with joy And loud applause of their great leader's fame : In fiery dreams the Dutch they still destroy, And, slumbering, smile at the imagined flame.
Page 185 - I confess, to little purpose. My conclusion is, to desire you to seek your subsistence until it shall please God to determine of my condition, somewhere beyond seas : to which end I send you herewith a pass ; and I pray God to make you sensible of your present condition, and give you means to...
Page 220 - But so have I known a bold trooper fight in the confusion of a battle, and being warm with heat and rage, received, from the swords of his enemy, wounds open like a grave; but he felt them not, and when, by the streams of blood, he found himself marked for pain, he refused to consider then what he was to feel to-morrow : but when his rage had cooled into the temper of a man, and clammy moisture had checked...

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