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Ibid. “The Golden Year" was published in 1842.

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IBID. “The Two Voices” was published in 1842. It is a philosophical poem, the “voices” being those of faith and doubt.

IBID. “Merlin and Vivien.” Merlin was the sage in “The Idylls.” It was also the name under which Tennyson contributed to the Examiner in 1852, a poem since reprinted, entitled “The Third of February.” It seems to have been a favorite with him and no doubt it originated in the old romance founded mainly on the history of Geoffrey of Monmouth.

Ibid. “In Memoriam," as is well known, is a pen-picture of the religious doubts and misgivings through which Tennyson passed after the death of Arthur Hallam.

Ibid. The Miller's Daughter," published in 1830. An idyllic ballad including two short songs, “It is the Miller's Daughter,” and “Love that Hath us in the Net."

W. D. A.

IBID. “Morte d'Arthur,” published in 1842, and afterwards incorporated in “The Passing of Arthur,” in “The Idylls of the King."

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UPHAM. The Hill Country," was written September, 1889, at the fort of Monadnock.

IBID. “Locksley Hall,” published in 1842, has been parodied in the Bon Gaultier Ballads.

Ibid. “The Gardener's Daughter” was published in 1842.

IBID. “The Princess" was published in 1847. This, however, is merely the rude sketch of “The Princess" we now read. The poem has been entirely rewritten since it first appeared, and the songs, as well as the account of the Princess's weird seizure, are an afterthought. “It is,” says Stedman, as he entitles it, a medley, constructed of ancient and modern materials—a show of mediæval pomp and movement, observed through an atmosphere of latter-day thought and emotion. The poet, in his prelude, anticipates every striction and to me the anachronisms and impossibilities of the story seem not only lawful, but attractive. Tennyson's special gift of reducing incongruous details to a common structure and tone is fully illustrated in a poem made

HOPKINSON. “Hail, Columbia!” was written in 1798, when it was thought America and France were about to declare war. Coming as it did, at a time when the people were at fever-heat over the affairs of the nation, and their desire to maintain their own government, the lack of lyrical merit was not taken into account. It was patriotic, and gave utterance to their feelings. It was set to the music of “The President's March," and for one entire season held the audiences of the theatres in its soul-stirring, captivating thrall.

" To suit with time and place,
A Gothic ruin and a Grecian house,
A talk at college and of ladies' rights,
A feudal knight in silken masquerade.”

MONROE. “Columbia,” is a portion of the Ode" written by Miss Harriet Monroe, to be read at the opening exercises of The World's Columbian Exposition. This selection, together with some others from the same ode, were set to music by G. W. Chadwick, of Boston, and was sung at the dedicatory exercises in Chicago, by a chorus of five thousand voices. Miss Monroe was selected by a committee of the World's Fair directors to write an ode, and an award of $1,000 was offered for it. The ode was written and submitted to the committee, who in turn submitted it to three professional literary men, Messrs E. J. Harding, literary editor of the Chicago Tribune; F. F. Brown, of the Dial and William Morton Payne. Some suggestions were offered regarding changes thought best to be made, but Miss Monroe accepted but a few of them.

Smith. “America.” When a student at Andover, Dr. Smith was asked by Dr. Lowell Mason to write some English verses to suit the tunes in a German song-book, and adapted to church and

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PARHAM, EUGENIA. Miscellaneous Poems. BUCK, Mary K. Miscellaneous Poems.

McNAMARA, WILLIAM F. Miscellaneous Poems.

Sunday-school use. Among that German music was the tune which he did not then know as that of “God Save the Queen."

When he was looking the book through in his room, this tune seized upon his fancy, and within a half-hour he wrote the lines that justly made him famous. He had no idea that he was composing a national anthem to the praise of liberty and freedom and the nation's God, but it was a spark from heaven, which kindled from heart to heart throughout the land.

W. S. B. Bigelow. “Columbia's Poet Laureate.” This poem was inspired by a visit to Dr. Samuel F. Smith on the morning after his birthday, which by a strange coincidence, happens on the same day as that on which Columbus discovered America. During this visit an account of this poem was given, and the cause which inspired it.

N. L. M. -

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For engravings in this number of The MAGAZIEE OF POETRY, the editor acknowledges the courtesy of Mrs. Frank Leslie and the Buffalo Electrotype and Engraving Co., Buffalo, N. Y.

For copyright poems and other selections, the editor returns thanks to J. B. Lippincott Co., Philadelphia, Pa.; Roberts Bros., Boston, Mass.; Silver, Burdette & Co., Boston, Mass.; T. Y. Crowell & Co., New York; Wilbur B. Ketchum, New York; W. E. Vasser, Athens, Ala.; Porter & Coates, Philadelphia, Pa.; C. W. Moulton, Buffalo, N. Y.; B. B. Russell, Boston, Mass.; J. J. Little & Co., New York, and Houghton, Mifflin & Co., Boston, Mass.

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SWINBURNE, A. C. The Sisters: A Tragedy. New York: United States Book Co. 12mo, gilt, gilt top, cl., pp. 126.

Swinburne stands to-day the greatest of dramatic poets. These two later editions but serve to confirm this. “The Sisters,” especially, is a poem of great beauty, with strong scenes and dramatic situations.

HORTON, GEORGE.. Songs of the Lowly, and Other Poems.

Chicago: F. J. Schulte & Co. 12mo, gilt, gilt top, cl,, pp. 241, $1.50.

Mr. Horton is a pleasing versifier. True to the text, his songs are indeed “Songs of the Lowly." Simple themes clothed in metaphorical expression, readily understood and appreciated. Mr. Horton does not “talk over the heads" of his readers. He appeals to them directly. His verses marked by a smoothness of rhythm and metre.

VEATCH, ANDREW. Over the Line and Other Poems. Jasper,

Texas. Author's edition, 1892. 8vo, pp. 32, pap., 30c.


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York: G: P. Putnam's Sons. Iómo, gilt, gilt top, white cl., pp. 99, 75C.

These poems are no better, no worse than many others. They are well written, but denote no striking originality.

LANG, ANDREW. Helen of Troy. London: George Bell & Sons. 16mo, gilt, cl. pp. 204.

Mr. Lang is a thorough student of Greek literature, and this latest addition to his already numerous writings is but an emphasis of his ability. Helen of Troy is a translation of her life done into English verse.

WRIGHT, DAVID HENRY. "Is Peace on Earth?” Philadel

phia, Pa.: J. B. Lippincott Co., 1802. 12mo, leatherette, pp. 64. Mr. Wright is a young writer, judging from the photo, which serves as frontispiece. Passing from the frontispiece to the initial poem, which gives title to the book, we find strong, sturdy lines, which bear out the impression given by the photo, and we venture to predict the author will have something to say in the future years, and that he will not fear to say it. Many of his poems are addressed to famous men and women, which would proclaim him a hero-worshiper. His themes are well handled and show great strength, purity of diction and an ear attuned to melody.

MACAY, Eric. Love Letters of a Violinist, and Other Poems.

New York: Lovell, Coryell & Co. 12mo, pp. 277, cl., gilt, gilt top.

Love Letters of a Violinist consists of twelve letters, representing as many moods, beginning with the prelude, and closing with “victory,” the grand finale. Gladys the Singer, in two cantos,


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