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"God made me the messenger of the new heavens and new earth, and told me where to find them. Reason, charts, and mathematical knowledge had nothing to do with the case."Columbus.

HERE, 'mid these paradises of the seas,

The roof beneath of this cathedral old, That lifts its suppliant arms above the trees, Each clasping in its hand a cross of gold, Columbus sleeps-his crumbling tomb behold! By faith his soul rose eagle-winged and free,

And reached that Power whose wisdom never fails;

Walked mid the kindred stars, and reverently The light earth weighed in God's own golden scales.

A man of passions like to men's was he.

He overcame them, and with home and trust Made strong his soul for highest destiny, And, following Christ, he walked upon the sea. The waves upheld him—what is here is dust. HEZEKIAH BUTTERWORth.


(Written July 4, 1892, for Columbian Selections.) "FORWARD!" cried the brave Pulaski, As he charged to meet the brunt; Forward! Columbia's watchword, Her position at the front. Let the goal of her achievements Be the world's ideal aim, And the triumphs of her genius Be the ultimate of fame.

Be her rising as the morning,
Her progression as the sun;
Let her undisputed merit

Be the grandest trophy won,
Till the nations catch the spirit
Of the country of the free,
And the reign of peace extending
Bless the world with liberty.
Let the light of her advancement
Shine undimmed on all the world,
And her star-bespangled banner

Be on every breeze unfurled, Till, by touch of her awakening, By her bold, inventive lead, Every land has caught the impulse, Every people felt her need. Let Columbia's sacred honor Be the synonyme of right, Till the law of equal justice

Shall supplant the law of might;

Let the need of imitation,

Won by her from small and great, Be the nations' willing tribute, Making hers the model State. Glorious be her growing prestige, Under no oppressor's ban, And the aim of all her efforts

Be the highest good of man; Fall the chains from every bondman, Fall the powers that would oppress, Till men's voices universal

Shall her name devoutly bless.

On is still Columbia marching,
Waving high her gleaming lance;
Hear her vanguard's bugle sounding,
Bidding all the world advance;
Hear her thrilling watchword shouted
Clearly all along the line,
Calling men to take their birthright
Which is theirs by right divine.
Banner land of human progress,
Hopes of man are in thy trust;
Float aloft thy fateful standards,

Let them never trail the dust;
Be Columbia's fair escutcheon

Never stained by sanctioned crime, Be her name in highest honor Held by all of every clime.

Ever onward be advancing,

Hold the right and spurn the wrong; Take the front, and, ne'er retreating, Make thine arm for justice strong; Strong for Freedom's holy conquests, Strong to lift the trodden-down; So undimmed shall be thy glory, And eternal thy renown.

REV. OLIVER Crane, D. D.


COLUMBIA! Men beheld thee rise

A goddess from the misty sea. Lady of Joy, sent from the skies,

The nations worshipped thee.

Thy brows were flushed with dawn's first light;

By foamy waves with stars bedight
Thy blue robe floated free.

Now let the sun ride high o'erhead, Driving the day from shore to shore. His burning tread we do not dread, For thou art evermore

Lady of Love whose smile shall bless, Whom brave deeds win to tenderness, Whose tears the lost restore.

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